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(The 2004-05 Game-by-Game Descriptions)

Season is over with our 4-6 loss. What a great year! I will fill in the blanks about the game soon, but just not yet, thinking about it and why sucks to much to dwell on. Lets give it some time to sink in and our sight will be updated properly.

More of the same - speed, hits, emotion (some displayed in the right way and some not), great goaltending and loud Royalamaniacs all of the above contributed to the Royal 2-1 victory last night. The bruises are getting as big as the smiles (we are not happy yet, just smiling) in the dressing room, but they are good bruises. Goals by Pat McNary and Jeff Pringle were assisted by James (who said I don't have discipline) Cho (2), Brenan Jones and Rory Shott. PP 0-5, PK 3-4, shots 27-27. How come I have trouble spelling names, sorry Kyle but you should have said something. I know where the saltiest popcorn in town is.

Losing really sucks!! In the playoffs it is compounded, enough whining, 1-3 with an empty net goal to seal it. Pat McNary scored our goal with assists to Brenan Jones and Tyler Thomlison. PP 0-5, PK 4-5, shots 24-27. The good news is that we have practice Monday night @ Confederation 9:00 and we plan to continue to improve.

Sorry about the late update but the Dragons have been in a struggle all weekend trying to win their 1st playoff game - oh well there is always next weekend. Double overtime loss 2-3 with only 1:23 left in the period and the next user group crying about their ice time being used for a playoff game. These are great games with all the energy and goal posts that keep everybody on the edge of their seat or is it stuck to their seat because of something sticky that was spilt (that's what coach Russ said). Scoring goals were Pat McNary and Kevin (yes that guy) Kruse, assists went to Jeff Pringle, Derek Paulgaard, James Cho and Brenan Jones. PP 1-8, PK 9-9, shots 53-60. We kept getting stronger as the game continued and may have even had a couple over the goal line in OT but they weren't called. We definitely hit some posts solid and there were more than a few Merchants hit solid (that needs to continue), show up and stop in front of the net - see you Sunday 8:00 in St. Albert.

Royals win 3-2!! A tight, fast, hard checking and mostly penalty free playoff game - if that's what you like you went home happy (especially the Royalamaniacs). We got goals from Derek Paulgaard, Jeff Pringle and Scott Reid that were assisted by Jeff Pringle, Sebastien Polikar, Matt Buskas and Kyle Green. PP 0-1, PK 2-2, shots 24-26. It's great to see another game that we get stronger as the game progresses and Kali back in the lineup. Friday night in downtown Millwoods for game 4 hope to see you there.

All tied up at 1 game apiece, we skated to a 5-4 OT victory in game 2. The series is starting to heat up and our energy is back. Goals by Brenan Jones, Tyler Thomlison, Jarret Hager, Rory Shott and Jeff Pringle were set up by Rory Shott, Derek Paulgaard (2), James Cho and Brenan Jones. PP 1-5, PK 6-7, shots 28-38. We are getting close to icing a full lineup which will make us faster and that's what Royals Hockey is all about. It was pretty tame after the game with no more Friday night antics and the north side and St. Albert Royalamaniacs going straight home.

The first game of the series and we lost 1-4 out in St. Albert. Our energy and health will keep building throughout the series and look out. The faces that keep turning out is a great inspiration to the Royals of today, thanks Royals of yesterday. Derek Paulgaard scored from Jarret Brophy. PP 0-8, PK 6-8, shots 22-32. We kicked a couple in our own net, which didn't help, but the process started and I can't wait till Sunday. See you there. About the fishing trip, the ice was a little soft and we had to get search and rescue to come out to save that poor sole that fell in. He was able to save his fishing lure (an old shoe) but we think he flattened out a few of the fish because the snacks were lacking and there were no fish to eat.

We are still playing hockey!!!!! Millwoods Arena was kind to us, good ice, 5-4 in double overtime to clinch the series. The crowd was full of very very loud Royalamaniacs and eventually they went home happy. There was lots of dry mouths, shaking and of course cheering from the bench, but none was louder than when a goal was waved off in OT - the net was off by a foot before the puck went in. The hockey game had everything including water bottles and sticks being thrown on the ice by some people who thought they were bigger than the game, I don't think taking a swing at our goalie after the game was a smart thing to do either, the speed was great, hits were tremendous, shots were blocked everywhere, there were even people who thought the game was over so they went home and missed a controversial game winner. Our goals were from Kyle Green, Jeff Pringle, Tyler Thomlison, Pat McNary and Brenan Jones. Assisting them Matt Buskas, Rory Shott and Brenan Jones (2). PP 1-9, PK 7-8, shots 36-43 (Mike was good). The dressing room jumped up when J C got to the game early and we used that energy all game. The next series starts Friday 8:00 in St. Albert. Did anyone see the old guy with the black blue hair at games 1 and 5?

Big crowd, lots of horn work, boys from Mexico, boy from work and many many old and young Royalamaniacs witnessed the Royal 4-3 win last night. The energy started early, like when Kris walked into the dressing room, and never died down until we walked out of the rink 4 hours later. Scoring on the ice were Jeff Pringle, Jarret Hager, Pat McNary and Tyler Thomlison - assisting the goals were Derek Paulgaard, Rory Shott, Scott Reid, Matt Buskas, Brenan Jones (2) and Jeff Pringle. PP 0-3, PK 4-4, shots 23-42. It will be a great day when we decide to shoot and not pass. To answer the thirsty Royalamaniac "I do it to annoy the other team".

We lost 1-6. Sometimes things happen in a game that make you wonder if showing the guys in stripes the respect they deserve for doing a thankless job to the best of their ability is worth it, when their opinion gets swayed so easily by idiots and their constant yapping. OOPS did I say that out loud. We all have to shut our mouths and stay focused on winning hockey games. Losing control of our emotions is never acceptable. I can't believe my fingers just typed that. Scoring a shorthanded goal Tyler Thomlison with assists to Brenan Jones and Jarret (mister versatility) Brophy. PP 0-5, PK 5-7, the inadequacies of the home team didn't provide any shot counts - thanks T shots 16-26. Anything to _uck with the Royal. See you all Sunday night with a 19 man roster (I hope).

The craziness started with (insert name here) and went downhill from there. A lack of smarts cost us big time and a few old Royalamaniacs went home sad - but it was great to see those faces. Scoring goals Brenan Jones (2), Jeff Pringle and James Cho with assists going to Pat McNary, Tyler Thomlison (2), Scott Reid, Rory Shott, Matt Buskas and Brenan Jones. PP 1-10, PK 5-10 (yes that's correct), shots 26-32. The big crowd was looking for a reason to explode but we just didn't give them enough of them. WHAT!!

We got the first win in the series with a very determined effort from all Royalamaniacs 6-3. Shooting the puck is proving to be quite effective. Can you believe that in 2 home games in the playoffs there has been 2 penalty shots called on us. Scoring on the ice were Brenan Jones (2), Pat McNary, Kevin Kruse, Tyler Thomlison and Derek Paulgaard. They were assisted by Tyler Thomlison (3), Brenan Jones (3), James Cho (2) and Matt Buskas. PP 4-9, PK 5-5, shots 39-30. A very exciting night for the well over 300 people in attendance, this game provided a lot of everything that makes hockey great. Lots of hits, fast play, goofy calls, little kids running around, a guy who couldn't sell 50/50 tickets to a gambling junkie, great goals and most importantly the boy from Brazil.

Yes!! On to the next round because of our 9-2 win in game 2. Shooting the puck paid off, like it always will, and the long walk back and forth to our dressing room kept getting shorter with the goals we scored. The team made a conference call to the Cutman after the game and made everybody back east happy. Our goal scores were Brenan Jones (3), Sebastien Polikar, Kris Gies, Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison, Matt Buskas and Jeff Pringle with assists (I don't know why the Ref didn't do his job with these) to Matt Buskas (3), Rory Shott, Pat McNary, Brenan Jones, Jeff Pringle and Sebastien Polikar. PP 3-10, PK 6-6, shots 33-27. There was lots of jumping on the ice and trying to get into the bench but that just made things fun. Fun like the guy without a harelip but sung like he had one. On to round 2 and the River Kings on Sunday night at Confederation 8:00.

Game 1 is in the books and the Royal skate away with a solid 8-2 win over the Riggers. The game had everything, penalty shots, goals after the buzzer that counted then didn't count, not enough shots on goal, mystery calls everywhere and most importantly the good guys winning. Scoring were Matt Buskas (2), Tyler Thomlison (2), Kevin Kruse, Kris Gies, Brenan Jones and Barrett Kyle. Our assists on the game sheet were given to these players (I don't know how accurate they are) Derek Paulgaard, Rory Shott, Scott Reid, James Cho (4), Jarret Brophy, Brent Chupka, Tyler Thomlison (2), Matt Buskas, Brenan Jones (2) and Kevin Kruse. PP 4-10, PK 9-10, shots 39-26. The Red Light District (Jeff Pringle and Scott Reid) are this years air hockey champions. Once again a 21 year old and a 19 year old and a new guy prove to be the strongest TEAM in a night cut short because of the playoff game. The games were hard fought and the competition keen, it was hard to believe that Team Fit got tired. This just in, for the 2nd year in a row BRENAN JONES CJHL SCORING CHAMPION!!!! nice.

The Royal end the season with a strong showing in Leduc and earned 7-5 victory. We started the game having (game goals) of 3 PP goals and 1 faceoff goal - we reached those after 2 periods and put it on cruse control. Brenan Jones ended his regular season with a hatrick, singles by Jeff Pringle, Pat McNary, Tyler Thomlison and Matt Buskas. The goals were assisted by Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison (2), Matt Buskas (2), James Cho and Pat McNary. PP 3-9, PK 7-8, shots 32-26. The new guy played great and added something the team has been missing since the injury that put him out. Have I ever said how entertaining bad Karioke (I already know that I can't spell) is, thanks goes out to the Waldorf. Strap on your helmets cause after the Air Hockey Championship here comes PLAYOFFS 2004/05.

The Royal 3rd ever Air Hockey Championship (open to all Royalamaniacs) is to be held Sat. Feb. 12, 6:00 @ Scotty's. Confirmed entries include - The Boomerangs, Danger Zone, Team Fate, ????, Red Light District, The X-Ray Cats, The Ying-Yang, ( ) and a number of unnamed teams.

The last three games, in a nutshell were well played but no wins. We are playing good enough to get the victories but stub our big toe for a couple of shifts each game. Things are looking good with the playoffs starting next Sunday at Confederation against an as yet unnamed opponent. No need to put up the gory details just know we are confident and looking forward to practice and whatever comes next.

The Royal end the season with a strong showing in Leduc and earned 7-5 victory. We started the game having (game goals) of 3 PP goals and 1 faceoff goal - we reached those after 2 periods and put it on cruse control. Brenan Jones ended his regular season with a hatrick, singles by Jeff Pringle, Pat McNary, Tyler Thomlison and Matt Buskas. The goals were assisted by Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison (2), Matt Buskas (2), James Cho and Pat McNary. PP 3-9, PK 7-8, shots 32-26. The new guy played great and added something the team has been missing since the injury that put him out. Have I ever said how entertaining bad Karioke (I already know that I can't spell) is, thanks goes out to the Waldorf. Strap on your helmets cause after the Air Hockey Championship here comes PLAYOFFS 2004/05.

The Royal 3rd ever Air Hockey Championship (open to all Royalamaniacs) is to be held Sat. Feb. 12, 6:00 @ Scotty's. Confirmed entries include - The Boomerangs, Danger Zone, Team Fate, ????, Red Light District, The X-Ray Cats, The Ying-Yang, ( ) and a number of unnamed teams.

The last three games, in a nutshell were well played but no wins. We are playing good enough to get the victories but stub our big toe for a couple of shifts each game. Things are looking good with the playoffs starting next Sunday at Confederation against an as yet unnamed opponent. No need to put up the gory details just know we are confident and looking forward to practice and whatever comes next.

We need to win games. Royals lose 0-4 to the River Kings. No goals or assists or Side Shows, except a couple or leather lungs with no clue. PP 0-9, PK 5-5, shots 30-27.

As our bus toured central Alberta we finally found Winfield and then 15 minutes later found the rink, then after a 2.5 hour hockey game we skated our way to a 3-2 win over Wetaskiwin. All the goals came when the Icemen were in the box and a very crowded box it was at times, at least on their side. Scoring his 1st goal of the year (not including practice) Matt (the possum) Buskas, calling his own shot Pat McNary and Brenan Jones with the winner. The assists were to Sebastien Polikar, Tyler Thomlison (2) and James Cho (2). PP 3-14, PK 7-7, shots 34-20. We left a tab at the Calmar Hotel for Coach Russ (the no-show in his own home town) and ate the bar out of pickled eggs. With the crowd chanting fight fight fight we found a way to frustrate them and get our 2 points.

Tough one out in the Park as we fall 3-6 to the Knights. Lots of good stuff happened just not the scoreboard. Brenan Jones (2) and Pat McNary scored and Tyler Thomlison, James Cho, Matt Kalinowski, Jarret Brophy assisted the goals. PP 1-4, PK 6-8, shots 23-21. Nice coat Cody. The dobbers came out after the game and got us a free round but that was the only joy in Mudville.

Thank God the weather is starting to warm up and so WILL the Royal. The Chiefs win 2-3 in a weird one. Matt Kalinowski and Kevin Kruse scored with assists to Brenan Jones, James Cho, Rory Shott and Sebastien Polikar. PP 1-9, PK 7-8, shots 26-24. Great TEAMS go through some bad times so they can learn to be humble in defeat as well as humble in victory. We are close so close I can feel it and as soon as our players feel it the victories will happen on the scoreboard. To those of you Royalamaniacs out of the country, keep the faith and bring us back something we can drink.

Royals lose 3-6 to the Warriors. Giving up 3 PP goals and 2 SH goals is not a good formula for winning hockey games and it wasn't last night. Scoring for us were Sebastian Polikar, Brenan Jones and Jeff Pringle with assists going to Derek Paulgaard, Rory Shott, Matt Kalinowski, James Cho, Pat McNary and Barrett Kyle. PP 1-10, 10-13, shots 31-33. We got it handed to us and no one got arrested (not even Coach Russ) - although we tried.

Losing sucks, 3-5 for the Regals. Goals Brenan Jones (2) and Barrett Kyle, assisted by Tyler Thomlison (2), Matt Kalinowski, Derek Paulgaard, Jeff Pringle and Matt Buskas. PP 2-9, PK 5-6, shots 31-18. Nice win Denny.

The early game time out in Morinville didn't slow us down as an aggressive Royals team wins 8-1 over the Jets. Nice soap dish in the new dressing rooms, I can't see why anyone would get upset at one of those. Goals scorers were Rory Shott, Brenan Jones (2), Tyler Thomlison, Kris Gies, Brent Chupka, Jeff Pringle and Kevin Kruse. They were assisted by Brent Chupka, Sebastian Polikar, Derek Paulgaard (2), Brenan Jones, Kevin Kruse, Rory Shott (2), Mark Buchynski, Pat McNary and Scott Reid. PP 4-11, PK 9-9, shots 38-18. For the 1st time in as long as we can remember we got skunked at the fishing hole. Thank goodness for fresh food and drink provided for us at the lodge - even if something was missing. The All Star game was fun but all that hockey got in the way of a good road trip and my head felt allot better.

Royals win 6-2 over Stony Plain in Jeff and Brenan's last trip to that place. It's to bad they didn't make it to the old bar. Scoring for us were Matt Kalinowski, Brenan Jones (2), Mark Buchynski, Jeff Pringle and Rory (sorry Seb) Shott. Assisting these goals Brenan Jones (2), Tyler Thomlison (3), Matt Kalinowski (2), Kevin Kruse (2) and Jeff (sorry Seb) Pringle. PP 2-3, PK 4-5, shots 32-29. In a night full of mistakes, going to the old bar was not one of them. At this location there was everything from pickled egg eating, cat fighting, a former league MVP starting a big dance card, chickens all over the place with lots showing, $2.50 beer, glass juggling, the one armed want to be coach, Cody's shoulder rub downs, ice showers (no that was not an egg), glass and ash tray breaking, big red staff members but not T, did I say half the bar looked like they were going to go, no Cutman, Robby from Sask. (no he doesn't have a job) oh ya and the owners daughter left half her shirt at the store while she served us drinks and broke up fights - last but not least the patch is not a fashion accessory. Good Luck to Our Royal All Stars Mike Kunyk, Kris Gies, Kevin Kruse, Dan Pennock, Matt (he's a no show) Buskas, Derek Paulgaard, Brenan Jones, Tyler Thomlison and Matt Kalinowski.

Nice lump of coal we gave ourselves for Christmas in the 2-3 loss to Leduc. Goals by Brenan Jones and Barrett Kyle were assisted by Matt Kalinowski, Derek Paulgaard and Sebastian Polikar. PP 0-5, PK 3-3, shots 44-16. Everything in our past prepares us for today and the next day and the next, so lets continue to get better.

I guess that goalie was right 'we are crap and lucky for those 4 gifts from the ref', oh ya Royals win 6-2 over St. Albert, with 5 PP goals and the other in 10 sec. (Royalamaniacs know what that means). Goals by Tyler Thomlison (2), Kyle (his 1st as a Royal) Green, Pat McNary, Rory Shott and Derek Paulgaard paced the win. They were assisted by Brenan Jones (2), Kyle Green, Tyler Thomlison, Rory Shott, Kevin Kruse, Matt Buskas (2), Brent Chupka, Derek Paulgaard and Jeff Pringle. PP 5-11, PK 10-11, shots 33-30. Big crowd as the North SEERA Dragons made their presence felt both in the stands and in the room. Yes there was a fine 'Room De Royal' that had everything but a George. Practice tonight could be epic with many people coming out of the stands to suit up and play - look out!!!

Dan Pennock's 1st shutout of the season made our 2-0 win at Confed. That much sweeter and made that drive back to Wetaskiwin that much longer. Both teams had short bench's and somehow we both managed to keep the timekeepers busy with penalties and not goals. Matt Kalinowski and Barrett Kyle scored with assists going to Tyler Thomlison, Brenan Jones and Kevin Kruse. PP 1-10, PK 11-11, shots 47-23.

Second shutout in a row for Mike, in the 5-0 victory over the Sabres. With thoughts of all the gifts we received at the party the best one of the weekend (did not smell of bananas) was 2 points. Goal scorers were Brenan Jones (2), Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Thomlison and Derek (1st Royal goal) Paulgaard. They were assisted by Jarret Brophy, Brenan Jones, Matt Kalinowski (2), James Cho and Kyle Green. PP 1-7, PK 7-7, shots 31-15. The chili came out fine with a couple of guys going for the record but coming up a couple of bowls short. Thanks to all who attended for leaving some Christmas cheer in the fridge and not stealing my pickled eggs. Davy is still laughing about what I told him some of the presents were. Does anyone know why Side Show left his shoes behind, or maybe what happened to Pringles car?

Some strange things going on at the Millwoods Arena so our game vs the River Kings was postponed. Under mysterious circumstances the facility had water problems.... maybe someone or some team had a little Royal flue!!!

The snow brought out nobody and we played like it - BUT - winning 3-2 over the Jets is what counts. Check out the new helmet on coach Russ (all that time away from the bench showed in his puck reflexes). Two goals by Scott Reid and a short handed one by Matt Kalinowski paced us and assists to Barrett Kyle and Brent Chupka. PP 0-2, PK 4-6, shots 34-27. Have you started your shopping for the Royal Christmas party??

Nice shutout by Mike Kunyk in the 4-0 win over the Chevys. But what happened to coach Russ?? Just the thought of changing numbers got Jeff Pringle going with 2 goals, the others were scored by Barrett Kyle and Sebastian Polikar. Assisting the goals were Sebastian Polikar (2), Matt Buskas, Brenan Jones, Mike Kunyk, Rory Shott and Jeff Pringle. PP 1-4, PK 5-5, shots 37-26. The Royalamaniacs made themselves known and they were happy. What do you have to do, or not do, to get a drill named after him - maybe 3 drills.

The trip to the south was a success with the Royal skating to a 5-1 victory. All the Beaumont Royalamaniacs stayed home but had phoned in their support earlier, so we know they had smiles on their faces as well as the east coast Royalamaniac who made the game. By the way you look great in your new lid. It's funny how a new hat makes some people so petty. Goal scorers were Matt Kalinowski (2), Mark Buchynski, Sebastian Polikar and Kevin (that's what happens when you make practice) Kruse. The ref worked over time giving out assists and they went to - Tyler Thomlison (2), Brenan Jones (2), Matt Kalinowski, Dan Pennock, Rory Shott, Jeff Pringle, Matt Buskas and Scott Reid. PP 1-7,PK 4-5, shots 28-19. When we get smart and not shoot into peoples pads we may get to 70 shots one day. Nice fire on the way out, did you see the truck that drove though the farmers field to get by the road block? Big crowd out for the game, I heard there was a shrink there making comments.

Royals 4 Red Wings 2 and someone had a huge smile on his face all the way to Calmar. That's two wins in a row with this Ref. - maybe calling him a Ref. is to much of a compliment, oops we shouldn't have said that. Once again talking to much, but I do have my papers so I'm not crazy. Scoring our goals were James Cho, Brenan Jones, Scott Reid and Mark Buchynski with assists going to Kris Gies, Jarret Hager, James Cho, Tyler Thomlison, Jarret Brophy and Rory Shott. PP 1-7, PK 8-9, shots 31-27. The bloody coup is running rampit on the bench I don't know what will happen when Lover gets back.

Royals win 4-1 over the Knights in a fast paced game. We must be a dirty team to be shorthanded 8 times after we go up 3-0, but then again we did get a gift on our 4th goal so maybe it all equals up. Our only short handed breakaway of the game gets stopped by a timely fight, I think the game had a little of everything. Goals by Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison, Sebastian Polikar and Brenan Jones helped lead the way. They were assisted by Pat McNary, Jeff Pringle (2) and Matt (where did that tan come from you possum) Buskas. PP 0-2, PK 7-8, shots 30-30. There were a couple new faces on the Royal bench, I mean, who was that tall good looking guy down by the forwards (do you smell a bloody coup) and the guy with the hat on opening the gate. We always seem to come up with the right stuff behind the bench.

Coach Russ was right, when you get 60 shots on goal you win. Even he didn't think that would mean 15-2 over Strathcona. No one could remember the last time we scored that many goals and had that many breakaways. Goal scorers, there were a lot of them, Jeff Pringle (2), Tyler Thomlison (2), Rory Shott (2), James Cho, Brent Chupka (2), Scott Reid, Matt Kalinowski (3) and Brenan Jones (2). Assists, there were not that many of them, Kyle Green, Brenan Jones(3), Sebastian Polikar, Kris Gies (3), Jeff Pringle, Scott Reid, Jarret Brophy (2), James Cho (2), Rory Shott and Tyler Thomlison. How do you score 15 goals and only have 16 assists, either we don't pass or somebody was lazy. PP 7-12, PK 5-5, shots 62-19. Hopefully Lover remembers all the stuff he is suppose to bring back.

Off to the northside with our passports stamps and we came back before curfew with a 4-2 victory - that included a last minute penalty shot. Patty helped whiten up the ice with chicklet droppings. Goals were scored by Tyler Thomlison, Kevin Kruse, Kris Gies (I told you all those breakaways in practice would pay off) and Matt Kalinowski. Assists to Pat McNary, Kyle Green, Scott Reid, James Cho and Tyler Thomlison. PP 1-7, PK 7-7, shots 25-26. Cutman was relieved to see 'T' and Holly show up after the game but he proved he was thirsty enough that to cover any spillage's. The northside Royalamaniacs proved to be as entertaining as always - just not enough of them.

We went and escaped from Hobbema with a 4-3 win over Wetaskiwin. I don't know where all the people came from but, all but the converted Royalamaniacs went home sad. Scoring goals Brenan Jones, Barrett Kyle, Kevin Kruse and Tyler Thomlison. Assists went to Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Thomlison, Kris Gies and Brenan Jones. PP 2-9, PK 6-7, shots 26-38. There may be a new best darn dancer in Alberta, as demonstrated at The Bullet after the game. Those of you who missed it shame on you, those of you who were there saw stuff they never thought they would.

Everybody forgot about Friday's effort, looked at Stony Plain's record and went out and played like we didn't have to play hard, it was quite disappointing. There must have been 8 Royalamaniacs in the stands that came down to the dressing room in-between periods. Scoring his 1st hattrick of the year was Matt Kalinowski with singles going to Tyler Thomlison, Sebastian Polikar and Brenan Jones. Assisting the goals Brenan Jones (3), Derek Paulgaard, Jeff Pringle, Matt Buskas, Tyler Thomlison, Matt Kalinowski, Kris Gies and Jarret Brophy. PP 0-6, PK 7-8, shots 51-21. The funeral is Tuesday and 11:00 @ Hainstocks on 34th Ave.

Norah will be missed. In a very fast paced game out in St. Albert the Royal come out on top with a 2-1 victory. There were allot of heavy hearts Friday in world of Royalamaniacs and we know you are in a better place. Scoring Tyler Thomlison and Matt Kalinowski with assists going to Brenan Jones and Matt Buskas. PP 0-5, PK 6-6, shots 26-28. There was a fishing trip after the game but we got skunked. Sometimes you need better bait than a hockey stick.

Royal karma comes through again - with Mark Buchynski and his Edmonton Huskies winning the Canadian Junior Football Championship on Saturday - we look forward to seeing you in OUR lineup next week. Then we took to the ice Sunday and showed a workman like effort to Beaumont and skated away with a 4-1 win. With all the bus stories going wild in the dressing room, we played an excited game, that could have used a little more finish around the net - but that finish showed up all over the Chief defense. Scoring for us were Matt Kalinowski, Scott Reid, Brent Chupka and Barrett Kyle. Assisting on the goals Brenan Jones (2), James Cho (2), Matt Kalinowski, Barrett Kyle, Jarret Hager and Kris Gies. PP 1-2, PK 4-4, shots 39-25. Halloween night and a Royal game the thought was scary, very scary. Everything turned out great even if our own Angus Love couldn't figure out his identity.

When you don't try very hard and play without any energy, the score becomes 8-7, as in an OT win out in Leduc. On the good side scoring shorthanded in the last minute of the game to tie it and then scoring in the first minute of overtime to win it gives you a pretty good feeling on the drive home. (As long as you are not a coach, that is). Scoring - Tyler Thomlison, Kris Gies (2), Kevin Kruse, Sebastion Polikar, Jarret Hager, Brenan Jones and Rory Shott with the winner. Assists - Scott Reid, James Cho (2), Jarret Hager, Derek Paulgaard, Barrett Kyle (2), Jeff Pringle, Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison, Matt Buskas (2) and Matt Kalinowski. PP 4-11, PK 5-9, shots 37-25. By the time we left the Waldorf there were smiles all around. For some of the newer Royals it was their first experience at bad singing - but our Cutman was incredible, you could tell he was a little out of practice but he made up for it by dancing and ad-libbing and generally driving the chickens wild.

It was truly a great weekend for both Royalamaniacs and Royals - the team capped off Sunday with a 6-1 victory over the River Kings (No there was not any spineless jellyfish sighting's) - but on Saturday, in Regina, former Royal captain and current Royalamaniac, Ryan Zahara, threw for 7 touchdowns in the University of Manitoba's victory over U of Regina. Royal karma pays off again. Scoring on the ice for the Royals - Sebastian Polikar, Rory Shott, Brenan Jones, Kris Gies, Barrett Kyle and Scott Reid. Assisting Rory Shott, Matt Buskas, Sebastian Polikar, Jarret Hager, Derek Paulgaard, Tyler Thomlison, James Cho and Kevin Kruse. PP 2-9 but 2-2 when it was close, PK 6-7, shots 30-31. There was an interesting rumor about what last nights gate admission was.

Royals rock both in and out of the rink in Spruce Grove, 10-1 win on the ice then the performance in the old bar was priceless. We played every second of the game and it showed by scoring in the last second of the game. Goals by Kevin Kruse (1st of the game and 1st of his Royal career), Rory Shott (2), Tyler Thomlison, Barrett (I've got to play smarter) Kyle, Matt Kalinowski, Sebastian Polikar, Scott Reid, Brenan Jones and Jeff Pringle. Assists to Scott Reid, James Cho, Brenan Jones (2), Matt Kalinowski (2), Kris Gies, Brent Chupka, Pat McNary (2), Jeff Pringle (2), Kevin Kruse, Derek Paulgaard, Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison and Garrett Slifka. PP 4-6, PK 5-6, shots 49-25. We scored 9 goals in the last 22 minutes of the game. We kept learning and got better as the game went on, nice 3rd period.

Losing sucks!! Goals - Scott Reid, Jarret Brophy, Pat McNary, Jeff Pringle, Kris Gies and Brenan Jones. Assists - Derek Paulgaard, Matt Buskas, Kyle Green, Brenan Jones, Tyler Thomlison (3), Brent Chupka, Jarret Hager and James Cho. PP 3-8, PK 4-8, shots 36-27. Even the thirsty northside Royalamaniacs are getting choked at us

First shutout of the season goes to Garrett Slifka in a 4-0 win out in Beaumont. The physical game picked up and it showed in the flow of the game. Brent Chupka and Scott Reid scored their first Royal goals, with the others went to Brenan Jones and Rory Shott. Assisting on the goals were Tyler Thomlison, Barrett Kyle, James Cho, Derek Paulgaard, Rory Shott, Kris Gies, Sebastien Polikar and Jeff Pringle. PP 2-5, PK 5-5, shots 29-20. There must be shortage of rubber out in Beaumont with all the crying they did. We think the 2 points are a little more important. Thanks for the local hospitality after the game, there must be something in the water out there. In his first appearance of the season Coach Love had an effect.

Tough loss Sunday 5-6 to the Klondike Kaps. The stats were interesting, coming from the source, but as best as I could adjust them, here they are. Goals - Sebastian Polikar (2), Matt Kalinowski and Brenan Jones. Assists - Derek Paulgaard, Jeff Pringle, James Cho, Brenan Jones (2) and Matt Buskas (2). PP 3-9, PK 7-10, shots 41-26. Losing sucks so lets get that behind us, keep learning and keep getting better. On the lighter side 'Royals do an Eskimo game', from winning the game to rolling down the backs of chairs, it was an event that will be talked about for years.

For the 1st time in 5 years South Fort has beaten the Royals by the score of 5-6. If we only could have taken more penalties we could have scored more shorthanded goals, only 2 last night. Brenan Jones (2), Tyler Thomlison, Chris Gies and James (J.C.) Cho with their 1st ever goals. Brenan Jones, James Cho, Jeff Pringle, Scott Reid and Jarret Hager assisted the goals. PP 0-4, PK 8-9, shots 32-27.

Royals make home opener a success. The drive back to Leduc was a long one as the Royal come out on top 4-2. Lots of contributions by the whole roster made for a very solid team win in the swamp we call a home rink. Goal scorers were Brenan Jones (2), Brad Lacher and Barrett Kyle (both guys got their first as a Royal), assists went to Matt Kalinowski (2), Scott Reid, Jarret Hager, Pat McNary and Tyler Thomlison. PP 0-4, PK 5-5, shots 32-21. So far not a power play goal but 3 short handed ones, strange but true. Cutman has branched out to ice maker as well as his other duties, but still isn't answering his column. Great job by security there wasn't any reported water problems.

There was no joy in mudville, (Millwoods Arena), as the mighty Royal fall 3-9 to the River Kings. Tough night for us all over the rink, we must play with our full lineup to be effective. It's hard to believe that our team that has practiced so hard and so smart for 30 days could forget everything so quickly. Brenan Jones, Tyler Thomlison and Rory Shott scored, the goals were assisted by Tyler Thomlison, Matt Buskas, Brenan Jones (2) and Rory Shott. Yes I noticed that all those names are from returning players. PP 0-10, PK 1-3, shots 28-36. I have to wonder if we have practiced the specialty teams?? Thank goodness we practice tonight.

In our 1st visit to Millenium Place we came away with a 5-3 victory. In a game that went both ways, most of the night, Brenan showed up with a good stick and scored 4 times. The season starts on Wednesday and we want those 2 points.

The long drive was rewarded with a 7-4 win over the Sabres. Brenan scored a hattrick with the ugliest stick ever. We need to play harder and shoot more.

Sunday night at Confederation felt like home and treated us like a sloppy family. Sherwood Park came calling and we sent them home with a 7-2 loss. Things were really clicking on some of the softest ice ever. There was a huge turnout of Royal coaches.

The Royal golf tournament came off without a hitch and was once again an epic event. But you have to be there to get any information.

The Royal went on their 1st bus trip in pre season in a long time, to play the Rimby Rock. We skated away with a 7-3 victory, big game for Rory. What a great bus driver we had, I can't wait to never use their services again. The first time we have ever been bitten in a game - I guess they thought possum is good eating.

Our first game came and we got stronger as the game went on. Nice job that turned into a 4-1 win over the Spruce Grove Regals. The new guys played hard and the old guys played smart. Way to many penalties but we will learn. It was good to see another old guy show up at practice on Monday.

The 3rd Ever Royal's Golf Tournament has been booked for Saturday September 18th, 3:00 at The Mill Woods Golf, Equestrian, and Polo Club. Information will be posted here along with confirmed entries. This year, up for grabs for the Alumni, is a set of Royal sweaters for their up coming season - the team with the most participants in the tournament will be awarded the sweaters. 1st Confirmation - Coach Russ (they say playing is better than drinking in a sand trap), Cody Campbell, The Cutman, Scotty, Frank (Russ's buddy from out east)Doyle, Big Jim, Matt Kalinowski, Arnie Miller, Ryan Miller, Matt (as a special e-mail entry) Buskas, Terrace Warawa, Jody Pollard, Cory Cross, Scott McDonald, Trevor Ruptash, Salty Bob (side show) Strynadka, Tyler Thomlison, Brad Lacher, Brenan Jones.

Hi Royalamaniacs we are back and pumped about the new season that is coming at us hard. The hooter tree has been added to the page minus Tony's head for all your viewing pleasure. Our first 2 skates are on the top of this page and I will be calling everyone near the end of Aug. BIG NEWS about The Cutmans Corner - he is answering questions again!!! In other Royal summer highlights there has been confirmed sightings of Royalamaniacs in the Mediterranean area and Team Royal won the 1st ever Bullet golf tournament. Speaking of golf our tournament is in September and I have to talk to Milllywoods to see what Saturday I booked (Coach Russ says he is going to play this year) - first 40 confirmed entries that are posted on the sight are in.

The 2003-04 Game-by-Game Descriptions