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Tues. 9:15, Thurs. 8:00

Confederation Arena


Wed. Aug. 30th 8:30 @ Kenilworth
Tues. Sept. 5th 9:15 @ Confed
Wed. Sept. 6th 8:00 @ Confed vs Sherwood Park
Thurs. Sept. 7th 8:00 @ Confed
Fri. Sept. 8th 8:05 @ Confed vs Warriors
Sun. Sept. 10th 8:00 @ Confed vs St. Albert
Tues. Sept. 12th 9:15 @ Confed

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Team pictures go Friday April 7th at my place. Chili dogs start at 6:00, games and pictures to follow in a timely fashion. Refreshments will be available anytime after 4:00 and as always all Royalamainiacs are welcome.

The 1st Cutman Classic was a Classic with the Old Guys taking home the win. More old faces showed up and more smiles all over the arena. This shit never gets old. But with the game ending so has our ice slots. Thanks go out to everyone who helped us out this season and to all the Royalamainiacs around the world for their continued support.

The Alumni Game was EPIC With Team Black squeaking out the win. We had 26 guys show up and a few more in the stands. Thanks to Pat McNary, Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Heddle, Jeff Lesik, Blair Zahara, Steve Skoreyko, Trevor Ruptash, JF Royer, Fraser Oliver, Nathan Hollands, Ryan Mork, Glenn Patry, Shawn Kozun, Cade Barry, Shawn Comrie, Jarret Hager, Dan 'The Goalie' Pennock, Tyler Lega, Jeff Pringle, Cam Brecken, Dave Fedechko, Kent Love, Barrett Kyle, Terrace Warawa and not dressed Brad Dufresne and A Smith.

We will be playing The First Ever Royals Alumni Game on Thursday March 23 - 8:00 at Confed. Pass the word around, give me a text if you can make it. This will be followed up with another Kali Game - which will now be know as "The Cutman Classic" on Tuesday March 28 9:15 at Confed.

Well that's it we lose 0-3 and the series by the same number. Tough time wrapping the year into words but disappointing is one as well as commitment and injuries. Our graduating players were outstanding and all played 4 years thanks to Andy Fox, Mitch Cunningham and Taylor Shukalak - you will be missed and now you are becoming Royalamainiacs. Connor McCreadie was our Write-In Royalamainiac.

Game 2 started a lot better but the same result 3-6 with another empty net goal. Peter Lamont got credit for the 1st goal as it went in off his skate on the redirect, Logan Walters and Mitch Cunningham as well. Assists to Brenden Klutke (2), Zac Laiss, Liam Skitch and Derek McWhinnie. Shots ?? not to sure but 36-62, PP 1-4 and PK 6-7. We started strong but we need to figure out how to stay focussed and stay disciplined, the stripes make it hard but we got to adjust. Matt Cooper was our Write-In Royalamainiac. (10). #cutman

Game 1 didn't go a planned we lost 3-5. Andy Fox got us on the scoreboard with Logan Walters and Mitch Cunningham the others. Assisting the goals were James Patterson, Mitch Cunningham, Liam Skitch, Peter Lamont, Ryan Rosich and Carter Shukalak. Shots 30-43, PP 1-4 and PK 4-5. A great crowd took in the game that had a little bit of everything, but the empty net goal was the final blow. Tyler Heddle was our Write-In Royalamainiac. (10). #cutman

A Celebration of Life will occur on Saturday February 18 at 10:00 AM. Connelly-Mckinley 10011 - 114 Street. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the Edmonton Humane Society or Kidsport Canada. See you there. Please pass this along.

Our regular season came to a close with a 2-3 loss to the Merchants. James Patterson scored both our goals with assists going to Liam Skitch (2) and David Henderson. Shots 51-26, PP 0-2 and PK 2-2. It was a game without a lot of emotion but we got through without any more injuries and are ready to rest up for a long Playoff Run (10). #cutman

The road trip was successful 5-4 over the Icemen in a shoot out. Brenden Klutke scored our 1st 2 goals then added the only goal in the shoot out, Peter Lamont and Ryan Rosich scored the others. Assists to Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie (2), James Patterson (2) and Logan Walters. Shots 41-47, PP 0-5 and PK 5-6. Shuks shut the door in the SO and Klutke went shelf, nice. It was a real team effort as we taped and halls some guys together, played out of position and skated to the win. #Cutman

Winter is back and we skate to another win 6-4 over the Bruins. Our goals came from Peter Lamont (2), Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie, Bronson Littlechilds and Mitch Cunningham. With assist to Quinton McAndrews, Liam Skitch (2), Andy Fox, Carter Shukalak, Brenden Klutke (2), Kody DePaoli, Mitch Cunningham, Logan Walters, Ryan Rosich and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 49-33, PP 2-3 and PK 3-3. We finally started hitting to start the 3rd period and built up the lead that gave us the win. #Cutman

Last nights win 5-2 against the Chiefs was made even more special by all the Royalamainiacs that were able to get out to the game. Showing the Cutman a little more love. Mitch Cunningham started the scoring them James Patterson, Derek McWhinnie (2) and Ryan Rosich. Assists to Brenden Klutke (3), Ryan Rosich (2), Logan Walters, Derek McWhinnie, Mitch Cunningham and Taylor Shukalak. Shots 47-39, PP 1-7 and PK 4-5. We had a little toast to Dennis and John Anderson after the game and more interesting Cutman stories. What a life -What a character -We will always remember - Always in our hearts. RIP Cutman #cutman

What a weekend, we start with a 6-4 win out in Leduc and then get home to the passing of Dennis. Logan Walters with a hat trick led the way, with singles going to Liam Skitch, David Henderson and Scott Pungor. Assisting the goals Ryan Rosich, Derek McWhinnie, James Patterson, Scott Pungor (2), Josh Hayward and Logan Walters. Shots 48-33, PP 0-4 and PK 4-5. Most of the weekend was a blur but we played pretty well. #Cutman

With the Biggest Boxing Handshake we say ALOHA to the Best Guy Ever 'Dennis "CUTMAN" Belair'. 1954-2017 He will always be the GLUE. Why do the good die young? RIP Cutman.

Hey Royalamainiacs things don't look good for our Cutman, it's only a matter of time. I'll keep updating when things happen.

All you Royalamainiacs make sure you send some good thoughts to our Cutman, he needs them!!

We finished our weekend sweep by taking down the Hawks 3-2. The weekend also welcomed Peter Lamont back to the lineup and he scored our 1st goal, with Carter Shukalak and Scott Pungor getting credit for the others. Assisting were Scott Pungor, Mitch Cunningham, Quinton McAndrews, Josh Hayward, Logan Walters and Kody DePaoli. Shots 36-38, PP 0-4 and PK 5-5 (including a long 3 on 5). We have to find a way to not lose any players to injury in our games. But a bunch of guys stepped up all weekend and got the job done. #Cutman.

On one of the few Friday night home games we skated to a 5-3 win over the Jets. We got goals from Liam Skitch (2), Bronson Littlechilds (2) and Christian Chorney. With assists going to Ryan Rosich (2), Carter Shukalak (2), Scott Pungor, Bronson Littlechilds, Mitch Cunningham, Peter Lamont (2) and Quinton McAndrews. Shots 27-41, PP 1-3 and PK 5-5. It was a very gutsy effort we put in. This is the compete level we need and was great to see the boys supporting each other.

Not a very good trip out to the county as we lost 3-6 to the Bruins. We go goals from Derek McWhinnie, James Patterson and Ryan Rosich with assists to Ryan Rosich, Liam Skitch, Zac Laiss and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 39-32, PP 0-3 and PK 2-3. We didn't have the finish around the net early and they effort the rest of the way. Things need to pick up.

Sorry for the late update, too pissed off and got busy with the All Star Game. We lost to the Hawks 3-5. Break away goals by Derek McWhinnie and Liam Skitch sandwiched Mitch Cunningham's. Assists to Ryan Rosich (2), Mac Laiss, Christian Chorney, Mitch Cunningham, Taylor Shukalak and Andy Fox. Shots 29-40, PP 0-3 and PK 4-8. Looks like special teams were the difference (and they were) but we can't start short handed and sit in the box that much. We must be mentally tougher and not let that guy affect us, as he has done all season.

It was a cold night for a game but we skated away with a 3-2 win, in a shootout, over the Icemen. Andy Fox and Christian Chorney both scored their 1st goals of the season (Christian's 1st as a Royal) - with assists to Brenden Klutke (2), Derek McWhinnie and Bronson Littlechilds. Shots 55-47, PP 0-3 and PK 3-3. Taylor stopped all 3 shooters and Klutke was the only scorer in the shootout. It was a fast passed game and it was nice to have some more players back in the lineup.

We over came a slow start on the scoreboard to post a 7-3 victory over the Mustangs. Josh Hayward (2) got us going in the 2nd period, with Liam Skitch, Scott Pungor, Carter Shukalak (2) and Ryan Rosich. Assisting the goals Carter Shukalak (2), Ryan Rosich, Brenden Klutke (3) and Derek McWhinnie (2). Shots 45-26, PP 2-3 and PK 2-3. We overcame our friend with the whistle and didn't comment on how confusing he calls the game, but it's still a mystery. Two points baby - we came and got them.

We start the New Year off right with a 7-3 win out in Sherwood Park. Goals from Derek McWhinnie, Liam Skitch (2), Kesho Donald, James Patterson and Brenden Klutke (2). Assists to Mitch Cunningham (3), Brenden Klutke, Logan Walters, Taylor Shields, James Patterson and Andy Fox. Shots 40-38, PP 1-1 and PK 3-5. From all reports to Hawaii we shook off the rust and got better as the game went on.

Our 2016 part of the season ended with a win 5-3 sending the Regals home sad. Derek McWhinnie (2), Ryan Rosich, Josh Hayward and Scott Pungor scored for us. Assisting the goals Ryan Rosich, Tate Geiger, Mac Laiss, Logan Walters (2), Derek McWhinnie, Quinton McAndrews, Liam Skitch, Josh Hayward and Brenden Klutke. Shots 52-46, PP 0-0 (ya that's right no penalties to them) and PK 4-4. It was nice to have a full roster, looks like we may be healthy to start 2017. Mele Kalikimaka and a Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!

Not a good time on the north side 1-7 to the Red Wings. Brenden Klutke from Chad McCann and Scott Punger. Shots 26-46, PP 0-4 and PK 4-5. Lets look forward to having a full team being interested in playing.

Congratulations to our 2016 All Star Game players Derek McWhinnie, Ryan Rosich and Andy Fox and to our Rookie Game players Tate Geiger, Kody DePaoli and Kesho Donald. The games are in Beaumont January 14 - 2:00 Rookies, 5:00 All Star Game.

The workman like Royals skated to a 5-2 win against the Warriors. Liam Skitch scored our 1st goal on a shorthanded breakaway, with Logan Walters, Derek McWhinnie, Brenden Klutke and Bryar Ortynski the rest. Assisting Taylor Shukalak, Andy Fox (2), Derek McWhinnie, Carter Shukalak (2), Ryan Rosich, Logan Walters, Bryan Ortynski and Kody DePaoli. Shots 44-45, PP 1-5 and PK 6-6. The boys dug deep, got to the rink and played hard for each other.

Back to our winning ways 7-6 and the Flyers go home sad. Derek McWhinnie started the scoring and didn't quit till he had 4, James Patterson, Chad McCann and Brenden Klutke with the rest. Assists to Ryan Rosich (4), Scott Pungor (3), Logan Walters, Quinton McAndrews, Chad McCann (2), Bryar Ortynski, Brenden Klutke and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 61-44, PP 3-7 and PK 3-4. We are getting healthier just in time for Christmas.

The road wasn't good to us as we fell 1-5 to the Icemen. Quinton McAndrews scored his 1st goal as a Royal with Zac Laiss assisting. Shots 24-66, PP 1-9 and PK 7-9. It was a tough one and short a couple guys didn't help. But at least the new guys found out how the town of Wetaskiwin got its name.

The skating legs weren't there but the shooting eyes were very good and 9-2 over the Bruins. Brenden Klutke started the scoring with the 1st of 3, Bryar Ortynski (2), Logan Walters, David Henderson, James Patterson and Scott Pungor. Passing the puck Andy Fox (3), Chad McCann (5), Brenden Klutke (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Scott Pungor (2), Bryar Ortynski (2), Quinton McAndrews and Kody DePaoli. Shots 38-32, PP 3-6 and PK 4-4. Two points is what we came for and that's what we took home. Playing a more consistent speed and tempo would be nice.

We lost 2-3 to the Chiefs and ..... Ryan Rosich and Carter Shukalak scored from Liam Skitch, Derek McWhinnie and Taylor Shields. Shots 22-53, PP 0-6 and PK 8-9. It was a game we could have won but the shots on goal told the story. The guys with the whistle didn't help the game or us but we need to compete harder for 60. Suck it up.

Our speed game came back and so did the goals 9-4 against the Knights. Kesho Donald got credit for the 1st goal of the game as they shot it in their own net then Josh Hayward (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Ryan Rosich (2) and Chad McCann (2). Assists to Taylor Shields, David Henderson, James Patterson, Liam Skitch (4), Chad McCann (2), Brenden Klutke (3), Derek McWhinnie (2), Logan Walters (2), Ryan Rosich and Andy Fox. Shots 61-38, PP 1-2 and PK 2-2. Almost a full lineup and we played hard then we were rewarded with some seeing eye shots.

It wasn't the start we wanted but got better as the game went on and skated to a 5-1 win against the Riggers. Scott Pungor started the scoring with Logan Walters, Bryar Ortynski, Liam Skitch and Josh Hayward getting the rest. Assisting the goals were Josh Hayward (2), Bryar Ortynski (2), Derek McWhinnie, Ryan Rosich, Scott Pungor, David Henderson, Zac Laiss and Mac Laiss. Shots 57-34, PP 0-1 and PK 1-1. It was kind of a sleepy game with both teams short some players but we came for the 2 points and earned them.

We went on the road to Morinville and came home very happy as we earned a 5-4 win over the Jets. Logan Walters carried the load by scoring a hat trick, Carter Shukalak and Scott Pungor got the others. Assists to Mac Laiss, Liam Skitch, Taylor Shields, Andy Fox, Zac Laiss, Logan Walters, Josh Hayward and Carter Shukalak. Shots 36-49, PP 0-4 and PK 2-4. To say we were short handed would be an understatement, gutsy effort by those Royals who played.

It was a tough weekend that ended with a 4-6 loss to the Hawks. We got goals from James Patterson (2), Liam Skitch and Kody (his 1st as a Royal) DePaoli. Setting them up Liam Skitch (2), Kody DePaoli, Taylor Shields (2) and Carter Shukalak. Shots 40-49, PP 1-2 and PK 0-1. The short bench made for some very tired Royals but we kept putting on the pressure till the end. We showed a lot of heart.

The drive out to Beaumont wasn't worth it as we fell 3-6 to the Chiefs. Josh Hayward scored his 1st goal as a Royal in his 1st game, Bryar Ortynski (2) got the others. Assists to Chad McCann (2) and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 37-46, PP 0-2 and PK 1-2. We were out worked and out competed. We always need to play knowing that we need to earn whatever we get. We got nothing.

A hard fought win over the Icemen 4-2. Goals from Mitch Cunningham, Logan Walters (2) and Derek McWhinnie. Assists from Brenden Klutke, Scott Pungor, Derek McWhinnie, Ryan Rosich (2), Mitch Cunningham, Liam Skitch and Zac Laiss. Shots 27-30, PP 2-5 and PK 6-6. 2 points and some icebags, all together a good night.

We skated to a solid 7-0 win over the Regals. Logan Walters with the hat trick got us going, Ryan Rosich (2) and James Patterson (2) ended it. Assists to Derek McWhinnie (3), Bronson Littlechilds, Zac Laiss, Liam Skitch (2), Ryan Rosich, Logan Walters (2) and Carter Shukalak. Shots 60-32, PP 0-4 and PK 4-4. Tate Geiger stopped them all in recording his 1st shutout as a Royal.

We play for the top line and did it, a 7-4 win against the Knights. Derek (I can't stop breaking skate blades) McWhinnie started the scoring with Ryan Rosich getting the hat trick, Mitch Cunningham, Brenden Klutke and Mac Laiss (his 1st as a Royal). Setting up the goals were Zac Laiss, Brenden Klutke (3), Derek McWhinnie (4), Mitch Cunningham (2), Carter Shukalak, Logan Walters (2) and Taylor Shields. Shots were 71-28 (that's not a misprint), PP 2-4 and PK 4-5. Our short bench must have had sore arms from all the shots on goal.

The drive to Leduc was successful, 10-3 against the Riggers. Bryar Ortynski got us going on a sweet redirect with Bronson Littlechilds (2), James Patterson, Logan Walters (2), Derek McWhinnie (2) and Brenden Klutke (2). Assists to Scott Pungor (2), Chad McCann (3), Bryar Ortynski (3), James Patterson (2), Liam Skitch, Ryan Rosich, Mac Laiss, Mitch Cunningham and Zac Laiss. Shots 36-36 (seems a little odd), PP 1-5, PK 4-4. Lots of pretty goals but maybe we gave up a few opportunities trying to be too pretty. Tough game to play, they were quite short handed, but we overcame some bad habits and skated till the end.

We almost got 60 in our 5-4 win over the Mustangs. James Patterson started the scoring with Bryar Ortynski, Liam Skitch, Chad McCann and Logan Walters getting the others. Assisting the goals Liam Skitch, Taylor Shields, Chad McCann, Brenden Klutke, James Patterson, Ryan Rosich, Bryar Ortynski, Andy Fox and David Henderson. Shots 51-36, PP 1-3 and PK 3-4. We weren't as good defensively as we have been, but we had a full lineup with extras for the 1st time in a long time. Now lets stay healthy.

The road to the county was clear and fast - we won 4-1 against the Bruins. Zac Laiss and Logan Walters came back to the lineup and both scored with Derek McWhinnie getting the other 2 goals. Assists to David Henderson, Christian Chorney, Derek McWhinnie, Carter Shukalak (2), Brenden Klutke, Ryan Rosich and Taylor Shields. Shots 55-30, PP 0-3 and PK 4-4. We lost a couple players to the Oilers home opener and the ones who skated weren't really excited. But we over came the doldrums and got the 2 points.

The North came South and went home empty handed as we skated to a 3-2 victory over the Red Wings. Brenden Klutke scored all 3 of our goals, from Chad McCann (2), Carter Shukalak, Bryar Ortynski (2) and Andy Fox. Shots 40-35, PP 1-2 and PK 3-3. It was a very fast paced game, we made things work. But need to shoot the puck quicker and where the goalie isn't laying on the ice. Having a great stick sure makes playing defense easier.

We were a very focused squad and proved it with a 5-2 win out in Stony Plain. Scoring for us were Bronson Littlechilds, Ryan Rosich, Liam Skitch, with both James Patterson and Kesho Donald (1st Royals goal) shorthanded. Setting up the goals James Patterson (2), Brenden Klutke, Bryar Ortynski, Mitch Cunningham and Andy Fox. Shots 43-19, PP 0-3 and PK 2-3. It sure makes a difference with a full roster. Speed kills and we got lots.

We lose 4-5 to St. Albert. No excuses but it's tough to play 60-60--60 with 13 skaters. Derek McWhinnie scored in the opening period and Brenden Klutke, James Patterson and Mitch Cunningham later. Assists to Scott Pungor, Kody DePaoli (2), Taylor Shukalak, Liam Skitch, Mac Laiss, Derek McWhinnie and Brenden Klutke. Shots 30-33, PP 1-3 and PK 5-5. We played a good game but didn't play as excited as we need to. The comeback fell short by a whisker.

Our trip 'to where the rules of hockey don't include - charging and hits to the head' was a success as we skated to a 6-2 win against the Hawks. Chad McCann (2) got us on the scoreboard with James Patterson (2), Mitch Cunningham and Brenden Klutke chipping in the rest. Assisting the goals Brenden Klutke, Derek McWhinnie (2), Liam Skitch (2), Ryan Rosich (2), Ryan Porter, Kesho Donald, Carter Shukalak, James Patterson and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 34-38, PP 2-6 and PK 5-7. We played our game and created lots, it's funny how the game was called and sticks were broken.

The friendly north provided us with a 8-5 win Warriors style. Liam Skitch (2) started us off with a penalty shot goal, Chad McCann (2), Ryan Rosich, Bronson Littlechilds (2) his 1st as a Royal and Mitch Cunningham scored the rest. Assists to Kody DePaoli, Brenden Klutke, Derek McWhinnie (2), Liam Skitch, Kesho Donald, Andy Fox and Chad McCann. Shots 42-40, PP 4-8 and PK 6-6. Staying focused and forcing the play got us a big lead - winning is good.

Home cooking came up with a 6-4 win against the Riggers. Chad McCann with a 4 goal night, singles to Bryar Ortynski and Derek McWhinnie. Assisted by Bryar Ortynski (2), Brenden Klutke (4), Kesho Donald, Taylor Shields, Chad McCann, Ryan Rosich, Logan Walters and Mitch Cunningham. Shots 50-30, PP 1-4 and PK 3-3. The defense is getting things done, a 6 man effort every shift.

Two games and two wins, last night was 3-2 over the Knights. Brenden Klutke started the scoring, James Patterson and Chad McCann (1st goal as a Royal) got the others. Assists to Chad McCann, Bryar Ortynski (2), Kody DePaoli, Scott Punger and Brenden Klutke. Shots 42-20, PP 0-1 and PK 3-3. Tate recorded his 1st win as a Royal. The puck just wouldn't settle down enough to shoot a couple more in the net.

The 2016/17 starts with a bang and a 6-3 win over the Chiefs. Bryar Ortynski started the game with a goal in the first minute (his 1st as a Royal), with Scott Pungor, Mitch Cunningham, Logan Walters and Ryan Rosich (2) adding the rest. Assisting the goals were Ryan Rosich (2), Brenden Klutke, Logan Walters (3), Andy Fox, Ryan Porter, Scott Pungor (2) and Zac Laiss. Shots 47-21, PP 1-7 and PK 5-6. We played our speed game and kept the ice tilted most of the night. With a little puck luck things could have looked better on the score sheet. When we get a little more organized look out.

It was a wild one that ended 7-7 against the Warriors. The scoring almost covered up all the defensive zone mistakes but... not.

Home cooking helped us out last night as preseason continued with 8-2 win over the Mustangs. It's decision time on some players, tough choices.

Game 2's trip to the north side was disappointing 2-4 to the Red Wings. We still had some good things by a few guys but just not enough. Off to the golf tournament, go low.

Game 1 was a success. 11-1 final over the Knights. The new guys attacked and the old guys performed. We had a lull in the 2nd period but our jump showed up in the 3rd.

Our 2016/2017 schedule is up on our page.

Our 1st week is over and the players are putting the coaches in a place where tough decisions will have to be made. It was fun to watch the competition.

Day one in the books and it was good. Lots of speed and grit, all things the Royalamainiacs like to see.

That's all till we get closer to rink time.





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