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Season Ice

Games @

Confederation Arena

Practices Tues. 9:15 -Thurs. 8:00

PLAYOFF vs Sherwood Park Best of 5
Game 1 Fri. Feb. 18th 8:00 @ Confed L 1-4
Game 2 Mon. Feb. 21st 8:45 @ Sherwood Park L 3-4
Game 3 Wed Feb. 23rd 8:45 @ Sherwood Park L 2-6
Game 4 Fri. Feb. 25th 8:00 @ Confed
Game 5 Sun. Feb. 27th 7:15 @ Sherwood Park

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


This is we have scheduled for our Thursday 8:00 ice slots. March 3 Royals vs Young Royalamainiacs (guys who have just graduated in the last few seasons). March 10 open Shinny to anyone who wants to come. March 17 Royals vs Tyler Russell and his Champion group of Royalamainiacs. March 24 Alumni Game! If you don't get an invite, means I lost your number just send me a text telling that you are coming. If you don't want to skate come and coach with the Round Bellies. We should be going for a couple as well.

Our Thursday skates in March will be (hopefully) some type of Alumni Games and old vs young games or just shinny. I will keep you posted.

Well that's it another addition of Royals Hockey. What a fun interesting ride we had. Every season shows unique kids who continue their journey to becoming men. We had 4 players graduate into becoming Royalamainiacs - Blair Bush (4), Nolan Conroy (4), Jared Stocks (2) and Luke Woodrow (2). Good luck in all your futures. The bitter taste of not winning your last game always stays too long in your mouth and this holds true again. We had all kinds of crazy things happen but the biggest was getting to play the full season with all the COVID restrictions. 1st time a Royal has scored a Michigan goal took place, winning a game with 8 skaters on the big ice, leagues leading scorer, seeing guys grow up a little bit more (always my highlight), working on breakaways cause we got so many but gave up a few to many as well and many more. We are going to miss, mom to be, Kate, what great person and tremendous help with many more things than taking care of our Royals. The players make the team and we had a funny, fun loving group that made every Tues. and Thurs. the best thing that happened on those days. Have a great summer and see you all in the fall.

We started out great with 2 goals in the 1st but the goals dried up and we lost 2-6 and the series 0-3. Jon Milligan and Marcus McEachern scored from Blair Bush, Marcus McEachern and Kaden Belcourt. Shots 21-41, PP 1-5 and PK 5-6. Lots of try but just not enough finish. A couple posts in the 2nd could have changed things but all we heard was clang. Good Luck to the Knights. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Ethan Land. (10).

We ran out of time and lost 3-4 to go down 0-2 in the series. Jon Milligan scored with Tyler Gordon and Alex Lemieux the others. Assists to Jon Milligan (2), Alonso Tapia, Marcus McEachern and Tyler Hamilton. Shots 28-36, PP 1-6 and PK 6-7. We are creating all the chances we need but until the 3rd period didn't put them in the net. The games are fun and fast, the guys are digging deep. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Jaymon Mathew. (10).

We didn't get the result, 1-4 in game 1. Jon Milligan scored from Blair Bush and Ethan Mack. Shots 22-29, PP 0-2 and PK 3-3. This was a fast paced playoff style game, we need to be better when we have our chances and we had lots. It was good to see our jump for most of the game. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Nick Orsini. (10).

The boys came out hard and fast as we skated to a series winning 8-2 game and clinched the series 2-1. Our Dmen were very involved in the scoring with Luke Woodrow, Kaden Belcourt and Owen Salacki twinkling the twine - Ethan Mack (3), Alonso Tapia and Dustyn Chetek the rest. Assisting the goals Nathan Brown (2), Alonso Tapia (2), Cole Isaac (2), Alex Lemieux (3), Tyler Hamilton, Dustyn Chetek, Billy Hicks, Luke Woodrow (2), Kye Belcourt and Marcus McEachern. The series heated up and we skated harder then rewarded ourselves with goals. Shots 48-32, PP 0-7 and PK 8-8. We scored 4 short handed goals and kept the pressure on, it was good old fashion Royals Hockey. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Mason Shukalak. (10).

That was a stinker 1-5 in game 2. Blair Bush scored from Marcus McEachern. Shots 45-44, PP 1-6 and PK 7-8. Hard work beats skill when skill doesn't work hard. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Colton Broomhall.

Game 1 was a success 3-2 in a hard fought victory. Marcus McEachern got the 1st bench jump of the playoff season then Cole Isaac and Alex Lemieux both scored shorthanded goals. Assists to Tyler Hamilton, Kaden Belcourt, Kye Belcourt and Blair Bush. Shots 32-30, PP 0-4 and PK 6-6. We played a gritty fast passed style that earned us the win. Keep up the hitting. Belt went to Alex. The Write-In Royalamainiac was Evan Klutke. (11)

Our regular season came to a close with a thud as we lose 1-6 to the Knights. Cole Isaac scored our only goal from Billy Hicks Shots 22-35, PP 0-6 and PK 4-5. The game was closer than the score but we didn't take advantage of our chances. The Playoffs are up next. (12).

We won 7-5 against Beaumont. Alex Lemieux starts the scoring, then Jon Milligan (2), Ethan Mack (2), Cole Isaac and Marcus McEachern. Setting them up were Jared Stocks, Tyler Hamilton, Blair Bush (3), Marcus McEachern (2), Luke Woodrow, Jon Milligan, Kye Belcourt, Nathan Brown and Ethan Mack. Shots 43-38, PP 2-6 and PK 1-4. We played very hard and smart till the 3rd and lost our focus for a bit, rebounded and closed the game out hard. A couple good wins this weekend. Tyler Hamilton was awarded the Belt.

We win 5-2 in Leduc. Ethan Mack scored 4 goals, including the 1st 'Michigan' goal ever for a Royal, Jon Milligan had the other one. Assists to Alex Lemieux (3), Kye Belcourt, Jared Stocks, Dustyn Chetek, Jon Milligan (2), Ethan Mack and Tyler Hamilton. Shots 40-41, PP 1-4 and PK 7-8. Mack's 2nd goal was quite a highlight for the night. We played hard and really did some good things. Ethan was awarded the Belt.

Not sure how to explain the tie 3-3 vs Red Wings, so I will update again when I know more. Ethan Mack, Marcus McEachern and Jon Milligan scored our goals. From Jon Milligan, Tyler Hamilton, Ethan Mack (2) and Owen Salacki. Shots 33-36, PP 1-6 and PK 5-6. It was a fun game with a little bit of everything that makes hockey great, then the goofy guy gets involved. So the buzzer rang in OT and the ref didn't blow the play dead, they scored and then the ref said we need to restart. The other team didn't want to and left..... We awarded the Belt to Jon Milligan.

In a very cold Confed we skated to a 8-3 win against Wetaskiwin. Alex Lemieux scored 4 goals with Jon Milligan (2), Cole Isaac and Alonso Tapia the rest. Assisting were Ethan Mack (4), Alex Lemieux, Jon Milligan (4), Luke Woodrow, Nathan Brown, Kaden Belcourt (2), Alonso Tapia, Dustyn Chetek and Jason Roberts. Shots 39-24, PP 1-2 and PK 4-5. We skated hard and wore them down, now we need some breakaway practice. The Belt was awarded to Jake Manners.

The ship was corrected with a 8-6 win over Strathcona. Ethan Mack scored 5 goals with Cole Isaac, Owen Salacki and Jon Milligan chipping in. Setting things up - Alex Lemieux (3), Jon Milligan (4), Alonso Tapia, Tyler Hamilton (2), Billy Hicks, Jonny Powers, Luke Woodrow (3) and Owen Salacki. Shots 49-37, PP 0-1 and PK 5-6. The teams combined for 10 goals in the 3rd period??? We earned the 2 points and that is what mattered. The Belt was awarded to Billy Hicks.

We played a stinker 2-11 loss to Stony Plain. Alex Lemieux and Jon Milligan scored from Dustyn Chetek, Marcus McEachern and Ethan Mack. Shots 40-29, PP 0-2 and PK 2-6. Lets just park that one and move on. Put in a good effort and win on Sunday.

Rats, as the dressing room said 'this is a bull shit loss' 4-5 to the Jets. Goals from Jon Milligan, Alex Lemieux and 2 from Ethan Mack with assists to Cole Isaac, Billy Hicks, Nolan Conroy, Jon Milligan, Marcus McEachern and Owen Salacki. Shots 22-37, PP 2-4 and PK 3-3. The tallied shot total is a little sketchy cause it was a close game but we let up a little in the 3rd to cost us. The boys dug deep got better. Stupid work.

We didn't play the way we wanted but came away with a 4-3 win over the Hawks in a Shootout. Goals from Ethan Mack, Alex Lemieux and Kaden Belcourt got us to OT. With assists to Marcus McEachern, Kaden Belcourt, Ethan Mack, Jon Milligan, Jason Roberts and Tyler Hamilton. Shootout goals from Ethan and Jon then Jake shut the door for the win. We can't play no hitters. It was great to see a few Royalamaniacs in the stands. The Belt went to Alex Lemieux.

2022 Started out with a bang as very cold Confederation was warmed up with a 12-3 win against the Mustangs. Kye Belcourt (2) got us going with his 1st goal as a Royal, then Cole Isaac, Ethan Mack (2), Marcus McEachern (3), Alex Lemieux (2) and Jon Milligan (2). Assists to Ethan Mack (5), Marcus McEachern (3). Nathan Brown (2), Alex Lemieux (2), Jon Milligan (4), Cole Isaac, Owen Salacki, Blair Bush, Kye Belcourt (2), and Tyler Hamilton. Shots 67-27, PP 0-2 and PK 0-0 (that's right we didn't get called for a penalty). The rust of the time off wasn't there and we just kept skating hard. Kye Belcourt was awarded the Belt. A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to all who were able to work a shift or 2 or even 3 (you know who that was) at our casino.


Our games in 2021 ended with a BANG - 4-1 win over the Warriors. Our goal scorers were Marcus McEachern, Cole Isaac, Jon Milligan and Alex Lemieux with assists to Jon Milligan (2), Billy Hicks (2), Marcus McEachern, Alex Lemieux, Kye Belcourt and Jake Manners. Shots 47-56, PP 0-5 and PK 2-2. Did I mention we only had 8 skaters, lots playing a new position for a few shifts. The boys dug deep and Jake played his way into his 1st Belt award of the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR or MELE KALIKIMAKA and A HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU!!

It took 61 minutes but we came away with the 2 points in our 5-4 sudden death overtime win against the Icemen. Alex Lemieux got the winner with Jon Milligan, Kaden Belcourt (his 1st as a Royal), Ethan Mack and Alonso Tapia scoring in regulation time. Assists to Ethan Mack, Alex Lemieux (2), Billy Hicks, Tyler Hamilton, Josh Bentley and Cole Isaac. Shots 61-44, PP 1-3 and PK 0-2. We deserved the 2 points but it just took us some extra time to earn them. Another Epic Royals Christmas Party took place and the boys were kind enough to leave a bunch of pops behind for me to drink at my pleasure. Tyler Hamilton was awarded the Belt.

On a cold trip to the county we skated away with a 9-3 win. We got goals from Cole Isaac, Jon Milligan (3), Ethan Mack (2), Alex Lemieux, Josh Bentley (1st as a Royal) and Tyler Hamilton. Setting them up Alonso Tapia (2), Billy Hicks (3), Marcus McEachern (4), Kye Belcourt (3), Ethan Mack (3) and Jon Milligan. Shots 52-35, PP 2-4 and PK 3-3. We dealt with the short bench a little better than they did and it showed in the 3rd period. Big heart was shown by all our guys. The Belt was awarded to Jon Milligan.

Well the live Turkey's didn't make it to the Turkey Toss Game (again) but we made up for it by skating to a 5-3 victory over the Riggers. Marcus McEachern (2), Ethan Mack, Jason Roberts and Alonso Tapia scored. Luke Woodrow (3), Blair Bush, Jon Milligan (2), Ethan Mack, Nathan Brown (2), and Alonso Tapia set the goals up. Shots 51-26, PP 2-7 and PK 4-5. We got back to playing fast and hard with lots of guys chipping in. Good times after the game with a very early Room de Royale and the turkey winner. Marcus McEachern was awarded the Belt.

Sometimes we can't get out of our own heads and just play hockey - 5-7 to the Regals. We got goals from Blair Bush, Alex Lemieux, Marcus McEachern, Jon Milligan and Dustyn Chetek. Assisting the goals (on the gamesheet, but not even close to what they were) Owen Salacki, Blair Bush (3), Jon Milligan, Billy Hicks and Jason Roberts. Shots 40-47, PP 1-5 and PK 10-11. The game looked like some of the ones we played early in the year and the trips to the box prove that out. We did get better in a couple areas, see end with a positive.

Huge comeback in the 3rd pushes us to a 5-4 win over St. Albert - in a Shoot Out. Alonso Tapia scored early with Marcus McEachern and Tyler Hamilton (2). the rest. Assists to Alex Lemieux, Tyler Hamilton, Blair Bush, Jon Milligan, Ethan Mack, Marcus McEachern, Nathan Brown and Alonso Tapia. Shots 39-45, PP 1-5 and PK 2-3. Jake stopped 2 of 3 shots in the shoot out with Ethan and Jon scoring (after the net came off again on Marcus's goal). The boys played hard in a very cold Confed, we got lots better in the 3rd. Tyler Hamilton was awarded the Belt.

We picked up our game and competed all night but fell 5-6 in OT to the Knights. Ethan Mack and Jon Milligan both scored 2 goals with Blair Bush the other. Assisting the goals were Jon Milligan, Tyler Hamilton (3), Blair Bush (3), Ethan Mack (2) and Marcus McEachern. Shots 32-38, PP 2-5 and PK 1-3. It was a fast paced game that had a little of everything, we got better in a couple areas but left a point on the board.

Not even a little bit close to how we wanted to play and we lost 6-7 to the Bruins. We got goals from Jon Milligan (2), Ethan Mack, Marcus McEachern (2) and Alonso Tapia with assists to Jon Milligan (2), Ethan Mack (3), Blair Bush (3) and Cole Isaac (2). Shots 46-40, PP 1-4 and PK 3-4. Sloppy was the name of the game and letting things slip away at the end.

Winning Team 8-4 on top of the Icemen. Ethan Mack scored the Hattrick with Jon Milligan (2), Cole Isaac, Marcus McEachern and Dustyn Chetek the others. Assists going to Marcus McEachern (4), Jon Milligan (4), Alonso Tapia, Alex Lemieux (2), Simon Danforth (his 1st point as a Royal), Owen Salacki, Ethan Mack, Jason Roberts and Billy Hicks. Shots 65-22, PP 1-4 and PK 3-4. We played hard and got better for 53 minutes then... the last few. Guys will start to be rewarded for the work they are putting in in the offensive zone soon. The Belt was awarded to Cole (wrap around) Isaac.

We made a good comeback to tie things up but fell 3-4 in OT to the Chiefs. Alex Lemieux started the scoring in the 1st with Ethan Mack getting 2 in the 3rd. Assists to Billy Hicks, Marcus McEachern (2), Luke Woodrow and Jon Milligan. Shots 33-37, PP 2-7 and PK 4-6. It was kind of a sloppy game with both goalies making key saves to keep things tight. We got a little better last night.

This was a good game with plenty of chances both ways, but we came out on the short end of the scoreboard, as we lose 2-5 to the Jets. Marcus McEachern and Jon Milligan scored from Ethan Mack (2), Jon Milligan and Blair Bush. Shots 37-28, PP 0-4 and PK 3-4. We needed a little help from the goal posts (will you just stay in place) and didn't get it. Scoring on your opportunities is important and change the flow of the game.

It's way more fun after a solid win - 8-5 over Sherwood Park. Ethan Mack had a huge night with 3 goals and 4 assists, Marcus McEachern's 4 goals and 1 assist game looked tiny, Owen Salacki scored the other goal. The rest of the assists to Tyler Hamilton (2), Tyler Gordon, Jon Milligan (2), Luke Woodrow (3) and Josh Bentley. Shots 44-51, PP 2-5 and PK 2-2. Playing with a couple more defensemen helps to keep the play going the right way. Ethan Mack was awarded the Belt.

We lost the special teams part of the game and lost on the scoreboard 3-6 to the Hawks. Ethan Mack scored his 1st goal as a Royal and Marcus McEachern added 2 more, with assists going to Marcus McEachern, Ethan Mack (2), Jon Milligan and Nolan Conroy. Shots 48-35, PP 0-4 and PK 2-4. We see some light at the end of the tunnel and need to get there soon.

We didn't score very many goals this weekend - 0-5 to Warriors. Sots 35-56, PP 0-1 PK 0-0. We have a very tired group that hopes to get a few back for this weekend. Look out when we get to dress 20.

No one saw this coming 1-13 loss to the Chiefs. Marcus McEachern scored from Jon Milligan and Jared Stocks. Shots 34-42, PP 0-4 and PK 4-4. It's a good thing that games like this don't happen very often. Let's park it and move on - shit happens sometimes.

We took lots of high hits to earn the 2 points in our 2-1 win against the Regals. Ethan Zurawell and Marcus McEachern scored from Luke Woodrow, Nolan Conroy, Jon Milligan and Jake Langley. Shots 43-35, PP 0-4 and PK 2-3. We needed to score on our chances and put the game away, but we came for 2 points and earned them. Marcus McEachern was awarded the Belt.

The trip north didn't have the result we were looking for 4-6 to the Red Wings. We got 1st goals as a Royal from Nathan Brown and Tyler Hamilton with Jared Stocks and Dustyn Chetek chipping in. Assists to Marcus McEachern, Jon Milligan, Josh Bentley, Nolan Conroy and Ethan Zurawell. Shots 42-31, PP 1-2 and PK 2-3. Lots of things went right but a few goof ups at both ends of the ice shot us down. We will keep working on the consistency that our play needs in order to play our best.

Good times as we win 3-2 over the Riggers. Goals from Dustyn Chetek, Marcus McEachern and Alonso Tapia were nice. With assists to Jason Roberts, Billy Hicks, Luke Woodrow, Jared Stocks, Dustyn Chetek and Tyler Hamilton. Shots 49-41, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. It's funny how the penalties are always even with that guy. We kept pushing the pace of play and it finally paid off, now if we shot the puck into all those open nets we created life would be great. The Belt was awarded to Brody Dietrich. If you are interested the Belt Talk videos are on our Twitter page click on the icon above.

Friday night was good, we skated to a 8-5 victory out in Fort Sask. Dustyn Chetek started the scoring, with his 1st as a Royal, Luke Woodrow, Billy Hicks, Jared Stocks (2), Alonso Tapia (2) and Marcus McEachern. Ref guy was lazy with assists and being in position to make the calls - assists to Alex Lemieux, Ethan Zurawell, Dustyn Chetek, Alonso Tapia, Jason Roberts, Jon Milligan (2), Marcus McEachern (2) and Luke Woodrow. Shots 49-31, PP 1-7 and PK 5-7. We played hard, quick and fast - this showed up on the scoreboard. The Belt was awarded to Dustyn Chetek.

We fall to the Bruins 3-4. Marcus McEachern scored 2 goals and Luke Woodrow the other. Assists were awarded to Jon Milligan (2), Owen Salacki, Marcus McEachern, Luke Woodrow and Nathan Brown. Shots 51-38, PP 1-3 and PK 1-1. We need to stop shooting the puck into to other goalies logo. We are getting close.

In our 1st overtime and shootout game we were victorious 4-3 over the Mustangs. Scoring in regular time - Luke Woodrow, Jon Milligan and Jared Stocks - in the shootout Jon Milligan and Luke Woodrow with the winner. Assists to Alex Lemieux (2), Jon Milligan (2), Billy Hicks and Nathan Brown. Brody stopped 2 shooters in the shootout. Shots 50-27, PP 1-5 and PK 6-6. There is always so much nerves energy in OT, that adds to the fun. Brody was awarded the Belt.

This was a fast paced game that had a bad final score 1-2 against the Merchants. Jon Milligan scored from Blair Bush and Jake Manners. Shots 28-32, PP 0-1 and PK 1-1. We liked a lot about the game (except the final score). But the lack of extra legs caught up to us in the end. Hopefully there will be a couple new faces in the lineup next week.

There is joy in Mudville as we win 6-5 against the Chiefs. Goals from Blair Bush, Marcus McEachern, Jon Milligan, Alex Lemieux (2) and Jason Roberts set the pace. Making the passes Cole Isaac, Josh Bentley, Nathan Brown, Ethan Zurawell (2), Luke Woodrow (2), Alex Lemieux (2), Marcus McEachern, Jon Milligan and Blair Bush. Shots 39-49, PP 2-4 and PK 5-5. It looks like this was our last game with short players and we like that. The boys never got down on themselves and fought till the end, we took care of the top line. The Belt was awarded to Alex Lemieux.

We played a stinker and lost to the Riggers 3-8. Jon Milligan scored (again 2) and Ethan Zurawell (his 1st as a Royal) with assists going to Marcus McEachern, Jared Stocks, Luke Woodrow and Blair Bush. Shots 46-41, PP 1-5 and PK 2-3. We cut down the pims but forgot how to play defense and compete hard. We are getting closer to being healthy.

Once again not the score we wanted 3-6 to the Flyers. Luke Woodrow (1st as a Royal) got us going with Jon Milligan and Owen Salacki scoring the others. Setting them up Jason Roberts, Alonso Tapia, Luke Woodrow, Blair Bush, Jon Milligan and Alex Lemieux. Shots 49-50, PP 2-8 and PK 9-11. I think we played smarter in the 3rd but the ref guy got in over his head then we took some stupid ones to give the game away. We will get a couple guys back in our next few games and hopefully start playing for all 60 minutes.

It was looking like a fun night out in the Park... till the 3rd as we lose 4-6. Discipline is key to winning. Blair Bush started the scoring with Jared Stocks, Jon Milligan and Alex Lemieux the rest. Assisting the goals Luke Woodrow, Jon Milligan (3), Alonso Tapia, Owen Salacki and Blair Bush. Shots 35-39, PP 3-8 and PK 6-10. Staying focused is key and we have been getting tired then losing focus and losing the game. Lets improve.

The short bench caught up with us in our 6-9 loss to the Hawks. Goals from Jon Milligan (2), Jared Stocks, Alonso Tapia, Alex Lemieux (1st as a Royal) and Marcus McEachern. Setting up the goals were Alonso Tapia, Jared Stocks (2), Jon Milligan (2), Marcus McEachern (3), Alex Lemieux (2), Jason Roberts and Nolan Conroy. Shots 26-50, PP 1-4 and PK 6-7. Our lack of discipline hurt us and took a toll on our energy level. With COVID rules about vaccinations coming in we will lose a couple guys but should get a couple back from injury.

We started the season on the right foot as we skated to a 7-3 win out in Wetaskiwin. It was a rare Saturday night game but very successful. Our goals came from Jon Milligan (2), Cole Isaac (1st as a Royal), Billy Hicks, Marcus McEachern and Alonso Tapia (his 1st as a Royal). Assisting the goals Marcus McEachern (2), Jon Milligan, Billy Hicks, Alonso Tapia, Blair Bush (2), Nolan Conroy (2), Alex Lemieux (2) and Jared Stocks (2), Shots on goal 40-31, PP 1-3 and PK 5-6. The Belt was awarded to Marcus. We discovered that we have a bunch of guys who can play defense in a pinch.

The real season gets going on Saturday night out in Wetaskiwin with a Celebration of Life tribute for Rob Hartnell (ex coach) going on before the game. Home opener Sunday as we host the Fort Sask. Hawks an yes we are back at Confederation, see you there.

Lots of speed and scoring in the preseason windup 13-1 final against the Icemen.

Fun weekend of games Vs Warriors, a great comeback for a 5-5 tie and we ran out of gas in game 2. Look forward to this week.

See you all at Confederation Tuesday September 7th 9:15. For our 1st tryout skate for this season's Royals. It's going to be a fun ride (do some pushups)!!!

Funeral services for Coach Russ are on Saturday September 11 at the Executive Royal Inn in Leduc - Piper Ballroom 2:00.







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