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Tues. Mar. 20th 9:15 @ Confed - Shinny
Thurs. Mar. 22nd 8:00 @ Confed - Alumni vs Team
Sat. April. 21st 8:00 @ Confed - 2nd Annual 'Cutman Classic' Alumni Game

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All good things must come to an end 4-7 in game 3 of the series. All our goals came on the PP with Derek McWhinnie (2) and Mason Shukalak (2) doing the scoring. Assists went to Nick Orsini, Gavin Olito (2), Shawn Kempster, Kody DePaoli and Liam Skitch. Shots 30-48, PP 4-7 and PK 1-1. We fought hard all series and this game was no exception. The biggest thing was our inability to shoot the puck into the wide open spots in the net after we had created the scoring chance. Part of the that was Wetaskiwin's team defense. In this game we overcame a sloppy first part of the 2nd period and tied the game up in the middle of the 3rd. We created the chances but they closed the door with a couple late goals. Good luck to the Icemen!! This also spells the end of our 21 year olds career's and start of their new positions of being Beauty Royalamainiacs. Brenden (I spelt it right) Klutke, Liam Skitch, Ryan Rosich and Logan Walters were great Royals and a lot of fun to have on the team for their 4 seasons. They all added something different to the mix with their skill's. We will miss them on the ice. (10).

Rats 2-5 loss in 2. Shawn Kempster and Ryan Rosich scored our goals with Taylor Shields (2) and Christian Chorney (2) the assists. Shots 28-37, PP 0-5 and PK 3-3. We are creating the goals opportunities but not putting the puck in the net ('why don't you go to your home puck - don't you like your home'). The games are fast and hard, we need to continue to pressure but finish our chances. Our Write-in Royalamainiac was Brad Dufresne. (10).

We didn't get the result we wanted in game 1 as we fell 2-6. Our goals came from Derek McWhinnie and Brenden Klutke with assists to Brenden Klutke, Gavin Olito and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 48-33, PP 1-8 and PK 2-3. We played hard and need to score on the Blue Plate chances we create. (That has nothing to do with a certain blue haired coach that used to be with the River Kings). Our Write-in Royalamainiac was Mitch Cunningham. (10).

The series came to a close in convincing fashion with a 8-1 win. Brenden Klutke started the game where he left off game 2 with the 1st of the game then Liam Skitch took over with a hat trick, Mason Shukalak (2), Derek McWhinnie and Taylor Shields rounded out the scoring. Setting up the goals Derek McWhinnie, Shawn Kempster (2), Logan Walters (3), Phil Couture, Nick Orsini, Kody DePaoli, Brenden Klutke (2), Taylor Shields, Will Kulmatycki and Colton Broomhall. Shots 52-23, PP 3-7 and PK 2-3. Maybe the 2 teams played each other too many times this season (pre season, reg season, playoffs) cause they weren't happy with each other and it showed on the number of penalties being taken. Belt to Skitch. Write-in Royalamainiac was Taylor Shukalak. (10).

Thanks to our Captain we win game 2 in a 4-3 skatefest. Brenden Klutke set up the first 2 goals and scored the game winner with 15 seconds to go. Logan Walters, Shawn Kempster and Taylor Shields scored and assists went to Derek McWhinnie (2), Mason Shukalak (2), Christian Chorney and Nick Orsini. Shots 33-32, PP 0-4 and PK 5-5. We played hard but not always smart. Good things happen when we keep the bad guys to the outside and we drive to the net without the puck. On to game 3. Brenden got the belt and Andy Fox was the Write-in Royalamainiac. (11).

Game 1 didn't end the way we planned it as we lost 3-4. Our goal scorers were Ryan Rosich ( I thought it was Skitch), Mason Shukalak and Derek McWhinnie. With assists to Liam Skitch, Ayden Justice-Riar, Timon Mueller (2) and Logan Walters. Shots 46-18, PP 0-3 and PK 3-3. It's been said before but we are a way better team when we have a full roster. Playoffs also mean suck it up and play through all the shit. James Patterson was the Write-in Royalamainiac. (12).

1ST GAME OF THE PLAYOFFS WILL BE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 - 8:00 @ CONFED VS Sherwood Park - Game 2 Monday 8:30 @ Sherwood Park - Game 3 Wednesday 8:00 @ Confed.

Our regular season came to a close with a 3-2 win over the Mustangs. Ryan Rosich (2) started the scoring with Kayden DePaoli the other. Assists to Liam Skitch, Brenden Klutke, Evan Klutke, Ryan Rosich and Ayden Justice-Riar. Shots 38-26, PP 1-2 and PK 2-3. This was a fast paced game with us creating multiple chances that didn't cross the goal line. The belt was awarded to Tate Geiger.

The score was very flattering to us, as we skated like a group that had better things to do than come to practice this week. This equals a 2-6 loss to Fort Sask. Taylor Shields (unassisted cause the ref didn't pay attention and asked the bench instead of his linesmen), and Logan Walters scored our goals, from Brenden Klutke and Kody DePaoli. Shots 33-51, PP 0-1 and PK 4-4. Come to practice and win.

We skated to a 5-1 win against the Regals. Our goals came from Mason Shukalak (2), Gavin Olito, Evan Klutke and Taylor Shields. Assists to Liam Skitch (2), Shawn Kempster (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Evan Klutke, Ayden Justice-Riar, Brenden Klutke and Nick Orsini. Shots 42-23, PP 0-2 and PK 3-4. We kept the pressure on all game, this is good. Belt went to Mason Shukalak.

With our win we reach the magic 40 number - 6-3 out in Beaumont. Kayden DePaoli (2) welcomed himself back into the lineup by starting the scoring, Shawn Kempster, Mason Shukalak, Brenden Klutke and Tyler Bates rounded it out. Passing the pucks were Derek McWhinnie (2), Liam Skitch (3), Evan Klutke, Shawn Kempster and Nick Orsini. Shots on goals were kind of sketchy but this is what the game sheet says 21-38, PP 1-3 and PK 5-5. We played our normal game when we have a full lineup - fast and hard - playoff hockey. The belt went to Shawn Kempster - then the boys went off to the New Guy Party. Or as some remember it as Dryland Training.

Our trip north was unsuccessful with a 4-6 loss to the Red Wings. Our goal scorers were Derek McWhinnie (2), Mason Shukalak and Shawn Kempster, with assists going to Matt Iverson-Houle, Brenden Klutke (2) and Liam Skitch (2). Shots 28-35, PP 0-2 and PK 2-2. We are a much better team with 20 players and will be getting back to a full roster soon.

We play for 2 points and that's what we finally got - with a 7-6 shootout win over Leduc. Goals from Mason Shukalak, Logan Walters, Liam Skitch, Nick Orsini, Ryan Rosich and Brenden Klutke. Setting the goals up were Brenden Klutke (3), Phil Couture, Shawn Kempster, Mason Shukalak, Ryan Rosich (2), Liam Skitch (3) and Nick Orsini. Shots 56-33, PP 0-3 and PK 2-2. Phil stopped all 3 shootout shots and Brenden scored the winner and earned the Belt.

A very short staffed group of Royals fought hard and lost 1-10 out in Wetaskiwin. Shawn Kempster scored our only goal unassisted. Shots 20-57, PP 0-4 and PK 3-6. Very proud of our guys tonight.

More success on the road with another 6-2 win over the Bruins. Logan Walters (3) set the table, Liam Skitch, Brenden Klutke and Evan Klutke the rest. The passers of the puck were, Brenden Klutke (2), Gavin Olito (2), Ryan Rosich, Colton Broomhall, Derek McWhinnie (3), Kody DePaoli and Kayden DePaoli. Shots 33-38, PP 3-6 and PK 5-5. We skated and skated then it paid off. Good things happen when you play hard. Belt to Logan Walters.

Our Sunday road trip = success 6-2 against the Jets. Logan Walters (2) scored a quick PP goal to get us going, with Shawn Kempster, Mason Shukalak and Derek McWhinnie (2) the others. Assisting the goals Derek McWhinnie, Brenden Klutke, Colton Broomhall, Mason Shukalak, Gavin Olito, Shawn Kempster, Kody DePaoli, Logan Walters, Taylor Shields and Tyler Bates. Shots 36-21, PP 3-5 and PK 5-7. We skated hard and were tough to play against, real good habits to play the game with. Belt to Tate Geiger.

The good guys got it right and we skated to a 5-1 win over the Warriors. Liam Skitch (2) shot the 1st goal (yes shot not deke), with Derek McWhinnie, Mason Shukalak and Brenden Klutke the rest. Assists going to Tyler Bates, Phil Couture, Logan Walters, Brenden Klutke, Derek McWhinnie, Kody DePaoli (2), Gavin Olito and Evan Klutke. Shots 31-41, PP 4-2 and PK 5-6. We were greasy, fast and hard to play against. Now we need to continue to work on passing to the correct colour sweater in our zone. Belt to Liam Skitch.

We didn't start 2018 the right way as we lose 2-3 to Sherwood Park. Logan Walters scored both our goals from Derek McWhinnie and Gavin Olito. It looked and felt like we didn't do much over the holidays and it showed up with effort and execution on the ice. Shots 38-40, PP 1-6 and PK 7-9. Lets hope our legs get under us quickly.

It was a hard fought game, in more than one way, but we earned a point in the 2-3 overtime loss to the Hawks. Both our goals came on the power play from Logan Walters and Brenden Klutke with assists going to Derek McWhinnie (2), Brenden Klutke and Logan Walters. Shots 30-32, PP 2-4 and PK 3-3. We forgot to keep hitting in the middle of the 2nd period but we played a good game. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year, Mele Kalikimaka a Hauoli Makahiki Hou.

The battle went well and we skated to a 5-3 win over Wetaskiwin. Goals by Colton Broomhall, Derek McWhinnie (2), Mason Shukalak and Brenden Klutke. With helpers from Gavin Olito, Ayden Justice-Riar, Brenden Klutke (2), Will Kulmatycki, Shawn Kempster, Timon Mueller, Nick Orsini and Logan Walters. Shots 32-44, PP 0-5 and PK 1-2. We got on the forecheck and forced turnovers, which was good. Then we passed to the bad guys and let them behind us, which was bad. But we scored and kept the puck out of the net, which was what we came for - 2 points. Timon Mueller was awarded the belt.

It was a good weekend (sweep) as we skated to a 6-3 win against Beaumont. Logan Walters got us going with one in the 1st then the hattrick by Derek McWhinnie (3), Mason Shukalak and Kody DePaoli. Assisting the goals Brenden Klutke (4), Gavin Olito, Logan Walters (2), Ryan Rosich, Nick Orsini, Shawn Kempster and Will Kulmatycki. Shots 40-38, PP 3-8 and PK 8-9. The power play was clicking and we pushed the pace of play for 60. We might pay attention when the other team is standing alone behind us. Derek McWhinnie got the belt.

The shots went where they were aimed at as we skated to a 10-3 win out in St. Albert. Logan Walters (2) started us off with Kayden DePaoli, Evan Klutke, Derek McWhinnie (2), Taylor Shields, Will Kulmatycki, Liam Skitch and Brenden Klutke. Assists went to Derek McWhinnie (2), Nick Orsini (2), Liam Skitch (2), Carter Shukalak, Matt Iverson-Houle, Taylor Shields, Evan Klutke (2), Gavin Olito, Brenden Klutke (2), Shawn Kempster, Mason Shukalak and Tyler Bates. Shots 44-32, PP 2-2 and PK 4-5. When we hit we win - nuf said. Evan Klutke was awarded the belt.

The Knights win 1-2 in a very uninspired effort by the good guys. Tyler Bates scored from Gavin Olito and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 39-35, PP 0-2 and PK 2-2. On a night that a ref, who usually calls a stinker didn't, we were the stinky ones. You have to hit to win.

It was a good game to watch but a couple slip-ups made things closer than they needed to be 4-3 win against the Bruins. Brenden Klutke started the scoring with Logan Walters (2) and Ryan Rosich. Setting them up were Logan Walters, Carter Shukalak (2), Brenden Klutke, Timon Mueller and Liam Skitch (2). Shots 44-31, PP 0-6 and PK 6-7. A pretty full line up kept us fresh all game and we could see a faster pace of play from all the guys. Belt to Logan. Let's go shopping for our Christmas Party Friday.

The big ice on the North Side wasn't our friend as we fell 1-5 to the Warriors. Evan Klutke scored from Mason Shukalak. Shots 27-39, PP 0-2 and PK 4-6. Defense wins championships and we will keep playing to tighten it up. Scoring on your chances is good also.

We lost 4-6 to Morinville - shoot the puck in the net not the goalies chest. Our goals were scored by Kayden DePaoli, Gavin Olito, Evan Klutke and Mason Shukalak. With assists going to Nick Orsini (2), Ryan Rosich (2), Taylor Shields, Ayden Justice-Riar, Colton Broomhall and Kayden DePaoli. Shots 49-39, PP 0-2 and PK 1-1. It was kind of a boring game with both teams making quick bursts every now and again.

Not the result we wanted 1-6 to the Icemen. Logan Walters scored our only goal from Derek McWhinnie and Brenden Klutke. Shots 28-44, PP 0-4 and PK 3-3. We had a tough start but need to put our chances in the net, speed makes our defense.

The road was good to the yappy Royals as we skated to a 9-5 win out in Leduc. The game started slow then a great rush by Kayden DePaoli started the scoring, followed by Mason Shukalak (2), Brenden Klutke (2), Even Klutke, Derek McWhinnie (2) and Ayden Justice-Riar. Assists to Nick Orsini (2), Kody DePaoli, Ryan Rosich (4), Shawn Kempster (2), Mason Shukalak, Brenden Klutke (2), Taylor Shields, Carter Shukalak and Kayden DePaoli. Shots 46-29, PP 0-5 and PK 0-1. It took us a while but the skating amped up and we that was the game. Belt went to Kayden DePaoli.

A cold drive to the Park earned us a 4-1 win over the Knights. Shawn Kempster, Logan Walters, Gavin Olito and Nick Orsini scored our goals. With help from Mason Shukalak, Brenden Klutke and Nick Orsini. Shots 36-41, PP 1-4 and PK 4-4. We played a solid game and although the shots and the assists may seem goofy, we controlled the game with our pace and pressure. Tate Geiger earned the belt.

There wasn't a lot of us at home to eat but eat we did with a 6-3 win against the Flyers. Brenden Klutke (3) started and ended the scoring with Derek McWhinnie, Mason Shukalak and Logan Walters chipping in. Assisting them Derek McWhinnie (4), Timon Mueller (2), Logan Walters (2), Brenden Klutke (2) and Shawn Kempster. Shots 39-38, PP 1-4 (with one more 1 second after) and PK 2-3. We are playing closer to the playoff game we want to be playing. Brenden Klutke was awarded the Belt.

We like eating at home 6-4 over Strathcona. Our short playered squad (that got shorter as the game progressed) got goals from Carter Shukalak, Logan Walters (2), Kody DePaoli, Brenden Klutke and Tyler Bates (1st as a Royal). With assists to Timon Mueller, Liam Skitch, Kody DePaoli (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Gavin Olito (2), Brenden Klutke, Logan Walters (2) and Carter Shukalak. Shots 39-27, PP 1-2 and PK 2-5. We showed great resolve in not letting anything take away our focus and earning the 2 points. Lets hope we heel quickly. The belt was awarded to Carter Shukalak.

Home cooking helped us in our 8-2 win against Leduc. Derek McWhinnie started the scoring, with Will Kulmatycki (3), Logan Walters (2), Shawn Kempster and Mason Shukalak. Assists to Brenden Klutke (2), Logan Walters, Shawn Kempster (3), Mason Shukalak (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Carter Shukalak, Timon Mueller, Ryan Rosich, Will Kulmatycki (2) and Gavin Olito. We skated and hit which will equal a win. The belt went to Will Kulmatycki.

The road trip wasn't a good result 4-5 to Beaumont. Our goals were scored by Carter Shukalak, Derek McWhinnie, Brenden Klutke and Ryan Rosich, Assists to Ryan Rosich, Evan Klutke, Logan Walters (2), Brenden Klutke, Derek McWhinnie, Will Kulmatycki and Carter Shukalak. Shots 34-40, PP 0-3 PK 1-3. It might look like the special teams were the difference (and it didn't help that we didn't score) but this was a game we didn't compete in till late in the 2nd and the third. 60-60-60.

We fall 2-6 to the Hawks - we need to start beating the teams in our division. Ryan Rosich scored both our goals from Brenden Klutke, Carter Shukalak, Derek McWhinnie and Tyler Bates. Shots 34-44, PP 1-4 and PK 3-5. Losing sucks lets hope we get more pissed off.

The special teams were very special and we won 10-4 over the Regals. Goals by Shawn Kempster, Ryan Rosich (2), Brenden Klutke (2), Will Kulmatycki (2), Kayden DePaoli, Liam Skitch and Colton (his 1st as a Royal) Broomhall. Assisting the goals Timon Mueller(2), Mason Shukalak, Derek McWhinnie (4), Brenden Klutke (3), Colton Broomhall, Gavin Olito (3), Logan Walters (2), Phil Couture, Evan Klutke and Taylor Shields. Shots 57-32, PP 4-6 and PK 4-4. We bumped and skated and scored as I know it that's called Royals Hockey. Belt to Tyler Bates.

It's been a bad week on and off the ice but there is good light coming. First to our 2 losses 5-6 to the Bruins - goals from Derek McWhinnie (2), Logan Walters, Brenden Klutke and Liam Skitch with assists to Brenden Klutke (2), Gavin Olito, Ayden Justice-Riar, Derek McWhinnie, Shawn Kempster and Colton Broomhall. Shots 48-42, PP 2-5 and PK 4-6. We shot our selves in the foot again with lack of focus and discipline. Then on to last night as we let a lead go late in the game and lose 2-3 to the Mustangs. Mason Shukalak and Kayden DePaoli scored from Brenden Klutke (2), Carter Shukalak and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 30-41 (I think this is backwards), PP 1-4 and PK 7-8. Every time we got some flow going we took another penalty and that killed it. Our hands will improve cause the chances are there.

What a night to watch a game from the stands but just not that much fun from the bench we lose in OT 7-8 to the Red Wings. Liam Skitch (2) got us going with another breakaway goal and Derek McWhinnie (2) followed it up with a shorty, Ryan Rosich, Mason Shukalak and Nick Orsini the rest. Assists to Mason Shukalak (2), Colton Broomhall, Brenden Klutke (3), Ryan Rosich, Shawn Kempster (3) and Liam Skitch. Shots 38-41, PP 2-3 and PK 2-5. We sucked bad in the 1st period but goaltending kept us in the game. Some of the sweetest passing plays got us going in the 2nd but the stick penalties and not clearing pucks bit us in the end.

We went on the road for 2 points and left them in as Wetaskiwin beat us 3-7. Liam Skitch got his 1st of 2 shorthanded with Brenden Klutke scoring the other. Only assists given out were to Carter Shukalak and Ryan Rosich. Shots 28-55, PP 1-6 and PK 3-4. We are getting better with dealing with the forechecking pressure and it will pay off down the road.

Thanksgiving didn't deliver a turkey to Confed as the good guys skated to a 4-2 win over St. Albert. Will Kulmatycki started the scoring with Derek McWhinnie, Even Klutke (1st as a Royal) and Ryan Rosich chipping in the others. The set up men were Carter Shukalak, Ayden Justice-Riar, Ryan Rosich, Brendan Klutke, Taylor Shields, Will Kulmatycki, Derek McWhinnie and Kody DePaoli. Shots 35-25, PP 0-3 and PK 6-7. We played with a purpose and that earned us the 2 points. The belt went to Logan Walters. Now about the minor penalties.....

Not the result we wanted 5-7 to Fort Sask. Our goals came from Will Kulmatycki, Ryan Rosich, Kayden DePaoli (1st as a Royal), Shawn Kempster and Gavin Olito (1st as a Royal). With assists to Gavin Olito, Carter Shukalak, Brenden Klutke (2), Derek McWhinnie, Logan Walters, Shawn Kempster and Liam Skitch. Shots 40-34, PP 0-2 and PK 4-4. We competed and fought hard from behind all night. We just couldn't get over the top to take the lead. Lots of good things in the game.

Thud is the sound as we lose 4-7 to the Chiefs. Carter Shukalak and Taylor Shields got goals in the 1st period to get things going but we were blanked in the 2nd with Ryan Rosich tying the game up 2 times in the third but we couldn't complete the comeback. Assists went to Shawn Kempster, Gavin Olito, Even Klutke, Will Kulmatycki, Carter Shukalak, Brenden Klutke (2) and Derek McWhinnie. Shots 37-45, PP 1-5 and PK 4-6. The battle level wasn't where we want it for 60 minutes. We need the 'never say die attitude' stamped harder into our brains.

The streak continues with a 6-0 win in Leduc. The fast pace created goals by Ryan Rosich, Mason Shukalak, Shawn Kempster (1st as a Royal), Ayden Justice-Riar (1st as a Royal), Kody DePaoli and Liam Skitch. Assisting them Gavin Olito, Brenden Klutke (2), Shawn Kempster, Liam Skitch (2), Mason Shukalak, Derek McWhinnie, Evan Klutke and Timon Mueller. Shots 40-34, PP 0-3 and PK 11-11. Ya that's correct we talked our way into the box that many times. When we skated we were fun to watch and fast, lets play that way for 60. The belt went to Phil with his 1st shutout.

The weekend sweep was sweet, with our 4-2 win over the Knights. Mason Shukalak (his 1st as a Royal) scored on the PP with Taylor Shields PP, Will Kulmatycki (His 1st as a Royal) and Nick Orsini into the empty net the rest. Assists to Logan Walters, Carter Shukalak, Evan Klutke, Nick Orsini and Ayden Justice-Riar. Shots 52-25, PP 2-4 and PK 4-5. We started strong and fast and kept that up all game. We need to earn a little puck luck and the goals will come. The belt went to Will Kulmatycki.

We made the long trip west out to Stony Plain and skated home with the win 5-1. Ryan Rosich scored our first goal of the 2017/2018 season, then Nick Orsini (his 1st as a Royal), Brenden Klutke, Liam Skitch and Derek McWhinnie. Assisting the goals - Brenden Klutke (2), Derek McWhinnie (2), Mason Shukalak and Gavin Olito. Shots 53-30, PP 0-5 and PK 7-7. The boys played hard together and for each other. We got a little aggressive in the offensive zone that gave up some transition offense. But they were continually denied by Phil Couture (belt was awarded to Phil).

Another Epic Royals Golf Tournament. The world is back to normal as I came in at 1 under and don't think anyone was close. The talk got loud and funny as the day went on. Lets get ready for Friday!

We traveled north to play the Red Wings and came home happy with a 6-4 win. A bunch of guys played their 1st game in a visor and they didn't slow down.

8-3 was the final against Sherwood Park. We played the game with 4 officials and it was quite a tame game but there were a ton of penalties. Most of them were 10's and mostly trying to settle down frisky kids.

And Game 3 wasn't as inspired as the first 2 games and we fell 2-4 to St. Albert. Camp is coming along very good and the decisions will be hard.

Game 2 didn't go as planned as we lost 2-3 to the Warriors.

Game 1 of the preseason was a success, we skated and bumped our way to a 4-3 win against the Knights. Lots of new guys in the lineup and they played fast.




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