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(The 2002-03 Game-by-Game Descriptions)

What could have been was not. We lose a close one 6-7 in overtime. No excuses, no crying, no cuttman on the bench - rats that may have helped. We will be better people because of the adversity we went through, and that's what it is really all about. Jeff Pringle led the way with 3 goals, Tim Morgan had 2, and Nathan Hollands scored the other. Goals were assisted by Matt Buskas, Rory Shott, Nathan Hollands,(all with 2) - singles to Tim Morgan, Aaron Roche, Peter Dmytruk, James Malkin. Check back in a week or so and we will put up a final post, regarding the season, and I will be calling you all with a date for team pictures and equipment return, with party right after.

Loss 4-5! If I could change anything about the first 2 games - it would only be the scores. We have done the right things, created the right kind of chances, made them pay with pain. Now playing hard and getting better each day has to be followed up with "do all that and WIN". James Malkin, Nathan Hollands, Brendon Thiessen and Matt Kalinowski all scored. With assists going to, Jeff Pringle, Matt Buskas and Tim Morgan. Shots were 29-27 and big saves or misses by both teams. Thursday would be a good night for a bunch of Royalamaniacs to gather at Hooters for supper, and the view, then travel down to Callingwood. See ya there!

Round 2 started out as planned but the final score wasn't. A tough 4-5 loss in overtime made the drive home stick in the back of your throat. We are getting better by only scoring 2 goals in our own net, I still think we can improve on that. Aaron Roche, Brendon Thiessen, Matt Kalinowski and Nathan Hollands did our goal scoring. Our assists went to Matt Buskas (2), Jeff Pringle, Ryan Miller, Cody Campbell and James Malkin. We need to score more power play goals <3 per game> then stuff that happens with 3 seconds left in the game doesn't matter.

With hundreds of Royalamaniacs in the stands we came through with a 6-3 series clinching win. Nathan Hollands led the way with a hat trick and goals by, old linemates, Tony Rose, Jon Shapka, Stephen Skoreyko. Not to many assists made the score sheet, but the helpers went to Cody Campbell, Rory Shott, Ryan Miller and James Malkin. There were a couple tilts and one haymaker but over all we played our game and ground them down. 36-26 shots on goal, the first time we out shot them in the series. Now we wait, which is great, because we are still playing.

Game 2 went allot better and a 3-2 victory. A tight game throughout, more hard hitting and 60 minutes of fun. Rory Shott, Jon Shapka, Peter Dmytruk, scored goal, Nathan Hollands, Tim Morgan, Aaron Roche and Jon Shapka assisted them. Opening a gate is the only way to see the game in this rink, so that's what I did and coach John watched from the stands - there were no odors on the bench (I wonder why). Shots were 43-44 Sabres - that's allot!!

The playoffs started with a big bang and a 2-0 lead but the game ended with a bust and a 3-5 loss. We had to finish the job we started with our early lead, and plan to in the future. Ryan Miller, Stephen Skoreyko, Matt Buskas (not related to the ref - thank god) all scored goals. Brendon Thiessen with 2, Pat McNary, Peter Dmytruk assisted on the goals. Shots were 27-29 for the Sabres and we had more penalties.

We closed out the regular season with a solid 5-3 victory over the Chevys. If there wasn't so many goofy penalties the score would have been allot bigger. Nathan Hollands, Jon Shapka, Tim Morgan, Brendon Thiessen and Rory Shott all scored goals. Cody Campbell had 2 assists, singles to Tim Morgan, Ryan Miller, Brendon Thiessen, Peter Dmytruk, Matt Kalinowski, Chris Fulks and our Japanese player Stephen Skoreyko. Shots were 32-28 and we reached our 1st goal for the season. So lets start the Playoffs

Royals win a close one, 4-3, we tried to give it away but they didn't want it, or maybe they couldn't take it. Lots of shots but their time keepers were to busy screaming out announcements to bother counting them. Yes that was a shot at Sandy. Lots of room out on the ice and both teams converted that space into great scoring chances (we will have breakaway practice tonight). Nathan Hollands led the way with 2 goals, Pat McNary, and Tim Morgan popped in one apiece. The assists were spread around 7 different players, Jeff Pringle, Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Cronk, Ryan Miller, Chris Fulks, Joel Amyotte and Cody Campbell. Denny Stephen helped out at the last minute in a backup role and we may have another old face at practice tonight - lets hope he left his chopsticks behind.

Yes!!!!! 6-5 over the Sabers, in a game that we gave up some very interesting goals, and scored some great ones. Like a well oiled machine, the cutman, without his table, worked our dressing room like a great journalist (like he updates 'cutman corner' regularly). When the boys are that organized they can never fail. Coach Russ mentioned that the Saber's weren't coming to the bench with enough cuts and bruises, but I was pretty happy. Ryan Miller led the way with the hat trick, singles were scored by Jeff Pringle, Peter Dmytruk, Jon Shapka. Jon also had 2 assists as did Brendon Thiessen and Aaron Roche, the rest went to Nathan Hollands, Peter Dmytruk, Rory Shott, and Tim Morgan. Big hit by Tony (again) and solid goaltending <shots were 36-33>. Nice move by Coach John and I don't mean his bowels.

To all you out of towners, i.e. Royalamaniacs and 'Coach Russ' we won!!! Tough to keep a good team down, but the ice in the sky grounded the Jets 10-1. With our Cutman braving the storm to make it back from the National Boxing Championships in Whitecourt, and our players understanding the meaning of Royals hockey (lets try harder to remember) the result couldn't have been more welcome. Lots of points so lets get going. Two goal games by Nathan Hollands and Tim Morgan, singles by Pat McNary, Ryan Miller, James Malkin, Tyler Cronk, Peter Dmytruk and Rory Shott. Assists to Brendon Thiessen (4), Cody Campbell (3), Nathan Hollands (2), Tim Morgan (2), Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas,Rory Shott, Tyler Cronk, Jon Shapka. Shots were 51-24 and we only took 8 minors in the second period. There is a strange smell in the air, what could it be, John get back to the gate!!

In a game, on a night that's -25 and a blizzard, that the ref forgot his can so it starts late, that the clock breaks down 45 seconds in, when you out shoot the other team 35-21, you should have something go in your favor. Not Friday night in Spruce Grove 4-9 was the score and the rest happened. Scoring for the Royals Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas, Jeff Pringle and Jon Shapka, with assists going to Brendon Thiessen (3), Nathan Hollands <see he does pass>, and Peter Dmytruk. Everybody made it home safe, as long as the cutman makes the game Sunday.

A tie always feels like you left something on the table. The 5-5 tie with Wetaskiwin last night felt no different, even though, they had the game in hand and we came back to tie then dominate the rest of the way. Tony Rose and Nathan Hollands scored 2 goals with Matt Kalinowski getting the other. Matt also had 2 assists, Jeff Pringle, James Malkin, Tim Morgan, Matt Buskas got the other assists. Shots were 36-34 and the goalies were tested often. It was good to have Chris back and I hope everything works out for Shaun.

The NEAJBL VS CJHL game was a great success with the good guys winning 7-4. I wanted to mention all the players but I'm to lazy to type in everybody's name and mention all the solid things they did in the game. We jumped on them but let our foot off of their throat's, and that's the only reason that the score looks close. It was fun and successful. Thanks guys - you to Wally.

The Royals skated away to, what the Red Wings thought was, a very ugly 5-2 win. The cup is either half full or empty I guess. When you shut a team down like that it must feel bad for them. Nathan Hollands scored 2 goals with Cody Campbell, Jon Shapka and scoring his first goal as a Royal Peter Dmytruk. On a night when the refs didn't look for assists - one each for Matt Kalinowski, Rory Shott, Chris Fulks, Matt Buskas and Tyler Cronk. We hit at least 6 posts and crossbars in the last 10 min. or the score could have been as ugly as they thought it was. 18 days and counting.

The cold weather sucked all our energy and dried up the goals, Strathcona wins 1-6. Tim Morgan scored from Brendon Thiessen and Rory Shott. Shots were 36-34 for us and Tony knocked a helmet off with a hit. Chris Fulks won the shooting accuracy event at the Allstar Game. This sour taste in my mouth leaves nothing good to write so good-bye for now.

Royals win 6-2 in Leduc and the stars on the gates were the Cutman and Big C!! A nice 4 goal third period gave us the breathing room we needed, to clean up a mistake one of the Riggers had made in an earlier game. Nathan Hollands had 2 goals, his linemates Jeff Pringle and James (call me Gord) Malkin each scored, along with Matt Kalinowski and Tyler Cronk. Pringle also had 2 assists, Tyler Cronk, Tony Rose, Matt Kalinowski, Pat McNary, Matt Buskas and James Malkin had singles. Nice tilt Jon, oh yea I had already mentioned that. Allstar Saturday in here and the Royals are represented in the game by Terrace Warawa, Nathan Hollands, Cody Campbell and Rory Shott. Our very skilled players are Matt Buskas (hardest shot), Matt Kalinowski (fastest skater), Chris Fulks (shooting accuracy), Tim Morgan (shoot out), Jeff Pringle (agility). The road trip leaves Scotty's at 1:00.

Birthday boy gets his second shut out of the season, T Warawa stopped all 23 shots including all the 5 on 3's. Strong team play backstopped the 5-0 victory over the yappy Beaumont Chiefs - no wonder Marcel wasn't there. James Malkin scored his 1st goal of the season along with Nathan Hollands, Tony Rose, Pat McNary, Matt Kalinowski, assists going to Tyler Cronk (2), Nathan Hollands, Cody Campbell, James Malkin, Jeff Pringle, Matt Kalinowski and Tony Rose. The game marked the return to Alberta (for the night) of Ryan Zahara - we hope you graduate soon because the Royal can always use another lawyer. It's been 7 days!!!!

The new year started off with a bang, 6-3 over the Oil Capitals. If not for a 2 min. span in the second period the game would have been outstanding. We tried a new strategy - dressing 20 players - and it worked. Rory Shott and Tony Rose each scored 2 goals with Brendon Thiessen and Nathan Hollands also scoring. Cody Campbell had 2 assists and the rest going to Tim Morgan, Brendon Thiessen, Joel Amyotte, Craig Moriyama, Aaron Roche. Shots were 46-31 and T was solid. The Royals hearts are heavy for Chris and we are there for you when you need us.

Happy New Year!! Yes it has been awhile. Sometimes when you are pouting about your team it's best to stay away from hockey, so there were no updates. Everybody is feeling good now, including our cutman, because of a visit from a bestest friend. There was a little northern dancing and a little southern jelly fish sighting, but overall a slow Christmas holiday. Look forward to seeing all you Royalamaniacs very soon.

Millwoods Arena was not as friendly as it should be, for all our guys who live in the area, 2-5 for the River Kings. Kind of a goofy game with lots of big giveaways for both teams, a couple of tilts, and a little bad blood. On the up side we did get to see a spineless jelly fish get excited again, but they did win the game. Tim Morgan and Cody Campbell scored, Rory Shott, Cody Campbell and Tony Rose picking up the assists. Shots on goal were 42-32 for the Royals. Nothing more needs to be said.

Ouch!! The streak started with St. Albert and ended with St. Albert 1-7. Not enough players to many penalties and not enough shots - that would have created some more goals. Brendon Thiessen scored our only goal assisted by Jon Shapka and Nathan Hollands. We were gritty but stunk the joint out for the middle 30 minutes. Shots were 13-36 for the other guys but we beat them on the penalty count. Tough game on everybody but by 1:30 AM we had an answer for everything.

The streak is 7 with an underplayered team of 15 beating Stony Plain 6-2. Two goals again for Nathan Hollands, Rory Shott, Tim Morgan, Jon Shapka, and number 14, who is also known on our team as Chris Fulks scored one goal each. A big assist night for defencemen as Joel Amyotte and Aaron Roche had 3, singles to Jon Shapka, Matt Buskas, Chris Fulks, Tyler Cronk and Jeff Pringle. I believe the line of the night was said by another one of our 21 year olds "that's the last time in my life I'll ever have to come to this hell hole of a town", the coaches will still have to come back so it's not a perfect comment. A mild tussle in the 3rd period between the teams #24's and our guy has to remember 'swing swing swing' and never stop till the ref says to.

The Royals welcomed Dennis back and said good-bye to Stephen, for a while, with a 5-2 win over the Riggers. How many times are we going to say that the referee was very interesting in his call of the game. Goal scorers were Rory Shott, Jeff Pringle, Jon Shapka, Nathan Hollands and Stephen Skoreyko. Assists Tim Morgan with 2, Joel Amyotte, Nathan Hollands, Cody Campbell, Jeff Pringle and Brendon Thiessen. Shots were 44-19 Royals and by playing Royals Hockey for 60 min. and crashing the net for rebounds we got the job done - even though nobody got paid. I just wish that Russ the owner would show up with our cheques.

Win number 5 in this streak, 4-3 over the Knights. As the score shows this was a tight game all night with our power play being the difference, in a game with many interesting calls and no calls. Nathan Hollands, Brendon Thiessen, Tim Morgan and Rory Shott scored the goals. Cody Campbell had 2 assists with the rest going to Nathan Hollands, Matt (I hope that wasn't a relative) Buskas, Rory Shott, Matt Kalinowski and Tim Morgan. For only the 2nd time this season the Royals were out shot 29-38 and Terrace stood tall. We were a little short on the bench but I'm sure the stories are going to be outstanding. Can you imagine the cutman out in Kelowna!!

With a visible jelly fish at the game, the Royals won their 4th straight game 7-4 over the bench short River Kings. Nathan (who is this guy) Hollands scored his 1st hattrick as a Royal chipping in with one goal each Aaron Roche (nice deflection), Jon Shapka (nice Bossy), Stephen Skoreyko (nice breakaway) and Pat McNary (nice 1st goal). See the cutman is right we are nice. Matt Buskas had 3 assists, Rory Shott, Tim Morgan and Matt Kalinowski all had 2 assists. The rest going to Pat McNary, Brendon Thiessen, Jeff Pringle, Cody Campbell and Tony Rose. Chris Farley got his 2nd Royal win and we outshot them 35-22, without playing the 3rd period. Oh yea the 3rd, maybe we should invent a drill for practice.

Friday night came and went with another Royal victory 5-2 over Beaumont. - 'good job on the stick penalties'. Who is this Nathan Hollands guy with his third straight 2 goal game, Tyler Cronk, Jeff Pringle and Tim Morgan all had singles. Joel Amyotte, Cody Campbell and Jeff Pringle each recorded 2 assists in the game - Nathan Hollands, Tony Rose, Rory Shott also had assists in the game. Royals Hockey is getting played on a nightly basis and it is showing up as wins. Shots on goal 40-19 Royals and once again nice calls on the sticks. The Spooners hall party seemed to be a success but they should have closed the bar earlier and not allowed any biting.

YES!! - Royals win 7-2 over Stony Plain in a one sided skating game. As you know Dennis needed a little help in the second half of the Grey Cup, this was taken care of last night - thanks to you who cared enough to help. Jon Shapka and Nathan Hollands each scored two goals with Jon's linemates getting singles - that's Chris Fulks and Stephen Skoreyko, Joel Amyotte got the last goal of the game. Lots of assists and no fights so I'm not reporting on either. Shots on goal 55-14 in the favor of the good guys. Coach Russ raised the bar last night and we almost got there, it's good to see him challenge us.

The GREY CUP festivities started last night with a 5-2 ROYAL WIN (over St. Albert - with their new coach) and continued later into the evening and early morning out on the fishing pond <more to come on that>. Nathan Hollands picked up right where he left off (from midget) by scoring 2 goals and being strong skater for the whole game, singles went to Ryan Miller, Brendon Thiessen, Jeff Pringle - yes that Jeff. Big night for assists with Aaron Roche getting 3. Shots on goal were 28-24 Royals and WE DIDN'T GET THE FIRST 4 PENALTIES IN THE GAME, we didn't even get the first one but we did score 2 PP goals and 1 SH goal. Now back to the fishing trip, Dennis, as you can well imagine, caught the big one again but had trouble with his footing while trying to land it. It must have been slippery out there on the pond or maybe the earth moved when Side Show jumped up and down after seeing what the Cutman was going after. Anyways, once again his roommate bailed him out and saved the day or night/morning as it were. We can never get him to reveal his secret fishing lure, but those fish seemed to be jumping at some beer cans that got to close the the water. Coach Russ was once again a no show.

The way this game was played and the zone that it was played in you would have bet a lot of money that the Royals would have won, but not to be. 2-3 was the final score on a night that the Royals outshot them 50-21, and still went home empty handed. Rory Shott and Chris Fulks got the goals for us and we also got a couple for them.

The Warriors came south and went home with a 4-1 victory last night. For some reason we went to the penalty box 4 times to open the game (for the 2nd straight game) - I guess we don't know the rules for the first 10 minutes of a game. Big shot and goal by Matt Buskas assisted by Chris Fulks - sorry Tony. Shots on goal were 29-29 and a couple of tilts.

It felt like an earthquake in downtown Beaumont as their Chiefs limped home after a 4-1 defeat by the Royals. Our Defencemen were on the scoreboard, again, with Aaron Roche and Chris Marsh getting us started and Nathan Hollands and Rory Shott finishing things off. Strong penalty killing and T. Warawa set the tone for the game and then the offense took over. Shots on goal were 46-17, with Shapka winning the only fight. It was a good all-around night and finished off with a little Gambler at the Bullet. SIDE NOTE: A little bit of Royal Karma paid off for Royalamaniac Jamie Stoddard, with a playoff touchdown pass for the Bombers, it just goes to show you 'a little bit of Royal goes a long way'.

The results of last nights game in Leduc (1-3 loss) drove Coach Russ to some particularly peculiar behavior, some say firearms were involved others won't talk or get out of bed when friends call. Yes the Rigg have finally won a game this season and the Royals took a step in the wrong direction in the quest for 1st place. It's a good thing that we found a way to get better in the game to bad it didn't take place on the score board. With scouts in the stands (no contracts in their pockets just tummy warmers) all we brought to the game was flat pop. Ryan Miller scored and we out shot them 27-20 - doesn't look like 60 to me either. It looked like a big fire west of Leduc after the game we aren't sure what it was but there are no more parade floats in Calmar.

ROYALS WIN AND POWER PLAY GOES CRAZY - Royals skated (and I mean SKATED) to a convincing 8-1 victory over Wetaskiwin in our 1st game in a week. Try as they do the Icemen couldn't get us to fall into the trap that they think is hockey. The power play worked the way it's planned out and scored 5 goals, while our penalty killers scored one that counted, one that didn't and one that just missed on Chris Marsh's 1st penalty shot. Scoring 2 goals each Rory Shott, Matt Buskas and (bring his practice to the game) Nathan Hollands, singles to Brendon Thiessen and Stephen Skoreyko. A big night for assists by Cody Campbell (4), Aaron Roche (2), Jon Shapka (2) and Tony Rose(2). Coming off his victory at the Royals 1st ever Air Hockey Championship T. Warawa (with partners Chris Fulks, Big C, Stephen Skoreyko) was solid in net. Shots on goal were 42-23 in the Royals favor. THIS JUST IN 'THE CUTMAN'S CORNER HAS A NEW ADDRESS' he has been down for 7 days now, because of the vast quantity of requests for help. So if you have sent a letter in the past week re send it and he will get to you, this is a trying time for one who is so great and well respected by all. Looking forward to Tuesday night as there is a scouting trip being planned to look for the illusive jelly fish.

Streak put on hold while we remember why we play hockey! Sherwood Park Knights skated to a 1-3 victory in Royaltown Sunday night. Tony Rose continued his assault on the league records with a goal and Brendon Thiessen added an assist but that was it for scoring. Shots on goal 25-31 for the Knights. It was down right tragic that the Royals didn't score in the 3rd period because rumor has it that there was about to be a show in the stands (of the ballet type). Sorry about the lack of information about the game but all the idea guys are still pretty upset.

ROYALS ABOUT TO START NEW WINNING STREAK!! 1st loss of the season 2-5 to the Spruce Grove Regals. The lineup was a little short, somebody has to go to school, and we weren't happy with our 60 minute's of hockey. But the way Dennis said it 'I guess we all were able to get out of bed this morning, so it's bad but not that bad', no one can put it like a Cutman unless it's Coach Russ and his pacemaker conversation at lunch - you should have been there. Cody Campbell and Tim Morgan scored for the Royals but we just didn't score on the powerplay when we had the chance. Shots on goal were 35-32 for the Royals. We didn't take what was ours tonight and we will learn because of that. Did anyone see Dennis's new hair colour???

LATE BREAKING NEWS - cause Scott's been to sick to update the site. ROYALS WIN in Fort Saskatchewan 4-2 in a very disciplined team 1st oriented game. The Chevys constant trail to the box made things easier than they could have been. Goal scores were Chris Fulks, Ryan Miller, Tony Rose, Jon Shapka (with cutman stitches over his eyelid). True to his word one Royal took no penalties. Shots on goal 35-29 for the Royals, Coach Russ had given us a number we could take to Las Vegas but we haven't reached it YET! Just in on the jelly fish front - sited at Millwoods Arena Tuesday Oct. 15th.

BACK ON TRACK are the Royals with a sound thrashing of Leduc 8-4. New guy Matt Buskas got his first goal as a Royal then preceded to score 2 more times for the hat trick, 2 goals by Tim Morgan and singles by Chris Fulks, Joel Amyotte, Ryan Miller: A whole wack of assists and only one guy tossed (for the second game in a row). Shots on goal 41-18 for the Royal and that is how the game looked - lopsided. On the Jelly fish look out there still have been no sightings at the Royals games, I wonder if we will see one when we go scouting on Tuesday. Side Show didn't make it out again, he must be restocking his fishing hole. The Royals hockey school starts up again on Thursday Oct. 17, contact Scott if you want to help out or maybe attend, if you still can't turn left.

OT loss in Wetaskiwin, guess it counts as a tie in the standings. Very interesting night in poor town Wetaskiwin Friday night, with the Royals penalty killers and T Warawa almost stealing the win. We talked a bit after the game and to nobody could ever remember seeing 5 different 5 on 3 power play situations. The Royals skated to the box time after time and if not for a puck deflected in with a high stick (on a 5 on 3) we would have not allowed a goal. You have to cash in on the chances you get, stand tall and still walk away with the win. But the puck bounced when it shouldn't have and we didn't score enough. Tony Rose with a breakaway PP goal with assists to Rory Shott, T Warawa. Shots on goal 43-28 for Wetaskiwin on 'have a beer in the stands night' promotion that must have been supported by the Icemen because they did nothing to control it. There was sure lots of room on the bench by the end of the game, (couple of after the whistle situations, sorry about your nephew Jimmy). We may even have all our coaches at Sunday's game so look out!!

ROYALS JUMP INTO 1ST PLACE AND STREAK EXTENDS TO 4!! The trip out to Morinville was a success with a 8-0 victory. Terrace Warawa stopped all 25 shots to get OUR 1st shutout of the season. Obviously there were plenty of points with big nights by Ryan Miller, Tim Morgan, Rory Shott,Aaron Roche, Chris Marsh(who is this guy), with short handed goals by Jon Shapka and Nathon Hollands. Big team speed was the biggest asset in the game as we shut down the Jets at every turn. Shots of goal 38-25. Does anyone know where the rest of Cutmans finger is??? A side note, the fishing trip, to Side Show Bob's, after the game went very well with only 1 floater left behind. As everybody gets more comfortable with Royals hockey it has started to show up on the score board, both goals for and against. Nice home ice advantage with those finger crushing mats in the visitors box, you only got one victim. Still no sign of any jellyfish at the game. Coach John is down but not out so speedy recovery, we still need to hear that voice of reason.

ROYALS EXTEND STREAK TO 3!! The Oil Capitals went home with their tails between their legs and ice bags everywhere else. Fast skating and hard hitting were the order of the night and that's what we delivered. Getting the hat trick was Brendon Thiessen and with his 1st Royals goal Chris Fulks (short handed) the others went to Jeff Pringle and Ryan Miller. New comer Chris Marsh got 2 assists (the old Marsh never got 2 in a game)as did Cody Campbell. Shots on Goal 35-25 for the Royals. Almost a fight near the end but not enough to mention names. That was an interesting way the Caps goalie reacted to letting in a number of suspect goals, who really knew what he was yelling? Young Stephen got to play where he should and did he deliver the goods, now where are those hands of preseason 3 years ago. WORD JUST in, the real reason for the late start to last nights game was that the 'Queen was late' ace reporter Dennis dug up the goods on this one, we still don't know the Queen of what all we know was she didn't show. There was no reports of a spineless jellyfish at the game so, you know who you are, must have been mistaken. Coach Kent made it out for the third period goals and mentioned that Gord was there by himself, but that there was still quite a bit of talent at the game.

ROYALS UNDEFEATED AFTER 2 GAMES! The home opener took place Sunday night and many of the visitors went home feeling very lucky with a 4-4 OT tie. Much like our 1st game playing 60 minutes has been our down fall, but we show what kind of a team we will become when we get playing Royals Hockey. Getting their 1st goals as a Royal were Matt Kalinowski and Rory Shott, with Stephen Skoreyko and Jon Shapka also scoring. Ryan Miller and Craig Moriyama chipped in with 2 assists each. No fights and not allot going on after the whistle. Shots of goal 34-26 for the Royals. 'This is going to be a good year' quoted the Cut Man as be replenishing some fluids he had lost during the game, he should know, cause with that grizzled look he has going, he looks like he has been around for ever. (we know you are getting into role for that next acting role, GOOD LUCK). Looking around another standing room only crowd, you would have been able to see many stars of the past and the future. It was good to see that Chyna finally made it out but if she keeps hanging with that northside guy you know her career will take a down turn, again. Almost all the coaching staff made the game so look out when we are complete.

ROYALS FINNISH STRONG!! Friday night downtown Beaumont, Royals 3 Beaumont 3. Tough game by the division foes, lots of bouncing pucks, big hits, good goaltending and exciting OT. We came back in the last 10 min. to score 2 goals to tie the game and send it into OT. We refused to quit and it showed by the way we dominated late in the game. Tony Rose got us on the board in the 1st, then Joel Amyotte and Jon Shapka with a late PP goal to tie it up, Jeff Pringle and Ryan Miller both had 2 assists. Shots on goal 42-31 in the Royals favor. But as Coach Russ says if you get 60 shots you will win every game. The new guys were solid in their 1st league game and added allot to our team speed. We all need softer hands and lets listen to the cutman's advice on how to soften them up. side note -- there were no stick penalties called!!! only 1 casualty bye 'chompy' hello gummy.

The Edmonton Royals will open up the 2002-03 regular season on September 27th @ the Beaumont Arena. The 2 teams played last season in the league quarter final, with the good guys winning 6-0 in the deciding game. It's great to get this season started cause we are getting sick of running into each other and shooting pucks at coach John. The cutman has gotten his new supply of stuff from China, so he should be good until he runs out of that horse liniment he got from the Veterinarian last season.