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Welcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


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Team pictures Saturday April 30 5:30 @ Scotty's.


1st Team CJHL ALL-STAR Sean Ritchie. 2nd Team Josh Dufresne and Dakota Mercredi. Congratulations!

Royals lose 2-5 and the series 1-4 in games. Daniel Martin and Dan Skubleny scored our goals from Sean Ritchie and Cam Bush. Shots 28-27, PP 0-6 and PK 5-8. That's it that's all she wrote on another season. We are so proud of this years squad. That's all for today, it's still to crappy to put into words. Our write in Royalamaniac was Tyler Thomlison. (3).

That didn't go as planned 2-5 loss in game 4. Kevin Elkow gave us the lead in the 1st and Josh Dufresne scored in the 3rd with assists to Jacob Kalinowski, Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell and Cam Bush. Shots 29-29, PP 1-6 and PK 4-6. We have to stay focussed on the big picture and play through any goofiness. As much as you would like things to be called perfect (in our eyes) they never will be and we need to play past that stuff. Royals are made from Teflon, nothing sticks to us, but we are bonded by the glue. Keep playing smart and hard and maybe shooting the puck high, or even shooting when we have the puck in the slot. Our write in Royalamaniac was Barry Jacobs. (3).

'Just get the puck through' is a great thing to do, as Shawn Roppelt proved in a 4-3 overtime win. Tyler Russell deflected Shawn's shot for the game winner in the first minute of overtime. Josh Dufresne, Craig Dodds and Kevin Elkow scored the rest of the goals from Dakota Mercredi (3), Cam Bush, Glenn Patry, Andrew Alyward, Craig Dodds and of course Shawn Roppelt. Shots 37-39, PP 2-4 and PK 4-4. The Royalamaniacs were very loud and very happy at the end of the game, even the ones with their arm in a sling. Showing up lots and playing every second is Royals Hockey, that is where the energy comes from. Playing with urgency and having fun that is where the smiles come from. Our write in Royalamaniac was Dan "The Goalie" Pennock. (3).

The result wasn't good 1-2. Craig Dodds scored our goal from Kevin Elkow. Shots 35-23, PP 0-4 and PK 7-8. If the scoreboard wasn't the only thing that mattered we would be in good shape right now. But it does, the good thing is that we are doing all the things we need to do to WIN. Staying positive softens up hands, being hard to play against and focused pisses off the bad guys, shooting the puck in the net makes the Royalamaniacs very happy. Lets be POSITIVE, HARD and make the Legion of World Wide ROYALAMANIACS HAPPY. Our write in Royalamaniac was Matt Kemp. (4).

We played a great game but lost 2-3 in game 1 to the Chiefs. Troy Kneller scored shorthanded and Dakota Mercredi got the other, from Craig Dodds, Tyler Russell and Dan Skubleny. Shots 51-27, PP 0-8 and PK 4-4. We played with the energy that a playoff game deserves and rewarded ourselves everywhere and punished them everywhere (but the net needs more pucks). This may have been stated in both of our previous playoff rounds SHOOT HIGH!! Our write in Royalamaniac was Trevor Ruptash. (4).

Royals win 3-2 in overtime to win the series. Dakota Mercredi scored the winner 4 minutes into extra time, after an excellent forecheck by Dan Skubleny. Tyler Russell scored the game tying goal with 44 seconds on the clock, it was Tyler's second goal of the game. Dakota Mercredi had an assist along with Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne and Tyler Russell. Shots 39-48, PP 0-3 and PK 3-5. This wasn't our best game of the playoffs but we play for the top line and crossed it off at the end of the game. Our team energy (and hitting) kicked in just in time to make a game of it, in the third period and overtime. It's a funny thing what smiling can do to your smarts and effort. Our write in Royalamaniac was Clay Vanderham. (4).

On a night that brought out; Old Royalamaniacs, Northside Royalamaniacs and Birthday Royalamaniacs, that we haven't seen for a long time, we skated to a 3-2 win in overtime. Craig Dodds (2) got the winner after setup man Tyler Russell would not be denied, Josh Dufresne scored the other. Kevin Elkow, Cam Bush and Sean Ritchie had the assists. Shots 35-33, PP 1-6 and PK 5-5. At times we didn't look like we had a clue but the bend don't break attitude in our room came through in the end. The game was fast as usual with both teams, at times, looking like they were the only ones on the ice. Our resilience showed each time there was a loose puck around our net and one of our sticks found a way to bat it away. Our write in Royalamaniac was Pat Lennox. (5).

Game 2 went more as planned and ended with a 7-2 win. Dakota Mercredi scored 4 goals with linemates Dan Skubleny and Tyler Russell getting one each, Craig Dodds rounded out the goals. Assists to Dakota Mercredi (2), Tyler Russell (2), Dan Skubleny, Josh Dufresne, Kevin Elkow and Sean Ritchie. Shots 34-30, PP 4-6 and PK 7-7. Hard hitting and fast skating was the name of the game and we like that name. There was way to much stuff after the whistle, that was the only way to slow us down. We shot high and brought it. We need to keep improving and playing smart. Our write in Royalamaniac was Joe Sangha. (6).

I know this isn't what we all wanted to hear but - 3-5 loss in game one of the series. Our goal scorers were Josh Dufresne, Craig Dodds and Dakota Mercredi with assists to Rob Ogle, Shawn Roppelt, Daniel Martin and Tyler Russell. Shots 31-35, PP 0-3 and PK 4-4. We forgot that we had a playoff game to play so we didn't get amped up until the second period. Explain that, somehow. We thought playoff hockey was all about emotion and energy. SHOOT HIGH and BRING IT!! Our write in Royalamaniac was Jeff Lesik. [We need an updated phone number for Jeff] (7).

You play hard for 60 and win 3-2. Dan Skubleny scored 2 goals (including the series clincher) with Kevin Elkow getting the other. Assisting our goals were Dakota Mercredi (2) [I know what the game sheet says but he passed the puck to Tyler who set up Skuby], Cam Bush, Josh Dufresne, Craig Dodds and Tyler Russell. Shots 40-34, PP 1-4 and PK 6-6. This was a very fast paced series that had everything you wanted to see. These tight games will only help make us mentally tougher for the battles to come. In the immortal words of Coach Kali 'WINNING'. Our write in Royalamaniac was Jordan Dezman. (7).

We forgot about the 'play hard for 60' and were rewarded with a 4-6 loss. Josh Dufresne (2) started and ended our scoring with Jordan Tyler and Rob Ogle scoring the others. Our assists went to Kevin Elkow, Jordan Tyler, Dakota Mercredi, Shawn Roppelt, Craig Dodds and Cam Bush. Shots 40-42, PP 1-2 and PK 2-3. We need to earn more time on the power play by continuing to skate through all the checking. The game was probably exciting to watch but frustrating to coach, as we got away from making Royal plays by over handled pucks. Let's get after it tonight. Our write in Royalamaniac was Daryl Bunnell. (8).

Game two was the same result 1-0 win, in a different type of game than game one. Josh Dufresne scored the game winner from Kevin Elkow and Craig Dodds. Shots 43-26, PP 1-3 PK 3-3. It was very fast paced and hard hitting without any goofy stuff. We really stayed focused and played hard nosed Royals Hockey for 60. The Royalamaniacs continue to show up, as shown by our first confirmed one in Panama. Our write in Royalamaniac was Matt Haluschak. (8).

Game one had a good result, a 9-3 win out in the Fort. Dan Skubleny started the scoring with Rob Ogle, Tyler Russell, Glenn Patry, Dave Fedechko (2), Craig Dodds (2) and Josh Dufresne the rest. Passing the pucks were Glenn Patry, Dave Fedechko, Dakota Mercredi (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Craig Dodds, Daniel Martin (2) and Andrew Alyward. Shots 50-22, PP 4-10 and PK 5-6. The game was a lot closer than the score looks and that is why we play Royals hockey for 60 minutes. We were able to take our skating game to another level and score two different times in the last 9 seconds of a period, that and staying focused helped. I have been passing along all the support from the Royalamaniacs, it is always great to hear from them. Our write in Royalamaniac was Adam Yurkowski. (9).

REMEMBER Monday's practice Feb. 14th is 8:00 at Confederation

A favorite Royalamaniac passed on this week 'Russ Barnes'. Just a week shy of his 93rd birthday. Always quick with a joke and a lucky 50/50 winner he was a great friend to all of us.

Teams committed - Stubble Busters, Air Force 1, The Chopters, The Blue Quill Bruisers, Ginyu Force, Uncle Bryan, Peyton Man Things, The Bank Shot Boys, D-Train and the CaBush, Pretty Boy Swag, more to come as they pay their entry fee. AIR FORCE 1 (DAKOTA and AARON) ARE THE CHAMPIONS. The night was a huge success and even a Coach Russ sighting. You couldn't have asked for much more from the team as not one of them didn't make it, well maybe they could have cleaned up the hair in the back yard.

Sorry for the late update, that work thing is crazy some days, come on lottery. I would like to say we finished the regular season with a hard fought 5-7 loss to the Mustangs, but the only thing that would be true would be the losing part. Playing some uninspired and emotionless hockey would paint a better picture. Tyler Russell (2), Josh Dufresne (2) and Brett Hamilton scored our goals. Assists to Dan Skubleny, Aaron Barclay, Kevin Elkow, Daniel Martin, Rob Ogle, Troy Kneller and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 55-37, PP 0-7 PK 2-4. I know the stats kind of say one thing but don't believe them, us playing shinny instead of Royals Hockey is very disappointing. The playoffs should start next Friday the 18th but we won't know till mid week. A good cleansing tonight at the Air Hockey Championship will be great.

A strong 60 minute effort was rewarded with a 6-3 win over the Hawks. Craig Dodds started our scoring (then lost some chicklets while sitting on the bench), Kevin Elkow (2), Jacob (I didn't wait for the last game to do it) Kalinowski - with his first as a Royal, Josh Dufresne and Dan Skubleny. Assisting the goals were David Simpson, Brett Hamilton, Troy Kneller, Jordan Tyler (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Daniel Martin, Rob Ogle and Kevin Elkow. Shots 41-24, PP 0-2 and PK 4-5. With the win we clinched a first round bye in the playoffs and booked in an Air Hockey Championship for Friday. The game had it's ups and downs but we kept grinding it out until we started to light up the scoreboard. Side Show Bob is now retired and not looking to work so don't be offering him a job.

Wow did we ever read our press clippings before sneaking out of the Grove with a 6-5 victory. Our goal scorers were Rob Ogle, Kevin Elkow (2), Dave Fedechko (2) and Dan Skubleny. Assists to Sean Ritchie (4), Dave Fedechko, Dakota Mercredi, Josh Dufresne (2), Glenn Patry, Rob Ogle and Daniel Martin. Shots 23-24, PP 2-10 PK 8-10. We finished the first two periods with a late goal and boy did we ever need those, cause it wasn't pretty before that. Then came out in the third and got the puck deep, cycled and scored. If you can believe it we stopped at the Cossack Inn for a couple of pickled eggs, and they didn't have any. It's a good thing we got the 2 points.

Maybe it was the skate with the Bantam Chiefs or maybe it was just time. Whatever it was lets find it again for the next 3 months, as we skated to a strong 5-3 win out in the Fort. Dan Skubleny (2), Sean Ritchie (2) and Daniel Martin into the empty net were our goal scorers. The assists went to Dakota (how did that shadow work out) Mercredi (3), Tyler Russell, Jordan Tyler and Sean Ritchie. Shots 62-24, PP 2-5 and PK 4-4. We will learn to shoot pucks in the air, maybe an old lifters coach will make it out to a practice. That was fun to watch and it was another step towards our goals. Maybe a big step.

The Good Ship Royal came out on top with a 4-2 victory over the Icemen. All 4 of our goals came on the power play with Tyler Russell getting the first 2, Cam Bush and Sean Ritchie the others. Dakota Mercredi led the way with 4 assists, Cam Bush (2), Glenn Patry and Sean Ritchie also making successful passes. Shots 42-43, PP 4-8 and PK 8-9. The game was kind of sleepy but we found a way to put some pucks home where they belong. Lets hope they got their bus unstuck and made it home last night.

Our Cutman has been at it again. This time helping out a Royalamaniac with his girl friend and her dog issues.

Wow a full lineup and a strong win 5-2 over the Warriors. Troy Kneller started our scoring (after we gave up the 1st 2 goals of the game for the 2nd straight game) with Glenn (1 second to go in the second period) Patry, Craig Dodds, Dan Skubleny and Rob Ogle the rest. Passing the puck - Craig Dodds, Brett Hamilton, Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Shawn Roppelt, Glenn Patry, Daniel Martin and Sean Ritchie. Shots 25-31, PP 2-9 and PK 6-6. Everyone played a role and it all got started with some big hits to start the game by 'hey 24 you are dead'. The bumps kept coming for 60 and that paid off with 3 goals in the 3rd period. Now that our game is warming up lets hope the weather does the same.

It was a dark and stormy night that was colder than .... but we managed to sneak out a 4-3 victory over the Flyers. Scoring our goals were Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie and Kevin Elkow (2) - the game winner with 3 minutes to go. Assisting the goals were Kevin Elkow, Sean Ritchie (2), Jacob Spinks, Dakota Mercredi, Jordan Tyler and Josh Dufresne. Shots 40-25, PP 2-12 and PK 5-5. Yes we did have a goal waved off on a pretty breakaway by none other than The Possum's cousin. The game marked the return to the scene of the breaking of ankle. It was good to see that the other guys remembered with a 2 handed slash to make sure it was ok. That might not make much sense but it does to me. The Old Bar was open and the old Royals were all no shows, it's good to see that we may be growing up.

That was more like Royals Hockey 4-1 over the Jets. Dakota Mercredi (2), Tyler Russell and Josh Dufresne scored. With assists to Tyler Russell, Glenn Patry (3), Cam Bush, Daniel Martin and Kevin Elkow. Shots 26-23, PP 1-7 and PK 6-6. We skated the way we can and improved our game away from the puck. Those are the steps that we need to continue to take. The cold weather must be agreeing with us because that was the best game we have played in a long time.

We played a little better than the score 2-4 in losing to the Bruins. Aaron Barclay and Dan Skubleny scored our goals with help from Josh Dufresne, Troy Kneller, Dakota Mercredi and Andrew Alyward. Shots 39-30, PP 1-7 and PK 5-6. A little short, a little sick, but the injured guys started to play like they can and Glenn got in his first action of the season. I don't think we have ever had 3 guys suspended at the same time, so more ice for others.

Our Cutman is at it again! This time helping out the unemployable, with some timely advice.


We haven't played a game like that for a long time (all the extra stuff) but beating the Merchants is always good 13-5, it's to bad Terry and Claus weren't there. Lets just say there were a lot of goals and assists with Tyler Russell scoring 4 and a bunch of guys with 3 assists. Shots 60-30, PP 4-8 and PK 3-4. That first game after the break is always different, so we were very happy our effort and results. We brought a whole lot of Royals Hockey to the ice and they didn't like it.

I have not received any game sheets so our up dates must be brief, unless you want to hear about the weather in Hawaii. We lose 1-2 to the Chiefs. See you all in the New Year and lets get back to playing Royals Hockey. Oh ya it is raining here.

Royals lose 2-6 to the Knight. There was not much of a description, from those who were there, other than to say 'rats and friggin ...'. I will up date more when I get the game sheet.

THIS YEARS "KALI'S - ALUMNI - GAME" will be played Monday December 20 8:45 @ Tipton. Get ahold of Matt 780-953-6178 or me to register.

Royals win on the scoreboard 3-2 over the Riggers. Aaron Barclay started the scoring with Kevin Elkow and Dakota Mercredi ending it. Assisting the goals Brett Hamilton (2), Brad Dufresne, Tyler Russell, Josh Dufresne and Dan (I can't believe you didn't get a point for setting up our first goal) Skubleny. Shots 29-32, PP 1-6 and PK 5-5. We did just enough, when we had to, we kept them to the outside and we drove to the net. The result was the 2 points we wanted. All I can say is, that school must have gotten a lot harder. Or we are not being committed enough to studying when we should be. Then taking the proper breaks from it when we need it.

We won a period, tied a period and lost a period and the game 4-7. Shawn Roppelt, Craig Dads, Brad Dufresne and Kevin Elkow scored our goals. Tyler Russell, Josh Dufresne, Dave Fedechko, Dan Skubleny, Craig Dodds and Brett (welcome back) Hamilton assisted our goals. Shots 26-44, PP 0-2 and PK 5-6. The heart will not take you will not take you where your mind will not go. We need to get our minds back to taking care of the details.

To all you that have questions about the Royals Christmas party - check in on 'Ask The Cutman'. He is such a wealth of information.


We played more focussed and tool care of more details and this resulted in a 4-1 win over the Bruins. We finished the first period off with two late goals from Craig Dodds and Josh Dufresne then got two beauties in the second from Rob Ogle and Tyler Russell. Assists went to Dakota Mercredi, Jacob Kalinowski, Tyler Russell, Sean Ritchie, Aaron Barclay, Josh Dufresne, Kevin Elkow and Cam Bush. Shots 43-32, PP 1-8 and PK 7-7. We really got stronger as the game went on as shown on the shot clock 19-1 in the third period. I guess that means we should have scored a goal or five in the period. Just 5 more sleeps till the Royals Christmas party, I hope you have done your shopping.

We went hard just not smart enough and focused = 1-3 loss in Beaumont. Tyler Russell scored our only goal from Dakota Mercredi and Josh Dufresne. Shots 29-39, PP 0-6 and PK 5-7. It might have been a frustrating game to watch from the stands but we allowed that frustration and a little selfishness to make it to our bench and that is unacceptable. Luckily today is a fresh day and we will continue to get better.

Look at this, a win and a fast update, 7-4 over the Knights. George McCorry would have been proud of this one (under 2 hours and no penalties for either team for the first period, us for 2). A very short bench and 7 different goal scorers, I like team efforts. Dakota Mercredi started things off with Jordan Tyler, Sean Ritchie, Craig Dodds, Josh Dufresne, Kevin Elkow and Tyler Russell. Assists to Josh Dufresne (3), Sean Ritchie (2), Shane (I would get more points if I came to practice) Labelle, Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi (2), Kevin Elkow, Jordan Tyler, Shawn Roppelt, Craig Dodds and Rob Ogle. Shots 44-35, PP 1-4 and PK 3-3. The heart was there all night and the legs came after 3 hits by the same guy part way through the 1st. We never looked back and just kept skating till the clock hit 60 and we marked up the top line.

A long weekend in Millet (A Final champions), kept me away from the computer and let me cool off a bit. 6-7 loss in OT to Leduc. Our goals came from Dakota Mercredi (2), Kevin Elkow, Brad Dufresne, Jordan Tyler and Tyler Russell. Assist went to Tyler Russell, Cam Bush (2), Troy Kneller, Shawn Roppelt (2), Jarvis Nederlof, Josh Dufresne and Sean Ritchie. Shots 41-37, PP 1-6 and PK 4-5. HEART zero! The only bright spot was that we scored 2 short handed goals (for the first time in a long time). Lets get better and maybe dressed on time.

This just in 'The Royals Are Back' and skated to a 6-2 victory over the Knights. Josh Dufresne with 2 got us going (again), then Jordan Tyler, Brad Dufresne, Dan Skubleny and Aaron Barclay. Assisting the goals were Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell (2), Shawn Roppelt (2), Jarvis Nederlof, Josh Dufresne, Aaron Barclay, Craig Dodds, Sean Ritchie and Cam Bush. Shots 23-30, PP 0-1 (but we did score 2 seconds after)and PK 4-4. The heart and effort we brought to the game on Wednesday was at Confederation on Sunday and that is what Royals Hockey is all about. This was another typical Royals Knights game and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, we just got the better this time.

Just for you history buffs, take a look at the new Cutman Corner. Is that guy really still around?

Royals win 3-2. We skated smart out in the cold weather in the county and earned the victory. Josh Dufresne (2) and Shawn Roppelt scored with assists to Kevin Elkow, Sean Ritchie and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 32-39, PP 1-9 and PK 5-5. With school and sickness ripping through the team we did what we needed to do by taking care of the top line. Playing Hard and Smart is what we need to do every time we get together. We have that chance again tonight.

Lets get this ship righted, 6-8 to the Hawks. Josh Dufresne got us started with Dave Fedechko, Shawn Roppelt, Brad Dufresne, Andrew Alyward {all with their 1st of the season Brad and Andy getting theirs 1st ever Royals goals} and Troy Kneller with the last. Assists to Dakota Mercredi (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Jarvis Nederlof, Aaron Barclay (2), Dan Skubleny (2), Josh Dufresne (2), and Kevin Elkow. Shots 32-35, PP 1-4 PK 3-8.

A new Cutman Corner has been posted. Where that guy gets his information, we will never know. But he must, still, have his fingers on every pulse in the nation.

Well power play goals by us had nothing to do with the lack of mental toughness that it takes to win and win we did not 4-12. Yes that's right not a misprint, wait till I put up the special teams numbers. Dakota Mercredi with his 1st hattrick as a Royal and Josh Dufresne scored with assists going to Sean Ritchie, Josh Dufresne (3), Craig Dodds, Andrew Alyward, Dan Skubleny and Kevin Elkow. Shots 31-50, PP 3-9 and PK 5-13, yes we gave up 8 power play goals. Disappointing to say the least and if you can't say something positive then.....

When we don't score on the power play bad things happen, 1-2 out in Beaumont. Craig Dodds scored from Sean Ritchie and Rob Ogle. Shots 28-34, PP 0-7 and PK 6-6. We played hard and created but our hands let us down, that and about 4 posts and crossbars. Finally we got back to playing for 60, now we need to reward the top line, every game, with the win.

After our Halloween legs wore off and we threw some hits our game came back and with it a win 5-4 over the Bruins. Daniel Skubleny got our scoring going with a late power play goal, then Sean Ritchie, Troy Kneller, Tyler Russell and Dakota Mercredi. Assists to Kevin Elkow (3), Sean Ritchie, Dave Fedechko, Craig Dodds, Dakota Mercredi, Jacob Kalinowski, Tyler Russell and Cam Bush. Shots 34-36, PP 3-11 and PK 8-11. There were some scary customers up in the stands and even a few people dressed up for Halloween. Then we got to go home happy.

I have always felt it best to say nothing after an uninspired effort leaves you on the short end 3-5. Troy Kneller, Jordan Tyler and Daniel Martin scored from Kevin Elkow, Ben Snider, Jordan Tyler and Jacob Spinks. Shots 30-38, PP 0-5 and PK 2-3. Be positive and play with PASSION.

On a night where the score looks not bad, 2-3 loss to the Warriors, the game wasn't very good. Josh Dufresne and Daniel Martin scored our goals with help from Jordan Tyler and Josh Dufresne. PP 0-8, PK 2-2 shots 34-42. We need to take advantage of the big ice and you can't do that by watching. Even with that being said, if we shoot pucks into open nets we win and are talking about not playing our best but finding a way to win. The good news is that we get to play again tonight and there is no bad news.

We get the win (Thanks Mitch) 7-2 over the Icemen. We created and scored with the guys getting credit for the goals Dakota Mercredi (3), Sean Ritchie, Troy Kneller, Kevin Elkow and Craig Dodds. Making the pretty plays to set up the goals Cam Bush (2), Shawn Roppelt, Rob Ogle, Josh Dufresne (4), Daniel Martin, Sean Ritchie (2), Tyler Russell (2) and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 34-31, PP 4-11 and PK 8-9. We were able to keep our focus on hockey and not worry about the other stuff. When that happens and we forecheck, the scoreboard takes care of its self. It is the worst day of the year for me as the days of wearing shorts has come to an end, for this year. Or at least till we leave the country at Christmas.

The level of intensity we bring to 60 minutes of hockey is directly related to the score 5-4 final in Leduc. Tyler Russell (2) and a hattrick by Josh Dufresne completed our scoring. Assists to Shawn Roppelt, Dakota Mercredi (3), Kevin Elkow, Sean Ritchie (2), Dan Skubleny and Josh Dufresne. Shots 39-34, PP 4-7 and PK 4-6. The topline was taken care of and we found a way to keep the lead but we need to play harder for every second.

There were a lot of old Royals at the game and many more Royalamaniacs took in our 7-0 win over the new team in the league. Tyler Russell got his 1st hattrick of the season with Kevin Elkow, Dakota Mercredi and Josh Dufresne scoring the rest. Assisting our goals were Cam (welcome back) Bush (2), Jordan Tyler, Troy Kneller, Jacob Kalinowski (2), Josh Dufresne (2), Dakota Mercredi (4), Sean Ritchie and Shane Labelle. Shots 27-17, PP 3-8 and PK 3-3. No Royal was more excited for the game than our Cutman, with all the old faces at the game who could blame him. We were able to play our game, get healthier, get some new guys into the lineup, get better, get faster and most importantly WIN.

We made the long trip out to Morinville a good one with a 7-2 win. Jordan Tyler got us started with his 1st of 2 goals then Tyler Russell (2), Kevin Elkow (2) and Troy Kneller scored the last. Setting up the goals Craig Dodds, Dakota Mercredi (2), Josh Dufresne (2), Sean Ritchie, Shawn Roppelt, Jordan Tyler (2), Troy Kneller (2) and Kevin Elkow. Shots 48-43, PP 2-5 and PK 8-8. We stayed focused on the top line at let the goofy stuff happen. The Royalamaniacs were out in half force with wobbly legs but very loud with big smiles on their faces. Winning is good as some guys like to say.

We played hard and came out on top 8-0. Rob Ogle started the scoring with his 1st as a Royal with a dangling effort worthy of a man half his size, Josh Dufresne (2), Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi (2) and Jordan (his 1st in 2 seasons). Assists to Sean Ritchie (3), Jacob (1st point) Spinks, Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi (2), Josh Dufresne (3), Rob Ogle (2), Kevin Elkow (2) and Craig Dodds. Shots 63-12, PP 4-10 and PK 1-1. He did not have a lot of saves to make but Ernie stopped them all for his 1st complete game shutout. We still are not healthy but we got closer last night and it showed.

There are a lot more happy people out in the world. They all owe it to our Cutman and his wisdom in his own advise column.

It was a hard fought loss out in the Park 5-6. Our goal scorers were Sean Ritchie, Tyler Russell (2), Craig Dodds and Dave Fedechko. Assists to Josh Dufresne (2), Dakota Mercredi (2), Dave Fedechko, Sean Ritchie, Aaron Barclay and Craig Dodds. Shots 36-44, PP 1-3 and PK 2-4. We will be healthy soon and look out!

Another trip to the north side and another happy trip home with 4-3 win tucked under our belts. The north side Royalamaniacs were mostly a no show but with electronic help became very happy after a text or two. For the 2nd game in a row Craig Dodds scored our 1st goal with Tyler Russell (2) and Dakota Mercredi the others. They were assisted by Sean Ritchie, Josh Dufresne and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 33-50 PP 1-5 and PK 3-4. Some old time Royalamaniacs couldn't believe their eyes when the first period ended with no penalty calls to either team. We were down a few players, which made the game on the big ice harder than it should be, for a team with our speed. But we dug deep and skated enough to get the win. That and Simmer was very good, again.

There is a new Ask the Cutman published.

The speed is back and with it a 7-1 victory. Watching the fights on Friday night made us faster not crazier. Craig Dodds got the first, followed by Dakota Mercredi, Josh Dufresne (2), Aaron Barclay (his 1st as a Royal), Dave Fedechko and Tyler Russell. Setting them up Josh Dufresne (3), Dakota Mercredi (2), Tyler Russell, Kevin Elkow (2), Brad Dufresne, Dave Fedechko, Daniel Martin and Sean Ritchie. Shots 34-42, PP 1-5 and PK 6-6. Our own end wasn't to pretty but the guy in net took care of us. We really played as a team and it showed in our finish around the net and what can you say about the forecheck.

Royals win 4-3 over the Riggers. Scoring our goals were Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi and Kevin Elkow getting the winner with 1:15 on the clock. Assisting the goals Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell, Daniel Martin and Jordan Tyler. Shots 44-38, PP 1-6 and PK 5-6. We will keep on working towards playing consistent Royals Hockey for 60 minutes every night. Oh ya and we are going to start to shoot the puck quicker.

In a very Royal like fashion we skated to a 6-2 victory out in the Fort. Taking away time and space is what Royals Hockey is all about and this years team played that way tonight. Dakota Mercredi started our scoring with Craig Dodds (2), Sean Ritchie, Daniel Martin and Josh Dufresne scoring the rest. The assists went to Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell, Rob Ogle, Dakota Mercredi (2), Aaron Barclay, Jarvis Nederlof and Brad Dufresne. Shots 39-26, PP 1-4 and PK 5-7. We played hard and were very hard to play against. The north side Royalamaniacs did not make the trip but we got the job done for everyone who was not there.

We were a sick team that gave what we could and came up short 4-6. The calls of not being healthy enough to play just wouldn't stop coming but you play through it and get better because of it. Josh Dufresne (2), Tyler Russell and Dave Fedechko scored our goals with assists going to, Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow, Daniel Martin, Sean Ritchie (2) and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 27-37, PP 2-12 and PK 6-6. Rewarding yourself on the scoreboard, when you create the chances that we have, is important. We improved our start, and now we need a more consistent lineup. Somebody asked me where all the coaches were.....

We started the season off on the correct foot with a 6-4 win out in Wetaskiwin. Kevin Elkow changed numbers and scored a hattrick, Craig Dodds, Dave Fedechko and Josh Dufresne got the others. The set up guys were Tyler Russell, Jacob Kalinowski (3), Dakota Mercredi (2), Shawn Roppelt (2) and Josh Dufresne. Shots 45-30, PP 4-10 and PK 5-6. We found our game legs with about 5 minutes to go in the 2nd period and never looked back. Spinksy changed his number and got his 1st start and win as a Royal. It is always good to win and learn that 60 minutes is an important number. You can't play a good 60 minute game if you aren't ready at the drop of the puck in the 1st.

Next up games that count for point. We lost 3-5 last night is a game that wasn't as good as Sunday's. We were down a few players and they looked younger, but that's the way it's suppose to be before the games start counting for points. We will have a couple of good skates then start for real on Friday. Great timing!

Here is a late update on the weekend action. Friday was an interesting game, we just kept stepping on our own skates and falling every time it looked like we were going to go forward. 4-6 to a veteran Red Wing club. Lots of penalties and hits, no dumb stuff. Saturday was a different story as we carried the play for the first 40 minutes and the last 10. We were a little older than Friday and they were a little younger. Not as physical but just as fast on our part, 4-1. Sunday was a typical Royals vs Knights game, fast, hard and very competitive. 1-2 in overtime. We have to score on our chances and continue to move the puck fast. Those things will take care of themselves with trust in your teammates and soft hands, just like you would if you had a set of big _________in your hands. We must play with emotion and excitement to get to where we are going to go to. G.F.E.

1st game and 1st win 5-3 over Stony Plain. Some new guys scored and some old guys scored. Our tempo improved as the game went on and we got faster when we got smarter. It was another step forward which was almost as important as the win.

Day 3 and we got smarter. Lets get things started right on Monday night in Stony Plain. Our lineup is Ritchie, Jarvis, Tony, Brad D, Dodds, JT, Russell, Quinn, Aaron B, Ryan P, Tyler C, Skuby, Roppelt, Aaron R, Labelle, Jace, Jacob, Ogle, Ernie, Owen. If you can't make it call me so we can adjust. Everybody else go to Bill Hunter and call some friends.

Day 2 and we got faster. The ice wasn't great for puck movement but we made it work. An old name but a new face showed up so we have some northern representation, to go along with the southern guys.

Day 1 was great. Some New Guys showed that they can play, some Old Guys showed they hadn't done anything all summer. Over all we were fast and smart, that's a good combination to have in a team.

Today is the day we have been waiting for since March 14th. Let's get going. I hope you did some pushups.





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