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Mon. April 2nd 8:15 @ Confed
Tues. April 3rd 9:30 @ Confed
Thurs. April 5th 4:15 @ Piper Arena vs Blackfalds W 4-2
Fri. April 6th 10:00 @ Murray Arena vs Calgary W 4-1
Sat. April 7th 9:30 @ Piper Arena vs Cold Lake W 6-3
Sat. April 7th - Semi Finals 8:00 Murray Arena vs Okotoks L 2-5
Sun. April 8th - 10:30 @ Murray vs Calgary Royals Blue - 2012 Alberta Provincial Bronze Medal WINNERS 5-4

Welcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Pictures/dogs/road hockey/beverages Friday May 11 time 6:00-8:00

Royals wind up shinny Thursday April 26 9:00 Kenilworth Arena. Come One Come All.

Congratulations go out to our own DAKOTA MERCREDI (he didn't earn a player of the game award at Provincials) but he did earn the CJHL's - MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award, LEADING SCORER IN THE LEAGUE award and selected the 1st ALL-STAR TEAM!! Great job.

We played like we didn't get much sleep but we played just hard enough to earn the Bronze Medal with a 5-4 win over the Calgary Royals Blue. We gave up a couple of 3rd period goals to make it close but the game was mostly an uninspired effort. Tyler Russell started us off on the power play, then Matt Koebel, Rob Ogle, Brad Dufresne and Tyler Mckitrick. Assists to Sean Ritchie, Dakota Mercredi (2), Troy Kneller, Kevin Elkow, Marc Devaney, Tyler Mckitrick, Josh Dufresne, Connor McCreadie and Brad Dufresne. Shots 44-52, PP 2-4 and PK 3-4. The shots indicate that there wasn't a lot of defense being played, and that would be correct. By now all of our Royals should be home and I hope remembering a great season. We had great leadership from JD, Sean, Kevin and JT. Our season had a little bit of everything, lots of wins, some average games, some tremendous goals and playing the game the right way. But most importantly we had a group of young men that grew together to form a bond of friendship. That helped us become a team that found a way to win games. We accomplished this in a way that many couldn't believe we did. We believed in each other and bought into a lot of individual roles, this allowed our team to become one. It's hard to play the game the Royal Way, day in and day out, and it's even more difficult in the playoffs. We taped and sucked it up as much, if not more, than any other group of Royals. As coaches we enjoyed the challenge of the team and the joy they brought us, through both wins and losses. Thanks to all the Royalamainiacs for their support and help throughout the season, you all know who you are, and a big shout out to you. We will have a wind up skate when exams are over then a picture party in the back yard. After that see you in August, I have a few shinny skates booked, and camp will start August 27th. Have a great summer and do a little recruiting for us. Thanks for the memories!!

We lost 2-5 - off for a few pops. We didn't play our best game in our 2-5 loss to the Okotoks Bisons in the Semi Finals. Kevin Elkow and Rob Ogle scored our goals from Troy Kneller (2). Shots 34-40, PP 1-4 and PK 3-3. We played hard and just need to make some smarter, quicker plays in the offensive zone. That and shooting the pucks. The battle was up hill most of the game, just as it looked good we hiccupped and took a step backwards. Our write in Royalamainiac was Chris Belcourt. (There's a name that we haven't heard for a while).

Skating fast and hard is great to watch and bad to play against, we were fast and earned a 6-3 win over the Cold Lake Ice. Dakota Mercredi scored 5 (yup that's right) goals with Josh Dufresne getting the opening goal of the game. Assist went to Sean Ritchie (4), Kevin Elkow (2), Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell (2) and Cam Bush (2). Shots 38-46, PP 4-9 and PK 8-10. We stayed focussed on the top line when they game got a little silly and just kept skating. That was the key. Playing for the Skates gets things done. REPO. (You got to ask Coach Russ). Our write in Royalamainiac was Daryl Bunnell.

A quick up date from the rink Royals win 4-1 over the Calgary Royals Blue in game 2. We scored 2 on the power play and Dakota scored 3 with JD the other. We started a little slow and got a wakeup call and skated to the win. Our PK was solid, and needed to be. Our write in Royalamainiac was Blair Zahara. A better write up and stats up date to come later today. As I said Dakota Mercredi with the hattrick and Josh Dufresne scored from Kevin Elkow (2) and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 22-36 (more to do with their power plays than the flow of the play), PP 2-5 and PK 10-11.

Good news for all you Royalamainiacs, who couldn't make the trip, as we skated to a 4-2 Win over the Blackfalds Wranglers. The game sheet isn't very clear so the stats will have to wait. But we scored 2 power play goals and skated hard all game. We got great efforts from the team. Our write in Royalamainiac was Bryan Lewis. Sweet Lou would have been proud of the game. We have a little time so here it goes. Josh Dufresne started the scoring on the power play, then Troy Kneller, Cam Bush and Brad Dufresne. Assists to Troy Kneller (2), Matt Koebel, Tyler Mckitrick, Brad Dufresne, Sean Ritchie and Marc Devaney. Shots 29-32, PP 2-4 and PK 1-4.

See you in the morning. Bus starts loading 7:30 and we must be on our way before 8:00. Confederation parking lot south end. There will be extra Royal Hats and Hoodies at the Tournament!

There is more information at Okotoks Bisons This is the shortcut to the broadcast of the games at the Provincials. Ustream.tvThe archives of the games will be here

We earned our way to the Provincial Championships last week, but we let down the Royalamainiacs tonight, with a 2-6 loss in game 5 against the Regals. Matt Koebel and Tyler Russell scored our goals with assists going to Troy Kneller, Kevin Elkow, Connor McCreadie and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 30-39, PP 0-6 and PK 4-4. We had a 3 minute hiccup again and that hurt us more than we could recover from. I will put up a bunch of information about this coming week tomorrow, probably later than earlier Monday. We like the way we play when we play Royals Hockey, but some times we lose focus, this is correctable. We look forward to our first trip to Okotoks. Our write in Royalamainiac was John (the reason I'm coaching hockey) Anderson. (1).

We played a strong game for 35 minutes not 60 and lost 3-7 out in the Grove. Troy Kneller got us going again then Tyler Russell and Rob Ogle scored the others. Assists going to Matt Koebel, Sean Ritchie and Marc Devaney. Shots 27-37, PP 0-3 and PK 2-3. Relaxing and playing Royals Hockey is the only way to play the game. Confidence is how we want to play the game. The New Zealand Royalamainiacs are keeping in touch and coming home soon, they want to see a trophy. Our write in Royalamainiac was Ryan Miller. (1).

Overtime victories are sweet, double OT wins are even sweeter, 4-3 for the good guys. Troy Kneller forechecked a goal at the 77 minute mark for the win it was his second goal of the game with Dakota Mercredi getting the other 2. There were no assists on the game winner?? but Sean Ritchie, Cam Bush, Josh Dufresne and Tyler Russell assisted the others (with a special one going to 35 on Tony's shorthanded goal). Shots 54-46, PP 2-7 and PK 6-6. The Australian Royalamainiacs were disappointed with the last games result but they sent their support and we gave them the result we were all looking for tonight. We made a few lineup changes, for a bunch of different reasons, good for the guys who took advantage of their opportunity. Forechecking Rules. Our write in Royalamainiac was Jeff Lesik. (1).

Much to dismay of all the out of town Royalamainiacs, who made some long drives (Cold Lake, St. Albert and the North Side{has he seen us win this season} just to name a few) we stunk the joint out in 1-8 game 2 loss. Josh Dufresne scored our goal from Tyler Russell and Sean Ritchie. Shots 29-39, PP 0-2 and PK 4-6. We only earned 2 power plays in the game might say a lot about how hard we drove to the net and skated in general. The wake up call just slapped us. We gave all the guys scouting us something to look at didn't we. Our write in Royalamainiac was Matt Buskas. (2).

Our final series, against the Regals, started as planned with a 3-2 victory. Andy (why didn't anybody tell me I have been spelling his name wrong) Aylward - started our scoring with his sweet first goal of the season on a one timer from the point, with 7 seconds to go in the first period. Kevin Bain also got his first goal of his Royals career on an end to end rush that finished with a backhand shelf goal into an empty net - either that or it went in off his chest, then Josh Dufresne got the game winner on the power play. Assists to Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell and Rob Ogle. Shots 34-42, PP 1-3 and PK 3-3. This was certainly not our best game of the playoffs but we came through when it counted. Ya I'm talking about the power play. Our write in Royalamainiac was Joe (chocolate thunder) Sangha. (2).

Our CUTMAN has been at it again, helping out the world, by answering their questions.

We have made another Hoodie order, that will be here in time for provincials. All we need is sizing and 80.00. Let us know ASAP as it will be your only chance to get one. We will be staying at the Heritage Inn Hotel in High River 403-652-3834.

All Royalamainiacs in the Cold Lake, Killam, Whitecourt, Red Deer, Calgary and Okotoks areas need to get to a hockey game and give us a report! Let me know that you are doing it, these teams play games soon.

ROYALS WIN 4-2 to take the series 4 games to 2. We have now qualified for the 2012 Provincial Championships in Okotoks April 5-8, more details will come. We are not done yet, because 'as the boys say 'we haven't won anything' YET! Tyler Russell got us going with a short handed goal, then Josh Dufresne, Lyndon Maldaner and Troy Kneller (on a goal that reminded lots of us old guys, of Messier and Anderson). Assists to Rob Ogle, Cam Bush, Dakota Mercredi and Kevin Elkow. Shots 31-40, PP 1-6 and PK 8-9. The game was hard and fast with the good guys being smart (almost), and proved shooting is important. Showing up and adjusting is why we are continuing to play. Our write in Royalamainiac was Dan 'The Goalie' Pennock. (3).

The Royals skate to a 6-3 win. Pressure is a good thing and when you use it to play hard and stay focussed the scoreboard works out. Brad Dufresne got us going on a great forecheck goal, then Tyler Russell, Troy Kneller, Dakota (this might have beaten out D Train for the goal of the year, oh ya and it was shorthanded and directly after we had a goal waved off) Mercredi, Josh Dufresne and Matt Koebel. Our set up guys were Brett Hamilton, Ryan D'Amore(his first Royal point), Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell, Sean Ritchie (2) and Kevin Elkow. Shots 35-33, PP 1-4 and 1-1. We skated through slashes and bloody noses to score and prevent goals. Royals Hockey is fun to play and crappy to play against. Our write in Royalamainiac was Jordan Dezman. (4).

Winning is good for the heart and playing with heart and character is what we did in our 6-4 win. Tyler Russell scored our 1st and last goals with Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie, Brett Hamilton (on a breakaway) and Lyndon Maldaner the game winner on another breakaway. Assists went to Dakota Mercredi (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Cam Bush (2), Rob Ogle, Jacob Kalinowski (2) and Troy Kneller. Shots 43-36,PP 1-6 and PK 4-5. We need to play our in your face, QUICK, hard checking with stops and starts everywhere game. That is what we saw on the ice and it was great to see. Our write in Royalamainiac was David Simpson. (5).

We lost a tough one out there 2-4. Tyler Russell and Cam Bush scored our goals from Josh Dufresne, Andy Alyward, Sean Ritchie and Kevin Elkow. Shots 30-48, PP 1-6 and PK 2-2. I'm not sure that the shots indicated the play but they played Royals Hockey a little better than we did. That will change. We might need to buy a little more duct tape. Our write in Royalamainiac was Matt Kemp. (6)

It wasn't the 60 minute effort that we were looking for but the 40 that we did play was just enough to skate to a 5-2 win. Dakota Mercredi got off with a 5 point night a goal and 4 assists. The other goals were scored by Lyndon Maldaner (2), Tyler Lega and Josh Dufresne into an empty net. Assists to Tyler Russell (2), Lyndon Maldaner, Sean Ritchie, Josh Dufresne and Joel Campbell. Shots 33-35, PP 1-4 and PK 5-5. Once we started getting pucks DEEP our game took over, speed kills and we like it. The Royalamainiacs were out in full force again, Cutman is looking great and the post game stories were like he never missed a day. Our write in Royalamainiac was Tyler Thomlison. (6).

Our series opener, against Jets, was very fast paced with only the final score, 1-2 in OT, being bad. Kevin Elkow scored our only goal assisted by Matt Koebel. Shots 29-28, PP 0-5 and PK 2-2. The game winner came off one of our skates, which proves that good things happen when you put pucks on net. Our write in Royalamainiac was Mitch Thompson. (7).

We won the series 4-3 in overtime on a Josh Dufresne shorthanded goal, 3 games to 1. Connor McCreadie got us going in the 1st period then Josh scored his first goal, on the power play to start the 3rd period and Dakota Mercredi got special and scored the third goal. Assisting the goals Tyler Russell (2), Troy Kneller, Josh Dufresne and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 39-42, PP 1-10 and PK 7-7. We played very hard and smart for 59 minutes and 32 seconds, then the sloppy Royals showed up and the bad guys scored 2 goals to tie things up. Our Captain said to the team to relax and keep playing our game to start the overtime period and we did. But we took a penalty and it didn't look good. That is till Our Captain got on the ice and put some pressure on their D on the forecheck and beat their goalie to the far post on the wrap around for the series clinching goal. There was a Kali sighting at the game and Andy Halford (of the Killer Bees). Our write in Royalamainiac was Pat Lennox. (7).

The playoffs are fun, we win 3-1 in game 3 of the series. Josh Dufresne, Cam Bush and Tyler Russell scored our goals. Tyler saved a goal and went to the penalty box, came out of the box and blocked a shot, then followed the puck up the ice and scored. It doesn't get any better than that. Assists went to Cam Bush, Brett Hamilton, Josh Dufresne and Troy Kneller. Shots 30-39, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. The Royalamainiacs keep showing up both at the rink and electronically. It was fun to see Arnie at the game asking if he could get a shift, just because. Our write in Royalamainiac was Matt Haluschak. (8).

There is no place like home, as we skated to a 8-1 win in game 2. Tyler Russell got us going in the last minute of the first period then Josh Dufresne (2), Lyndon Maldaner, Kevin Elkow, Cam Bush and the game sheet says Marc Devaney got 2, I say only 1 but it was a sweet short handed effort, (I have been informed that Kevin Elkow actually scored his 2nd PP goal of the game on that play). Assists went to Dakota Mercredi (3), Marc Devaney, Matt Koebel, Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne and Cam Bush. Shots 44-42, PP 4-6 and PK 8-8. Our ability to get in on the forecheck really paid off and made us a very frustrating team to play against. One of the great things about the playoffs is the Royalamainiacs who make it out to games, that and there was a Coach Russ sighting last night. Our write in Royalamainiac was Craig Dodds. (9).

Our series against the Knights didn't start as planned, 1-5 for the bad guys. Kevin Elkow scored from Troy Kneller. Shots 25-28, PP 0-2 and PK 1-3. We need to play our quick game, in all aspects. Shooting quicker, skating quicker and most importantly showing up quicker. This is Royals Hockey and we need to bring it for 60 minutes. Our write in Royalamainiac was Dave Fedechko. (10).

The trip out to the county was successful as we skated to a 8-6 series clinching victory. Dakota Mercredi got us going on a slick 2 on 1, Sean Ritchie, Kevin Elkow, Rob Ogle, Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell (2) and Josh Dufresne. Assisting the goals (they were given out like the penalties were) Lyndon Maldaner (2), Shawn Roppelt, Dakota Mercredi (2), Troy Kneller, Cam Bush and Josh Dufresne. Shots 29-40,PP 3-9 and PK 10-12. Last games write in Royalamaniac made it out to see the win, the Big Unit looks good and the smile is still there big as ever. Tonight's write in Royalamainiac was Adam Yurkowski (of the Killer Bees fame). (10)

The good old rink says Welcome Back with a 10-4 win in game 1 against the Bruins. We started scoring in the 4th minute with Troy Kneller, Lyndon Maldaner (2), Josh Dufresne (2), Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Lega, Brad Dufresne, Tyler Russell and Cam Bush. Assisting the goals Rob Ogle, Sean Ritchie (3), Tyler Lega, Dakota Mercredi (2), Cam Bush (2), Marc Devaney, Brett Hamilton, Jacob Kalinowski and Joel Campbell. Shots 55-27, PP 4-13 and 5-8. As good as being back in Confederation felt, it got better with an appearance by The Cutman. We even marked the welcome back with our anthem being played. The good wishes from our Royalamainiacs is appreciated and needed, thanks for the help. Our write in Royalamainiac was 'The Big Unit' Nathan Clare. (11)

In a hard fought night of trash talk, egg juice, shotguns, chili dogs(with hot green peppers). The team 'dome ache' Ernie and Skuby were crowned champions of our Pre Playoff Air Hockey Tournament. On a side note guess which Royals coach won a trip for 2 to the Nascar event in Vegas. Yes you read right Playoffs start Wednesday and we are back home in Confederation.

The Royals continued to close the GAP on the ice and were rewarded with a 6-4 win over the Icemen. Josh Dufresne (2) got us started with Rob Ogle sparking the comeback, in the 2nd period, Matt Koebel, then the game winner by Kevin Elkow, with 1:41 to go in the 3rd and Troy Kneller into the empty net. Assists to Matt Koebel, Lyndon Maldaner, Connor McCreadie, Kevin Elkow (2), Shawn Roppelt, Dakota Mercredi, Andy Alyward, Troy Kneller and Rob Ogle. Shots 28-33, PP 1-4 (with a goal 2 seconds after they got out) and PK 4-5. We were a goofy team for 9 minutes to start the 2nd period but turned it on by putting a puck on net that went into the net. Making plays by looking first makes plays successful. Taking away time and space makes the Royal a very hard team to play against.

This just in. 99% chance that we start the Playoffs Wed. Feb. 15th 8:00 @ Confederation. When it turns into 100% I will send out a big text.

Get your team names in for the Air Hockey Championships. Entries only accepted via text. I'll list them as they come in. First in 'Burger Barons', 'ForeCzech', 'Prestige Worldwide', 'dome ache', '2 Guys 1 Puck', 'dump and change', 'hard in the paint', 'Check ya later', 'maldega', 'Rusty blades', 'swisha house'.

The Royals skate to a 5-2 win over the Mustangs. The goals weren't all pretty but they counted, with Brad Dufresne, Troy Kneller (2), Josh Dufresne and Connor McCreadie scoring. Not that many assists were handed out but they went to Kevin Elkow, Cam Bush, Jacob Kalinowski and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 43-29, PP 1-10 and PK 7-8. We scored on a nice Lewis Faceoff play in the 2nd period that had us wondering why there never has been a Vandy or Rupper play. The only average thing about the game was the amount of time we wasted yapping to them. We have to wonder why we would waste that energy, seeing how our yappiest guy was basically held off the scoresheet (I guess they did their job on him).

It was a typical Royals Knights game that was fast, smart, hard hitting and the good guys came out on top 2-1 in the shootout. Josh Dufresne scored in the first period on a Luke faceoff, from Dakota Mercredi. Then there were no goals till 30 seconds to go in the third, when the Knights tied it up. Shots 19-37, PP 0-4 and PK 5-6. After playing 2 games in a row with healthy scratches we were 3 guys short tonight. We dug deep and played very hard and were rewarded with the 2 points. For the second time, against the Knights, they were unable to score any goals on their shootout chances. This time it was Joel Campbell closing the door, with Dakota scoring the only goal we needed. The best thing about the game, other than the 2 points, was how hard we were to play against.

It was another very fine trip to the north side as we skated to a 3-1 win over the Warriors. Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie and Tyler Russell scored, from Josh Dufresne (2), Cam Bush, Andy Alyward and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 17-28 (I'm not sure about that), PP 1-4 and PK 6-6. It was a fast paced game that took under 2 hours to play ( it made me think of George McCorry). We are starting to look like ourselves again, just in time. But I know that we haven't played our best hockey yet.

A very short staffed Flyers team got beat 14-2 out in Stony Plain. We played hard in a game that was hard to play in. Our goal scorers were Josh Dufresne (4), Dakota Mercredi (4), Sean Ritchie, Tyler Russell, Troy Kneller, Matt Koebel, Kevin Elkow and Connor McCreadie. Assists to Matt Kalinowski (2), Cam Bush, Josh Dufresne (2), Tyler Russell (5), Andy Alyward (2), Dakota Mercredi (3), Matt Koebel (2), Kevin Elkow, Connor McCreadie, Rob Ogle, Troy Kneller, Kevin Bain and Shawn (the birthday boy who had 10 shots at goal) Roppelt. Shots 42-21, PP 4-7 and PK 3-3. We played ok and they had no players, no more needs to be said about the game. But it was sure nice to score a bunch of goals.

In a very unRoyal like game (no discipline, and yappy) we lose 3-7 to the Regals. Lyndon Maldaner started our scoring with Kevin (I'm getting new socks) Elkow and Josh Dufresne the others. They were assisted by Sean Ritchie, Matt Koebel, Rob Ogle and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 25-47 PP 0-3 and PK 4-8. When you don't skate and drive to the net you don't earn power plays. But when you do you must score. We need to get all of our individuals back to playing as one unit. We need to have the drummer hit the drum harder and us get it time with the beat (or that's what our dragon boat guy says).

We scored the first 5 goals and the last goal of the game to win 6-5 over the Bruins. That just doesn't look very good on paper. Sean Ritchie got us going on the power play with Matt Koebel, Troy Kneller, Tyler Russell (2) and Josh Dufresne scoring the others. Assists to Lyndon Maldaner, Kevin Elkow, Shawn Roppelt, Andy Alyward, Tyler Mckitrick, Cam Bush, Dakota Mercredi (3), Josh Dufresne and Tyler Russell. Shots 36-45, PP 1-7 PK 7-7. I had to leave early and didn't see any of the bad stuff (up 5-0 after 25 minutes). But what I did see was good old Royals Hockey, fast and hard to play against. Lets leave the rest of the game alone and take care of it at practice. It's tough to hear about the cheap crap that takes place after you score the go ahead goal with 2:22 to go in the game. I guess one team didn't really care about coming back and trying to win. Oh ya the Bears won and get to play again on Saturday.

Sorry for the late update, Minor Hockey Week has kept me busy. We lose to the Hawks 2-5 in an uninspired first 21 minutes (in which we watched one of their guys score 4 goals). Brett Hamilton scored along with Josh Dufresne from Lyndon Maldaner, Sean Ritchie and Josh Dufresne. Shots 38-27, PP 0-6 and PK 7-7. It's hard to believe the types of mistakes we are making, with all the experience on our roster. But we are doing it time and time again. Back to the KISS formula and start teaching again. We have a great group that really practices hard, we have to bring that compete back to our games.

Cutman's corner has been updated, with more questions waiting in for their answers. Nope it was now answered, I hope our out of country Royalamaniacs are now safe and well advised.

The Jets came out on top on the scoreboard 2-6, we lost it in the 3rd and played better than the score indicates. Tyler Lega and Dakota Mercredi scored our goals with assists going to Rob Ogle and Cam Bush. Shots 31-39, PP 1-8 and PK 2-4. I don't know about the shots but the special teams stats give a good indication of why we lost. Old new guy Roppelt and New new guy Koebel looked good and were welcome addictions to the lineup.

We lose 1-4 to the Chiefs. Rob Ogle scored our only goal from Dakota Mercredi. Shots 31-36, PP 0-6 and PK 2-3. We played well for a while then it looked like we had a case of Saturday Night Flu. The power outage on our power play didn't help. It was very good to get back to the rink after all that sun and sand and it will be better to get in a practice.

Last nights, much anticipated, game against the Knights was postponed due to ice problems out in the Park.

A short benched bunch of Royals made out like bandits and won two points 6-5 over the Bruins. A very quiet hattrick was scored by Josh Dufresne, including the game winner, Dakota Mercredi (2) and Connor McCreadie. Assists to Josh Dufresne, Sean Ritchie (3), Andy Alyward, Dakota Mercredi (2), Lyndon Maldaner (2), Kevin Elkow and Jordan Tyler. Shots 37-27, PP 2-7 PK 3-5 ( but 3 big kills when it counted, 2 in the last 5 minutes). I'm off to Hawaii in 9 hours and don't have anything else to say other than 'Mele Kalikimaka' and see you all next year.

A new record was set last night at the Christmas party. Jordan Tyler ate 8 bowls of chili. This is the kind of leadership that we are always looking for. That and I have never seen anyone shotgun a can of Ice Tea.

Kali's game is Thursday December 22 9:00 @ Tipton and it sounds like we need some more players for Kali's side. Let me know if you can make it.

There has been a change in the Rookie game line up. Joel Campbell is now in and Tyler Lega is out.

We lose to the Chiefs 2-5, in what can only be described as a ridiculous display of how not to play the game and in a side note we would like to welcome the jungle to Beaumont. Josh Dufresne and Dan Skubleny scored our goals, from Dakota Mercredi, Cam Bush, Josh Dufresne and Kevin Elkow. Shots 43-33, PP 1-16 (yes that's correct) and PK 8-9. When you play our game against a team who is happy to let their players act and play like that, the only answer is to put the puck in the net. And score lots, we couldn't finish. We will fix that. I hope you have bought your present.

There is nothing like scoring a game winner in overtime, like Josh Dufresne did last night, 6-5 over the Merchants. Unless it is your hattrick goal, oh ya and on your birthday. Our other goal scorers were Troy Kneller and Lyndon Maldaner (2). The assists went to Dakota Mercredi (3), Jacob Kalinowski, Sean Ritchie, Dan Skubleny (2), Josh Dufresne, Kevin Elkow, Rob Ogle and Lyndon Maldaner. Shots 37-38, PP 1-3 and PK 2-3. It wasn't as hard and exciting as the game on Sunday, but the result was way better. The 'Room de Royale' worked out as planned, and Josh helped put a smile on everybody's face.

Only 5 shopping days left before the Christmas party, good luck.

Congratulations to Josh Dufresne, Sean Ritchie, Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell and Jacob Kalinowski for representing the Royals in the CJHL All Star Game on January 7th 4:30 in Morinville. Also to Lyndon Maldaner, Joel Campbell and Connor McCreadie for representing us in Rookie All Star Game on the 7th at 1:30.

It must have been a fun game to watch from the stands as it sure was from the bench, other than the outcome, 4-5 to the Knights in overtime. Brett Hamilton got us going then Dakota Mercredi scored 2 and Josh Dufresne put us ahead in the third, but we didn't hold on. Tyler Russell, Marc Devaney, Sean Ritchie and Lyndon Maldaner had the assists. Shots 40-51, PP 0-6 and PK 7-8. There were some interesting calls made early in the game, but once he decided to let the hockey game start, it got fast and furious. These teams get it going in a good way. On a side note we were almost healthy, then exams kicked us you know where.

Royals Hockey, when played right, is ugly for the other team, this was an ugly night for the Riggers 5-2. Our goals came from Kevin Elkow, Brad Dufresne, credited to Tony it must have been a make up for the other night, Dakota Mercredi (2 power play goals) and Marc Devaney. The goals were set up by Troy Kneller, Rob Ogle, Sean Ritchie, Tyler Russell, Kevin Elkow, Tyler Lega and Kevin Bain. Shots 31-36, PP 2-5 and PK 2-3. We didn't started with a full bench but we sure played like we had 30 dressed. Speed kills and a tight gap is hard, and I mean HARD, to play against. We were that team tonight. Nice Win, very old school workman like effort.

The good guys come out on top 5-4 over the Hawks, with a late power play goal. Troy Kneller got us going with a great speed goal, credited to Connor, then Dan Skubleny (2), Tyler Russell - skates faceoff and Sean Ritchie. Assists to Tyler Russell (2), Josh Dufresne and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 31-38, PP 1-8 and PK 7-9. We played harder and smarter than we have been, but those retaliation penalties need to stop. Forechecking is good and doing it with speed is very good, if you add in being organized and supportive then it works.

Ugly 3-8 to the Riggers. Tyler Russell, Marc Devanay and Sean Ritchie scored from Dakota Mercredi and Rob Ogle. Shots 39-35, PP 1-8 and PK 5-6. We need to trust each other.

Much like our last game, the best thing about it was the 2 points, because it was an ugly 6-5 win over the Red Wings. Jacob Kalinowski continued his goal scoring streak with Tyler Russell (2), Dan Skubleny, Dakota Mercredi and Sean Ritchie with the over time winner on the power play. Setting up the goals were Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne, Dakota Mercredi (3), Sean Ritchie, Tyler Russell (2), Tyler Mckitrick and Rob Ogle. Shots 45-38, PP 1-6 and PK 8-10. We need to play for each other and stop playing like selfish little kids, with the he hit me attitude.

It wasn't pretty but it was 2 points as we skated to a 6-5 win over the Hawks in a shootout. Jacob Kalinowski scored his first of the season to get us going, on the power play, and Dan Skubleny started the 2nd period, with a short handed goal, then Josh Dufresne (2) and Dakota Mercredi finished it up. Assists to Brad Dufresne, Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi (2) and Cam Bush (2). Both Dakota Mercredi and Tyler Russell scored on their shootout attempts and Jacob (Ernie) Spinks stopped both of his chances to lock up the points for the good guys. Shots 43-43, PP 3-9 and PK 6-8. We were harder to play against, finally, and played with more confidence because of it.

We had a full lineup for the first time in a long time but came up on the short end of the score 4-7 to the Icemen. Josh Dufresne got things going with Tyler Russell (2) and Dakota Mercredi scoring the others. Dakota Mercredi (2) got the only assists on the gamesheet. Shots 30-41, PP 1-7 and PK 6-8. We scored in the first minute of each period, I don't know if that has ever happened before. We need to keep playing our team game style, use your teammates and support them through the good and the bad.

That was closer to Royals Hockey but we came up short and lost 2-3 in overtime to the Warriors. Rob Ogle and Troy Kneller scored our goals with assists going to Sean Ritchie and Andrew Alyward (although I thought Brett Hamilton set up Rob). Shots 32-45, PP 0-6 and PK 7-8. The game had lots of flow and hits but not enough goals. We got our forechecking game going and that was good to see, it was also the return of Skuby.


It wasn't pretty 2-11 loss to the Jets. Tyler Mckitrick scored both are goals from Dakota Mercredi (2) and Sean Ritchie. Shots 27-45, PP 2-6 and PK 4-6. I wouldn't want to look at the plus minus numbers with all short handed goals we gave up. We played a team that played Royals hockey way better than the Royals.

We played a very workman like game and skated to a 4-1 win against the Bruins. Our goals came from Tyler Mckitrick, Josh Dufresne, Tyler Russell and Dakota Mercredi. Assists to Jacob Kalinowski, Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie (2), Troy Kneller, Kevin Elkow, Tyler Mckitrick and Tyler Russell. Shots 30-36, PP 2-5 and PK 2-3. We would like to send out our sympathetic thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Kyle Fundytus for the tragedy that occurred on Saturday. The sudden loss of any life, at any age, is unbearable but when it happens to the young it just isn't right.

We played hard, not as smart as we need to be and lost 4-7 to the Icemen. Tyler Mckitrick started the scoring then Troy Kneller (shorthanded 3 on 5), Lyndon Maldaner (shorthanded only, 4 on 5) and Dakota Mercredi. Assisting the goals Tyler Lega, Tyler Russell (2) and Kevin Elkow. Shots 30-55, PP 0-7 and PK 9-11. We were a little shorthanded, both on the ice with penalties and in the dressing room without players, but scored a couple sweet shorthanded goals to start the third period to make a game of it. Then got a power play and didn't score. When you get tired you aren't as smart as you need to be.

We didn't want it to end but the streak is over with a 2-3 loss to the Knights. Wanting something, and playing like we have to, are two very different things. Lets get back to rewarding our effort with hard plays and soft hands. Kevin Elkow and Tyler Mckitrick scored our goals from Jacob Kalinowski (2) and Cam Bush. Shots 31-45, PP 1-6 and PK 7-8. The battles need to be won in the corners and in front of the net, at both ends of the ice, we will be better.

The game went as planned 16-2 over the Flyers. Tyler Lega scored his first hattrick as a Royal and Connor McCreadie got his first as a Royal, on a sweet Lewis faceoff, Kevin Elkow also had a hattrick, Josh Dufresne (2), Lyndon Maldaner, Sean Ritchie (2), Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell (2) and Troy Kneller. The assists to Sean Ritchie (5), Kevin Bain, Kevin Elkow (2), Troy Kneller (3), Cam Bush (2), Josh Dufresne, Dakota Mercredi, Marc Devaney, Rob Ogle (2), Jordan Tyler and Tyler Mckitrick. Shots 59-24, PP 4-11 PK 3-3. The score indicated the play.

Side Show Bob was the most happy person in the rink after our 4-3 overtime win in St. Albert. Sean Ritchie got the winner, on the power play, with Shawn Roppelt, Troy Kneller and Tyler Russell scoring the others. Assists to Sean Ritchie, Dakota Mercredi (2), Josh Dufresne and Kevin Elkow. Shots 35-45, PP 3-8 and PK 9-10. We got a new seamstress tonight, as a sweater needed sewing before the game. We fought through a lot tonight and ended up on top. The fishing trip after the game didn't go as planned, but the result made up for any disappointment.

Our new home treated us good with a 3-2 win over the Riggers. Our goals came from Lyndon Maldaner, Josh Dufresne and Tyler Russell with the assists to Dakota Mercredi (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Cam Bush and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 40-26, PP 1-9 and PK 5-5. The tight corners are becoming our friends. I hope we will keep getting better and taking better care of ourselves Saturday night so we have the energy to play as hard as our teammates expect.

The Royals went out to the country, nice smell outside the rink, and skated away with a 5-4 win over the Icemen. I think the score sheet is correct but now that Skuby got an assist I'm not sure. Dakota Mercredi got us started, Sean Ritchie (2) both on the 5 on 3 power play and Tyler Russell (2) scored our goals. The assists went to Sean Ritchie, Kevin Elkow and Dakota Mercredi (2). Shots 43-41, PP 4-11 and PK 4-5. We really had to dig deep for this one, it was a tough start but when The Rock got to the bench, we started to play our game. Cam did a great job getting us ready for the ice, after a couple false starts, it was smooth sailing. Relaxing and playing the game fast and focussed, is the way to win.

We have a new home and broke it in with an exciting 6-5 win against the Chiefs. Lyndon Maldaner (2) roofed one on a 2nd period rush to get the scoring started, Shawn Roppelt, Josh Dufresne (2) including the game winner and Kevin Elkow with the rest. Setting the goals up were Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi (3), Sean Ritchie (2), Kevin Elkow, Troy Kneller(2) and Josh Dufresne, oh ya Brett Hamilton got an assist tonight it was given out by the same guy who made all the calls in the game, oops did I say that. Shots 26-28, PP 4-10 and PK 5-6. For the second time this season the clock stopped working and everyone in the rink was guessing about the time and score, except for the bench guys. The after the whistle stuff didn't slow us down enough, it just kept it close.

Spruce Grove was good to the Royal as we skated away to a 6-2 win over the Regals. Speed is good and skating for 60 is great. Dakota Mercredi (2) started and finished our scoring, Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne (2) and Sean Ritchie with the others. Assisting the goals were Sean Ritchie, Connor McCreadi-Szmon, Josh Dufresne, Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow, Cam Bush, Lyndon Maldaner (2) and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 47-36, PP 3-6 and PK 4-5. We skated for 60 minutes and it paid off in the end with the win. Teflon is what the Royals are made of, nothing sticks to us, we just adjust and make it work. Stay focused and skate through everything. Just a reminder we play at Kenilworth on Sunday and I don't think the concession will be open this week.

On our last trip to Bill Hunter we skated to a 7-6 victory over the home team Mustangs. With all the experience in the time box you would think the game sheet would be a little easier to read, oh well this is the best I can do. Tyler Mckitrick (2) got our first two goals then Josh Dufresne, Lyndon Maldaner (2), Troy Kneller and Kevin Elkow. (That is what the sheet says). Assists to Rob Ogle (2), Shawn Roppelt (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Cam Bush, Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow, Tyler Lega (2), Sean Ritchie, Troy Kneller and Josh Dufresne. Shots 40-42, PP 3-7 and PK 3-4. We had a much better effort and played harder and smarter. Everybody chipped in both on the score sheet and with their shoulders. We played the kind of game that is very hard to play against and when you score on your PP chances makes it all worth it. Then you are rewarded with 2 points and you smile and celebrate with your teammates. I think one of the best parts of the game was how we handled the adversity of falling behind late in the game, we forechecked a goal then scored on the PP. Nice.

We played on the northside and won on the northside, only it was a home game, 7-3 with the Red Wings losing. Josh Dufresne (3) got us started with a shorthanded goal, but the goal scoring did not start until the 2nd period, then Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Lega (his first as a Royal), Sean Ritchie and Tyler Russell. Assists to Kevin Elkow (3), Troy Kneller (2), Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi (2), Jordan Tyler and Lyndon Maldaner. Shots 39-25, PP 1-3 and PK 4-6. Playing consistent hockey is how we want to play and we did not come close to that last night. But we got the two points so all was not bad.

The Cutman has made an entry on 'Ask The Cutman'. That proves that he is alive and still in the self help business.

The Royals played our game and skated to a 7-2 win over the Bruins. We always want our players to play and think of their teammates before they do anything on the ice and when we do this we win, let us do that always. Dakota Mercredi (2) got our scoring going late in the 1st period and Josh Dufresne (welcome back) ended the period, Tyler Russell (2), Lyndon Maldaner and Sean Ritchie got the rest. Assists to Sean Ritchie (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Dakota Mercredi (3), Cam (not his smartest game) Bush (3), Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner, Shawn Roppelt, Josh Dufresne and Tyler Mckitrick. Shots 48-44, PP 3-14 and PK 7-8. We stayed smart (most of the time) and that helped us gain control of the game. This was a game that was very fast for the first 16 minutes, and then our speed took over and so did our power play. Some of the old guys went out (not nearly enough of them) and smiled after the game. Dryland training is important for Royalamaniacs all over the world, so we were just doing our part. Winning is good, if you know what I mean.

We skated hard and won 5-3 over the Riggers. We got a little more healthy and a little smarter, only just a little bit. Cam Bush (2) got us started with 2 power play goals, then Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner and Dakota Mercredi. Assists to Dakota Mercredi (3), Lyndon Maldaner (2), Tyler Russell, Jacob Kalinowski, Cam Bush and Troy Kneller. Shots 29-31, PP 3-7 and PK 9-10. It was not real pretty but we came through in the end with an empty net goal and the win. Being focussed with all the goofiness that happens with some reffs and the yapyness of some teams is very important to a team that wants to win a championship. We took a step towards that goal tonight.

An overtime win is nice but to win in a shoot-out, after stopping a penalty shot with no time on the clock in overtime, is very sweet, 6-5 was the final over the Knights. We were sick and injured but dug deep. With a number of players playing out of position we found a way to win. Lyndon Maldaner (2) started the scoring with Tyler Russell (2) and Jordan Tyler. Assist to Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi (4), Sean Ritchie (2), Lyndon Maldaner and Brad Dufresne. Dakota Mercredi and Kevin Elkow scored in the shoot-out with Robert Oscroft (his first win as a Royal) stopped both shoot-out attempts but more importantly stopped the penalty shot. Good old 2 shot breakaway came through for us. Shots 29-47, PP 1-7 and PK 3-6. Some old faces showed up at the rink and were rewarded. I am not sure why we have this many injuries but lots of players stepped up in a good way. It was a typical Royals - Knights game with lots of speed. We were way more focussed and it showed in our play.

This just in Confederation Arena is not going to be up and running for 6 months or so. The new home of the Royals is Kenilworth Arena. I have updated the rinks on our schedule page. We start playing there October 16 2011.

For a game that started off with us scoring in the first minute, again, it sure went goofy for a long time. But once we got our focus back we kicked up the speed and skated to a 11-6 win over the Chiefs. At least we only forgot the Dumb Helmet tonight. Tyler Mckitrick (2) with his first goal as a Royal got us going, then Troy Kneller, Cam Bush, Rob Ogle, Dakota Mercredi (2), Lyndon Maldaner (2) also his first Royal goals, Jordan Tyler and Tyler Russell. The setup men were Kevin Elkow, Jordan Tyler, Cam Bush (4), Dakota Mercredi (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Lyndon Maldaner (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Shawn Roppelt, Daniel Martin (2), Tyler Russell and Joel Campbell with his first point and first win. Shots (I don't think these were very accurate) 26-24, PP 6-9 and PK 4-9 those were very accurate, we were great in PP and sucked in PK. PP for the right reasons and PK for the wrong reasons. It was an interesting game to watch from the bench as we had melt down after melt down, interesting as in crappy. We played into their, slow the game down tactics, and constantly reacted to calls and things after the whistle. But we then put on our big boy pants and sucked it up, then lit up the scoreboard. A big thanks has to go out to new Royalamaniac, Dave Fedechko and present Royal Andy Alyward, for helping out their coach with a flat tire after the game. And to all those Royals who walked past our equipment, that was sitting in front of the rink all alone, and not looking around, we will be naming a drill after you very shortly.

We started the season off just the way we wanted to with a 8-2 win over the Hawks. The night did not start as planned with new socks forgotten, some sweaters forgotten, the program printed with the wrong teams roster but we remembered how to play hard and smart. That is why we skated to the victory. Josh Dufresne (2) got the scoring started 20 seconds into the game, Dakota Mercredi, Brad Dufresne, Brett Hamilton, Kevin Elkow, Daniel Martin and Jordan Tyler scored the others. Assists went to Daniel Martin, Kevin Elkow (2), Lyndon Maldaner, Sean Ritchie, Tyler Lega (2), Troy Kneller (3), Dakota Mercredi, Andy Alyward and Shawn Roppelt (2). Shots 46-36, PP 3-8 and PK 4-4. The Royalamaniacs were sending in all the good luck wishes for the season opener and we rewarded the good thoughts with the win. We earned our points tonight with a solid dose of Royals Hockey.

Pre season is over and on to games for points. Lets start earning them.

Game time 8:00, Warm up 7:30 get there 6:30. We have been getting to practices and games to late to often, and yes I'm talking to the returning guys. Campbell, Oscroft, Brad, Lega, JT, Russell, Dakota, Lyndon, JD, Kevin, Baxter, Mcitrick, Devaney, Tony, Brett, Andy, Connor, Sean, Cam, Jacob. Text me if you can't make it and I will replace you.

6:15 game time, warm up at 5:45, get to South Side as soon as you can. Text me if you are running late I need to plan. Campbell, Williams, Russell, Dakota, Lyndon, Brad, Lega, Chase, JD, Kevin, JT, Baxter, Martin, Rossiter, Bush, Ritchie, Bain, Kalinowski, Roppelt, Rebus. Text me if you can't make it and I will get someone else to play.

We played a very uninspired game last night and lost 2-5. The only thing a player can control is his effort and our players didn't play very hard. Our leaders didn't lead and that means the rest didn't have anybody to follow. Teams that act like that end up on the bad end of the score sheet, just like we did. We will be better on Tuesday.

8:00 game time, warm up at 7:30, get to the rink at 6:30. Ernie, Campbell, Kochisarli, Ritchie, Roppelt, Kalinowski, Mcready, JT, Bradles, Elkow, Lega, Maldaner, Martin, Rossiter, Nizoil, Ogle, Skubleny, Mercredi, Alyward, Mcitrick.

We lost 4-5 in a fast game against Sherwood Park. There were a lot of very good things happen in the game. The new guys played hard and smart but just did not finish and the old guys didn't finish enough. But we were hard to play against and took a good step towards playing Royals Hockey!

8:00 game time, warm up at 7:30, get to Callingwood at 6:30. Tonight's lineup (sorry about the poor spelling, bring your stuff if you are not playing, you never know) is - Oscroft, Gough, Lega, Maldaner, Mercredi, Martin, JT, Russell, Rossiter, Elkow, Nizoil, Bradles, Mcitrick, Ogle, Hamilton, Bain, Alyward, Bush, Snow, Rebus. We don't have a dress code so show up relaxed and ready to win.

The first week is over and lets start preparing to play games. See you Tuesday.

Our speed is showing it's teeth in tryouts. That is a good thing and we aren't going full out YET. Practicing fast makes you play fast and we do like the phrase 'Speed Kills'.

We had a good start to our season last night. Lots of old guys and some very good new guys and a couple of very old guys pitched in and helped out.

We start tonight! It might be to late to start doing pushups! See you at the rink.

1 day to go!! Do some pushups.





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