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Best of 7

Game 1 - Wed. Mar. 4th 8:00 @ Confed L 3-4 DOT
Game 2 Fri. Mar. 6th 8:00 @ Clareview L 4-5
Game 3 Sun. Mar. 8th 8:00 @ Confed W 2-0
Game 4 Wed. Mar. 11th 8:00 @ Clareview L 4-5
Game 5 Fri. Mar. 13th 8:00 @ Confed
Game 6 Sun. Mar. 15th 8:00 @ Clareview
Game 7 Wed. Mar. 18th 8:00 @ Confed

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


WOW, it's been a long time. What a season and what a year but most importantly what is going on with our world. I hope and pray that everyone is healthy and is finding a way to get better - more mentally than physically. In the little picture of what has happened. We had one of our best teams in years. The balance with all 23 players, leadership and great guys to be around will always stand out for this group. We weren't able to compete, so we couldn't accomplish our goals, has been a real punch it the gut (safety first). Thanks to our graduating players Colton Broomhall 3 seasons, Ethan Martinson and Devin Cooney 2 seasons, they always were leaders and found ways to make us better every night. Thanks Guys. This season we won the leagues Challenge Cup for finishing 1st overall in the regular season. We haven't had our name on this trophy since 1998-1999 when we were know as the Doug's Place Edmonton Royals (we had a team sponsor for 2 seasons). Our group made coming to the rink fun, even if some of them didn't like coming to practice. Our off ice crew were outstanding and thanks for all you did, from cleaning jersey's, selling 50/50's, working the gate (even when your son wasn't playing), running the clock and playing music - with a cool announcing voice and going to meetings. Everyone picked up some slack that someone else couldn't do but most importantly (cause I forget things) covering up any mistakes that I may have made. Royals Hockey is Fun, not always perfect but Fun. Wins and losses always equal up. But our group of players got smarter, better and matured as young men. They will be as asset's to our society in life and that is the big WIN we are looking for. They will be the Royalamainiacs that I tell future teams about (ya I'm coming back - sorry I guess you were wrong to say that about me - you know who you are). I'm not forgetting about our staff, everybody does something that makes us better (Including Dennis is the stands). Our coaches found a way to help us improve every day (conversations that aren't heard by the entire rink to ref's or private player talks, that are nobody's business - happen). We want to carry ourselves in a mature classy way, be respectfull and give respect, those are great words. Harry made our dealings with Hockey Alberta perfect, some teams always seem to have problems with that organization, we never do. Kate is wonderful and takes the worry out of player health - her baking is on point as well. Kevin was a wealth of information about players and bringing new guys into the lineup (just another thing off my plate). Nathan's attitude and Peter's smarts have added tons oh ya their sweat equity in practice gets notice by everyone. Darrell can keep a gate loose and confused at the same time but John's calm demeanor gave us time to think. They all make my job easier. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

I'm a little late in posting this but our league has shut down due to COVID-19 concerns. I will post later but for now the season is over.

Game 4 was a 4-5 Loss, there is no joy in Mudville but we live to play another day. Ethan Martinson welcomed himself back into the lineup with 2 goals, Nick Botros and Daniel Liberty scored the others. Assists to Mason Shukalak (2), Jaymon Mathew, Owen Salacki, Timon Mueller, Daniel Liberty and Blair Bush. Shots 44-37. PP 1-2 and PK 1-3. We fought till the end but some mental mistakes cost us big time. We must not beat ourselves and shoot the puck in the open net. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Derek McWhinnie. (6).

The good guys prevail in Game 3 by the score of 2-0. Mason Shukalak scored the winner and Devin Cooney into the empty net. With Nick Orsini, Evan Klutke, Nick Botros and Ethan Land assisting. Shots 48-34, PP 0-2 and PK 4-4. We got a couple guys back into the lineup our speed game picked up a bit more. The games are very close and very intense, with all the fun stuff that makes up playoff hockey. The Belt was awarded to Mason Shukalak and (for the 1st time ever, a brother act on Belt and Write-In) and Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Taylor Shukalak. (6).

The trip north was unsuccessful as we fall 4-5 in Game 2. Welcome to the scoreboard Kayden DePaoli - Ethan Land, Mason Shukalak and Evan Klutke. Assisting Blair Bush (3), Timon Mueller, Nick Botros, Gavin Olito, Daniel Liberty and Jaymon Mathew. Shots 37-46, PP 1-6 and PK 6-8. The little hiccups hurt us at both ends, we could have scored and shouldn't have been scored against. We will fix that. The old faces in the crowd are great to see, keep up the good work Royalamainiacs. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Mik Mykietyshyn. (7).

We overcame a very and I mean very slow start, to tie things up in the 3rd but a goofy call put us shorthanded and we gave up the game winner. Final 3-4 in Double Overtime. We got goals from Colton Broomhall, Nick Botros and Ethan Land with Nolan Conroy, Nick Botros, Mason Shukalak, Timon Mueller, Nick Orsini and Kayden DePaoli the assists. Shots 45-46, PP 1-6 and PK 4-5. Coach Russ always says 60-60-60 and we need to bring it from the drop of the puck in the 1st period. We are earning all those bruises and they are the plays that will get us to where we want to go. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Liam Skitch. (7).

Ya Baby, put it it the win column - 4-0 to clinch the series 3 games to 2. The real Royals showed up. Shawn Kempster got us on the scoreboard with Ethan Land, Jaymon Mathew and Gavin Olito scoring as well. The set up guys were Jaymon Mathew, Daniel Liberty (2), Lucas Pringle, Evan Klutke, Ethan Land, Mason Shukalak and Blair Bush. Shots 46-19, PP 0-4 and PK 5-5. Speed kills and that's a good way to play. We sent the big crowd into a frenzy with our play on the ice. Lots of Royalamainiacs have been checking in, San Francisco and Mexico plus the locals. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Tyler Bates. (7).

Another long night, Double Overtime again, with the good guys winning 4-3. Will Kulmatycki scored our first 2 goals then Nick Botros tied it up with 2 minutes to go. This setting the stage for Evan Klutke to score the game winner. Assists to Mason Shukalak, Ethan Martinson, Daniel Liberty (2), Ethan Land, Lucas Pringle (2) and Timon Mueller. Shots 39-36, PP 1-5 and PK 6-7. We played through a lot of stuff and finally realized that nothing sticks to us, we are Teflon. Relaxing and playing hard are great words of wisdom. Once we get the stress out of our system we will be fine. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Kody DePaoli. (8).

The outcome wasn't there as we lost game 3, 4-5 in Double Overtime. We got goals from Devin Cooney, Mason Shukalak, Ethan Land and Evan Klutke (with 10 seconds to go). Setting them up were Daniel Liberty, Nick Orsini (2), Ethan Martinson, Blair Bush, Shawn Kempster (2) and Will Kulmatycki. Shots 36-34, PP 1-2 and PK 3-4. The pace was fast and hard, just the way we like it. Those little things, that count so much, we are just a couple inches away from doing them. We will stretch out a bit more and be successful. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Tate Geiger. (9).

We came to play Royals Hockey and took home the win 4-2 in Game 2. Daniel Liberty scored on a bomb to get us going, with Jaymon Mathew, Nick Orsini and Nick Botros the others. Assists to Evan Klutke, Will Kulmatycki, Devin Cooney, Jaymon Mathew and Timon Mueller. Shots 41-21, PP 0-3 and PK 5-6. Kind of slow start for us but once the forecheck got going the ice was tilted. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Brenden Klutke. Daniel Liberty was awarded the Belt. (9).

Game 1 didn't go as planned (our hands will be back) 1-3. Ethan Martinson scored our goal from Nick Orsini. Shots 45-33, PP 0-5 and PK 2-3. The open nets we created and we will shoot the puck in them, we just didn't do that last night. Staying focused and relaxed will help. Our Write-In Royalamainiac was Ryan Rosich. (10).

Our regular season ended with a win and solid effort - 10-3 against Fort Sask. Our 3 21 year olds started the game and scored on their 1st shift, Ethan Martinson (4), Timon Mueller (2), Will Kulmatycki (2) and Jaymon Mathew (2). Assists to Colton Broomhall (5), Devin Cooney, Nick Botros (2), Nolan Conroy, Brayden Evans, Jaymon Mathew, Nick Orsini (3), Evan Klutke (2), Shaun Ropcean, Gavin Olito (2) and Ethan Martinson. Shots 49-34, PP 1-4 and PK 4-5. We got off to a fast start and never let up the pressure, this was a good way to finish the games that count for points. Ethan Martinson was awarded the Belt. With the win we ended the regular season with the most points in our division and the league.

We played for the 2 points and got them, 8-4 vs Wetaskiwin. When you score the 1st 3 goals of the game and the last 5 you should be very happy....... Evan Klutke (3) got us started with Colton Broomhall (2), Ethan Martinson, Bobby Lamont and Nick Botros scoring as well. Assists to Daniel Liberty (3), Mason Shukalak, Will Kulmatycki, Ethan Martinson (2), Colton Broomhall, Jaymon Mathew, Ethan Land (2), Timon Mueller (2) and Nick Orsini. Shots 65-31, PP 3-8 and PK 5-7. Winning is good but we kind of shit the bed for the last 6 minutes of the 2nd period, good teams can park bad things, over come them, and move on to accomplish their goal. Congratulations to Timon Mueller and Jaymon Mathew for being awarded Scholarship's from the Friends of Alberta Junior Hockey Society, see we have smart kids too. With his hattrick Evan Klutke was awarded the Belt.

A nice little win for the (2nd place) Royals over the Warriors 5-4. Everyone got involved with the scoring starting with Evan Klutke, Timon Mueller, Mason Shukalak, Jaymon Mathew and Gavin Olito. The setup guys were Nick Orsini (2), Devin Cooney (2), Kayden DePaoli, Mason Shukalak, Nick Botros (2), Evan Klutke and Daniel Liberty (the pass of the game, on the game winner wasn't give to Timon, so a big shout out to T). Shots 45-26, PP 1-4 and PK 2-2. This was one of the faster games we have had this year but we still found a way to 'show up' all over the ice. Coming off a collision with the post to score the game winner, Gavin Olito was awarded the Belt.

Our hands were a little snake bit and we lost 1-2 out in St. Albert. Kayden DePaoli scored our goal from Mason Shukalak and Will Kulmatycki. Shots 31-32 (don't think this is correct) PP 0-6 and PK 7-7. The game was a combination of goofy things that always start with Stefan B...., but we needed a couple inches on our shots or .... ah shoot we don't like to lose.

Winning is good, 8-4 against the Bruins. For the 2nd consecutive game Mason Shukalak scored a hattrick, Timon Mueller, Colton Broomhall, Will Kulmatycki, Jaymon Mathew and Nick Orsini the rest. With assists going to Kayden DePaoli (2), Colton Broomhall, Gavin Olito (2), Shaun Ropcean (3), Nick Orsini (2), Mason Shukalak, Will Kulmatycki, Owen Salacki, Ethan Martinson, Daniel Liberty and Ethan Land. Shots 54-22, PP 1-7 and PK 4-5. We had a full lineup and kept the pressure on all night, maybe we could stop hitting the posts. The Belt went to Mason Shukalak.

Well that exploded in a hurry. 12-0 over the Jets. Goals by Nick Botros, Daniel Liberty (his 1st as a Royal), Mason Shukalak (3), Jaymon Mathew (2), Timon Mueller, Evan Klutke, Will Kulmatycki, Colton Broomhall and Ethan Martinson. Assisting the goals were Nolan Conroy (2), Timon Mueller (2), Will Kulmatycki (4), Kayden DePaoli (3), Ethan Martinson (2), Daniel Liberty (2), Ethan Land, Jaymon Mathew, Shaun Ropcean and Gavin Olito. Shots 46-21, PP 3-3 and PK 4-4. We started hard and fast - nice. With his 1st shutout of the season Max Currie was awarded the belt. Maybe someone should go visit Shawn and get the belt back. Once again there was no fishing trip - stupid Bob needs to be back in town so he can open up the ice for us.

The cold weather is still here and we are still heating up the rinks as we skated to a 5-4 win against the Knights. We scored a bunch of goals in a short period of time in the 1st but not many after. Lead by Mason Shukalak, Will Kulmatycki, Bobby Lamont, Nolan Conroy and Evan Klutke. Assisting the goals Will Kulmatycki, Colton Broomhall (2), Nick Orsini, Owen Salacki, Daniel Liberty, Nick Botros, Timon Mueller and Ethan Martinson. Shots 38-26, PP 0-3 and PK 3-3. We didn't play the full 60 the way we planned but we earned the 2 points and that's why we played the game. Jaymon Mathew was awarded the Belt.

The rink didn't warm up till the 3rd period as we woke up and scored - 11-1 against the Mustangs. I can't remember ever scoring 10 goals in a period before - Ethan Martinson (3), Nick Orsini, Jaymon Mathew, Mason Shukalak (2), Nick Botros, Nolan Conroy, Ethan Land and Timon Mueller. With assists to Will Kulmatycki (3), Evan Klutke (2), Bobby Lamont, Mason Shukalak, Ethan Martinson, Kayden DePaoli (3), Nolan Conroy, Nick Orsini, Nick Botros, Daniel Liberty (2), Timon Mueller, Gavin Olito and Max Currie. Shots 78-23, PP 0-1 and PK 3-4. It might be hard to believe that the score was 1-1 after 2 periods but it was then we exploded. The Belt was awarded to New Guy - Daniel Liberty.

The winter cold snap arrived in the big city and we warmed Confed up with a 10-2 win over Leduc. The goals came in bunches starting in the 1st - Ethan Martinson (2), Will Kulmatycki, Shawn Kempster, Nick Botros, Ethan Land, Devin Cooney, Nick Orsini, Colton Broomhall and Evan Klutke. We must have passed the puck very well (and we did) 2 assists on every goal, Jaymon Mathew (2), Evan Klutke (2), Devin Cooney (2), Colton Broomhall (4), Timon Mueller, Mason Shukalak, Nick Orsini (3), Will Kulmatycki (2), Shawn Kempster (2) and Bobby Lamont. Shots 57-31, PP 2-7 and PK 2-2. Almost a full lineup and the speed game was out in full force. Being awarded the Belt (for the 2nd time this season) was Colton Broomhall.

Things are back to normal with our 7-3 win out in Wetaskiwin. We got goals from Colton Broomhall, Mason Shukalak (2), Ethan Land, Will Kulmatycki (2) and Shawn Kempster. Passing the pucks were Timon Mueller, Devin Cooney, Will Kulmatycki (2), Shawn Kempster (3), Nick Botros, Colton Broomhall and Mason Shukalak. Shots 68-24, PP 1-10 and PK 4-6. Our speed game kept the ice tilted and we eventually wore them down. It's always interesting playing that group, maybe they should try shooting at our net instead of..... The Belt was awarded to Shawn Kempster.

Not the result we wanted as we fought hard till the end but lost in overtime 4-5 to the Chiefs. Shawn Kempster scored our 1st goal of the year 2020 with Evan Klutke (2) and Ethan Land (with 8 seconds to go to tie the game). Assists to (they didn't do a very good job of this) Will Kulmatycki, Jaymon Mathew (2), Ethan Martinson and Shawn Kempster. Shots 33-30, PP 0-2 and PK 0-1. The pace of the game was fast and hard. Lots of good things to see in a hockey game. The rust showed in our finish but we played hard and together.

The calendar 2019 comes to a close and we end it the way we started the season with a 6-4 victory out against the Flyers. We got goals from Nick Botros, Mason Shukalak (2), Ethan Martinson, Will Kulmatycki and Timon Mueller. With assists to Colton Broomhall (2), Nick Orsini, Timon Mueller (2), Ethan Martinson, Max Currie and Jaymon Mathew. Shots 50-21, PP 1-7 and PK 1-3. We got over some uncharacteristic plays and decision our boys made and put the pedal to the medal for the last 30 minutes, to clinch the win. Nick Botros was awarded the Belt. Mele Kalikimaka and A Hauoli Makahiki Hou - or Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Now I have to finish cooking the chili for tonight's Christmas Party.

The weather was good and we made it on time this year - 10-1 was the final over the Regals. Will Kulmatycki started and finished the scoring with Devin Cooney, Ethan Martinson, Kyle Dronyk (2), Lucas Pringle, Kayden DePaoli and Evan Klutke (2). Assisting the goals were Mason Shukalak (3), Gavin Olito (2), Kyle Dronyk, Evan Klutke, Ethan Martinson (2), Owen Salacki, Will Kulmatycki, Devin Cooney, Lucas Pringle, Colton Broomhall, Kayden DePaoli and Nick Botros. Shots 60-34, PP 1-1 and PK 1-1. It was a tame game that only had 2 pims but it took us a while to get up to speed. Winning is good. The Belt went to Evan Klutke.

With 'The Room de Royale' ready to go - we always go hard, We did with a 8-2 win against St. Albert. Super AP Sean Bellerose started the scoring - Ethan Martinson, Devin Cooney, Gavin Olito, Will Kulmatycki (2), Timon Mueller and Ethan Land finished it. The setup guys were Timon Mueller, Bobby Lamont, Blair Bush (2), Will Kulmatycki, Kayden DePaoli (2), Colton Broomhall, Ethan Martinson (3), Gavin Olito, Ethan Land, Nick Orsini, Sean Bellerose and Devin Cooney. Shots 57-29, PP 3-6 and PK 4-4. You old guys know what 40 points means. Hopefully we learn how to study as the term goes along and not let it ride till the day before finals..... The Belt was awarded to Sean Bellerose.

Sometimes when you aren't at your best good teams find a way to get it done, we did this in our 5-4 win out in Strathcona. Nick Botros led the way with 2 goals, Ethan Martinson, Nick Orsini and Colton Broomhall the others. Assists to Devin Cooney, Kayden DePaoli (2), Gavin Olito, Nick Orsini, Colton Broomhall, Mason Shukalak and Sean Bellerose. Shots 31-44, PP 1-5 and PK 6-6. It wasn't our largest lineup of the season but we fought hard and mostly smart (our mouths weren't always quiet) to earn the 2 points. Colton Broomhall earned his 1st Belt of the season.

The North came South and left without any points as we skated to a 5-3 victory over the Red Wings. Our goals came from Nick Orsini, Jaymon Mathew (2), Will Kulmatycki and Ethan Martinson. With assists to Colton Broomhall (2), Will Kulmatycki, Evan Klutke, Ethan Martinson, Kayden DePaoli, Jaymon Mathew, Devin Cooney, Ethan Land and Gavin Olito. Shots 51-32, PP 1-5 and PK 4-5. It was a fast paced game that we kept pushing until we broke through and scored some clutch goals in the 3rd. It's always fun to make Coach Russ smile. The Belt was awarded to Max Currie.

Our grit came out in our 4-3 win out in Fort Sask. Gavin Olito started the scoring the 1st with Devin Cooney, Colton Broomhall and Ethan Land all in the 3rd. Assists to Nick Botros, Timon Mueller, Owen Salacki, Evan Klutke, Ethan Martinson and Jaymon Mathew. Shots 39-33, PP 1-5 and PK 3-3. The effort and smart play was great to see. We stayed with it and never got frustrated - good to see. Oh ya we were very tired at the end. The Belt went to the 'wrap around game winner guy' Ethan Land.

Playing hard for 60 is fun and equals wins, 8-1 against the Knights. We got goals from Will Kulmatycki (3), Devin Cooney, Mason Shukalak (2), Lucas Conroy-Dutton and Jaymon Mathew. Assisting the goals - Owen Salacki, Devin Cooney, Kayden DePaoli (2), Mason Shukalak (2), Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Colton Broomhall (2), Ethan Land, Ethan Martinson, Evan Klutke, Bobby Lamont (2), Nick Orsini and Timon Mueller. Shots 63-25, PP 1-4 and PK 4-4. We started hitting and that momentum gave us the energy to keep playing hard all game. The Belt was awarded to Mason Shukalak.

We found our skating legs and won 9-1 over the Icemen. Evan Klutke scored his first of 2 on the second shift of the game and Owen (GSM) Salacki, Mason Shukalak (2), Nick Botros (2), Devin Cooney and Will Kulmatycki. The assists went to Jaymon Mathew (2), Ethan Martinson (2), Ethan Land (2), Nick Orsini, Kayden DePaoli (2), Devin Cooney, Colton Broomhall (2), Gavin Olito (2), Mason Shukalak, Lucas Pringle, Owen Salacki and Timon Mueller. Shots 43-24, PP 1-5 and PK 4-4. We stayed with the game plan and kept the pressure on all game. It was good to see all the hitting without the cheap stuff. Evan Klutke earned the Belt.

We were focused and winners 4-1 over the Bruins. Goal scoring machine Owen Salacki scored in the 1st with Evan Klutke (2) and Will Kulmatycki later in the game. Making the goals happen Nick Botros, Jaymon Mathew (3), Ethan Martinson (2), Colton Broomhall and Mason Shukalak. Shots 40-18, PP 1-5 and PK 3-3. We skated through all the slashes and stayed focused. That is solid team play and playing for the guy sitting beside you. The Belt went to Gavin Olito.

We came, we skated and we took home 2 points in our 9-2 victory vs the Riggers. Will Kulmatycki (3) wired a laser beam with the first of his 3 goals to get us on the scoreboard, Mason Shukalak (2), Owen Salacki (his 1st as a Royal), Evan Klutke, Ethan Martinson, and Gavin Olito. Setting up the goals Nick Orsini (2), Nick Botros (2), Ethan Martinson (2), Will Kulmatycki, Gavin Olito, Timon Mueller (4), Colton Broomhall (2), Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Mason Shukalak, Ethan Land and Devin Cooney. Shots 46-34, PP 1-6 and PK 7-8. We took advantage of some shaky goaltending but most importantly shook off some early rust to earn the win. We have earned lots of bumps and bruises so far this season and it shows on the scoreboard. The Belt went to Will Kulmatycki.

Bill Hunter was friendly and we skated to a 9-1 win against the Mustangs. There were lots of goals and lots of shots on goal, lets start with the goals - Nick Botros, Ethan Martinson, Evan Klutke, Devin Cooney (2), Jaymon Mathew, Blair Bush, Kayden DePaoli and Nolan Conroy. Assists going to Nick Orsini, Bobby Lamont (2), Owen Salacki, Ethan Martinson, Kayden DePaoli (3), Nolan Conroy (3), Evan Klutke (2), Nick Botros and Devin Cooney (2). Shots 91-21, PP 1-5 and PK 3-3. They got tired and we didn't. The Belt was awarded to Evan Klutke.

Reading Week took it's toll on both teams but we came out on top 5-2 vs the Knights. Nick Orsini (2) led the way and Kayden DePaoli, Nolan Conroy, Colton Broomhall also scored. Assisting the goals Devin Cooney (2), Kayden DePaoli (2), Nick Orsini, Nolan Conroy (2), Timon Mueller, Sean Bellerose and Hayden Dowson. Shots 44-30, PP 1-4 and PK 1-2. We were very happy with the 2 points and the post game debriefing. Nick Orsini earned the Belt.

We played a real gutty game but came up a little short 3-5 out in Beaumont. Devin Cooney got us on the scoreboard with Nick Botros and Hayden Dowson the rest. Assists to Owen Salacki, Kayden DePaoli, Jaymon Mathew and Nick Orsini (2). Shots 29-37, PP 1-3 and PK 2-3. We were a little short and a little sick but fought through the sticks and no calls to tie things up in the 3rd. But ran out of the steam we need to push the next goal in. The room was good but looked like we all had the flu at the end.

Sorry about the late update, a couple things took my attention away yesterday. There in no joy in Mudville as we fall 5-8 to the Hawks. We got goals from Ethan Martinson (2), Devin Cooney, Jaymon Mathew and Kayden DePaoli with assists to Evan Klutke (3), Jaymon Mathew, Bobby Lamont (2), Kayden DePaoli, Ethan Martinson, Mason Shukalak and Ethan Land. Shots 49-50, PP 0-1 and PK 2-2. We didn't play with the energy or urgency that is needed to win. Congrats to Marty and lots of thoughts to the Peters family.

It wasn't pretty but we earned what we came for 6-3 in Leduc. Evan Klutke (2) led the way with Will Kulmatycki, Colton Broomhall, Gavin Olito and Jaymon Mathew. Assists going to Jaymon Mathew, Blair Bush, Colton Broomhall (2), Gavin Olito, Will Kulmatycki, Ethan Land, Ethan Martinson and Lucas Conroy-Dutton. Shots 41-23, PP 3-8 and PK 6-6. It looked more like the 1st game of the season and not the 10th win of the season, with all the sloppy play. But we kept the pressure on and made a ton of plays to go home with the 2 points. Gavin Olito was awarded the Belt.

Our weekend sweep was completed with a 5-4 win over the Chiefs. Kayden DePaoli got us going and Mason Shukalak (3) went off including the game winner with 62 seconds to go, Will Kulmatycki finished the scoring. Assists to Mason Shukalak, Devin Cooney (2), Kayden DePaoli (3), Ethan Land (3) and Colton Broomhall. Shots 35-35, PP 1-2 and PK 2-5. We had a couple lapses at the end of the 1st 2 periods but made up for it with a strong last couple minutes of the game. We need to keep showing the focus for 60 minutes. We were a little short handed on the bench all weekend but found a way to get it done. The Belt went to Mason Shukalak.

The trip was a success 6-2 against the Icemen. We showed the discipline that we will need to win a championship and skated hard all night. Goals by Colton Broomhall, Devin Cooney, Ethan Land, Mason Shukalak and Hayden Dowson paced the play. With Owen Salacki, Nick Botros, Bobby Lamont, Mason Shukalak, Nick Orsini (4), Kayden DePaoli and Gavin Olito (2) setting up the goals. Shots 43-35, PP 3-6 and PK 4-6. We had hurt guys playing and guys playing out of position playing and all had heart discipline. The Belt went to Brayden Evans.

We started the game by looking at the 2 teams records and played the 1st period that way, but got smarter and skated to a 7-1 win over the Jets. The goals came in bunches with Jaymon Mathew getting us started - Will Kulmatycki (2), Nick Orsini, Bobby Lamont, Evan Klutke and Kayden DePaoli (with a broken skate blade) the rest. Making the sweet plays were Will Kulmatycki (2), Ethan Land (2), Jaymon Mathew (3), Colton Broomhall (2), Ethan Martinson, Evan Klutke and Mason Shukalak. Shots 46-11, PP 2-8 and PK 5-6. Once we started bumping our speed game took over and the goals came. The Belt was awarded to Evan Klutke.

Two trips North and we come home with 2 wins, with our 3-2 win against the Warriors. We got goals from Kayden DePaoli, Ethan Martinson and Jaymon Mathew. Assists going to Jaymon Mathew, Will Kulmatycki (2), Colton Broomhall (2) and Blair Bush. Shots 35-33, PP 0-1 and PK 4-4. We all made it to the correct rink and came our firing on all cylinders. The boys dug deep and kept finding ways to keep the pressure on and then rewarding ourselves with the 2 points. The Belt went to Jaymon Mathew. Belt Talk can be viewed on our Twitter account.

Not a good result as we fall 2-3 in a shoot out to the Knights. Jaymon Mathew scored both our goals from Ethan Martinson and Owen Salacki. Shots 48-26, PP 0-6 and PK 2-3. We started slow and got better for the last 2 periods and OT but decided to shoot high and wide instead of quick and on net. We keep making good steps towards our year end goals, lets hope the lessons we are getting, right now, stay with us and we continue to learn from what has happened so far in the season.

We had another successful game before a return to J R's, for a post game pop with the boys, 2-1 was the final against the Flyers. A power play goal from Ethan Martinson and the winner by Gavin Olito paced us. Setting them up were Will Kulmatycki, Ethan Land, Kayden DePaoli and Nolan Conroy. Shots 49-27, PP 1-4 and PK 5-5. With all the old refs we have been getting you would think we were back in the 90's, adjusting to them is the way to win. Lots of speed and a great forecheck led the way. The Belt was awarded to Ethan Martinson.

The winning continued with a 3-1 win out in the county over the Bruins. All our goals came in the 3rd period from Bobby Lamont (his 1st as a Royal), Nick Orsini and Kayden DePaoli. Setting the boys up were Nick Orsini, Kayden DePaoli, Mason Shukalak, Jaymon Mathew, Nolan Conroy and Gavin Olito. Shots 40-39, PP 1-4 and PK 10-11. Yes that was the penalty totals, unbelievable that on every, sort of scrum, we came out of it shorthanded. But we did a pretty good job of staying focussed and a great job of killing them off. Winning ugly is good. The Belt went to Brayden Evans.

Back on the win column by skating (but not hitting) to a 13-3 victory vs Spruce Grove. Lots of goals with Will Kulmatycki (4) getting us started, Gavin Olito, Nolan Conroy, Timon Mueller, Evan Klutke (2), Hayden Dowson (2) {his 1st as a Royal}, Nick Botros and Shawn Kempster. Assists to Mason Shukalak (3), Lucas Pringle (4), Colton Broomhall (2), Nick Orsini (3), Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Jaymon Mathew (2), Bobby Lamont, Evan Klutke (4), Nick Botros (4) and Owen Salacki (2). Shots 68-25, PP 3-9 and PK 4-5. It took us the 1st period to get going and then we took off and we played till the last second (scoring a goal). We made a little step forward and it was cool to see how everyone contributed. The Belt was awarded to Nolan Conroy.

We played fast and shot the puck into pads in our 3-5 loss against Fort Sask. We got goals from Colton Broomhall and Kayden DePaoli (2) with assists to Ethan Martinson, Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Nick Botros (2) and Evan Klutke. Shots 40-39, PP 0-3 and PK 3-3. Our bench stayed focused and came from behind to tie the game up in the 3rd but had a little laps to give up the winner that was followed up by an empty netter. The good things keep happening for us without the finish around the net. We will keep pushing the speed game and make it happen.

That wasn't the result we wanted as we fall 3-5 to the Riggers. Ethan Martinson scored 2 goals with Will Kulmatycki the other. Assists to Shawn Kempster (2) and Gavin Olito (2). Shots 46-20, PP 0-3 and PK 5-7. We had thought that our problems of past seasons were in the past, but they all came out when the calls went the other way. This lack of mental toughness sucks.

After a very emotional Ceremony for Tyler we skated hard and focussed in a convincing 6-2 win against the Chiefs. Ethan Martinson shot a puck that ended up in the net for the 1st goal of the night. Jaymon Mathew, Blair Bush, Will Kulmatycki (2) and Timon Mueller finished the scoring. Assisting the goals Nick Orsini (2), Colton Broomhall, Mason Shukalak (4), Will Kulmatycki, Cam MacPhee, Jaymon Mathew (2) and Owen Salacki. Shots 46-30, PP 1-4 and PK 2-2. Both Nick and Timon spoke in the Ceremony and used that extra boost from their friend in the game. We have a very disciplined club to start the season and hard to play against - this is fun to see. The Belt went to Timon.

Our season started with a bang and a 4-3 win over the Red Wings. It was a very fast paced game that had all the fun stuff that makes hockey great. Jaymon Mathew scored our 1st goal of the season - Mason Shukalak, Will Kulmatycki and with the game winner Devin Cooney. Assists to Cam MacPhee (2), Blair Bush, Jaymon Mathew, Mason Shukalak and Nick Botros. Shots on goal 42-29, PP 1-3 and PK 3-3. Lots of hits and speed highlighted the game. Then a big penalty kill with 6 minutes to go that we followed up by potting 2 goals in 22 seconds to earn the win. The trip North was a success. The Belt was awarded to Brayden Evans.

Pre Season is done - 2 wins 2 losses. The boys played hard, got better and fought for spots and ice time. The real fun starts on Wednesday, let's go. #groab.

We took a little step forward in our 3-4 loss last night. The things that we forgot hurt us in the offensive zone but the play got faster as the game went on. Some of our same problems showed up for the last half of the game and we will fix those.

The 1st week is in the books. Things look good and we got better each skate. Speed Kills.

Camp starts in 2 weeks, do some pushups and great ready for a fun ride.





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