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(The 2003-04 Game-by-Game Descriptions)

Dennis we are all thinking about you. Call when you need us. July 8

It's been a while since the last up date and lots has happened but you won't hear about it on this site. The provincial road trip went off without a hitch with Scotty, Angus Love and Salty Bob, making the trip. We caught a tail wind and made it in 7 hours, just in time for the Oiler game and a semi final for dessert. Their was not any singing done outside of the van, which was quite disappointing for the city. Red Deer won the provincials and Regina won the westerns. That just sucks. Congratulations to the 2003/2004 Most Sportsmanlike Player in the CJHL 'NATHAN HOLLANDS'. Likewise to the 1st All-Star Team Forward 'BRENAN JONES' and to the 2nd Team Defence 'CODY CAMPBELL' and to the 2nd Team Goalie 'TERRACE WARAWA'. Until I start drinking at work again and write on the site, OUT. 27-7-2-56 looks good but we must win in the playoffs!


That's it our season is over 2-4 in game 3. Nathan Hollands scored both goals with assists to Brenan Jones and Jeff Amundson. Sorry for the lengthy delay with updating the site. I hate losing and hate having to think about it even more. This is the first time in weeks that I haven't got mad just thinking that I had not updated our page. A very confusing end to our season there was so much more that we left on the table and I'm HUNGRY! I hope that the taste in our mouth's stays with us, to the point that we understand teams want what is ours and are willing to try to steal it from us. We MUST get pissed off from the start and never let that happen. Everyone gets more up to play The Royal than we do to play them. That kind of attitude didn't work at whatever team you came from and we showed that it doesn't work in the playoffs. We must come to ice harder with the intent to push ourselves to be better and we will never let up, never let anybody off the hook. If that means 12 goals a game then so be it. I think that it's important that we get out to see some of the Finals to see what we didn't get. It's the kind of memory that stays with me and I know will stay with you. It's so disappointing to have to watch and not play but I believe that it is that kink of memory that will make us stronger, smarter and give us that edge that will help put us over the top. YOU MUST NEVER BE AFRAID OF LEARNING!!!

Royals lose 1-3 in another close game. Brenan Jones scored assisted by Ryan Miller and Rory Shott. PP 0-3,PK 3-3, shots 26-32. CRASH THE NET AND SCORE!!

We did something last night that I didn't think possible, we made a liar out of Coach Russ. We had 62 shots on goal and lost 1-2 in triple overtime. I can't wait until we get our game legs going and start using our speed. Brenan Jones scored with assists to Ryan Miller and Rory Shott. PP 1-10, PK 9-10, shots 62-62. In a game that had everything but a Royal victory, it is fitting that we left beer on our table. Four hours and five minutes was game time, it's to bad the City missed out on all the concession money. Did anyone else notice that Side Show went a little crazy with his stamping of the Royalamaniacs?


---Did you know Coach Russ's favorite number was 38 and that we scored on our 38th shot on Friday, also Coach Russ is 56 years old and that is the same number of points we got this year-----interesting very interesting

"The Woods" are the 2003/2004 Royals Air Hockey Champions. "The Woods" (Nathan Hollands & Jeff Amundson), over came a sound thrashing by "The Boomerangs" to win 2 cut the deck of cards and advance tests. They then met up with (the team some had rated the team to beat) "Team Destiny" in the final. The self proclaimed team of destiny never overcame their constant whining and finger pointing to match up with the goals scored by the victorious "The Woods". In a post tourney speech by "Team Destiny" they said "I'm going to the ballet". Nobody heard them because we all were eating the victory chocolates that, the very generous, "The Woods" shared.

Did you know Coach Russ's favorite number was 38 and that we scored on our 38th shot on Friday, also Coach Russ is 56 years old and that is the same number of points we got this year-----interesting very interesting

"The Woods" are the 2003/2004 Royals Air Hockey Champions. "The Woods" (Nathan Hollands & Jeff Amundson), over came a sound thrashing by "The Boomerangs" to win 2 cut the deck of cards and advance tests. They then met up with (the team some had rated the team to beat) "Team Destiny" in the final. The self proclaimed team of destiny never overcame their constant whining and finger pointing to match up with the goals scored by the victorious "The Woods". In a post tourney speech by "Team Destiny" they said "I'm going to the ballet". Nobody heard them because we all were eating the victory chocolates that, the very generous, "The Woods" shared.

We just made Royalamaniacs world wide smile. Our 6-2 win over Stony Plain clinched us a bye in the first round and maybe more importantly knocked the Flyers out of the playoffs. Scoring tonight, on the ice, Jeff Pringle, Marc Rinfret, Jeff Amundson, Troy Warawa, Mark Buchynski and Matt Kalinowski. The assists were rewarded to Nathan Hollands, Jeff Amundson, Rory Shott, Jarret Brophy, Brett Jacobs, Matt Buskas, Matt Kalinowski and Mark Buchynski. PP 1-3, PK 4-4, shots 48-37. I know everybody is out practicing their hand eye coordination for tonight <at the ballet??>and they will need it. Because Davy is at home practicing up is game face. There was no drinking at any local establishments, in either Stony Plain or Spruce Grove, which just gave us more ammunition against these teams. On the lighter side The Cutman sang on the way home.

TEAM'S THAT HAVE CONFIRMED: "Team Destiny", "This Bud's For You", "Team Jackets", "Team Strike Force", "The Woods", "The Boomerangs", "Team Valentine", Team Song Birds", "The Legion's", "The Royals",..... and many more with no imagination.

There was a price to pay both at the gate and on the ice. We won on both levels, 4-2 on the scoreboard and 47 more Royalamaniacs in the stands. It was good to see all the high shots, now we have to keep them down in practice. Brenan Jones, Matt Kalinowski, Cody Campbell and Mark Buchynski scored. Assists going to Cody Campbell (2), Nathan Hollands, Pat McNary, Rory Shott and Matt Kalinowski. For the second game in a row there was a penalty shot - nice save Denny. PP 3-10, PK 7-7, shots 59-30. Word is out about the up coming air hockey tournament, the teams are being formed as we speak. All the best names are being taken and I heard the guy making up the draw can be bribed.

Royal's win 6-4 out in Leduc. We have to show up every chance we get, we can't play shinny ever. Nice job by our local guy. Goal scorers were Jeff Pringle (2), Brenan Jones <penalty shot> (2), Nathan Hollands and Mark Buchynski. Jeff Pringle, Jarret Brophy, Rory Shott, Matt Kalinowski, Jeff Amundson and Tyler Thomlison all received helpers. PP 0-7, PK 4-6, shots 26-20. When you only play hard in your face hockey, for only ten minutes it's great to have a Cutman on your side. For those who missed it there was an A performance given at the Waldorf. The ones of tens who were witness to this event just thought they were dreaming, or they were so drunk they thought that they were in Vegas seeing a great show on the strip. Anyway, after that, the chicks started leaving items of their clothing at the table and the really drunk guys started trying to fight each other - for the chance to sing like a Cutman. Yes we are a very lucky team.

A nice workman like effort where we got stronger as the game went on, oh ya 4-0 over the Warriors. Where did Miller take those skates? Terrace's first shutout of the year was nice to watch. Tyler Thomlison, Matt Kalinowski, Nathan Hollands and Brenan Jones were our goal scorers with assists going to Mark Buchynski, Matt Buskas, Brenan Jones, Cody Campbell, Rory Shott and Brett Jacobs. PP 1-2,PK 2-2, shots 26-30. The difference in the special teams was our 2 power plays were 5 minutes and theirs were 2 minutes but 1:30 of it was 5 on 3. Being tough shows in many different ways. We may have found a new palace for after the game. Our poor Cutman is looking a little worn out!!

What did we learn last night?? If you were in the room after the game you would know. We lost 2-6. Jeff Amundson and Mark Buchynski scored, Tyler Thomlison and Pat McNary assisted. PP 0-6,PK 3-4, shots 27-26. Bad night to fall off the wagon.

In a game, with more Icemen in the stands than on the bench, no music, and no Cutman, we over came the cold with a 5-2 victory. Where oh where could our Cutman be - well you know how that song goes. Interesting news story from Grande Prairie, BAR BURNS TO GROUND, it seems by an unhappy customer - oh where oh where could he be. Nathan Hollands scored 2 goals, Mark Haupt, Jeff Amundson and Rory Shott the rest. Assists went to Matt Buskas (2), Brett Jacobs, Cody Campbell, Nathan Hollands, Troy Warawa and Brenan Jones. PP 2-5,PK 4-5, shots 42-25. Among the deadbeats missing Coach Russ and the contents of a linesman's stomach. One was back down on a sofa and the other came up in the Wetaskiwin penalty box (how fitting was that).

A successful trip to the north to see the local Royalamaniacs and win a game 7-2 over the Red Wings. If you over look the water bottle kicking after the game and the smile on Coach Russ's face after the game, who would of guessed the final score!!! Why does Coach Russ dislike that fellow so much. Scoring his first 2 goals of his Royals career was Mark Buchynski, also scoring his first goal of the season Jeff (why didn't you get me the puck) Pringle, Nathan Hollands (2), Matt Buskas and Cody Campbell. Assisting on the goals Matt Kalinowski (2), Cody Campbell, Brenan Jones (2), Rory Shott, Tyler Thomlison, Matt Buskas and Mark Haupt. PP 3-8,PK 5-5, shots 56-32. Even the rain couldn't stop the Royalamaniacs last night, it was a little disappointing the only dancing we saw after the game was the chicken wings. (See you can have fun, even when the game goes a little long).

When you think you are playing hard, but you are not, and you are not finishing, games get goofy. Much like last night's 5-4 win over the Kaps in OT. Things are going for you when your leading goal scorer gets 4 apples and the guy without enough goals gets 3 steaks and you get out shot 4-16 in the 3rd. Set play shorthanded goal with 37 seconds left to tie it and the guy who put us short scores with 38 seconds left in OT. Lets just play harder and not let that other crap happen. Jeff Amundson (nice night to get a hattrick) with 3, Matt Kalinowski and Ryan Miller scored our goals. They were assisted by Nathan Hollands (4), Mark Haupt, Cody Campbell (2), Brett Jacobs, James Cho and Matt Buskas. PP 1-5, PK 7-8, shots 39-35. There was a report from Vegreville that the Cutman was sighted.

A trip out to the county, that will teach you to kick out Scrappy Doo, was a success with a 7-1 win. It appears Tony Rose got an assist, he wasn't even watching the game, and just as interesting, Mark Haupt, out with injury, scored 2 assists. It was great to see Tony still picking up points, seeing as his sweater is retired and he is to old to play for the Royal. By scoring 3 goals Nathan Hollands got his 5th hattrick of the season, singles going to Troy Warawa, Rory Shott and Tyler Thomlison. This is where things got interesting, the assists, Rory Shott, Cody Campbell, Tony Rose, James Cho, Jarret Brophy, Troy Warawa (2), Marc Rinfret (2), Mark Haupt (2) and Jeff Amundson. PP 1-6, PK 2-2, Shots 46-25. The road trip was a great success, yes Marty you have to eat your pickled egg, parts unknown were found and lost again. It's to bad that all the stops didn't have bars to go to, but at least Denny got to fall down every time he got out of the van.

Yes, we made it to the magic number and have locked up our first goal for the season, with a 3-2 victory over the Regals. They were a little short handed with their coach being suspended for yapping, wasn't he a ref at one time, to the officials, but they made up for it by getting a player written up after the game, so he's gone as well. Rory Shott scored 2 goals and Ryan Miller the other, Ryan Miller had 2 assists, singles to Cody Campbell, Rory Shott and Brenan Jones. PP 1-8, PK 7-7, shots 30-41 I don't actually believe that. The Cossack Inn was rocking or pickled egging or countrying or maybe it was a good thing that the dance floor was very and I mean very well supported, thanks for your local hospitality.

Correction to the announcement with regards to the Royalamaniacs in attendance at the Cold Lake All Star Game - he will be on the ice with a whistle in hand. Now, how will you ever be able to spot him??? Does the word 'round belly' or looks like an out of training Cutman sound right. Get out of the way of the puck, and don't fall on anyone!!

All Star weekend is fast approaching and the spots of the road trip are filling up fast (2 left, unless I forgot someone), we leave from the Cobras practice at 12:30 and arrive at NAIT later. Our skills participants are - Accuracy = Tyler Thomlison, Agility = Jeff Amundson, Fastest = Brett Jacobs, Hardest Shot = Matt (the possum) Buskas, Breakaways = James (J.C.) Cho. To quote Maclean and Maclean "if we don't win a shit load of gold in the skills competition there ought to be a hanging". We are, once again, very well represented in the 2003/2004 CJHL Memorial All Star Game <sorry John>. Forwards Ryan Miller, Nathan Hollands, Brenan Jones get to play as a line for the first time. Helping them out on the power play will be Cody Campbell and Terrace Warawa will be in-between the pipes. That's 1/4 of the team, nice!! The following weekend the CJHL will be sending another All Star team to play against the North East Alberta Junior B League in their leagues annual All Star Game in Cold Lake. (Just confirmed the there will be local Royalamaniacs - Vinny and family, in attendance). I don't know if I like this but the Royals are very proud to be sending 5 players to this event - and it's the same 5 from the week before. Congratulations to Ryan, Nathan, Brenan, Cody and T.

Tough game for the 2 fastest teams in the CJ to start the post Christmas season (although tougher for us than them) as the Royal fall to the Knights 1-5. At least we were better than we were at practice. Scoring his 1st goal as a Royal, Brett Jacobs assisted by Tyler Thomlison and Matt Kalinowski. It will be good to get 2 practices under our belts before we get to play again. PP 0-5, PK 5-5, shots 29-28. The Royalamaniacs from England (more specifically Reading and Slough) sent over some of their pin making handiwork, they look great! There was contact, over the holidays, with over 216 Royalamaniacs and something about Heather's spot.

What a great way to go into the Christmas break, 9-1 with Nathan Hollands and Ryan Miller getting hattricks. It's a good thing that we didn't play Wally tonight, there was quite a delay in getting the 3rd period going (because of all the turkey feathers on the ice, from the live turkey toss) as God is my witness I didn't know turkeys could run on ice. Also scoring Matt (where is my scoring wax) Kalinowski, Brenan Jones and Mark Haupt. There were not that many assists given out, for 9 goals being scored, but here they are Rory Shott (2), Jeff Amundson (3), Cody Campbell, Jarret Brophy, Troy Warawa, Matt Kalinowski, Marc Rinfret and Brenan Jones. PP 2-6,PK 5-6 with 2 short handed goals, shots 52-21. It was a strong night in the stands as many new Royalamaniacs and old ones showed up and made the turkey toss a great success. The room de Royal was fun, more people could have been there but at least the cans got all cleaned up. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAVE A ROYAL NEW YEAR!!!!

Sorry for the delay but it took me this long to filet all the fish we got in St. Albert, after we got over the 1-3 loss. Ryan Miller scored the only goal and it was assisted by Rory Shott and Brenan Jones. PP 1-8, PK 4-6, shots 29-23. FINISH.

There was no after effects from the Royals Do Christmas party at last nights game, 9-2 win over the Jets. We have always had football players around the team but this (item) was the first of its kind that was used as a football - bull riding??? Nathan Hollands popped in 4 goals, Tyler Thomlison (2), Ryan Miller, Brenan Jones and Jarret Brophy. It's hard to believe Cody Campbell only had 3 assists, Brenan Jones (3), Ryan Miller (2), Matt Buskas, Nathan Hollands, James (nice cheering section) Cho (3) and Tyler Thomlison. PP 4-8, PK 7-7, shots 49-17. Coach Russ has been let back into the country and is now down to 2 teeth. Maybe we should have given those underwear to Angus Love instead of Side Show Bob, cause when he wears that new kilt he needs some coverage.

The Royals gave Coach Russ his Christmas present last night by beating the Red Wings 4-2, but where is his, he knows the party is on Friday and he is still out of the country. An interesting conversation took place last night regarding the reasoning behind living on the ground floor vs up stairs and how wide a bedroom doorway should be. There was karioke but not a singing Cutman in sight. Scoring goals for the speedy Royals, Brenan Jones, Matt Kalinowski, Rory Shott and Mark Haupt. The assists went to Tyler Thomlison, Jeff Pringle, Ryan Miller and Brenan Jones. PP 1-3, PK 7-8, shots 33-28. Lets hope the northside boys got back home before curfew, sorry the game started 10 minutes late.

There is no joy in Royalamaniac land today. This game marked the lowest single game mark for penalties in the Icemen history as the Royal lost 5-6. Matt Kalinowski scored 2 goals, Ryan Miller, Tyler Thomlison and Adrian (1st goal 1st shot 2nd shift) Esposito. The assists went to Ryan Miller, Jeff Pringle, Brett Jacobs, Tyler Thomlison, Brenan Jones and Matt Kalinowski. PP 1-6, PK 4-4, shots 30-33. You will never guess who the newest Royal book worm is. Yes, we are now making the Jones family happy, by spelling their little boys name correctly, his birth certificate says Brenan and now so do the Royals - this isn't the first time that Scott has made this type of error.

THIS JUST IN!!! "Royals have complaint lodged against them by rink attendant as quoted 'The condition that they leave the ice in can no longer be tolerated. The ruts that are left behind the net are not repairable in 15 minutes, they are just about done to the cement every week'" it has been suggested, by Royals management, that a weight loss program might help.

What happens when you play a game and score in all the right ways (PP 3, SH 1, faceoff 2)? YOU WIN!! This was the longest game we have played this year, why did it take so long? No I won't tell you why, everybody knows already that scrums are bad. Why advertise a water contest and close your doors early??? The Cutman will decide if we go back there again. Nathan Hollands hattrick streak stopped at 2 games but he scored 2 goals, Ryan Miller (2), Matt Kalinowski (2), Rory Shott and Marc Rinfret with the rest. Assists went to Brenan Jones (2), James Cho, Jamie Anderson, Troy Warawa, Mark Haupt, Jeff Amundson (3), Jeff Pringle (2), Jarret Brophy, Cody Campbell and Marc Rinfret. Speed Kills. PP 3-8, PK 5-6, shots 43-34. When did it become a rule that you have to yell at the reffs after every whistle? Boy there sure was a lot of questions answered last night.

The Chiefs didn't fold before the game, much to their coach's surprise, and the Royal skated to a 6-2 victory before family and friends out in Beaumont. A second period explosion helped lead the way, welcome back Jeff, when we scored 4 goals in 4 minutes. A great night to travel around SUNNY Alberta! With his 2nd hattrick in the last 2 games Nathan Hollands led the way, Ryan Miller, Jeff Amundson and Rory Shott finished the scoring. Assisting the goals were Brenan Jones (2), Rory Shott, Nathan Hollands, Jeff Pringle (2), Jeff Amundson (2), Ryan Miller, Pat McNary (2) and Jamie Anderson. The PP was 2-5, PK 9-10, shots 34-22.

'Hey Royals "Remember the Titans"' Royals win 8-1 over the Riggers! Friday November 22/2002 does that date ring a bell for anyone? The time keepers had a workout and they really got to know some of the Riggers very well, when will they ever learn. On the lighter side the pops were bad the popcorn tasted bad but all in all Kent has the best trigger finger on the Royal. He emptied his two spray bottles quicker than all the others and those T-shirts were very clingy, thanks Cutman and Lover. Nathan Hollands (3), Ryan Miller (2), Jeff Amundson, Jarret Brophy and Rory Shott scored our goals. Lots of assists two on every goal if you can believe that, Cody Campbell (2), Brenan Jones (4), Jeff Amundson (2), James Cho (2), Nathan Hollands (2), Mark Haupt (2), Matt Kalinowski and Rory Shott. Did I mention that their was a little fun in the stands. PP 5-14, PK 8-8, shots 46-23. I can't wait till we play with 4 lines.

Another win 4-1 out at Fort Sask., we aren't counting but it looks like the league is. This was by far our most interesting game of the year <thanks Darrin (you still owe me beer) Bauer> but we killed all those penalties. J.C. Makes the score sheet and Denny was solid, it doesn't get any better does it? "to answer that question YES IT WILL"!!!! Brenan Jones scored 2 goals, singles to Matt (that's the 2nd one from Jeff) Buskas and Jeff Amundson. Assisting on the goals Ryan Miller (2), James Cho (2), Tyler Thomlison, Matt Kalinowski and Jeff Amundson. For the first time since our opening game our PP was 0-6, PK 11-11 with 1 short handed goal. Shots were 36-36, can anyone believe all the penalties that were called? I saw one Gibbons Royalamaniac at the game!

Despite "running up the score" as we were accused of, we came close to playing solid for 60 minutes in our 8-2 win over the Sabres. Nice job on the ice slot, we got to the rink 2 hours early, this worked out because we were able to remember all our teammates names and that we have to work on our goal scoring yell. Brenan Jones scored his 1st hattrick of the year, Cody Campbell (2), Nathan Hollands, Troy (did your girlfriend cheer for you last night) Warawa and Ryan Miller got the others. With his 1st point of the season Terrace Warawa, Ryan Miller, Rory Shott (2), Jarret Brophy (2), Mark Haupt, Cody Campbell, Jeff Amundson, Matt Buskas and Troy Warawa all got assists on the scoresheet, but there were a number of mistakes. PP 2-3, PK 6-7, no set play goals and the shots were 38-25. All the Tofield Royalamaniacs went home happy.

Morinville Sunday afternoon - it was still hopping in downtown (or at least we think it was downtown) Regina. We missed the 6-2 victory but not the Esks win. Goal scorers - Nathan Hollands (2), Ryan Miller, Cody Campbell, Matt Kalinowski and Rory Shott. Assists - Matt Buskas (2), Jeff Amundson (2), Matt Kalinowski, Brenan Jones, Ryan Miller (2), Nathan Hollands and Cody Campbell. Our PP was 3-8, PK 5-5, shots 46-19. To hear any more about the Grey Cup you will have to ask The Cutman Corner.

It looks like the summary will come from the game sheet because the Regina gray area has not cleared from my head. Goals by Cody Campbell (2), Ryan Miller, Troy Warawa and Rory Shott paced us to a 5-3 win in Leduc. Assists went to Brenan Jones (2), Pat McNary, Marc Rinfret and Marc Haupt (2). Shots were 27-26, the PP was 1-6, PK 3-4.

The team that wouldn't shoot quickly came away with a 3-2 victory over a short staffed Beaumont squad. A few to many lineup changes lately made our game sloppy and we wouldn't finish. Then the wet T-shirt contest was canceled so all that was left 'pops'. Goals were scored by Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Thomlison and Troy Warawa; assisted by Nathan Hollands, Jeff Amundson, Rory Shott, Mark Haupt and Marc (I wonder if I will ever get any Royal wear) Rinfret. There wasn't any flow to the game because of all the interesting calls that were made, so it must have been a stinker to watch from the stands. PP 2-12, PK 7-7, shots were 41-21 but we should have had 66.

Downtown Millwoods was good to the Royal once again, as we skated to a 7-3 win over the River Kings. By scoring the last 6 goals of the game we over came lots of yapping and an early gift. Any time you score 5 power play goal it's a good day to go for a few pops after the game, which explains why the site was updated so late. Ryan Miller (hattrick),Matt Buskas, Tyler Thomlison, Nathan Hollands and Brenan Jones scored. Assisting the goals Cody Campbell (4), Rory Shott (3), Tyler Thomlison, Jeff Amundson (2), Brenan Jones and Nathan Hollands. Way to many penalties in the game but it work out well for our special teams PP was an outstanding 5-8 and PK 9-10, shots 27-27.

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