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The Royals Coaching Staff

Scott Henderson - Scotty's 39th year coaching, 30th with the Royal, has been certified many times and never convicted.

Favorite Saying - 'HIT DEEP SPEED' or 'FORE!'
John Sirovyak - 53rd year coaching 23rd with the Royal, sweet moves on the ice even though it looks like he is not moving. It's hard to move fast when you don't have your skates on.

Favorite Saying - 'why don't we just wait a while' and 'Scotty - get a brawl going' 'it's it your turn to buy'
Russ Scott (The Relic) - 57th year coaching, 23rd with the Royal, has been arrested many times and only convicted 4 times (that we know about).

Favorite Saying - 'you know I never liked that ---- sucker' and 'I don't care what you do just win'
Kent Love - MIA for another season! 8th year with Royals coaching staff, he knows where they are and has taken us to the sweetest boards in the Royalamaniacs world.

Favorite Saying - 'you know Scotty lets just do it the Royals way'
Cody Campbell - He is not missing any more. Just an away from here Royalamaniac. 2nd year coaching 5th year teaching the Royal way. Lets hope we see him full time any time soon- but that won't happen unless he moves from Smithers -Full time recruiter

Favorite Saying - 'is that as hard as you can pass?'

Dennis Belair (The Cutman) - 20th year cutting, 20th year cutting and stitching Royals, 1st Royal cut Eric Nelson, looks forward to his new sewing job, so maybe we should call him the seamstress man.

Favorite Saying - 'you may be my new bestest friend, how much do you weigh' & 'if you are going to date a big woman you better be driving a big car' 'yes he is a right shot defenceman'

Bob Strynadka (Side Show Bob) - no Royal talk can be completed without including No-Show 'since he moved to St. Albert and got into paying traffic tickets' Bob, 29th year with the Royal, 30th year with Scotty. Who wants to come FISHING?? Also know in some circles as Salty Bob.

Favorite Saying - ' ---- them all, ---- their mothers, ---- their sisters, ---- any one of them' & 'Flipper, Flipper, Flipper where is that big -------fish --ha ha ha' "Roxanne!!!" , Yes a matter of fact I have lost 50 lbs.

Jim Craig (Big Jim) - been with Royals since we started and even before the Royals had Scotty. Once again is our President (where he should be)

Favorite Saying - 'what are you guys doing Friday afternoon'

Nathan Hollands - MIA 4th year coaching, He is back, maybe not! Only guy on staff to win the Royal air hockey championship.

Favorite Saying - 'no my tongue isn't stuck to the ice'


Dan Thomas- Taking a break this year. 7th year coaching with the Royal and lets hope he makes it out as much as coach Russ. I always have liked Labatts time.

Favorite Saying - ''You know I work for Labatts"


Terrace Warawa - Not this season but he makes it out any time I call - 2nd year coaching, what can I say about a goalie coach that wouldn't be sounding a little crazy? Also where the heck have you been??

Favorite Saying - 'I told you, you couldn't drown me'


Arnie Miller - 11th year with the Royal, doing everything, including working the stands, if you know what I mean...



Harold Kruse - 18th year managing with the Royal, doing everything that isn't getting done already. Including getting out a ton of players.

Favorite Saying - 'I only like Canadian' We now Question that saying


Matt Kalinowski - 4th year coaching (maybe) and now knows the players names before the season starts.

Favorite Saying - 'Winning... Winning...Winning'. 'Are you kidding me?'


Pat McNary - 1st year coaching (not this season) and the 1st ever grappling coach in Royal history


C. Biggs - Belair - 8th year with the Royal and helping to supply new Royals

Favorite Saying - Honey, honey, Dennis can't you hear me!


Sean Tayler - MIA 5th year doing everything that makes our lives easier and buying equipment

Favorite Saying - "You know I've sharpened skates everywhere, but you want me where??"


Tyler Thomlison - 2nd year coaching (not so far this year - spending his time with the family) and has the toughest shins in the coaching staff

Favorite Saying - "I can't believe Busky just did that"


Daryl Bunnell - Scouting in Moose Jaw this year . 1st year coaching (only a scout this season) and has the sickest dangles of any of the coaches

Favorite Saying - "No there wasn't a combine accident on highway 16 east after the Riders lost to the Esks"


Andrew Halford - 2nd year on ice and making the forwards better.

Favorite Saying - "You know I never turn down a free Beer"


Blake Schulte - 3rd year coaching and how come he didn't get on the list till today

Favorite Saying - "Yes I can"


Frank Bain - 2nd year helping Harold out with the managing stuff and some other stuff in the stands.

Favorite Saying - We are working on that one, but 'Don't let him go Postal' on you you will regret it.


Kevin Elkow - 3rd year coaching and a bunch of other stuff he doesn't know about yet.

Favorite Saying - 'JT look JT!!


Jordan Tyler (JT) - 2nd year being Cutman Junior, coaching and only one more unnamed assignment.

Favorite Saying - 'yes I did loose some weight, thanks for noticing'


Darrell Rebus - 11th season working all things that need working.

Favorite Saying - 'something special happened today, guess what' 'it's just another opportunity to show off'


Jenn Onyschuk - 4th season as Cutman Junior/2. She is working hard on keeping all of our Royals on the ice.

Favorite Saying - 'I think that stuff is outdated



Ivan Kronlund - 2nd season coaching - keeping the defense in check and helping keep the weight balanced on the bench.

Favorite Saying - 'no 1 isn't enough I'll have 7'


'Art New Jr. - 3rd season coaching - just trying to do a bit of everything.

Favorite Saying - 'TBA

  Tyler Heddle - 1st year doing everything

Kate Johnston - 4th year of trying to fill the Cutman's big shoes, and doing a great job of it.

  Nathan Clare - 3rd year helping the defense, and keeping a big smile on his face.
  Kody DePaoli - 1st year helping out - more to come
  Peter Lamont - 3rd year helping out - and more to come as well

Kevin Shukalak - been around a long time and 3rd season doing everything off ice to make things run easy - also chief scout