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Game 1 - Fri. Feb. 19th 8:00 @ Confed W 8-3
Game 2 - Sun Feb. 21st 7:45 @ Fort Sask L 3-4
Game 3 - Wed. Feb. 24th 8:00 @ Confed L 5-6 OT
Game 4 - Fri. Feb. 26 8:00 @ Fort Sask L 3-4
Game 5 - Sun. Feb. 28th 8:00 @ Confed

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


FRIDAY APRIL 1st 6:00 or so liquid - 6:30 or so Pictures - the usual chilidogs and road hockey!

For those of you that missed it, it sucks to be you. The 2015/2016 KALI GAME was an epic clash of young, 19 of them, vs old, 17 of them. The young guys may have pulled off the upset but there was a late goal that might have tied things up. It was so loud with all the 'fans in the stands with contracts in their pockets' who could hear if the horn went or not. Some great faces and stories from past and future Royalamainiacs. I hope I can figure the picture thing on the site so I can post a few pictures. But if not they will be up on TWITTER soon.

Thursday March 17 - 8:15 @ Confederation Arena is the site of the 2015/16 Kali Game. Sounds like quite an event - that is if this season Royals can put together a strong enough team. See you there.

We have 6 Royals shinny slots (our practice times) up until March 17th. Come one and all, bring out the Royalamainiacs, everyone is welcome - If there is some interest we could play a Kali game on the last slot. Let me know. - Pictures will be in April I'll let you know when after I hear about exam schedules.

Well another season of Royals Hockey has come to a close with our 3-4 loss, good luck to the Hawks. Logan Walters, Taylor Shields and Chad Coulombe scored our goals, from Ryan Rosich, Craig Hole, Logan Walters, Bryce Kneller and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 46-35, PP 1-4 and PK 4-4. The battle was there as was the effort but we fell short. Great efforts from Shuks and all 5 D-Men who played the last 2 games. Our graduating players Mik, Heddle, Farquhar and Chad, thanks for your smarts, leadership, fun conversations, efforts and overall great guys to be around, you will be missed but not forgotten. What a crazy good season, from ridiculously skillful goals and saves to the walking wounded. It was a season unlike any other. Things went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, then we fought back and finished strong. The things that went right far out last the ones that went wrong. But needless to say, we need to eat more steak and drink more milk. See everyone in the fall.

Wow we came close but let things slip away 5-6 in OT. Goals by Taylor Shields, James Patterson (2), Chad Coulombe and Brenden Klutke with assists from Brenden Klutke (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Ryan Rosich, Liam Skitch (2), Zac Laiss, Tyler Heddle and Chad Coulombe. Shots 45-42, PP 0-4 and PK 4-5. We battled hard with our short staffed defense and made lots of plays. Great support from our forwards kept us in the lead, but things went wrong in the 3rd and we didn't recover. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Kevin Elkow. (9).

Not the result we wanted 3-4 out in the Fort. Derek McWhinnie, Brenden Klutke and Mitch Cunningham scored our goals. From Scott Punger, Peter Lamont, Logan Walters, Brenden Klutke and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 41-37, PP 2-8 and PK 5-8. Look at that, the penalty totals were the same at 8, it might be hard to believe if you were at the game. We lost a little focus in the 1st but kept fighting back. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Altan Kudrinko. (9).

The Real Royals came to the rink and skated away with a 8-3 win over the Hawks in game 1 of the best of 5 series. Mik Mykietyshyn scored our 1st 4 goals of the game, with Peter Lamont, Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie and Carter Shukalak (his 1st Royals goal). Assists to Mitch Cunningham (2), Brenden Klutke (3), Chad Coulombe (2), Zac Laiss, Bryce Kneller, Connor Farquhar, Craig Hole (2), Liam Skitch, Tyler Heddle and Scott Punger. Shots 51-32, PP 3-5 and PK 6-7. With special guest music man 'Ruptown' spinning the hits the boys played hard and smart. The time off helped our walking wounded mend and it showed up on the scoreboard. The belt went to Mik. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Kevin Bain. (9).

Friday Feb. 12 6:00 the last ever Royals Pre Playoff Air Hockey Championship will take place. #RAHT2016 This event is open to all Royalamainiacs. I will record the team names as they come in. 1st entry 'MTC 4 Lyfe', 'The Dekes of Hazard', 'The Duo', 'Whale Hunters', 'Alpha Q', 'Team Shitty', 'A Team', 'A Tribe Called MA', 'Dick Skin', 'Dumb and Dumber'. Another epic tournament took place with 'A Tribe Called MA' (Mitch, Andy) facing off against 'The Duo' (Peter, Liam), in the final. Both teams came into the game undefeated with 'The Duo' coming out on top. There were a lot of happy faces.

For the 1st time in a long time we finished 1st place in the East Division - with our 2-1 OT win over Strathcona. Taylor Shields got us started and Liam Skitch ended it in OT. Assists to Craig Hole and Bryce Kneller. Shots 47-29, PP 0-1 and PK 0-1. We played hard and smart but left our soft hands at home. We have earned a 1st round bye and will wait and practice till we get our chance. We might be a couple players healthier by the time the playoffs start, but not completely.

We need to bump for 60 and everything will be good - we didn't and lost 4-5 to the Knights. Our goals came from James Patterson, Taylor Shields and Chad Coulombe (2). And the only assist of the night to Carter Shukalak. Shots 32-47, PP 0-1 and PK 2-3. When the game got tight and the time was running out we got intense and carried the play - but by then it was to little to late - 60-60-60.

We came out with a solid effort and skated through the crap to a 3-0 win over the Regals. Scoring our goals were Scott Punger, Bryce Kneller and James Patterson. Assists to Mik Mykietyshyn, Craig Hole, Shane Bosomworth, Peter Lamont, Liam Skitch and Tyler Heddle. Shots 44-22, PP 0-5 and PK 5-5. We were hard to play against and it showed with the amount of yapping that was directed at our box. Billy earned his 1st win and 1st shutout as a Royal. Congratulations to James, Mitch, Shane and Jenn on being awarded Scholarships from The Friends of Alberta Junior Hockey Society.

We are learning some tough lesson's these days as we lose 2-7 to the Mustangs. Chad Coulombe and Ryan Rosich scored our goals, from Mik Mykietyshyn and James Patterson. Shots 30-44, PP 0-3 and PK 5-5. Maybe we need to get more penalties early in games to amp up our compete level. We are still seeing positives among all these lesson's we are learning...

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we just haven't got to it yet, as we lose 3-4 to Fort Sask. Peter Lamont started the scoring with Justin Shimizu and Logan Walters chipping in. Setting them up were Liam Skitch, Logan Walters, Scott Punger, Taylor Shields, Craig Hole and Taylor Shukalak. Shots 31-34, PP 1-5 and PK 2-2. Smiles are already being seen in the room again and the Glue needs to keep things tight. Lets keep all the oars in the water and continue to pull together.

We aren't playing our best at the moment, but we will be soon, 5-7 to the Chiefs. Peter Lamont scored 2 times with singles to Ryan Rosich, Logan Walters and Shane Bosomworth. Assists to Peter Lamont, Taylor Shields, Carter Shukalak, Scott Punger, Mitch Cunningham and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 50-33, PP 1-6 and PK 3-4. We need to play better defense, in all 3 zones, and shoot the puck into the net (not the posts and goalies belly).

Boy did we suck and lost 0-5 to the Riggers. Shots 26-47, PP 0-5 and PK 5-6. The only thing on the weekend that was worse than this effort was the All Star Game Saturday.

Congratulations to our Rookie All Stars - Derek McWhinnie, Taylor Shields and Craig Hole. Also Congrats to our All Stars - Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe, Brenden Klutke, Mitch Cunningham (Tyler Heddle replaced him), Ryan Rosich and Taylor Shukalak.

Not the result we wanted 2-4 to the Icemen. Peter Lamont and Chad Coulombe scored our goals from Logan Walters, Connor Farquhar and Brenden Klutke. Shots 31-41, PP 0-2 and PK 2-2. Mental mistakes suck being forgetful is suckyer. Lets pick up the slack.

We came for 2 points and got them the hard way with a 5-4 win in overtime against the Jets. We didn't start scoring till the 2nd period as David Henderson (1st as a Royal) got us going, Shane Bosomworth, Brenden Klutke and Mik Mykietyshyn (winner on a breakaway). The game sheet says that these guys assisted the goals (for the 2nd game in a row I might disagree on some on them) Bryce Kneller (2), Shane Bosomworth, David Henderson, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe, Brenden Klutke, Mitch Cunningham and Taylor Shukalak. Shots 32-29, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. We need to start better, being slow isn't a good way to begin a game. But as usual we weathered the storm and got better as the game played on.

Back on track with a 10-0 win against the Regals. After a slow start Bryce Kneller started the scoring, followed by, Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe, Zac Laiss, Logan Walters, Scott Punger (1st as a Royal), Peter Lamont and Ryan Rosich. Assisted by David Henderson, Shane Bosomworth, Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie (2), Brenden Klutke (3), Mitch Cunningham, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe (2), Taylor Shields (2), Peter Lamont, Liam Skitch (2), Logan Walters and Scott Punger. Shots 52-26, PP 3-7 and PK 2-2. The new guys in the line up made us faster and that's a good thing.

From all reports 2016 was a sloppy start and the scoreboard said 3-5 St. Albert. Brenden Klutke, Liam Skitch and Tyler Heddle scored from Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe, Zac Laiss, Craig Hole, Taylor Shields and Justin Shimizu. Shots 21-36, PP 0-3 and PK 4-5.

We had a happy group of Royalamainiacs in our 'Room de Royal' after our 6-2 win over the Flyers. Derek McWhinnie started the scoring with Liam Skitch, Bryce Kneller (2), Brenden Klutke and Ryan Rosich into the empty net. Assists to Liam Skitch, Mitch Cunningham, James Patterson, Zac Laiss, Shane Bosomworth (3), David Henderson, Bryce Kneller, Mac Laiss, Taylor Shields and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 41-36, PP 1-3 and PK 3-3. We gritted it out and earned the 2 points. NICE!! We had a great time seeing the Royalamainiacs and the Old Royals who were able to make it out after the game.

Christmas Party Friday and 'Room de Royal' Sunday!!

A very gutsy game our Royals played and were rewarded with a 7-5 win on the northside against the Warriors. Bryce Kneller (2), Derek McWhinnie, Justin Shimizu (2) and Liam Skitch (2) did all the scoring. Assists to Ryan Rosich, James Patterson, Jake Schutz (2), Derek McWhinnie and Tyler Heddle. Shots (I think, the game sheet was a mess) 30-57, PP 1-4 and PK 3-4. We were a few guys short and had to play a very unRoyal like style but the result was what we wanted. I think a bunch of guys played some positions they haven't played in a long time, but it worked.

We could have played harder but chose not to and the result is a 1-4 loss to the Red Wings. Brenden Klutke scored our only goal from Liam Skitch and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 23-40, PP 1-3 and PK 2-3. It's strange but when we have played these guys, over the last couple seasons, the rules change and no penalties are called. That wasn't why we didn't play hard enough to win just an interesting attachment to the game.

The skating team won 3-2 over the Icemen. Mitch Cunningham scored all 3 of our goals from Liam Skitch (2), Brenden Klutke (2), Andy Fox and Ryan Rosich. Shots 39-32, PP 3-8 and PK 2-3. It was a funny game that didn't need to be that close. But it was a great effort by all our Royals. 2 points and improving on how smart we play is great.

Royals win 9-3 over Riggers. Ryan Rosich with the sweet hattrick, Chad Coulombe (2), James Patterson, Brenden Klutke (2) and Peter Lamont. Assisting the goals Liam Skitch (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Mitch Cunninham (3), Ryan Rosich, Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Zac Laiss, Bryce Kneller, Craig Hole (2), Tyler Heddle, Justin Shimizu and Jaden Beck. Shots 51-36, PP 4-10 and PK 7-7. The game was a lot closer than the score, they got a couple penalties and we blew it up. 2 points are good.

The 2 good things about playing on a Sunday afternoon are winning 4-3 over the Bruins and getting to see the Esks win the Grey Cup. Peter Lamont (2) scored the 1st and 4th goals, Liam Skitch and Chad Coulombe the others. I thought we passed the puck more than this but not on the sheet - Justin Shimizu, Andy Fox, Derek McWhinnie and Mik Mykietyshyn the assists. Shots 43-47, PP 1-4 and PK 4-4. We played like we were asleep.

The trip out to St. Albert was a successful one as we skated to a 7-5 win. Liam Skitch (2) started and finished the scoring with James Patterson, Mitch Cunningham, Brenden Klutke and Chad Coulombe (2). Assists to Ryan Rosich, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Brenden Klutke (2), Craig Hole, Chad Coulombe, Mitch Cunningham, James Patterson and Shane Bosomworth. Shots 23-29, PP 2-6 and PK 5-5. We started the game a little short on defense and got shorter as the game went on, way to step up Brenden. We lost a Royalamainiac last night Don Hyland way to soon RIP.

We found a good reason to play hard and 12-2 over the Knights was the result. Ryan Rosich scored the 1st and 12th goals with 1 more in-between for the hat trick, Derek McWhinnie (2), Taylor Shields, James Patterson (2), Liam Skitch (2), Mik Mykietyshyn and Chad Coulombe. Assist to Craig Hole, James Patterson (5), Bryce Kneller, Taylor Shields, Derek McWhinnie (3), Zac Laiss (3), Liam Skitch (2), Ryan Rosich (2), Mitch Cunningham, Brenden Klutke (2), Chad Coulombe, Mik Mykietyshyn and Peter Lamont. They came with a short lineup and we got better as the game went on, tough one to watch.

Solid, never quit and never back down and win 7-5 in Fort Sask. James Patterson started the scoring, Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe, Brenden Klutke, Liam Skitch, Taylor Shields and Ryan Rosich. Assists to Ryan Rosich (2), Liam Skitch (2), Brenden Klutke, Zac Laiss, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Derek McWhinnie and Bryce Kneller. Shots 27-40, PP 1-5 and PK 4-5. We had a huge start then backed off a bit, for some reason?. Weathered the storm and put the peddle down in the 3rd.

10-1 over Bruins, nice way to end the weekend. Ryan Rosich started the scoring, Derek McWhinnie, Mitch Cunningham (2), Brenden Klutke, Peter Lamont and Chad Coulombe (4). Assists to Andy Fox (2), Mitch Cunninham (3), Connor Farquhar, Jaden Beck, James Patterson, Liam Skitch (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Chad Coulombe, Tyler Heddle (2), Zac Laiss, Peter Lamont and Brenden Klutke (2). Shots 56-25 PP 4-9 and PK 7-7. I was home sick, it looks like there is a ground swell for a bloody coup starting.

If you want to be the best you must play your best, we didn't and lost 6-5 to Wetaskiwin. Chad Coulombe scored the hattrick with Mik Mykietyshyn and Mitch Cunningham the others. Assists to Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Brenden Klutke (3) and Chad Coulombe. Shots 33-40, PP 3-5 and PK 2-3. Even though we hit a ton of posts we didn't compete the way we must in order to win and get better.

The weekend sweep we were looking for was accomplished with our 8-3 win against the Chiefs. Logan Walters shot 3 pucks in the net, Ryan Rosich 2, with singles to Chad Coulombe, Craig Hole and Brenden Klutke. Setting the goals up were Peter Lamont, Connor Farquhar, Mitch Cunningham (2), Mik Mykietyshyn (3), Brenden Klutke, Shane Bosomworth (2), Zac Laiss, Liam Skitch, Andy Fox, Derek McWhinnie, Taylor Shields and Chad Coulombe. Shots 50-35, PP 2-6 and PK 4-5. Other than the 1st 5 minutes of the game we played smart and hard. The Round Belly's were smiling around the table after the game.

A solid Friday night win 7-4 over Leduc. Derek McWhinnie and Chad Coulombe both scored 2 goals with Liam Skitch, Brenden Klutke and Ryan Rosich getting the others. Assists going to Ryan Rosich, Andy Fox, Taylor Shields, Mitch Cunningham, Chad Coulombe, James Patterson, Liam Skitch, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Craig Hole, Justin Shimizu, Zac Laiss and Connor Farquhar. Shots 31-42, PP 0-5 and PK 6-8. We had a little hiccup in the 2nd period but played a pretty solid game and earned the 2 points.

What a difference a couple sleeps can make, we woke up and skated to a 6-2 victory over the Hawks. Ryan Rosich started the scoring with Taylor Shields, Liam Skitch (natural 2nd period hattrick) and Chad Coulombe. Assisting the goals were James Patterson (3), Tyler Heddle, Justin Shimizu, Derek McWhinnie, Craig Hole, Andy Fox, Mitch Cunningham, Ryan Rosich, Brenden Klutke and Mik Mykietyshyn. Shots 55-30, PP 2-6 and PK 7-7. We became our hard skating, hard passing and having fun playing hockey team again. Lets hope I have corrected everybody's names, spelling has never been a strong suit of mine.

There is no joy in mudville as we lose 2-6 to the Knights. Liam Skitch and Ryan Rosich scored our goals from Taylor Shields, Peter Lamont, Liam Skitch and Mac Laiss. Shots 36-37, PP 0-4 and PK 4-7. Ouch we weren't ready to play and couldn't find that switch to turn us on until it was to late. Have Fun and Play Hard are great words.

This wasn't the result we were looking for as we fell 3-5 to the Mustangs. Chad Coulombe scored all 3 of our goals and a couple were highlight reel ones. Assists to Craig Hole, Derek McWhinnie, Brenden Klutke (2), Tyler Heddle and Liam Skitch. Shots 31-50, PP 1-5 and PK 7-7. We weren't focused enough to block out a couple whistles and that led us down a bad path. But we got better in a couple areas and exposed in a couple more.

The good news is that we won 7-2 and the roads were great. Chad Coulombe (2), Peter Lamont (2), Liam Skitch and Mik Mykietyshyn (2) scored our goals. From Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Brenden Klutke (3), Zac Laiss, Chad Coulombe (3), Ryan Rosich (3) and Liam Skitch. Shots 42-38, PP 2-6 and PK 1-2. For the first time this season we played with a short bench and for the first time in his career Mik got a Gordie Howe hattrick.

That's a lot of goals scored on the weekend as we skated to a 10-5 win over the Icemen. Logan Walters scored our 1st and 2nd shorthanded goals of the season with Mik Mykietyshyn (4), Chad Coulombe (2), Liam Skitch and Ryan Rosich. Assists to Craig Hole, Brenden Klutke (4), Andy Fox, Chad Coulombe (2), Simon Kiiskila, Mitch Cunninham and Zac Laiss (2). Shots 54-36, PP 2-5 and PK 3-5. We played hard, smart and got better as a team. Staying focused and away from the crap is going to take us a long way. The only hiccup on the weekend was that we let our goalies down a bit and let the bad guys have too much puck time in our zone, after the games were out of reach.

Wow 12-3 out in Stony Plain. Lots of goals starting with Liam Skitch (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Brenden Klutke, Mitch Cunningham (2), Chad Coulombe (2), Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie, Shane Bosomworth and with his 1st goal as a Royal (even if the gamesheet doesn't indicate it) Craig Hole. Assisting were Derek McWhinnie, Bryce Kneller (2), Brenden Klutke (4), Chad Coulombe (3), Mik Mykietyshyn (6), Logan Walters, Craig Hole, Andy Fox, Zac Laiss (2) and Ryan Rosich. Shots 60-25, PP 9-16, PK 3-4. Telling the ref what you think of him never works. Not much to say only that one team stayed focused and just wanted to play hockey.

We play to take care of the top line and we did that 5-1 against the Riggers. Liam Skitch got our first 2 goals with Chad Coulombe, Taylor Shields (his 1st as a Royal) and Ryan Rosich. Assists to Taylor Shields, James Patterson (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Mitch Cunningham (2), Liam Skitch and Peter Lamont. Shots 41-26, PP 0-6 and PK 2-2. We played with hands of stone, as the puck kept bouncing when we passed or tried to receive a pass. We played fast but are still looking for the consistent effort.

Everyone made it across the river safely and were rewarded with a 5-1 victory over the Red Wings. You just never know when you travel north. Peter Lamont scored in the 1st period, then James Patterson, Ryan Rosich, Justin Shimizu and Mik Mykietyshyn. Making the passes - Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie, Mik Mykietyshyn, Mitch Cunningham, Taylor Shields and Chad Coulombe. Shots 31-36, PP 1-2 and PK 2-3. A fast paced and fast played game that had a bit of everything that you would expect when these two teams play. The Royalamainiacs were looking to get body parts signed in-between periods, sorry there was no time for that foolishness.

There was no let down in our 5-3 win over the Chiefs. Mitch (welcome back) Cunningham started and ended the scoring with Chad Coulombe getting the hattrick sandwiched in-between. Assists to Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Peter Lamont, Brenden Klutke, Andy Fox, Tyler Heddle, Craig Hole and Zac Laiss. Shots 49-31, PP 1-5 and PK 2-2. We played one of our best periods in the 1st but only wanted to shoot the puck into the crest of the goalie. Jaden earned his 1st win as a Royal with a great showing in the 3rd period.

We beat all the opponents (players and the ones with whistles) 6-5 out in Morinville. Mik Mykietyshyn started the scoring with Peter Lamont, Ryan Rosich, Brenden Klutke (2) and Logan Walters. The set up guys were Brenden Klutke, Liam Skitch, Simon Kiiskila, Logan Walters, Andy Fox, Tyler Heddle, Mik Mykietyshyn and Connor Farquhar. Shots 35-42, PP 3-4 and PK 9-9. The shots are a bit misleading but a quick look at the special teams numbers will explain that. We got better as the game went on and once we tilted the ice there was no looking back.

The comeback fell short and we lost 5-7 to the Warriors. Derek McWhinnie (2), James Patterson, Mik Mykietyshyn and Liam Skitch scored the goals. From Chad Coulombe (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Logan Walters (2), Liam Skitch, Peter Lamont, Bryce Kneller, James Patterson and Zac Laiss. Shots 35-43, PP 0-4 and PK 3-4. We played uninspired hockey till late and brought the score back to 1 but an empty netter sealed the deal. It's surprising that we didn't carry the emotion of Friday's game to our home game.

Never quit is a great team mantra - 6-5 in a shoot out over the Hawks. We were down most of the game but always found a way to come back. Derek McWhinnie (2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Brenden Klutke and Liam Skitch scored. Assisting the goals were Chad Coulombe (3), Brenden Klutke, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Bryce Kneller and David Henderson. Shots 37-31, PP 0-5 and PK 4-5. Nothing was going to stop us or slow us down not: the suspended players, the high and from behind hits, the spears behind the play and most importantly the scoreboard. We overcame everything and the old 2 shot breakaway drill paid off as Liam and Chad scored and Shuks shut the door with 2 out of 3 stops. It took a few bruises on hands and bodies to get this win. Nice.

The scoring started early and often, 10-3 was the final score in our home opening win against the Knights. Mitch Cunningham scored a 1st period hattrick (I can't remember one of our defencemen ever scoring 3 in one period before - Royalamainiacs please correct my if I'm wrong), James Patterson, Justin Shimizu (1st as a Royal), Brenden Klutke, Shane Bosomworth (2) also his 1st Royal goals, Chad Coulombe and Mik Mykietyshyn. Assists to Brenden Klutke (2), Derek McWhinnie, Mitch Cunningham (2), Bryce Kneller, Taylor Shields (3), Andy Fox, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Chad Coulombe, Justin Shimizu (2) and Connor Farquhar. Shots 56-26, PP 2-5 and PK 4-5. Our room didn't look very lively before the game but that didn't stop us from going hard and Mitch kick started the fun. It was good to see some old faces at the game. Lets hope our AWOL time keeper finds his way back to the rink.

Great start to our season, 7-3 was the final score over the Chiefs. Chad Coulombe started the scoring, ended it and added one in the middle for the hat trick, Mik Mykietyshyn (2), Logan Walters and Derek McWhinnie (his 1st as a Royal). Assisting the goals Brenden Klutke (4), Mitch Cunningham(2), Mik Mykietyshyn, Chad Coulombe (3), Peter Lamont (2), Bryce Kneller and Zac Laiss. Shots 34-36, PP 2-5 and PK 5-6. We started a little tight and gripped our sticks to hard instead of just shooting the puck into the net. But once we broke the ice off our hands we were constantly being rewarded. Team energy grew as the game progressed and we played with more passion. On to the Royals Golf Tournament!!

Preseason came to a close with a hard skating effort that was rewarded, 5-4 over the Knights. Some very tough decisions need to be made this week, and then get ready for Friday and Game 1!

The win over the Hawks, 8-4, was a good step. Then we hiccupped on Saturday 3-6 to the Knights. Consistency and playing the way we practice will kick in or we will be frustrated again.

A very strong showing by our Royals as we skated to a 8-2 win over the Knights in pre season action. Lots of Royalamainiacs took in the action in the middle of the long weekend. They left the rink happy and a some left more wobbly than others. Great start, now lets get faster.

1st week of camp was full of competition. There were plenty of Royalamainiacs in the stands, getting their 1st look at the new Royals. Pre season games are up next after a relaxing weekend.

Day 1 of camp was great. We had a good mix of players and a lot of them. Speed was everywhere.

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