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(The 2005-06 Game-by-Game Descriptions)

The Royals and all the Royalamaniacs send out our thoughts and prayers to Dennis and his family at this difficult time. Chin up Cutman!



The Championship game was great after 2 periods but we all know that the game is 60 minutes long - the final score 2-3. When 2 teams go out and play hard there still has to be a winner and a Silver Medalist. This season we earned Silver as the 2nd best Junior B team in the Province. I know there is a team or two out there that think they are the best but all that has to be proved, out on the ice. Tyler Thomlison and Matt Kalinowski scored our goals with assists to Matt Kalinowski, Kory Ebel (2) and Tyler Thomlison. PP 0-5, PK 5-6, shots 23-29. Our great season came to a close with a sour note but reflection tells the story of a great TEAM that over came many hurdles during the season and playoffs. We had winning streaks (longer than any in Royal history), player changes throughout the season, those damn vacations that need to be planned better, injuries both in season and playoffs, our players living on that thing call SCRUB and whatever it is made of, the ability to learn and trust what the coaches asked you to do and how to play - even if it was so different than how you have been taught your whole life, did I mention those damn vacations, the extra long Christmas break and even the extra long playoff break in the last series. We all learned some great lessons about team and depending and trusting your teammates and coaches to do their job. We may not ever have the most talented group of players but we ALWAYS ALWAYS have the best group of teammates who learn to play as a team and support their teammates. There is no I in team {but there is one in WIN, ask me what that is about} and this team proved that every time we got together. We started on Aug. 29 with a goal of getting better every time the team got together and we did. Thanks for the season and memories - of course some of those memories I may have to blank out of Davy's brain. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Chris Marsh.

In the Semi Finals we came up against our old friends the Red Wings and happily the result was the same as in the league championship series 5-1 for the good guys. It was the first time that both teams had earned the right to play 2 games in the same day and maybe that early morning game didn't look so bad. We got back to our speed first ask questions later type of game and it paid off early on a penalty kill as we caused them to take one on us, that helped us score our power play goal to start the game. Playing hard for each second really helped in this game. Our goals were scored by Jarret Hager, Tyler Thomlison, Daryl Bunnell, Scott Reid and Kris Gies; assists to Matt Kalinowski (2), Kody Smith (2), Joe Sangha, Dan Pennock, Kory Ebel, Tyler Thomlison and Pat McNary. PP 2-5, PK 8-8, shots 31-23. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Shane Kelly.

Game 3 didn't go as planned on the score board, 2-3 to Saddle Lake. We started this very early morning game with 1st place in our pool clinched, knowing we would be playing at 8:00 in the Semi Final. At times that showed but the biggest thing was that our hands were gripping our sticks way to tight. Scott Reid and Matt Kalinowski scored with assists to Jarret Brophy, Matt Buskas, Jeff McLeod and Kody Smith. PP 2-12, PK 8-9, shots 56-30. We had a good rest up for the playoff round. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Ryan Zahara.

Game 2 once again went as planned, we went to the net and continually frustrated Red Deer and this paced us to our 6-3 victory. Being the hardest team to play against is important to the Royal and we showed that kind of a game today. Austin Krysa went to the net without the puck and scored to get things started, then Kory Ebel (1), Scott Reid (2), Matt Kalinowski and Ben Brown. The goals were assisted by Rory Shott (2), Matt Buskas (3), Matt Kalinowski, Steve Bilawey (2) and Kory Ebel. PP 2-8, PK 10-11, shots 45-32. This mornings wake up calls had an interesting feature {not many of knew the hotel had this service}. With the proper motivation the front desk can utilize the choking method of getting someone out of bed, but even they knew that this method sometimes has its hitches, so the will follow it up with the customary phone call. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Gord Beebe.

Game 1 against Fort St. John went as planned, a strong forecheck and keeping the shots to the outside gave us a 4-0 win. Our whole team was a little nervous to start the game, but we got over that as we realized that our speed would be the difference, that and Dan Pennock getting his 1st shut out of the playoffs. Mike Taylor started the scoring then Rory Shott, Pat McNary (sh) and Ben Brown finished it. Assists went to Ben Brown, Steve Bilawey (2), Joe Sangha (2), Jarret Hager and Jarret Brophy. PP 0-6, PK 6-6, shots 38-42. We went straight to another 3 hour meal without incident. (See game 2). Our write-in Royalamaniac was Cade Barry.

As you can see we are alive. But the process of putting up information is to hard to think about, yet. Give me another day or so of not thinking about it so we can put our great season into the spot light that it deserves. Thanks to all the Royalamaniacs for all the calls, text messages and e-mail's.

Congratulations to Dan Pennock and Jon Erickson - and their teammates - for winning the best goaltending record for the season. When we finally see the trophy, we will be able to see some of the great goaltending tandems the Royal have had over the years.

EDMONTON ROYALS 2005-2006 CJHL CHAMPIONS!!! (click here for the pictures)

6-4 in an exciting game that had all the ups and downs that a championship game deserves. We were down by 2 early but started playing the way we practice and it paid off with 5 straight goals. A little cycle around the net got us started and a little STOP in front of the net finished it off. Our goal scorers were Rory Shott (2), Mike Tayler, Ben Brown, Joe (nice backhand) Sangha and Steve Bilawey. They were assisted by Jarret Hager, Joe Sangha, Steve Bilawey, Kody Smith, Mike Tayler (2), Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas and Pat McNary. PP 2-7, PK 4-8, shots 28-27. The celebration went long and hard into the morning - so long that our site wasn't updated until 4:00 P.M. - YES WINNING is good. The boys were a little late getting to the local establishment but when they finally arrived the stories were worth the wait. To some of the old Royalamaniacs, the trophy still comes apart and with the right amount of gum you can drink out of the cup. We have some great pool players on the team they gave out some lessons, to bad Broph. They sure make the glass strong around arenas these days cause it looked like an earthquake was happening around the glass at our end of the rink at the end of the game. Grande Prairie's web page is Did anybody know that The Royals are the 1st CJ team to win our championship without getting a first round bye. I will try to keep this updated but it may be tough, so keep coming back I may even surprise myself. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Matt Boyda.

Ya I know, but late is better than never being updated. A full house Saturday night went home or back to there day home (out on work release) sad as the might Royal lost 2-4. Joe Sangha and Matt Kalinowski scored with assists to Austin Krysa, Jeff McLeod, Steve Bilawey and Barrett Kyle. PP 0-7,PK 7-9, shots 34-22. On the good side the Bulldogs had a great end of season tournament. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Andy Lukawesky.

Winning, on the other hand, feels great - 6-5 in another goofy one. When we score more PK goals than PP, some guys get more points than penalties and others get more penalties than goals, lets just call it goofy, and no that isn't another Cutman reference. Our goal scorers were Tyler Thomlison (2), Kory Ebel (3) and Steve Bilawey. With assists to Matt Kalinowski (3), Tyler Thomlison, Barrett Kyle (3), Rory Shott and Kody Smith (2). PP 1-5, PK 8-10, shots 29-41. We are starting to build up to 60 minutes again but we need to shoot the puck more. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Ryan Miller.

Losing sucks and so does being sick, combined with an early morning Bulldog practice, equals updating the page on Monday. Royals take it on the chin Saturday night 3-7. Tyler Thomlison, Pat McNary and Kory Ebel scored from Kris Gies (2), Jordan Dezman and Tyler Thomlison. PP 1-6, PK 6-11 {yes they scored 5 goals}, shots 33-41. Some much needed rest is critical the night before a playoff game. Our write-in Royalamaniacs were the combined force of Marc Renfret and Jason Dawes.

The Royals travel to the north and skate away with a 2-1 victory, we then got on our dog sleds and mushed through the snow back south before our passports expired. We have to remember what we have won - nothing yet!! The game could have been played at a higher tempo, I think we can take care of the tempo thing at tonight's practice. Barrett Kyle and Joe Sangha scored our goals with assists going to Mike Tayler, Steve Bilawey, Matt Kalinowski and Jarret Hager. PP 1-4, PK 4-4, shots 21-27. This is not the time to be happy, smiling yes, just not happy - yet. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Jon Shapka.

The Royals home away from home in Grande Prairie we will be The Ramada Inn 780-814-7448.

Royalamania ran rampant after the 3-2 series clinching victory over the Chiefs (click here for pictures of the big win!). The teams battled hard in every game and it showed in how many ice bags were needed after a game was over. This clinching game had everything you could imagine; a goal scored with no time on the clock and no buzzer ringing, a successful penalty shot, a 5 minute major (yes to us), spectacular goaltending (both ends) and of course the Royal killing a penalty in the last three minutes of the game. Those few of you that missed it, [Bob], shame on you. The action on the ice was spectacular and the action in the stands was loud, entertaining and wouldn't you know it silly at times. Our goal scorers were Steve Bilawey and Mike Tayler (2); with Barrett Kyle and Steve Bilawey assisting. PP 1-8, PK 7-9, shots 21-38. Now for the fun stuff. Have you ever seen a 6' 4" 225 lb. man jump up on to a bar and sing and dance his way into legendary (as if he wasn't one already) status. How about the hair swinging shirt swinging duo performing many many of their favorite hit songs. Or even a rendition of happy birthday that would have made Marilyn Monroe blush and the finishing touch of 'The Gambler'. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Sebastien Polikar. For all you northern Royalamaniacs we will be bringing our road show to Grande Prairie April 6-9 at the Coca Cola Centre. Be there and feel the bright lights of the Royal glow. 1st things 1st and that is practice tonight 10:00 @ Tipton this is where we start preparing for the Red Wings.

3-1 was the score and there was coffee spilt at the game, maybe it had been thrown first. Scoring our goals were Joe Sangha, Tyler Thomlison and Jarret Hager with assists going to Jarret Hager, Matt Buskas, Joe Sangha and Matt Kalinowski. PP 3-13, PK 10-10, shots 26-25. We are getting closer and closer to that 60 minute effort, trusting the system and being a great teammate will take the Royal along way. Our write in Royalamaniac was Cory Cross.

A very festive Royal win 4-3 in front of ton of Royalamaniacs. Confederation was a very full barn and they all went home happy with the Royals or cursing the Royals, either way they went home or to some near by establishment. Tyler Thomlison, Jarret Hager, Cam Breckon and Rory Shott were our goal scorers. The assists went to Scott Reid, Rory Shott, Matt Amyotte, Jarret Brophy, Pat McNary, Kory Ebel (2) and Tyler Thomlison. PP 3-6, PK 7-10, shots 21-27. It may look like our PK let us down but the inside scoop says that we killed off two 5 minute majors and that includes being shorthanded for the last 7 minutes of the game. We must be the dirtiest team in the world, because even when we get twice as many penalties as the other team they still think we should get more (or maybe it's just playoff hockey). Our write-in Royalamaniac was Blair Zahara.

Sorry about the late update, the Bulldogs had some important matters that needed to be taken care on. The good guys win 3-2 in a fast paced game. Tyler Thomlison and Rory Shott (2) scored from Kory Ebel (2), Ben Brown, Tyler Thomlison, Joe Sangha and Jarret Hager. PP 1-4, PK 9-10, shots 18-19 {maybe we should count them out there}. A very full coaching staff attended the game even T made it out. We got close to 60 minutes and we did get smarter but most importantly we got the win. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Kyle Green.

Royals lose 1-3. Kris Gies scored from Tyler Thomlison and Kory Ebel. When we play Royals hockey we are great when we get frustrated and try to do it as individuals we aren't very good. That has been the way in the first 2 games. We will play Royals hockey on Friday for 60 minutes. PP 1-6, PK 4-6, shots 28-24. Royalamaniac Chris Marsh made it out last night and that brought back a whole lot of good memories and stories. The leather lunged Royalamaniacs were quite entertaining. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Joel Amyotte.

We finally got to play a playoff game at Confederation and we forgot to score, as we lost 0-1 in game 1. We keep learning every night and the lessons we picked up last night will make us better today. No goals or assists, that wasn't to tough to figure out. PP 0-7, PK 7-7, shots 20-31. Lots of skating, hits and of course making people not like us, also Side Show said he liked the game except for the score. What more can we say, but aren't the playoffs fun!! Our write-in Royalamaniac was Jeff Pringle.

The snow couldn't stop the Royal from rolling to a series clinching 7-1 victory over the Warriors. This series had 2 of the most interesting penalties that we have ever seen and both happened to put us into a 3 on 5 penalty kill. Then in this game we had as many PP goals as PK goals, but once again with this fellow we turned out to be a team that never passes. Jarret Hager (2), Kris Gies, Matt (just like a shorter Kent Love, straight from the penalty box) Buskas, Ben (with an assist from you know who) Brown, Steve Bilawey and Mike Tayler scored for us. The assist on the game sheet went to Matt Kalinowski, Joe Sangha, Kory Ebel, Rory Shott and Kody Smith. PP 2-6, PK 11-12, shots 32-34. The Bullet was kind enough to host some post victory hockey talk that included singing, dancing without poles, popcorn (you know who cooked it) and the kind of comedy that you have to have a Cutman around for to understand. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Brenan Jones.

Good Luck Gary, our thoughts are with you.

We took the trip north and came up short 3-4, in game 3 of the series. It's very important to play every second of the game, even the ones that run off the clock, but it's more important to play the first 50 minutes of the game. Our goal scorers were Rory Shott, Scott Reid and Matt Kalinowski. They were assisted by Scott Reid, Tyler Thomlison (2), Rory Shott and Matt Buskas. PP 3-12, PK 10-11, shots 32-30. I guess we all remember Daryl Goretzki and the Strathcona Sabres. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Stephen Skoreyko.

Friday night in the hood and another Royal win, this time 4-3. With no lock downs on this part of the southside and Royalamaniacs coaching a playoff win on the 'A' side of the rink the barn was jammed and they all went home happy, that is unless you had get back over the river before your passport expired. Barrett Kyle, Tyler Thomlison, Matt Kalinowski and Steve Bilawey scored our goals. The assists went to Steve Bilawey, Mike Tayler, Matt Amyotte, Jarret Brophy, Joe Sangha and Barrett Kyle. PP 0-8, PK 7-10, shots 27-22. In a very slow post game meeting that was lacking many many of its main contributors, it is quite evident how serious the Royalamaniacs are taking game 3 on Sunday night. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Clayton (hammerhands) Vanderham.

Game 1 goes to the Royal 4-2. A big nasty sounding crowd in the hood of Millwoods went home happy although with the venom that they directed to the ice I hope the dog doesn't piss anyone off tonight. Matt Kalinowski and Tyler Thomlison both scored 2 goals to pace the offense with assists going to Joe Sangha (2), Kody Smith, Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas, Pat McNary and Tyler Thomlison. PP 1-6, PK 12-14, shots 23-24. I got to get a bottle of that hair growing stuff, somehow we have to get that guy to like us more. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Cody Campbell.

THIS JUST IN. ROYALS ANNUAL PLAYOFF AIR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP IS ON SUNDAY FEB. 19TH 6:00 @ SCOTTY'S!! WE WILL BE UPDATING THIS SITE WITH TEAM NAMES WHEN THEY COME IN. In a thrilling game (only to the winners - hey they just played by the rules, that may have to be changed) THE PURPLE COBRAS Dan Pennock and Jon Erickson win the title over Vanilla Ice (Scott Reid and Jordan Dezman). Another epic Royals function that was very well attended by all except those who never check their cell phone messages. The rest of the teams were The Sabres, Team Fusion, The Bulldogs, The Lawn Wranglers, The Hicks, The Wheelers, The Joe Sammas, The Dominators, 2442Win and The Songbirds.

The series ended as quickly as it started with a 3-2 win. We forgot to start the game so we only had 40 minutes to play. Tyler Thomlison, Joe Sangha and Kris Gies scored with assists to Steve (from the bench) Bilawey, Kory Ebel (2), Pat McNary and Tyler Thomlison. PP 2-9, PK 9-10, shots 30-23. It was important to get off the north side in a hurry because of the cold weather, but I was late getting to work just the same. The next series is against the Warriors and it will begin Wednesday Feb. 22 at a site to be determined later. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Kurt Rackel.

We took the first step with a 5-1 win out in Spruce Grove. When you skate fast and show up good things happen. Kody Smith, Rory Shott, Scott Reid and Mike Tayler (2) scored our goals with assists going to Tyler Thomlison (2), Kris Gies, Rory Shott, Barrett Kyle and Steve Bilawey (2). PP 2-3, PK 5-5, shots 27-26. You got to like a game when the ref gets hit with a stick in the face and says that he is OK cause "this is the playoffs (the best time of the year) and you just suck it up and play on". Those are words we all can listen to and get better because of. YES the learning never stops!! I hope you soft ..... people had fun, where ever you were, because we did. Let the winning continue. Our write-in Royalamaniac was Tyler Budinski.

Our regular season came to an end with a 9-5 win over our 1st round playoff opponents, the Spruce Grove Regals. It's a good thing that we didn't take 19 penalties (ya it's us not you micro managing the game). Lots of goals are great not as good as keeping them out of our own net but winning is what it's all about. Our goal scorers were Rory Shott, Jarret Hager, Matt Kalinowski (2 both short handed), Steve Bilawey (2), Joe Sangha and Kory Ebel (2). They were assisted by Tyler Thomlison (2), Kory Ebel, Kody Smith, Matt Buskas (3), Mike Tayler, Jarret Brophy, Matt Kalinowski, Kris Gies, Rory Shott and Scott Reid. PP 5-11, PK 11-14, shots 36-15. The 'Room de Royal' was jumping till all hours of the morning and does anyone know what happened to the Cutman? The Playoffs are here and the learning will continue. This is the 1st time in Royal history that we have four 21 year olds that have played all 4 seasons with us. We are proud of Kali, The Possum, Rory and Patty, lets send them out with a bang by getting 12 wins.

A fine Friday night in Beaumont wrecked with a 3-4 loss. The effort gods were on our side for the most part but the willingness to fight for every inch as hard as we can didn't show up. Hockey takes 60 minutes and we learned a few things as a team that will help us out down the road. Scott Reid, Joe Sangha and Matt Kalinowski were our goal scorers and they were assisted by Rory Shott (2), Kory Ebel and Tyler Thomlison. PP 1-4, PK 7-9, shots by their score keeper 12-29. There were no stories to be told after the game, I don't know if that will be the same after Saturday night.

Showing up not ready and not getting ready until late in the 3rd equals 2-3 for South Fort. Tyler Thomlison and Kory Ebel scored goals that were assisted by Kory Ebel, Kris Gies, Matt Kalinowski and Dan Pennock. PP 1-7, PK 7-8, shots 23-24. Lets get better tonight.

Royals take the trip to Jon's home town and he leads us to a 3-1 win out in Stony Plain. We waited 31 sec. to start the game with a goal tonight, I like that. Tyler Thomlison and Jarret Hager (2) scored with assists to Cam Breckon, Matt Buskas, Matt Kalinowski and Joe Sangha. PP 1-10, PK 6-7, shots 29-21. There was no time to go to the old bar so the next best thing (as you all know) is the curling rink. We made a few new Royalamaniacs bought some beef jerky and thankfully everyone made it home with out incident. Sunday has a chance to be our 1st full lineup in a while, I like it.

Wow the Royals win a weird one 2-0 over the River Kings. The game started great with a goal 10 seconds in, then it was goofy the rest of the game (check out the PP's for both teams). Tyler Thomlison and Kris Gies scored and were assisted by Kory Ebel (2) and Matt Kalinowski (2). PP 0-12, PK 19-19 [yes that is correct], shots 30-37. Dan got the shutout and stopped the last one with his face. There were more 5 on 3's in this one than you should ever see in a month of games. Waved off goals that didn't count, waved off goals that did count (kind of reminds you of another game), linesman injured and his replacement comes out of the penalty box, did I mention all the 5 on 3's and no Lady Bing for Dan (are you kidding me) because of a net getting knocked off. Winning is good!!!!! Coach Kent reminded me that Kris's goal reminded him of himself coming out of the penalty box getting a break away and scoring a big goal, those guys with the speed always make there own breaks.

A late surge and another Royal win out in Leduc 6-5 on OT. We are sure glad that got excited and played 8 minutes of hockey, it must have been tough to watch. Goals by Scott Reid, Jeff McLeod, Matt Kalinowski, Jarret Hager, Joe Sangha and Rory Shott with helpers from Rory Shott (2), Tyler Thomlison, Scott Reid, Jordan Dezman and Matt Buskas (2). PP 2-7, PK 7-9, shots 26-33. It was to bad that Jarret and Kent had to miss the post game activity (because they went to Bo's instead), the magnets were flying as well as the posters, some ears may never be the same. Who was to know that Royal wear would look so good under the black lights of a fine local establishment. The totals came in and THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all our Casino workers with out your efforts we would not have a hockey club. Oh ya thanks to all those people who lost all that money, you really went overboard this time.

Yes 40 points and you know what that means. G. F. E. We made the weekend a sweep with a 6-4 win out in Wetaskiwin. There was everything in the game that you may not see ever again and hopefully some of it never again. Matt Buskas scored 2 goals with Ben Brown, Rory Shott, Scott Reid and Kory Ebel getting the others. The assists went to Barrett Kyle, Tyler Thomlison, Kory Ebel, Austin Krysa, Jeff McLeod and Matt Buskas. PP 3-8, PK 8-9, shots 32-32. With no reported breakdowns on the way home, the trip to a local watering hole was quite quick. Although the stay was extended just because. The work that the Royal put in on Saturday at Minor Hockey Week was the talk of the city. Great Work and the girls at Hooters thank you as well.

Royals get back on the winning track with a 8-0 victory over Strathcona. Jon Erickson got his 1st shutout of the season in the win. Scoring goals Mike Tayler, Jeff McLeod, Austin Krysa, Matt Kalinowski (2), Joe Sangha, Kory Ebel and Cam Breckon. They were assisted by Cam Breckon, Scott Reid, Jordan Dezman, Matt Buskas (2), Kody Smith, Jarret Hager, Matt Amyotte, Matt Kalinowski and Ben Brown. PP 3-9, PK 7-7, shots 39-18. The post game entertainment at Bo's was toned down but we were told that it picked up a lot at the Buckle. Good luck to all that are working today at Minor Hockey Week at WEM.


Royals lose 0-4 to the Warriors. It's never a good sign when you don't score a goal and give up 3 on the PP. No goals, No assists, PP 0-8, PK 3-6, shots 31-36. We sure had a lot of help in the time box - it's to bad they didn't have anything good to write in to the Royal side. We are looking forward to tonight's practice.

Between Minor Hockey Week and the stuff you do after the game this has been the 1st time to update since Friday. No it hasn't been pouting because of all the Royal and Bulldog losses but 4 in a weekend could bring anybody down. The Wild were 3-4 victors on Fri. in a game that saw one relative give another one 5 minors - why can't they just get along? Kory Ebel, Joe Sangha and Tyler Thomlison scored and they were assisted by Jarret Hager, Barrett Kyle, Matt Kalinowski (2), Kris Gies and Matt Buskas. PP 3-11, PK 8-9, shots 27-31.

If the Royals don't win, guess what, the update will be slow. With that being said 2-4 to Beaumont Sunday night. It was great to be back playing hockey instead of sitting around doing nothing, now we will be able to get some practices in and get back to playing Royals hockey. Jarret Hager and Matt Kalinowski scored our goals and they were assisted by Pat McNary and Tyler Thomlison. Yes both Pat and Tyler are back. PP 0-7, PK 6-8, shots 18-29.

Good Luck to all the Royal All Stars Saturday @ NAIT. Playing at 3:30 are Matt Amyotte, Austin Krysa and Ben Brown. Playing at 7:00 are Dan Pennock, Matt Kalinowski, Barrett Kyle and Jarret Brophy, they will be guided by their own Royals coaching staff minus the out of town Cutman. It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce, that for the first time since that 8 hour trip to Fort Saskatchewan, there will be no Royal Road Trip to the All Star Game. I'm to upset for words so we will leave it like that.

Our game out in Morinville had just about everything, except the win, 6-6 was the score. Our goal scorers were Rory Shott, Barrett Kyle, Matt Buskas, Cam Breckon, James Cho and Matt Kalinowski. They were assisted by Matt Amyotte, Matt Buskas (3), James Cho (3), Steve Bilawey, Barrett Kyle and Kris Gies. PP 5-20, PK 8-9, shots 54-24. It's taken a while to get this up because I felt it was important to not say what I was really thinking. When you respect someone and they turn out to be nothing more than a river king it makes your stomach turn, like after a hard night of ripple and old mil. The antics of other teams coach, bench and fans especially the coach (some kind of coach of the year) makes me glad I left my family at home. ------- 'MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAVE A VERY ROYALAMANIAC NEW YEAR'!!!!

In a battle that deserved a winner there was none. 2-2 and an empty taste in our mouths. At least the Room de Royal lived up to its billing - that is, after just about everybody left. Barrett Kyle and Matt Buskas scored and they were assisted by James Cho and Joe Sangha. PP 1-8, PK 9-9, shots 29-44. There were no animals harmed in the filming of the turkey toss, but a couple of drumsticks may have been broken.

We lost to Sherwood Park 4-5. Scoring were Barrett Kyle, Matt Kalinowski, Tyler Thomlison and Daryl Bunnell. Assisted by Tyler Thomlison, Ben Brown, Matt Kalinowski and Matt Amyotte. PP 1-4, PK 4-5, shots 38-38. Not our best 60 minutes of hockey, but we got better in a couple of areas. Now lets get back to playing hard for 60 - getting better - and most importantly WINNING!!!

Royals win 2-1 against Leduc! The firsts were Mike Tayler and Jarret Brophy scoring goals that were assisted by Matt Kalinowski, Rory Shott (2) and Matt Buskas. PP 0-6, PK 6-6, shots 35-31. It looked like the post Christmas party hit both Dan and Rory as they made a couple of amazing plays in the 3rd period and somehow neither resulted in a goal. The beer was almost gone and there went the team, without a Brenan sighting, but they left behind a dancing coach and a little bit of chili. Of course the Cutman got the best present, but this time it didn't make it to his bedroom - why did he leave the pen behind??

We were very fortunate that our goalie did not call in sick or else the shorthanded bunch we call the Royal would not have skated away with a 3-3 tie with the Red Wings. We played hard but not that smart and as the game went on we could not get out of our own way as we skated to the penalty box. It could have been the type of penalties that were called or more likely we swing our sticks to much, but out of the 9 we got all but 2 were stick calls. Cross checking, slashing and high sticking, nice way to play the game, I shouldn't have talked about it in the pre game, I must have planted the seed. Joe Sangha, Ben Brown and Matt Kalinowski scored some timely 3rd period goals, after we were down 0-3. They were assisted by Matt Kalinowski, Kris Gies and Ben Brown. PP 1-6,PK 7-9, shots 27-38. Lets take this week off to get healthy, unsuspended, smarter and most importantly get ready for Thursday's practice and then the Royal Christmas party on Friday.

A cold night at Millwoods got colder as the Royal dropped a 4-5 decision to Wetaskiwin. Matt Kalinowski, Kris Gies, Tyler Thomlison and Joe Sangha scored our goals. With the assists going to Matt Buskas, Barrett Kyle (2), Rory Shott, Ben Brown, Matt Kalinowski and James Cho. PP 2-8, PK 10-11, shots 28-28. We can't lose games like that!!!

If a tie is like kissing you sister then I'm glad that's mine's hot, but in the world of the Royal it sucks the big one. We tied the River Kings 0-0 last night. It was good to see that one team was a lot happier with a tie than ours. Good thing that little chicken shit things that one team does, that are always before the game starts, never have an effect on the scoreboard. Scoring for the Royal - oops. PP 0-8, PK 8-8, shots 60-41 although I don't believe them. How about Dan's return to playing, in 3 games against one team they have scored 1 goal.

Sunday night marked the return of number 14 and he didn't waste any time scoring. Both the Royal and Eskimos won, 10-2 out in Ardrossan it was the Royals. Our goals were scored by Ben Brown (2), Tyler Thomlison, Jeff McLeod, Kody Smith, Joe Sangha, Austin Krysa (2), Steve Bilawey and Barrett Kyle. Assists to Barrett Kyle (3), Matt Buskas (2), Cam Breckon, Matt Kalinowski (2), Jordan Dezman, Scott Reid (2), Jeff McLeod, Joe Sangha and Kris Gies. PP 1-7, PK 9-9, shots 48-21. The skill level of the Royals took a jump up today.

I bought a new computer and wasn't able to access the site until now. So here is what happened. A dismal 1st period in Wetaskiwin turned into a nice 3-2 win in OT. 16 called in sick again so no other comments are needed. Scott Reid, Steve Bilawey and Kris Gies scored goals, with assists going to Jordan Dezman, Matt Buskas and James Cho. PP 0-4, PK 5-5, shots 33-38. The trip to the Creamery was not without incident but it turned out that they weren't trying to rob the place. While waiting for the long long train to pass we were able to hook up with a couple of broke down Royals, the rest of the night became a blur.

For the first time in a long time the trip across the river was unsuccessful, 1-3 to the Warriors. It was an uninspired group of Royals who skated slowly for 2 hours and 10 minutes around the ice, waiting for the buzzer to go and send them back home. Kody Smith scored from Matt Buskas and Joe Sangha, PP 1-7, PK 3-4, shots 25-31. Hey number 16 called last night and asked if he still played on the Royal and that he had a night off on Sat., we asked if he remembered how to skate.

The big game by the Eskimos was followed by a big 7-2 victory over Stony Plain. A fun night that ended without incident for a nice change. The Royalamaniacs who said they were coming didn't show, much to everyone's disappointment (Clay and Robby), you no shows, maybe next time. We finally played in a game in under 2 hours and you will never guess who's relative was the ref, nice job Don. Lots of goal scorers and here they are, Scott Reid, Barrett Kyle (2), Matt Kalinowski, Joe Sangha, Jarret Hager and James Cho. They were assisted by Rory Shott, Steve Bilawey, Ben Brown (2), Joe Sangha, Matt Kalinowski, Kris Gies (3), Barrett Kyle, Kody Smith and Scott Reid. PP 1-3, PK 5-6, shots 36-23. Winning is sweet and a weekend sweep is solid. The Royal and their 14 coach's made an quite an impression on the bench - by only having 2 at the game.

In our 1st Friday game in Leduc ever, the good guys go home with a 5-1 win. There was a post game meeting planned for The Waldorf but as soon as the Cutman blew us off we realized that they can smoke there and we quickly left. A short handed team left nothing in the tank as we got back to being the hard skating bunch that we call Royals. Matt Kalinowski scored 2 goals with the others going to Jeff McLeod, Jarret Hager and Kody Smith with his 1st as a Royal (it was a rocket). The goals were assisted by Cam Breckon (2), Joe Sangha (2), Jordan Dezman and Kody Smith (2). PP 3-9, PK 8-8, shots 29-28. The scoring summary was as incorrect as the penalty calls, or as they were given out (no hair pulling but the 5th guy in gets the 3rd man in).

There is no joy in mudville as the mighty Royals lose 2-5 to Beaumont. The only things good about the night were the Eskimo win and I didn't get stuck behind a train on the way home, although I was asked, "why was I home so early I thought the games didn't end until 1:30". Steve Bilawey and Ben Brown scored with assists going to Rory Shott, Kody Smith and Barrett Kyle. PP 0-5, PK 7-9, shots 19-25, yes those are correct stats. We need to play harder.

Another Sunday night victory for the Royal, this time 4-1 over the River Kings. It was our 2nd win of the day at Confederation because earlier the Bulldogs had won their game. The snow on the streets couldn't slow us down and by going to the net that much we were rewarded. What is up with that team and their talking to the Royal coaches? As of press time there were no reports of any traffic tickets given out at the game, so that should save some money. Our goal scorers were Jarret Hager, Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas and Rory Shott, with assists going to Rory Shott (2), Austin Krysa, Ben Brown, Matt Buskas (2) and Jarret Brophy. PP 2-12, PK 10-10, shots 33-19. You know it is a goofy night when both Kali and Scott get penalties and Scott actually doubled his 2 year total, but a win is a win and winning is good.

The road to the north side was tough, but we all had our passports and they lets us cross in and leave with 2 points in hand, 4-1 over the Red Wings. There were north side Royalamaniacs along with north country Royalamaniacs sitting side by side wondering how many bench and yapping minors they would see before that little kid would leave them alone long enough for them to top off their cups. Scoring goal for us Steve Bilawey, Jordan Dezman, Jeff McLeod and Ben Brown with assists to Barrett Kyle, Matt Buskas, Matt Kalinowski (2) and Joe Sangha. PP 2-11, PK 7-7, shots 24-21.

Winning is good, just check out Pat's web page and you will know what I mean. This time 4-3 over Wetaskiwin, in a very quick game, yes that means no crazy stuff. There was a Brent Cox sighting but no contact, the guy looks so upstanding I didn't recognize him. Come back again. Scoring their 1st Royal goals were Austin Krysa and Steve Bilawey along with Matt Kalinowski and Rory Shott. We must be puck hogs because there were only these assists, Barrett Kyle, Ben Brown and Matt Buskas. PP 1-6, PK 7-7, shots 31-31. There are more Buskas relatives than you can shake a stick at or throw the odd punch towards. You know the beer is bad when it will only go down with a lot of juice on the side, that is no reason to stop though. The web has been a bitch to enter things today.

The good guys win again, this time 4-2 out in St. Albert. It was date night and not a Side Show to be found, so there is no fishing stories. There were hard battles all over the ice and some icepaks were used in both rooms, but the most interesting fact was why did that stewardess keep walking by our table. We still need breakaway practice. Barrett Kyle, Scott Reid (2) and Jarret Hager were our goal scorers and they were assisted by Steve Bilawey, Ben Brown, Kody Smith, Matt Amyotte and James Cho. PP 2-8, PK 9-9, shots (by their timekeeper) 29-39. Sorry for the late update but the Bulldogs were on at 7:45 and I needed a little nappy time after.

Losing sucks and when we are dumb and selfish it sucks more, 2-4 loss to Sherwood Park. It was another tough night on the stick vouchers. I think we need more breakaway practice. Matt Kalinowski and Barrett Kyle scored the assists went to Matt (I didn't think he was out of the box long enough to get any points) Buskas (2), Joe Sangha and Jarret Hager. PP 1-7, PK 8-9, shots 27-26. I'm not sure what we did to the Red Wing cut but he sure didn't like some of us.

On a night that the Oilers couldn't do anything right the Royal could do no wrong out in Spruce Grove and we came away with a 9-0 victory. Dan got his 2nd shutout of the season, Jarret got our 1st hattrick, and our guys who knew their goalie couldn't score on him. Our goals were scored by Scott Reid (2), Ben Brown, Joe Sangha, Cam Breckon, Jarret Hager (3) and Jeff McLeod. The assists went to Jeff McLeod, Jordan Dezman, Matt Kalinowski (2), Steve Bilawey, Matt Buskas (2), Cam Breckon, James Cho, Austin Krysa (2), Jarret Hager and Scott Reid. PP 6-9, PK 10-10, shots 45-25. It was a night that the smoking Bi-law chased us back to the big city so there are no fun stories. Word is that there have been T and Lover sightings and sounds like they are back in the fold very soon.

Royals win 3-2 over Morinville. What a goofy game, we created but had no finish until we just put the puck on net and it crossed the goal line. The way the points were given out is the same way the calls were made, although we can't hit their goalie that hard. Matt Kalinowski (2) and Jeff McLeod scored, Kody Smith, Steve Bilawey, Jordan Dezman and Matt Kalinowski assisted the goals. PP 2-4, PK 3-4, shots 49-23. There are no reported problems from the Eskimos, so we can go back, just never on the afternoon of the day before a game.

It was the 1st day of Royals Hockey School and it was our 1st win in Fort Saskatchewan this season, a 6-1 win at that, also Kal Sambhi's 1st win. That's allot of firsts, so just to change things up we went for some post game wings and ran into some Wildcats who also happen to be Royalamaniacs, so as you can see it was a good night all over. Scoring goals were Joe Sangha, Barrett Kyle, Matt Kalinowski, Cam Breckon, Rory Shott and Matt Buskas with assists to Jordan Dezman, Ben Brown, Matt Kalinowski (2), Kris Gies, Rory Shott and Jarret Hager. PP 3-6, PK 9-9, shots 37-27. This just in I found out today that their is more than one 5:30 in a day, it seems that there is one in the morning as well as the one at night - who knew?? The Royal will be strutting their stuff at the Eskimo game on Saturday, so if you hear of any problems in the tailgate section 'it wasn't us'.

A short handed Royals team skated to a 4-1 win over the Wild. With lots of turkey and gas powering the Royal machine, we were able to show the boxing team from England a win that didn't include enough fights for their liking. Our goals were scored by Cam Breckon, Ben Brown, Matt Kalinowski and Kevin Kruse. Setting up the goals were Matt Buskas (3), Matt Kalinowski (2), Steve Bilawey, Barrett Kyle and Jarret Brophy. PP 4-11, PK 9-9, shots 33-21. Hopefully we get healthy and bring 60 minutes to our next skate. We received a great deal at Overtime on some beverages and are already looking for a new place. Sorry for the late update but the Bulldogs had a late night and early morning meeting to go over their 1st win in their 1st game of the season.

We traveled to Millwoods looking for a win, and as luck would have it we found one, in the form of 2-0 over the River Kings. The round belly Royalamaniacs will be able to remember this one because there was not a squishy in sight. Even with a couple of Royals getting tossed from the game, for not very good reasons, we were able to use our speed and keep the tempo to high for our opponents. Scoring goals Rory Shott and Kris Gies, assisting them Jarret Hager, Kody Smith and Kory Ebel. Dan got his 1st shutout of the season and looked good doing it. PP 1-11, PK 8-8, shots 26-23. The game was goofy with us being short handed the 1st period and them the rest of the game, I guess some people never learn. On a side note there was not a blue hair in sight. Winning is way better than talking about it.

This was more like it, a 7-2 victory in our home opener. All you Royalamaniacs missed one of the best pregame shows that the Royal have ever put on. With the last second confirmation, from the fire marshal, giving us the OK for the fireworks inside the arena they capped off the event that had cheer leaders, lasers, big screen highlights and celebrity speeches (OK Tiger Woods isn't a hockey player but I like golf so that's why we brought him in). It's really to bad the players missed the show because of our pregame meetings. Our goal scorers were Matt Amyotte, Ben Brown, Jarret Hager, Cam Breckon (2), Matt Buskas and Barrett Kyle. They were assisted by Matt Kalinowski (2), Matt Buskas (5), Barrett Kyle, Matt Amyotte and Scott Reid. PP 4-13, PK 9-10, shots 46-25. It's not often a Royal makes it to 60 but Big Jim did and had some fun with it last night. There was even a 'Roxanne' heard ringing in our ears, yes that means Side Show made an appearance. We improved in some of the areas that needed it and still have some more learning to do in others - but it was a fun night.

Royals win, 5-4 in OT. It's hard to believe that this is the same team that has been skating together for the last month. Thank goodness our first game jitters are out of our system and we can start playing Royals Hockey. We were fast and hard to play against for short bursts throughout the game but we want 60 minutes of speed. Enough of the negative stuff, did I say that we went out there to get 2 points and were very successful. 1st win and 2 points, YES!!! Scott Reid scored 2 goals, Kory Ebel, Barrett Kyle and Rory Shott with the shorthanded game winner. Assists went to Matt Kalinowski, Matt Buskas, Ben Brown (2), Steve Bilawey, Kris Gies and Cam Breckon. Dan got his first win of the season and had more shots than he usually gets in practice. PP 1-3, PK 4-5, shots 31-42. The pizza party after the game was not very well attended, thanks, the leftovers tasted great this morning. Receiving a pregame call from Derek Paulgaard, from Montana, was a great perk and we now have confirmed Royalamaniacs in 41 states.

Sorry about the late update. It had nothing to do with our 5-4 victory out in Sherwood Park. We played smarter and with lots of speed. The team is coming together and we look forward to having the guys from the stands in our lineup when the season starts on Friday out in Beaumont. With all the planing, by our opening game committee, Sunday's game against Leduc will be an opening for all to remember (get your tickets early).

As the competition gets stronger so are the Royal. 3-0 was the final score over the Knights in our 1st home game. We have to keep playing the way we practice and playing the things we practice. When we get to that point it's going to be great.

A very strong performance out in Spruce Grove 4-1, their goalie kept it close in the 1st period when we outshot the Regals 24-4. The speed was great and there were no let downs as the game went on. No major collisions between Royals in the game. There was a lot of communication between the coach and some old Royals. Hope to see you all Sunday at Confed.

The games are finally getting played and the Royal start with a 8-1 victory over Strathcona in a swimming pool. Lots of speed and the new guys scored some great ones. There were hits all over the ice and sometimes we hit them, not ourselves. Oh ya, Cutman Corner has been updated!! And it's a good one.

The ROYALS 4th EVER GOLF TOURNAMENT is on Saturday September 24th at the unbelievable Mill Woods Golf and Polo Grounds (we hear that they are expanding again to include a Highlands Games Pitch). As the confirmed entries come in I will post them, we will only be accepting 40 entries so if you don't see your name on here you are not in. 1ST. Entry Kurt (2 time provincial winner) Rackel, Scotty, Brad Smith, Matt (I'm still looking for my clubs [ya that's how he spelt it]) Kalinowski, Barrett Kyle, (a special caddy will be appearing in the form of Kris Gies) he will be on the bag of Jarret (who is now injured)Hager, Matt Buskas, Wayne Buskas, Kyle Green, Matt Amyotte, Angus Love (confirmed as player and MC), David (Bull) Turnbull, Big Jim, Jordan Dezman, Geoff Dowson, Dan (new coach) Thomas, Harold (Heading the Filming of the Event) Kruse, Alex (I'm looking for a bag to carry) Smith, [I HOPE ARE CADDIES ARE STRONG BECAUSE IT MAY BE A LONG WALK], Scott Reid, Sebastien Polikar, Steve Bilaway, Kory Ebel, Dan Pennock, {pending Tyler Thomlison, Mike Kalinowski},

Welcome to the 2005-06 season for the Edmonton Royals. We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and that you are looking forward to another solid year of hockey the Royal way. The way last season ended still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths, but lets not let that cloud the fact that we were a tremendously successful hockey team. We will continue to learn and, this season, find a way to win that last game.