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Pre Season Ice

Sun. Aug. 18th 8:00 @ Confed - shinny
Sun. Aug. 25th 8:00 @ Confed - shinny
Mon. Aug. 26th 9:15 @ Kenilworth - Camp Starts
Tues. Aug. 27th 9:15 @ Kenilworth - Camp
Thurs. Aug. 29th 9:15 @ South Side Arena - Camp
Mon. Sept. 2nd 9:15 @ Confed - Camp
Tues. Sept. 3rd 9:30 @ Confed - Camp

Welcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.




Friday May 3, 6:00 team pictures at my place. Let me know if you can't make it.

We just heard that Royalamainiac and ex Captain of the Royals, Cody Campbell, needs some positive energy going his way! You WILL do it!!

What a season, one that was substantially different than any other one has ever been. It's not as simple as win loss record. But more in the way we earned our record. We had great leadership from Tyler, Dakota, Shawn, Cam and we can't forget Jacob. Usually we pick our 21 year olds and go from there, but our first of many injuries hit in Preseason and we changed our plan. It seemed just when we were going to turn things around another guy would go down. The loss of 3 first year players from last season was more critical than normal because of the number of graduating Royals. (We usually lose 3 or so players from season to season). The smooth transition that we usually have into our next season was filled with teaching and learning. Some of those ideas didn't catch on as quickly as we needed, New Guys helping New Guys just won't work. This hurt our development both on and off the ice. The playoffs brought us together the way playoff games do with, the extra excitement, energy and just the way both teams compete at that time of the year. This was a feeling that more veterans could have brought to a lineup of new guys in the long regular season. Our new guys will now have that experience to draw upon and when I say that 'Royals Hockey' is playing every game like it is a playoff game it will make sense. Next year is going to be great we look forward to it, but just wish we had made this one longer! Thanks to all the Royalamainiacs for their support and all guys who aren't out in the spot light, we couldn't do what we do without you.

Our season came to a crash with a 3-4 loss to the Hawks, as they win the series 2-1. Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell and Dakota Mercredi scored our goals. Assists to Dakota Mercredi, Cam Bush and Lyndon Maldaner (2). Shots 26-51, PP 1-4 and PK 3-5. It was a fast paced game, that was very close even if the shot counter guy didn't think so. We did ourselves proud and let ourselves down both at the same time. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Jacob (Ernie) Spinks. (11).

Oops, I spent family day at home and forgot to come into work for the update. We lost Game 2 - 3-7. The bench was a little short and some were guys playing out of position but we still need 60 minutes. Our goals all came on the PP and were scored by Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell and Mik Mykietyshyn with assists to Tommy Langlois, Cam Bush (2), Lyndon Maldaner (2) and Tyler Russell. Shots 30-38, PP 3-7 and PK 5-6. We let the game slip away in the 3rd a bit, but those posts we hit in the 2nd sure would have been nice goals. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Dave Fedechko. (11).

Game 1 was a barn burner that we came out on top of, with a 4-3 victory. The game sheet is as questionable as were some of the whistles, but I adjusted the best I could. Bryce Obrigewitch started the scoring on the PP, Mik Mykietyshyn (again on the PP), Lyndon Maldaner with the last 2. Assisting the goals were Cam Bush (2), Lyndon Maldaner, Dakota Mercredi (3) and Mik Mykietyshyn (2). The last goal was with 1:10 to go in the game on a sweet Modified Skates play. Shots 28-49, PP 2-4 and PK 3-5. Fighting through everything and never quitting is playoff hockey and the excitement and energy that goes with it is a powerful tool. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Troy (Tony) Kneller. (11).

We sure came out of the gate like a sleepy uninterested team and it showed on the scoreboard as we lost 1-5 to the Knights. J.F Royer scored our only goal and much like the shot clock accuracy, there were no assists. Shots 14-46, PP 1-4 and PK 1-2. The result put us in the playoffs and that was the most important part of the night. The new season starts Friday night out in Fort Saskatchewan. Believing in yourself, your teammates and trusting your coaches can take us a long way. Lets find out how far.

Winning is cool, winning when down by 3 in the third period is exciting but add winning in overtime takes it off the chart. That was last nights 6-5 win over the Icemen. Dakota Mercredi started the scoring with Tyler Russell, Mik Mykietyshyn (2) and Cam Bush with both the game tying and game winning goals. Assisting our goals were Lyndon Maldaner (3), Cam Bush (2), Tommy Langlois, Brad Dufresne, Dakota Mercredi (4) and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 50-46, PP 2-8 and PK 3-5. The Royalamaniacs were out in full force and we gave them something to get excited about.

There was no quit in the boys and it was tough but we lost 3-11 to Spruce Grove. Our goal scorers were Lyndon Maldaner, Bryce Obrigewitch and Cam Bush, with assists going to Dakota Mercredi (3), Lyndon Maldaner (2) and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 35-65, PP 1-8 and PK 4-6. We lost the first period 0-1 and the third 2-3 - but games are 60 minutes long.

We played another 40 minutes and came out on the short end of the Shoot Out 4-5 to the Hawks. Both Tyler Russell and Dakota Mercredi scored 2 goals with assists to Lyndon Maldaner (4), Cam Bush (3) and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 23-34, PP 3-6 and PK 5-6. Lots of good things are happening but we need that 60-60-60 game. Devan Tchir had a nice 1st game as a Royal and we were an empty net post away from giving him the victory.

We remembered how much fun it is to play with energy and heart, after a sloppy 1st period and skated to a 5-2 win over the Flyers. Our goal scorers were Tyler Russell (2), Lyndon Maldaner (2) and Tommy Langlois. With assists to Shawn Roppelt, Mik Mykietyshyn (2) and Cam Bush. Shots 35-24, PP 1-4 and PK 4-5. It was good to hear the boys singing after a game.

We played Royals hockey for 26 minutes then what happened, we lose the game 2-6 to the Chiefs. Mik Mykietyshyn scored a shorty and Bryce Obrigewitch the other on a sweet move. Assists to Brad Dufresne, Ryan Mork, Cole Grekul and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 21-47, PP 0-6 and PK 2-2. It's getting close to crunch time and that means the wins better happen.

Just when we thought things were all right in the World of Royals we lose 2-5 to the Mustangs. Dakota Mercredi and Tyler Russell scored with assists going to Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner, Dakota Mercredi and Connor McCreadie. Shots 25-36, PP 2-9 and PK 5-8. Affiliate Shawn Robinson helped out with his smarts and effort, but we came up short on the score board.

The mighty Royal took another one in the crotch last night 1-8 to Beverly. Tyler Heddle got the goal (his 1st as a Royal) from Bryce Obrigewitch and Connor McCreadie. Shots 36-58, PP 0-3 and PK 5-6. Another start to the game shot down by giving up 2 goals in the first minute. Tough to have positives to say about the game. A big thank you has to go out to all the help we have been getting over in the time box from the D'Amore's, on short notice they came through once again.

We took one on the chin and lost 4-7 to the Jets. Lyndon Maldaner scored our first 2 goals, with Cole Grekul and Dakota Mercredi the others. Assisting the goals were Dakota Mercredi, Tommy Langlois, Brandon Rainey, Bryce Obrigewitch, Ryan D'Amore and Tyler Russell. Shots 33-51, PP 1-4 and PK 5-6. We gave up 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of both the 1st and 2nd periods, that needs to be fixed. There was a Cutman sighting and Royalamainiac Sam Wentzel was there watching skating before. It's always great to see the old players.

We have had one of the Royalamainiacs send in a bunch of pictures, enjoy at your leisure. Https://

We played a lot better than the score indicates, but that is the only thing that matters and we lost to the Chiefs 4-8. Brett Werbiski got us going with his 1st goal as a Royal, then Cam Bush, Lyndon Maldaner and Shawn Roppelt. Assists to Kevin Bain, Bryce Obrigewitch, Brad Dufresne, Dakota Mercredi (2) and Tyler Russell. Shots 36-33, PP 2-6 and PK 1-2. We have to keep playing the game this way and always be going both ways.

Back from holidays and ready for hockey. SATURDAY CJHL ALL STAR GAMES 1:15 NEW GUY GAME. We are represented by Sean Baxter, Ryan D'Amore and Bryce Obrigewitch. REGULAR GAME 4:00. We are represented by Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell, Cam Bush and Dakota Mercredi. Both games are being played at the new rink in Ardrossan, it's connected to the old one.

Taking care of just your own job and allowing your teammate to do his paid off in a big way with a 7-2 win over the Bruins. Dakota Mercredi led the way with our first 4 goal game of the season {and 7 point game}, Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell and Tommy Langlois (his first as a Royal). Setting the goals up were Tyler Russell (4), Dakota Mercredi (3), Lyndon Maldaner (3), Cam Bush (2), Brad Dufresne and Tommy Langlois. Shots 61-30, PP 3-10 and PK 8-8. We didn't start with a very large lineup, that got shorter with misconduct's and a fight, but it's not the size of the dog it's the size fight in the dog. We played smart and hard. Even after the very successful 'Room de Royel' was cleaned up we still couldn't find the 2 live turkeys that got away from Bob. It was a good thing that he is very resourceful and went and bought 2 frozen ones so the contest could go on. That Room is always an outstanding place to put some faces to names and see some old guys show up makes it special. Us Royalamainiacs can multitask and change directions on a dime. I'm gone till the 7th so check check us on TWITTER for the updates on our 2 games that I'll miss. Have a very Mele Kalikimaka and a Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!!

It should have been a game to win with intensity and drive, but we forgot to load those things into our bags as we skated to s 2-4 loss to the Riggers. Lyndon Maldaner scored both our goals from Connor McCreadie, Dakota Mercredi (2) and Tyler Russell. Shots 41-38, PP 0-5 and PK 0-2. It sure looks like special teams let us down. On the upside we ran a few more of our face off plays and they were so close to working. Stupid posts.

We are a little snake bit with the puck on our stick from the slot so we lost 2-3 to Wetaskiwin. Our defencemen carried our scoring with Shawn Roppelt and Cam Bush putting it in the net. With assists going to Dakota Mercredi (2) and Lyndon Maldaner (2). Shots 25-60 (that was the quietest 60 shots I've ever seen), PP 1-4 and PK 2-2. We were quite short handed on the bench and had a couple more guys go down for parts of the game. But we played hard and kept them to the outside in our zone. Lots of guys really stepped up their game and things are starting to look rosy.

It is just about to get cold again and we come up short 3-6 to the Chiefs. The birthday boy Cole Grekul got the scoring started (and had a 3rd period scrap), Connor McCreadie and Lyndon Maldaner scored the rest. Our assists came from Brandon Rainey, Ryan D'Amore, Brad Dufresne, JF Royer, Dakota Mercredi and Tyler Russell. Shots 21-33, PP 0-2 and PK 3-4. We finally got the secondary scoring we have been looking for and solid net play but we came out flat and had to battle up hill all game. The name of the game is Winning and when we start I can't see any reason to stop.

40 isn't 60 and with that math we lose 4-5 to the Red Wings. Our goal scorers were Mik Mykietyshyn, Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell and Brandon Rainey with his 1st goal as a Royal. Assisting the goals Bryce Obrigewitch, Dakota Mercredi (2), Shawn Roppelt, Lyndon Maldaner, Cam Bush (2) and Ryan D'Amore. Shots 25-45 (really, I didn't think so), PP 1-3 and PK 2-5. We started our battle in the 2nd period not the 1st, which hurt. But our compete level got going and so did hitting, that equals goals for us and not for them. 'What do you have to do to get cut off at a bowling alley?' This question and many others got answered on Friday night.

We lose a goofy one 3-11 to the Bruins. Our goal scorers were Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner and Mik Mykietyshyn. Assisted by, Dakota Mercredi, Cam Bush, Bryce Obrigewitch (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Brett Werbiski. Shots 30-55, PP 1-6 PK 2-3. A great job by JF Royer in net for the last 33 minutes of the game, it was the fastest change of equipment I've ever seen. "True Character is revealed when you go through adversity" I think we showed ours after our change in net. Banding together to support a guy playing out of position and in harms way is True Character.


We lost to the Knights 2-9. The reports weren't pretty. Dakota Mercredi and Lyndon Maldaner scored from Tyler Russell (2), Brett Werbiski and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 29-46, PP 0-4 and PK 0-2.

Losing sucks big time and we dropped a 5-7 game to the Hawks. Our goals came from Ryan D'Amore, Tyler Russell (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Dakota Mercredi. Assisting the goals were Tyler Russell, Dakota Mercredi (3), Cam Bush (2) and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 37-32, PP 2-8 and PK 5-6. We are learning to compete and battle for every loose puck but some times forget. There were a lot of good things that happened in the game but the top line is all that matters. ALOHA till Sunday.

Welcome back Dakota! as we skate to a 4-2 win over the Riggers. In his return to the lineup Dakota Mercredi took the first period to get his legs back and then 4 minutes into the 2nd scored our 1st goal of the game, Lyndon Maldaner, Mik Mykietyshyn and Bryce (Stop In Front Of The Net) Obrigewitch put home the others. Our assists came from Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Bryce Obrigewitch and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 44-39, PP 0-6 PK 9-9. It didn't seem like we were the dirtier team but it sure looks that way on the game sheet. We had a bumpy start with a couple turnovers in a bad spot (5 foot rule) but we dug deep and put the pressure on their D. The puck goes in the net for some guys when they do the right things and the next thing you know we scored 4 in the 2nd period. Nice 2 points, now we need to always play the way we practice, good things will continue to happen.

Ouch, 1-7 loss out in St. Albert. Shawn Roppelt scored our only goal from Lyndon Maldaner, to help us win the 3rd period (small accomplishment). Shots 25-35, PP 0-4 and PK 2-3. It was hard to believe that we could play that uninspired but we did.

The normally snowy trip out to the county was both clear and successful as we skated to a 7-5 win over the Bruins. Loik Belanger got us started with his 1st goal as a Royal then Lyndon Maldaner (2), Tyler Russell (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Ryan D'Amore. Passing the pucks were Brad Dufresne, Kevin Bain, Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Connor McCreadie, Lyndon Maldaner (2), Cam Bush (3) and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 38-37, PP 3-9 and PK 4-6. The game didn't start off as planned because we decided to warm up our goalies mask instead of his pads. But we overcame that bit of stupidity to score 6 goals in the 2nd period and put the game away. It's good to be the smarter team.

We played a tight game but came up on the short end of a 3-5 loss to the Knights. Mik Mykietyshyn scored our first 2 goals with Brad Dufresne getting the other. Assisting the goals were Tyler Russell (2), Lyndon Maldaner (2), Jacob Kalinowski and Bryce Obrigewitch. Shots 30-32, PP 1-5 and PK 2-5 - yup there is the difference. We did a great job of keeping things to the outside and clearing rebounds. But that offensive zone is going to slow down for us and our scoring touch will be back in a big way. We will keep taking those steps in the right direction.


We played a strong game, but 60-60-60 is so important. We let it slip away from us and lost 4-5 in a shoot out to the Jets. Lyndon Maldaner scored out first 2 goals (and a sweet shoot out goal), with Cole Grekul and Brad Dufresne the others. Assists to Tyler Russell, Brad Dufresne, Mik Mykietyshyn, Cam Bush and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 41-35, PP 2-4 and PK 1-1. We played really smart and sound defensively, but we need to put the puck home when we have our chances. Some guys showed that they have finally understood Royals Hockey, now we will keep getting faster.

On an ugly night we played ugly and lost 4-5 to the Bruins. The start of winter brought a cold nip to the air and a Royals team that forgot that 'you are only as good as your next shift'. Brad Dufresne got us started (although the Rock may have scored the goal), Tyler Russell (2) and Lyndon Maldaner. Setting up the goals were Tyler Russell, Lyndon Maldaner, Jacob Kalinowski and Ryan D'Amore. Shots 36-39, PP 1-6 and PK 5-7. We played like we thought we were to good to compete, then got a little selfish and forgot about the guys you were sitting beside. We need to always play for the guys next to you, then skate harder.

We beat St. Albert 3-1 in an all out Royal kind of game. Our goal scorers were Tyler Russell, Bryce Obrigewitch (1st as a Royal) and Mik Mykietyshyn. Assists to Lyndon Maldaner (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Cole Grekul, Tommy Langlois and Tyler Russell. Shots 37-38, PP 1-7 and PK 3-3. We were much better defensively and harder to play against. That being hard to play against really showed up in the 3rd period as we were the only team to stay focussed.

I have got to go out of town for a couple days and won't be able to do any updates. (Stupid new laptop). Keep up to date with all things Royal on our Twitter page.

The home cooking of Confed paid off again as we skate to a 5-4 shoot out win over the Riggers. J.F. Royer got us on the scoreboard with Mik Mykietyshyn and Lyndon Maldaner (2) the rest. Tyler Russell and Brandon Rainey (the game winner) in the shootout with Casey Shott slamming the door after their first shooter scored. Assisting the goals were Ryan D'Amore, Brett Werbiski, Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell (2), Kevin Bain, Connor McCreadie and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 37-51, PP 1-5 and PK 1-1, ya only one penalty against and it came with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd. We got off to a slow start but didn't let it get us down, a nifty faceoff goal made everyone relax and some hits took over

For the first time this season we had a full complement of coaches on the bench, and we stunk the joint out 3-9. Ryan D'Amore scored and Tyler Russell (2) from Bryce Obrigewitch, Cam Bush, Shawn Roppelt, Mik Mykietyshyn (2) and Lyndon Maldaner. Shots 54-46 (I don't know about our total, they have never counted them at their home rink before), PP 1-7 and PK 0-3. Confidence doesn't have to leave as quickly as we are letting it leave us. We will keep getting smarter, which will allow us to stop thinking so much and that will let us skate with confidence. Just Play ROYALS HOCKEY!

Our own Cutman has been at it again, trying to make sense of this world that we Royalamainiacs live in. Another poor soul was lost and now has direction, with the help of Cutman Corner.

The friendly confines of Confederation served us well as we came back to win, an up and down, game 5-4 in overtime over the Mustangs. Our goal scorers were Mik Mykietyshyn, Lyndon (nice shin pads) Maldaner (2) including the OT winner, Connor McCreadie and Tyler Russell. Setting them up were Lyndon Maldaner (2), Tyler Russell (3), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Cam Bush (2) and Bryce Obrigewitch. Shots 33-35, PP 2-6 and PK 4-4. Even with the thought that there might be a Coach Russ sighting we played harder, although most of these guys don't know the man only the legend. We played a good game then forgot a couple of things in the 3rd. Only to set up some late game heroics and post game belt awarding. Getting better and winning is the right formula.

I only have the game summery, I had to leave after the 1st for Davy's game, 5-6 in overtime to the Riggers. But Ryan D'Amore (another breakaway goal) got us going, then
Lyndon Maldaner, Tyler Russell (2) and Mik Mykietyshyn. Setting up the goals were Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Tyler Russell (2) and Lyndon Maldaner (2). Shots 45-50, PP 0-4 and PK 5-5. The word is that we got better and came back from being down, which are good signs. Now let's take care of our own end.

Bad trip to the northside 2-7 to the Red Wings. Lyndan Maldaner and Connor Farquhar (his 1st as a Royal) were our goal scorers. Assisting the goals Shawn Roppelt, Bryce Obrigewitch and Ryan D'Amore. Shots 35-45, PP 1-8 and PK 3-5. Coach John has our thoughts. Nice to see the northside Royalamainiacs out in force, now we need to give them a win.

Losing sucks 2-5 to the Regals. Our goals were scored by Ryan D'Amore with assists coming from Lyndon Maldaner (2), Tyler Russell and Ryan Mork. Shots 30-49, PP 0-2 and PK 3-4. We got out shot by 20 in the 3rd period, ouch. The post game festivities were quite entertaining.

Friday night was no good to the Royal as we slowly skated to a 2-8 loss out in Fort Sask. Cole Grekul got us going with his 1st goal as a Royal with Ryan D'Amore getting other. Assists went to Mik Mykietyshyn, Bryce Obrigewitch and Tyler Russell. Shots 34-40, PP 0-3 and PK 4-5. One of the ways to see that we aren't competing for 60 minutes and more importantly playing Royals Hockey, is to look at the lack of power play opportunities. Maybe it's those darn white socks that have the boys confused.

Sorry to all the Royalamainiacs for the late, late, late update. The laptop is down and the boy had us in the rink all weekend, so I didn't go to work and fix the site. The info was up on our Twitter account just not here.

Sunday night was a much better showing as we skated to a 5-2 win over the Flyers. The old drop to your knees and get up as quickly as you can drill paid off in one of Ryan D'Amore's 2 goals, Shawn Roppelt (finally scored a goal in a win and it was the game winner), J.F. Royer (1st as a Royal) and Mik Mykietyshyn with the others. Assisting the goals Connor McCreadie (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Lyndan Maldaner, Bryce Obrigewitch (2), Cole Grekul (2), Tommy Langlois and Brad Dufresne. Ryan Mork got his 1st win. Shots 45-19, PP 0-1 and PK 4-4. We started slow in the shot count but kept the pressure on for 60 minutes and were rewarded with the 2 points. The Don's made an appearance at the game, it was great to see them again, and equally as impressive that they were able to stay awake that late at night.

We lost 1-6 to the Knights. Tyler Russell scored from Lyndan Maldaner and Ryan D'Amore. Shots 22-50, PP 1-10 and PK 7-10. We played ok but need to be stronger on the puck. It was a poor showing (goal wise) on the power play, we did the right things but didn't put the puck home. Long story short is that we were out played but if we score on our chances then we at least put some pressure on them. That and the 2 late goals they scored made it look worse than the game was.

There was no joy at Confed (or effort) last night as we lose 3-6 to Beaumont. Our goal scorers were Lyndan Maldaner, Shawn Roppelt and Mik Mykietyshyn (his 1st as a Royal), with assist going to Tyler Russell, Loik Belanger, Cam Bush, Shawn Roppelt and Cole Grekul. Shots 31-40, PP 0-5 and PK 3-5. We will learn to play Royals Hockey for 60 minutes every night and life will be good again.

The Royalamainiacs are happy tonight as we skate to a 4-2 win over the Icemen. Ryan D'Amore scored his first goal, as a Royal and on the PP, to get us started with Tyler Russell, Cam Bush and Lyndon Maldaner the others. Assists went to (or at least on the gamesheet) Lyndon Maldaner (2), Shawn Roppelt and Connor McCreadie. Casey Shott recorded his 1st win as a Royal. Shots 32-33, PP 1-6 and PK 2-3. Once our legs kicked in we played good, everybody got a little tough love - maybe coach should watch before leaping. We need energy to play Royals Hockey. This is for the old guys, do you know what happens at 9:59 in Wetaskiwin, nobody had to turn their hearing aids down on the drive home and the clock does funny things in that rink. Some slick looking Royalamainiacs made the drive and thank you for coming.

We took it on the chin last night 1-4 to the Warriors. Lets get ready for Friday night when the bullets start flying for real.

Who knew that a ride home from Wainright could take so long. The good news is that we did it with smiles on after our 6-4 win. We played much smarter and because of that we got our speed game going. That is a nice barn that we would like to go back to in April.

We were not very hard to play against and let the Red Wings off the hook 2-4 for the bad guys. It sounded like Wally misses Coach Russ, 'where is my old buddy Russ' was the question.

Tonight's line up vs the Red Wings the goalies are Tyler and Casey, Ryan and Dyllon are out. On defense McCreadie, Brett and Aaron come in, out are Connor F., Kevin and Sean. Forwards will stay the same. Let me know if you can't play and we will adjust.

It was a good night out in the Park, everywhere but the final score 6-7. We started the game slowly and built gradually on every shift, to the point that we played Royals Hockey by the end. Everyone contributed but most importantly we were fast and we will get smarter.

Last night was one of the first inter squad games the Royals have had in a long time. I remember a skinny Jeff Lesik score and jump into Tyler Thomlison's arms at the last one, oh ya and the one before that when Blair Zahara punished a short guy from Tofield, till he apologized at the end of the game (something about not getting to play a down against UBC the day before). The pre game practice must have tired some guys out, that will be fixed. Tons of speed available we must 'bring it' every time. You should have seen the ref guy. He kind of looked like a skinny Kevin Elkow, only he must have been a smoker, cause he could hardly blow the whistle.

There was lots of good stuff to look at and then the ice got real sloppy. Some new guys looked good and some old guys look like they got smarter.

What a great night to start out a hockey season. I hope you did some pushups.

Things are starting to come together for another season of exciting Royals Hockey. As you can see from our early ice slots we are back to the friendly confines of Confederation Arena. This change also takes over our Monday and Thursday practices as they both will be at Confed.




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