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Best of 5


Red Wings

Game 1 Wed. Mar. 4th 8:00 @ Londonderry L 1-4
Game 2 Fri. Mar. 6th 8:00 @ Confed L 2-5
Game 3 Sun. Mar. 8th 8:00 @ Londonderry W 7-1
Game 4 Wed. Mar. 11th 8:00 @ Confed L 3-4 DOT
Game 5 Fri. Mar. 13th 8:00 @ Londonderry

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Team pictures Friday March 27th. 6:00 liquid smiles and chili dogs. 7:00 pictures. Good times will be had by all and talked about for years to come.

We had a great season. Our 21 year old leaders, Connor and Kevin (both 4 year Royals), were outstanding. They made my confusing way of communicating easy for the new guys to figure out. The new guys really stepped up and contributed, in many different ways. The group was 'just in a word' Enjoyable. If we could ever get that injury thing figured out the consistency that we strive for would take care of itself. I can't remember when I compared one team to another but this was very unique. We gave up 62 few goals than last season. Incredible! We had our 1st female Trainer/ Cutman Junior Jenn. Part way through the season, thanks to twitter, we found Jeff 'Musicman/ Announcer' extrordinare. And the huge comebacks late in games vs Fort Sask and Warriors were memorable. Lets not forget all the Royalamainiacs who made it out to our last playoff game, thanks {also thanks to all the Royalamainiacs who followed us on our journey this season, there were some tough weather days}. Our goal was not met, but the lessons learned will payoff. See you next August.

Our season came to an end as we fell 3-4 in Double Overtime. Connor McCreadie scored 2 power play goals with Logan Walters getting the other. Assists going to Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe, Fraser Oliver, James Patterson, Peter Lamont and Matt Cooper. Shots 41-37, PP 2-2 and PK 6-6. Who knew that the Red Wings didn't take any penalties. It was great to see all the Royalamainiacs at the game and even better seeing The Cutman back at work, fixing the zamboni gate. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Josh Dufresne. (6).

The trip north was a success as we skated to a 7-1 win in game 3. Logan Walters started the scoring with James Patterson, Altan Kudrinko, Andy Fox, Bryce Kneller, Jake Schutz and Matt Cooper rounding it out. Assists went to Logan Walters, James Patterson, Altan Kudrinko, Zac Laiss, Tyler Heddle, Chad Coulombe, Mitch Cunningham and Brenden Klutke. Shots 45-26, PP 2-4 and PK 2-2. The old and thirsty Royalamainiacs made the trip to the game and lots of well wishes came from social media. We put a smile on all their faces. 'Kitchen'. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Tyler Russell. (6).

The final score was 2-5, with as empty net goal, but we played a much improved brand of hockey. Mik Mykietyshyn scored both our goals from Brenden Klutke (2) and Chad Coulombe (2). Shots 45-32, PP 0-2 and PK 3-4. We are creating great chances and being very hard to play against. But we need to be tougher in the goal scoring areas and shoot the puck 'home'. I hope all the Royalamainacs are ok, we thought we might see some of them at a rare Friday night home game. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Cam Bush. (7).

Game 1 didn't go as planned 1-4 was the final. Mik Mykietyshyn scored from Brenden Klutke and Chad Coulombe. Shots 44-36, PP 0-2 and PK 3-3. In 5 short days we forgot that we were in the playoffs and need to compete like every inch of ice is ours to control. Then play with the intensity that it takes to accomplish it. Lets ramp it up again. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Troy (Tony) Kneller. (7).

We close out the series in fine fashion, with a 5-0 victory. Taking the series 3 games to 1. Tyler Heddle scored the game winner in the 1st period with Matt Cooper, Mitch Cunningham, Andy Fox and Mik Mykietyshyn the rest. Passing the pucks, James Patterson, Liam Skitch (2), Peter Lamont, Logan Walters, Mik Mykietyshyn and Chad Coulombe. Shots 30-36, PP 2-4 and PK 2-2. Shuks recorded the shutout. We haven't had a shutout in the playoffs in 4 seasons. We skated and checked our way through whatever came at us. Got a few bruises and a couple stitches, but most importantly the win. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Joel Campbell. (7).

8-2 was the final (correctly sough said pre game by Coach Russ) in Game 3. Liam Skitch got us going with his first of 2 goals, Mitch Cunningham (2), Kevin Bain, Connor McCreadie and Mik Mykietyshyn (2) the rest. Assists to Mitch Cunningham (2), James Patterson, Connor McCreadie (2), Chad Coulombe, Matt Cooper, Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn and Peter Lamont. Shots 62-37, PP 4-11 and PK 3-3. Speed Kills and staying focused when crappie things are happening to the backs of your legs wins. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Jacob Spinks. (8).

Royals win 7-5 in game 2, that's what the headline will say. Brenden (I am now spelling your name correctly) Klutke scored in the first minute of the game and unlike game 1 it counted. Matt Cooper (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe (2) and Bryce Kneller scored our other goals. Setting up the goals Chad Coulombe (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Liam Skitch, Fraser Oliver, Brenden Klutke (3), Bryce Kneller, Zac Laiss (2) and Jake Schutz. Shots 43-28, PP 1-4 and PK 5-5. The hard skating paid off with a great start to the game and the bumps cleaned it up. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Ryan Rosich. (9).

Our first playoff game of the year ended in disappointment as we fell 4-5 in double overtime to the Chiefs. Zach Paterson got us going with his 1st goal as a Royal, then Brendan Klutke, Jake Schutz and Mik Mykietyshyn. Assisting the goals Connor McCreadie (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe (2) and Fraser Oliver. Shots 60-52, PP 1-5 and PK 2-3. It was a fast game with lots of chances both ways. We played the way we wanted to and took a good 1st step towards our goals. Now play that way and win. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Brad (Bradles) Dufresne. (10).

Our AIR HOCKEY Championship #raht2015 is getting geared up for Friday February 13 - 1st team entered 'The Sexians' (hard to believe but that is a better name than last year), 'The Moose Knuckle Warriors', 'The Boys Next Door', 'Team Rocelyn' 'drinkie the f*** clowns', 'Plus Gang', 'MC squared', H & F, Here for the Beer, Whale Hunters. "MC Squared" are this seasons Champs, congrats to Cooper and Cunningham.

Our regular season ended with our most uninspired effort of the season, 3-5 was the final score to the Icemen. Tyler Heddle, Peter Lamont and Liam Skitch scored from Altan Kudrinko, Kevin Bain, Mitch Cunningham, Logan Walters, Jake Schutz and Matt Cooper. Shots 46-35, PP 0-5 and PK 4-4. Wow lets be happy we didn't watch that team play all season. Ok enough, park it. We don't know when the playoffs will start but it should be Feb. 20th, when things change it will be updated here and on Twitter.

The game that started back in December, then replayed last night, ended with the good guys skating to a 3-1 win against the Mustangs. Bryce Kneller, Logan Walters and Chad Coulombe scored our goals with assists going to Connor McCreadie, Matt Cooper, Peter Lamont, Mik Mykietyshyn and Brendan Klutke. Shots 41-38, PP 2-2 and PK 3-4. We are a much better looking team with 20 players dressed.

We skated with a full lineup and it showed on the scoreboard, 7-2 final over the Bruins. Matt Cooper led the way with 2 goals, singles to Peter Lamont, Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe, Liam Skitch and Kevin Bain. Assisting the goals Liam Skitch (2), Bryce Kneller (2), James Patterson, Zac Laiss, Connor McCreadie, Brendan Klutke (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Matt Cooper. Shots 56-18, PP 0-1 and PK 2-2. Looks like there is an interesting goal scoring race between our 21 year olds. Playing quick is awesome.

A very fast skated game ended with the wrong team winning as we fell to the Red Wings 2-3. James Patterson (1st as a Royal) and Chad Coulombe scored from Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn and Brendan Klutke. Shots 32-33, PP 0-3 and PK 5-5. Shooting pucks into open nets and ones that were behind the goalie help but we couldn't quite get that part done. We were hard to play against.

In what started out as an outstanding week, with the win overt the Fort, ended with a 2-3 loss to the Chiefs. Chad Coulombe and Matt Cooper scored from Jake Schutz, Connor McCreadie, Bryce Kneller and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 19-37, PP 1-5 and PK 4-5. Not good enough on the special teams and not good enough team defense. We have forgotten how to PLAY hard, maybe we think we are to good to compete, hard, the way we have most of the season. That stuff needs to get parked and lets build for a long playoff run.

There was no joy for the Royals as we lost, the Provincial Championship Host Team, Flyers 2-5. Chad Coulombe and Zac Laiss scored from Brendan Klutke, Matt Cooper and James Patterson. Shots 22-29, PP 0-2 and PK 2-3. We didn't skate very hard or be hard to play against. Those things will equal a loss most nights.

It's always good to remember that hockey games are 60 minutes long and it's very important to play all 60 - 6-5 in overtime against the Hawks. Liam Skitch scored 2 goals (including the OT winner) with Altan Kudrinko, Brendan Klutke, Tyler Heddle and Connor McCreadie (tying the game up with 33 seconds to go). Our assists went to Brendan Klutke (3), Zac Laiss, Fraser Oliver, Chad Coulombe (2), Liam Skitch (2), Connor Farquhar, Andy Fox and Taylor Shukalak. Shots 49-32, PP 1-6 and PK 4-5. After we gave up a shorty with about 12 minutes to go, putting us down 0-4, we dug deep and responded. That kind of energy is so much fun to be around.

We skated and skated to a 9-2 win out in Wetaskiwin. Chad Coulombe led the way with a hattrick, Kevin Bain, Connor Farquhar, Bryce Kneller (2), Matt Cooper and Liam Skitch. With assists going to Fraser Oliver (2), Tyler Heddle, Zach Paterson (2), Liam Skitch (2), Chad Coulombe, Logan Walters (2), Andy Fox (2) and Brendan Klutke. Shots 59-33, PP 2-8 and PK 5-6. We earned 7 goals, in another, very strong 2nd period, the puck movement and GAP control were great.

We played a stinker for over 2 periods, then couldn't score in the shoot out and lost to the Riggers 4-5. Chad Coulombe scored 2 goals with Liam Skitch and Matt Cooper getting the others. Assists to Jake Schutz (2), Logan Walters, Bryce Kneller (2), Connor Farquhar, Fraser Oliver and Liam Skitch. Shots 48-43, PP 0-5 and PK 3-3. The energy that we need to play with wasn't to be found till the 3rd and by that time the puck didn't want to go into the net.

We rode a great 2nd period to a 9-4 win over the Jets. Scoring for us were Chad Coulombe (2), Mitch Cunninham, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Zac Laiss, Brendan Klutke, Jake Schutz and Logan Walters. Assists to Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Connor McCreadie (2), Chad Coulombe, Brendan Klutke, Peter Lamont (3), Kevin Bain and Jake Schutz. Shots 45-32, PP 2-6 and PK 4-5. Having a full lineup makes a very fast team.

It took us the 1st period to get rid of the post Christmas hands and feet, the result a 7-5 win against the Knights. Liam Skitch (2) got us back into the game with a goal late in the 1st then Tyler Heddle, Bryce Kneller (2) and Mik Mykietyshyn (2). Assists to Matt Cooper, James Patterson, Peter Lamont, Connor McCreadie, Liam Skitch (2), Brendan Klutke, Zac Laiss (2), Mac Laiss and Chad Coulombe. Shots 43-36, PP 2-4 and PK 3-4. It was a cold night and we started cold but got stronger with better finish as the game went on.

Welcome back to the cold, we won our last pre Christmas game 7-2 over the Regals. Logan Walters started the scoring with Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Brendan Klutke, Chad Coulombe and Tyler Heddle chipping in the rest. Assists to Liam Skitch, Zac Laiss (2), Jake Schutz (2), Bryce Kneller, James Patterson, Chad Coulombe (3), Brendan Klutke (2) and Mik Mykietyshyn (2). Shots 49-20, PP 0-4 and PK 3-4. Reports said all the new guy players did great, new guy music did great, the turkeys didn't fly away and the Room de Royal was great. See you all Sunday.

It was a strange conclusion to our game as the glass behind the Mustangs net was deemed to be unfixable. The 1st period ended with a 4-0 lead. Brendan Klutke (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Peter Lamont scored from Peter Lamont, Brendan Klutke, Mitch Cunningham (2), Matt Cooper and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 11-9, PP 2-2 and PK 1-1 with a shorty. Maybe the rinky had a little case of 'Royal Flu' and found a problem, no that would never happen. Aloha, Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou. Check Twitter for updates for Sunday's game and see you in 2015.

A very fast game ended with a 2-5 loss to the Hawks. Peter Lamont scored both our goals with Altan Kudrinko, Andy Fox, Matt Cooper and Fraser Oliver assisting them. Shots 49-39, PP 1-5 and PK 1-2. Lots of good things happened in the game, other than our hands. But by playing tough and hard nosed it was another step we need to bring into our game. It's good to see the things improving in our game, that we need.

There is no joy in Mudville as we fall 2-8 to the Warriors. Liam Skitch and Logan Walters scored from Peyton Heggie. Shots 31-39, PP 0-6 and PK 5-7. School took some players away and 'us' allowing the guy with stripes to take some players away for varying amounts of time didn't help. It's to bad that we are still learning that we must dig deep and stay focussed, instead of pointing out things that our teammates do and blaming everyone. We shouldn't expect help, or calls, from anybody we need to rely on our brothers in the room. Tough lessons but important ones if we want to win playoff hockey games.

12-5 win over the Icemen. It wasn't pretty, both the game to watch and our defensive effort. Brendan Klutke started the scoring and finished the game with 3, Peter Lamont (2), Fraser Oliver, Zac Laiss, Matt Cooper, Mik Mykietyshyn, Tyler Heddle, Altan Kudrinko and Bryce Kneller. Assists going to Mitch Cunningham (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Trevor Adams, Zac Laiss (2), Nick Smith (3), Altan Kudrinko (2), Connor Farquhar (2), Liam Skitch (2), Brendan Klutke, Matt Cooper, Logan Walters (2), Jake Schutz, Bryce Kneller and Tyler Heddle. Shots 63-34, PP 2-4 and PK 4-4. The scoring on the weekend was spread through the roster and that is great to see.

Taylor Shukalak stopped 18 shots, in our 6-0 win against the Chiefs, to record his 1st shutout of the season, it was also his 1st as a Royal and the teams 1st shutout since the 2010/2011 playoffs. Liam Skitch led the way with the hattrick, Mik Mykietyshyn (2) and Peter Lamont the others. Assists to Zac Laiss, Matt Cooper (3), Chad Coulombe (2), Bryce Kneller, Brendan Klutke and Fraser Oliver. Shots 42-18, PP 0-9 and PK 9-9. There was only 1 way to slow us down tonight and they tried to play that way, it didn't work. We created lots on the PP but didn't convert, might be the only downer about the game. Softer hands.

You need to punch a bully in the mouth and we did, but forgot about it in the 2nd period, this led to our 3-4 loss OT to the Merchants. Logan Walters scored 2 goals and Peter Lamont the other with assists to Altan Kudrinko, Mik Mykietyshyn, Connor Farquhar, Bryce Kneller, Tyler Heddle and Jake Schutz. Shots 34-44, PP 0-2 PK 3-3. I wonder how it is that when we play the most penalized team in the league 2 times and only get 5 PP chances. I guess we bring out the Lady Bing in them. We had a fun comeback in the 3rd and just a puck bounce away from winning it then.

The slow cold drive out to Leduc was successful as we skated to a 7-2 win over the Riggers. Mik Mykietyshyn with the hattrick led the way with Peter Lamont (2), Matt Cooper and Brendan Klutke scoring the rest. Setting the goals up were Matt Cooper (2), Simon Kiiskila (2), Bryce Kneller, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe (2), Mitch Cunningham and Brendan Klutke. Shots 41-38, PP 1-5 and PK 3-4. We stood tall as things happened around our net and made things happen in their net.

Our comeback fell short as we skated to a 2-3 loss in OT to the Bruins. Peter Lamont and Mitch Cunningham scored with assists to Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn and Brendan Klutke. Shots 37-34, PP 1-4 and PK 2-2. The good news is that the snow didn't happen until we all got home, but that doesn't get you 2 points. Energy is so important and the excitement of the action must push our play to another level.

Nice come back win, again, 6-5 against the Knights in Overtime. Mik Mykietyshyn's winner in OT, he had 4 goals in the game, Altan Kudrinko and Bryce Kneller were our other scorers. The assists came from Altan Kudrinko (2), Brendan Klutke (3), Liam Skitch, Matt Cooper, Connor Farquhar (2), Andy Fox and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 37-39, PP 2-4 and PK 2-4. Lots of bumps early in the game paid off later in the game. What's a guy got to do to win the belt for a game - lots of team 1st choices?

A busy 50 minutes earned us a 6-4 victory over the Fort. Mik Mykietyshyn's hattrick led the way, with Chad Coulombe, Zac Laiss and Matt Cooper scoring the rest. Setting the shooters up were Brendan Klutke (4), Matt Cooper, Chad Coulombe (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Altan Kudrinko, Jake Schutz and Simon Kiiskila. Shots 42-30, PP 3-4 and PK 3-3. We started out a little sleepy but something kicked in part way though the 1st and we scored on our chances. Then the PP kicked in in the 2nd. Winning is good.

The good guys fell short 2-3 to the Knights. Peter Lamont and Jake Schutz scored from Brock Rezansoff and Altan Kudrinko. Shots 42-31, PP 0-1 and PK 3-3. Stone hands didn't help, and our soft start to the game. We always must trust the program and execute it. Some northside Royalamainiacs made the post game entertaining.

Winter has come and the Royal win again, this time 7-3 over Beaumont. Liam Skitch scored a couple of beauties with Mitch Cunningham, Connor Farquhar, Chad Coulombe (2) and Andy Fox the others. Assists to Chad Coulombe (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (4), Tyler Heddle, Altan Kudrinko, Brock Rezansoff (3), Bryce Kneller, Matt Cooper and Fraser Oliver. Shots 24-36, PP 1-4 and PK 5-6. I guess we didn't want to shoot the puck but we controlled the flow and the scoreboard. There was a Kali sighting at the game and post game, not chatty but entertaining.

We got the 2 points with a 4-1 win out in the Grove. Our goal scorers were Peter Lamont, Bryce Kneller (2) and Matt Cooper. With assists going to Chad Coulombe, Matt Cooper (2), Liam Skitch (2), Peter Lamont and Tyler Heddle. Shots 31-32, PP 1-9 and PK 6-6. Lets hope we get healthier and keep our mouths shut, so we never have to play a game like that again. We are real proud of the gritty effort the guys put out to earn the win.

The short lineup finally caught up with us as we fall 0-3 to the Red Wing. Shots 27-41, PP 0-3 PK 7-7. We lost the 2 points but more importantly we lost our composure and let the guy with the whistle get to us. We must remember to control the things we can control, like shooting pucks into open nets.

It was a scary Halloween night out in Leduc but the good guys prevailed 8-3. Mik Mykietyshyn got off with 4 goals and 2 assists, Fraser Oliver, Chad Coulombe (2) and Mitch Cunningham scored our other goals. Assists went to Brendan Klutke (3), Chad Coulombe (4), Connor Farquhar, Andy Fox and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 43-33, PP 2-3 and PK 1-2. A bunch of things were very good and we continued to improve, nice.

We skated for most of the night and escaped with a 3-2 win out in the county over the Bruins. I thought it was Chad who got the scoring going (and I was wrong - it was Mik) but the game sheet says Mik Mykietyshyn with Liam Skitch shooting 2 into the open net. Peter Lamont (2), Simon Kiiskila, Brock Rezansoff and Fraser Oliver got assists. Shots 28-33, PP 0-3 and PK 3-3. It's funny how those penalty totals are equal most games, it's like there are marbles in pockets. Trevor Adams was solid in the net and recorded his 1st win as a Royal.

Come back wins are so much fun as we scored 2 goals in the last 2 minutes to tie things up and the game winner, by Connor Farquhar, in OT. 6-5 was the final score in our win over the Warriors. Brendan Klutke (2), Matt Cooper, Logan Walters (his 1st as a Royal) and Mik Mykietyshyn scored the rest of our goals. Setting them up were Mitch Cunninham (4), Bryce Kneller, Liam Skitch, Chad Coulumbe, Altan Kudrinko, Jake Schutz and Brendan Klutke. Shots 32-38, PP 1-3 and PK 2-4. The lights (scoreboard lights) went out for the 2nd period and we popped 2 quick ones to get back into the game. It was just an off night starting with more injuries, sickness and work. A bunch of guys never quit and just kept being hard to play against, that is a good formula to have.

It looks like a good time to take a week off and practice - 4-7 to Mustangs. Liam Skitch scored 3 and assisted Tyler Heddle's goal. The other assists went to Matt Cooper, Jake Schutz, Chad Coulumbe, Mitch Cunningham, Bryce Kneller, Fraser Oliver and Simon Kiiskila. Shots 29-46, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. We decided we didn't need to compete and got slapped in the face for our lack of effort. Lets hope we get smarter.

The winning continues as we skate past the Bruins 4-2. Chad Coulumbe started the scoring then Liam Skitch (2) and Brendan Klutke. Assists to Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Brendan Klutke, Bryce Kneller, Simon Kiiskla, Chad Coulumbe, Matt Cooper and Zac Laiss. Shots 56-22, PP 0-6 and PK 4-4. We finally wore them out in the 3rd period with a lot of relentless play.

SWEEP! - the weekend was good to the Royal, 6-3 out in Wetaskiwin. Jake Schutz (2) started the scoring with Mik Mykietyshyn, Brendan Klutke, Chad Coulombe and Connor McCreadie. Although we set up the goals much better than the sheet says, assists to Jake Schutz, Mitch Cunninham (3), Chad Coulombe, Mik Mykietyshyn (2) and Liam Skitch. Shots 38-29, PP 3-7 PK 4-4. The phantom goals and non goals can go away anytime soon. Everything happens for a reason and I guess this is another way to make us mentally stronger. The word is that nobody got lost either coming to or going home from the game.

The sun is coming up hot and the Royals win, makes you think doesn't it, 3-2 in a Shoot out over the Jets. Our goals came from Matt Cooper and Chad Coulombe with Liam Skitch scoring the game winning shoot out goal. Assists to Liam Skitch, Brendan Klutke and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 38-28, PP 1-11 and PK 7-7. Shuks stopped all 3 shootout attempts. We brought some of that fire that we have been talking about and were a very hard team to play against. Side Show was a no show and fishing season has come to a close, unless there is some scouting in the near future.

Boy this 2-3 score is getting to be a bad habit that needs to stop, as we lose to the Flyers. Our goals came from Brendan Klutke (1st as a Royal) and Zac Laiss with assists to Mik Mykietyshyn, Liam Skitch, Kevin (hands guy) Bain and Connor Farquhar. Shots 31-40, PP 0-1 and PK 0-0. I guess it was a clean game, but all the ice bags claim something different. We are still creating empty nets to shoot at but not scoring. That will change, a great 1st game by Trevor was spoiled by our lack of offense.

We started the game very flat and uninterested but came on strong in our 2-3 loss to the Hawks. Peter Lamont (1st as a Royal) and Liam Skitch scored from Liam Skitch, Mitch Cunninham (2) and Chad Coulombe. Shots 30-31, PP 1-5 and PK 5-6. We need to start hating who we play before the game starts instead of letting them do something to us, to get that motivation.

All is right with the world once again as we skate to a 4-2 win against the Chiefs. Power play goals from Mik Mykietyshyn and Bryce Kneller were followed by Matt Cooper's backhand and Mitch Cunningham's end to end rush. Assisting the goals Connor McCreadie (2), Zac Laiss (2), Mitch Cunningham and Andy Fox. Shots 48-26, PP 2-5 and PK 2-3. We are going to find that emotional charge that will get us competing hard and smart for all 60 minutes, but last night it came at the 12:00 minute mark of the 2nd period. Good things happen to those who are focused.

The trip down the Trail to St. Albert wasn't as successful as planned, we fall 1-3 to the Merchants. Mitch Cunningham scored on a dump in, shorthanded from Mik Mykietyshyn. But that was it other than a few posts. Shots 22-31, PP 0-3 and PK 2-2. We did a bunch of good things and will be rewarded with goals soon and lots of them. There was no fishing trip as the guide wasn't at the game to take us to the Lodge.

What a difference a day makes - we lose to the Riggers 1-3. Liam Skitch scored our only goal from Connor McCreadie and Fraser Oliver. Shots 35-39, PP 1-9 and PK 3-3. We haven't had a poor skate at all this season, practices included, until tonight. Learning took place the hard way and we move forward.

Our season started with a bang as we skate to a 7-4 win out in Sherwood Park against the Knights. Chad Coulombe (was awarded the belt) scored our 1st goal of the year and added 3 more, ya that's right a 4 goal night, Jake Schutz (1st as a Royal), Liam Skitch (1st as a Royal) and Tyler Heddle with the rest. Assists (I thought we passed the puck better than this) to Andy Fox, Jake Schutz, Brendan Klutke (2), Matt Cooper, Mitch Cunningham (2) and Simon Kiiskla. Shots 28-33, PP 3-8 and PK 11-13. We brought a bit of everything to the game, some banging, some speed, some finish and most importantly the determination to fight through crap to take care of the top line. #Winning

Preseason came to a close with a 6-0 win against Spruce Grove. Now some tough choices and good decisions need to be made. Then we get to play for points on Friday. What a great camp lets carry it over to the season.

The trip to the north was successful as we got the win 3-2 over the Warriors. We took some hits and gave a bunch in return, but speed is great.

We skated to a comeback win 5-4 over the Knights. It was a heavier game and we stood up to it, lots of battle in our team.

4-3 win against the Warriors. Some different guys got in the line up, and the result was the same. Different guys did all the scoring as well. Speed is a great characteristic to have as a team and we are showing lots of it.

Game one was a success 4-0 over the Knights. The game had a bit of everything, but mostly a bunch of Royals going fast and smart. We were pretty organized and we got quicker as the game went along. Great start!

Our first week is in the books and it has been very impressive. The dressing room is getting louder, always a good sign, and the guys sitting next to each other have been playing harder for each other. It gets more competitive next week as we prepare for some games.

We had an impressive start to the season last night. Lots of speed and competitiveness. The new guys are showing good and the old guys are showing some fire in their belly. Good Times 'It's Hockey Season'.

All the ice has been booked. Lets get ready for a long season that will get us to Stony Plain for Provincials and with a win off to Cold Lake for Westerns with the plan of winning the Keystone Cup.




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