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(The 2007-08 Game-by-Game Descriptions)

TEAM PICTURES ARE ON FRIDAY APRIL 4th. 6:00 for chili and pops 6:45 pictures for the last time around the hooter tree. The mighty staple of a lot of good things Royal will be cut down and the Cutman wants to dance naked around a fire with a pitch fork impaled into the trees _____ area. Be sure to let your friends know, we will make some phone calls next week.

The reports from Kali's game were a little sketchy but it looks like the Royals won 10-9 in a next goal wins format. I wish someone would teach Holly how to shoot the puck. As a young Cade Barry once said 'and wrote on his stick' those who can't - pass.

There appears to be a ground swell of support for a 2nd Ever Kali's Game for Thursday March 20 @ Tipton. Get ahold of Kali @ 953-6178 and if you don't owe money to me you are welcome to play. Scoreboard says Kali's Royalamaniacs 1 - Royals of today 0.



Our season came to a close 4-7 ending a tight fought series with the Regals (congrats and good luck). Andrew Halford, Dave Fedechko and Mike Tayler (2) scored goals in this game with assists to Cam Breckon, Adam Yurkowski, Brad Williamson, Daryl Bunnell, Joe Sangha and Pat Lennox. PP 0-6, PK 5-6 shots 30-36. We gave it our all and came up a little short but we got better in the game and those that are here next season will learn from it and not let it happen again. (8) Our write in Royalamaniac was Brenan Jones. Thanks to our graduating players Dan the goalie Pennock (4), Joe Sangha (3), Daryl Bunnell (2.5) and Sunday Kory Ebel (2.5). They are great leaders and teachers of hockey the Royals way. Our team lived and died by playing Team First Hockey (that's the only way we teach it), we need all our parts to be as strong as we can be. This showed all season long, everyone - both on and off the ice - doing there part in making us successful and fun to be around. Our new guys contributed everywhere and with leaders in every stall in our dressing room, it made for a great 7 months of time well spent. Thanks to all the world wide Royalamaniacs and the support you continually show. I tell the guys about you all the time and they look at me the way you did the first time you were in the dressing room when Coach Russ told a story (century 21??). This is far to long of a break before golf season lets never let it happen again.

One more fence post got kicked down with our 5-3 win. A good start only resulted in a goal for the bad guys then another and another but that's where it ended. Because Jeff Lesik (2), Dave Fedechko (penalty shot), Jordan Dezman and Andrew Halford said so with goals. They were assisted by Mike Tayler (2), Brad Williamson, Matt Haluschak (2) and Jeff Lesik - oh ya and an extra big effort to create a short handed penalty shot. PP 2-7 PK 6-6 shots 32-34. We did a lot of listening and not any talking in the third period and it showed on the score sheet. (8) Our write in Royalamaniac was James Cho.


The good guys came to play with the attitude of a Royal and skated away with a 5-1 victory. Our goal scorers were Jeff (I wonder if there will be a backchecking drill named after him tonight) Lesik (3), Craig Dodds and Brad Williamson. Our defencemen played a big part in setting up our goals with assists to Pat Lennox, Matt Haluschak (2), Daryl Bunnell (3), Brad Williamson, Jordan Dezman, Joe Sangha and Dave Fedechko. PP 2-8, PK 5-6 shots 31-31. Playing like a Royal and leading like a Royal is how we play hockey. It was to bad that there were not more witnesses to the singing that took place after the game. (9) Our write in Royalamaniac was Pat McNary.

Computers are great things when they work and like our game Friday night when you lose 1-3. Sorry about the late update but the system would not let me on until now. Dave Fedechko scored our only goal from Craig Dodds and Glenn Patry. PP 0-6, PK 5-6 shots 21-38. The stats look pretty bad but we did a lot of the things we need to do to win. We need to play with the confidence in our teammates that will allow ourselves to play to the best of our own ability. Relax and play Royals hockey stop the unwanted stress and good things will always happen. (10) Our write in Royalamaniac was Matt Buskas.

The game started good then ended ugly with a 0-8 loss. As you see there were no goals to report. PP 0-7, PK 4-5 shots 28-37. Nothing is ever won or lost after the first game of a series and that's a good thing. (10) Our write in Royalamaniac was Scott Reid.

Birthday boy comes through again!. In a tight fought, 4-3 series ending, double overtime victory Andrew Halford scored our OT game winner (this one made the game sheet). There were lots of reasons for us not to play our best game but we didn't think about any of them and just skated our hearts out and took what we came for. Kory Ebel started the scoring with Brad Williamson, Kevin Mack and Andy finishing it at 17:29 of the second overtime period. The recorded assists (I guess the guy giving them out wasn't paying attention) went to Matt Haluschak (2) and Dave Fedechko. PP 2-14, PK 12-14 shots 33-41 and yes we did score shorthanded. The oranges were great and the grapefruits were unique but the win was sweet. The Royalamaniacs were once again rewarded for crossing the river, making the drive up from the town of cows and stopping by before leaving the country to serve our country. PRACTICE 7:45 SUNDAY NIGHT CONFEDERATION. (10) Our write in Royalamaniac was Tyler Thomlison.

Our playoffs started out the way we planned 4-3 in overtime. It's the win that matters not when we score the winning goal. Speaking of scoring Jeff Lesik (2), Adam Yurkowski and Mike Tayler with the winner - assisting (and in one case scoring) Matt Haluschak, Joe Sangha, Andrew Halford (2), Kory Ebel, Jordan Dezman and Brandon Bruyer. PP 1-7, PK 4-5 shots 42-28. Our forechecking is our bread and butter and we ate well last night. The Royalamaniacs were excited and loud, we loved it. (11) Our write in Royalamaniac was Rory Shott.

The regular season came to a close in a bang 9-2 with a lot of firsts (some good and some not). The B's were buzzing as Andrew Halford (2) started the scoring, Cam Breckon (2) continued it, then Jeff Lesik, Sunday Kory Ebel, Dave Fedechko, Brad Williamson and Rory Kirkpatrick. Assists to Adam Yurkowski, Matt Haluschak (5), Pat Lennox (3), Kevin Mack (2), Cam Breckon, Dan Pennock, Andrew Halford, Barry Jacobs, Dave Fedechko and Kory Ebel. PP 8-14, PK 4-4 shots 47-10. The good firsts included assists, goals and most power play goals in a game. The bad firsts won't be talked about. The number is 12 lets get it done.

It was to bad the result was 3-4 cause we missed out on that trip to the Dover. Jeff Lesik, Brad Williamson and Joe Sangha all scored power play goals that were assisted by Matt Haluschak (3), Kevin Mack, Pat Lennox and Jeff Lesik. PP 3-8, PK 5-6 shots 37-30. The game marked the return of #16 and he got on the game sheet with a late period penalty and into the fans with some sweet moves but the step up hits may take a little more time - not bad for the first time out in a year. We will play 60 minutes!!

A very workman like effort was rewarded with the two points in a 2-1 victory over the Jets. Jordan Dezman and Joe Sangha popped in our goals with assists to Brandon Bruyer, Jeff Lesik (2) and Kevin Mack. PP 0-3, PK 5-6 shots 29-30. A fast paced game that only lasted 2 hours was seen by another sellout crowd at Confederation, everyone was able to get to the 10 cent wings earlier than expected. Some of the crowd got to the game a little later than expected (part way through the 3rd period) but they did get good parking. On a side note Mount Jet only erupted one time, we hope it is not a health problem. It seems like our very own advice columnist's job will never end, he has been helping out the world's masses again with his sage and witty advice in 'The Cutman's Corner'.

Sorry about the very late update, but the eyes are doing great now. We lost 1-3 and took a lot of, what looks like on paper, very bad penalties. Cam Breckon scored with assists to Kevin Mack and Adam Yurkowski. PP 0-9, PK 10-12 shots 15-33. The reports the coaches gave me should not be repeated so I won't. Lets just not let that kind of game happen again.

With our sweaters on time we skated to a very cold 5-2 last night. Our new pucks made it to a game and the first goal with one of them was Cam Breckon the others were scored by Andrew Halford, Dave Fedechko, Adam Yurkowski and Craig Dodds. Making the passes Mitch Thompson (2), Adam Yurkowski, Cam Breckon (2), Brad Williamson, Craig Dodds, Joe Sangha, Matt Haluschak and Dave Fedechko. PP 0-11, PK 7-9 shots 41-9. Winter, when it's cold and very snowy sucks but winning makes up for everything so it was a great but cold night. Lets hope referee guy is better today.

A late start out in Leduc became a 3-1 win with a very motivated and forgetful goalie. Our goal scorers were Kevin Mack, Brandon Bruyer and Jeff Lesik. They were set up by Jordan Dezman (2), Pat Lennox, Joe Sangha, Adam Yurkowski and Mitch Thompson. PP 2-5, PK 6-7 shots 18-33. It was the first time, since Sideshow Bob couldn't find the Sherwood Park Arena, that we warmed up in practice sweaters. Fortunately we were able to stay focused and grind out the 2 points which helped us gain another one of our team goals. There were no reports of speeding tickets in our attempt to get sweaters to start the game, but with photo radar we may not know for a while.

After another long break from hockey we came back without the touch you need to play Royals Hockey and we lost 2-5 to the Grove. Pat Lennox and Jeff Lesik scored our goals with assists to Matt Haluschak and Adam Yurkowski. PP 1-3, PK 7-8 shots 15-37. Now we are in the stretch run with lots of hockey and plenty of opportunities to fine tune our game. We like the look of our team and we know what can be ahead when we play and think the game the Royal way. Strap your helmet's on and just bring it. It's still a great thing that this game is fun.

It seems our Cutman's job is never done. He now is giving advice to wayward travelers.

Ouch, tough weekend and lets be glad it's over 2-7. Rory Kirkpatrick and Pat Lennox scored from Brandon Bruyer, Matt Haluschak, Jeff Lesik and Brad Williamson. PP 1-3, PK 5-5 shots 20-32. Royalamaniacs Holly and T made it out and made us get home late. We now have a break from games lets get healthy and fill up our roster.

A shorthanded bunch of Royals played their hearts out but also with hands of Scotty as we lost 1-2. Jeff Lesik scored our goal with assists to Craig Dodds and Pat Lennox. PP 0-7, PK 8-9 shots 42-31. It was like the old old old days as we suited up 13 skaters and got one kicked out. We did the things we need to do to win and get better but we needed softer hands. Playing quick and smart is important.

It was easier to get the update added when I was out of town but the good guys won 7-2 over the bunch from the north side. The game had its moments. Our scorers were Andrew Halford (2), Pat Lennox, Mike Tayler, Brad Williamson, Dave Fedechko and Jordan Dezman. Our setup guys Glenn Patry, Cam Breckon (2), Andrew Halford, Adam Yurkowski, Jeff Lesik, Jordan Dezman, Daryl Bunnell (2), Craig Dodds (2), Mitch Thompson (2) and Brad Williamson. PP 3-10, PK 7-7 shots 37-34. It was a cold night and we kept the heat on for 60. We keep playing fast and team 1st hockey and it shows up in the flow of the game and most importantly the top line.

Nice 4-3 win out in the county. The game account was short so this is what I know. Barry, Andrew (2) and Matt scored with assists to Brad, Jeff, Mike, Matt, Cam and Brandon. Shots 40-19.

We start the new year, with the vibrations crossing the pacific ocean, 3-7. It looked like Daryl, Glenn and Andrew scored. Assists to Brandon, Rory, Andy, Mike and Jeff - that is about as close as we could get without the game sheet. PP 2-5, PK 1-2 shots 29-26. Nice touch by a couple of 20 year old leaders -

Congrats to the Royal all stars Pat, Jeff, Glenn, Craig

IF ANYBODY NEEDS TO GET A HOLD OF COACH JOHN DURING THE BREAK 449-4160 hm. OR e-mail. If you can't make it to practice on the 3rd or the game on the 4th or 6th let him know so we can plan our attack. See you on the 9th, aloha.

The Christmas season starts, and our present to all the Royalamaniacs is a 5-1 win in our last game of 2007. With turkeys in the stands (just waiting to get thrown down the ice) we skated the way we should and with the help of (an unnamed source) it was a close game, till the end. Our goal scorers were Kevin Mack, Craig Dodds, Rory Kirkpatrick, Joe Sangha and Jeff Lesik. The strong passing skills of Pat Lennox, Matt Haluschak, Mike Tayler, Joe Sangha, Craig Dodds (2), Cam Breckon, Jeff Lesik and Andrew Halford helped out the goal scorers. PP 1-6, PK 10-11 shots 25-24. There were new and old Royalamaniacs in the festive 'Room de Royal', for a post game pop and chat. Some looked like they may have had a pop or two before they got downstairs, they added nicely to the rooms joy in the festive season - well that and we won. The Outlaws were out in force and as if they didn't know it, more Royalamaniacs were born. "Nice T Blades" where did that come from. The Royals wish all Royalamaniacs (world wide - some missed the game to catch a plane) and even those few who aren't yet a Royalamaniac (but you know you will be) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

4-3 in a shoot out, it is probably going to be a good night out - but the call of the Outlaws is way to loud on Saturday to go out tonight. Being shorthanded on the bench means that everybody gets to play more minutes, even when they are sick. Maybe all of our players need to set goals of scoring goals before the game because Joe Sangha got it started then Andrew Halford and Kevin Mack finished it. The assists went to Pat Lennox, Matt Haluschak and Jeff Lesik. PP 1-9, PK 8-8 shots 32-41. Sometimes winning takes a tooth of two, this was one of those games.

Our first shut out victory of the season 2-0 over Leduc. There was no Cutman at the game as he was worn out from his wedding. I guess we're suppose to say congratulations. Craig Dodds and Jeff Lesik scored and they were assisted by Brad Williamson, Dave Fedechko and Cam Breckon. PP 0-2, PK 7-7 shots 39-19. The Christmas party was epic event we thought it would be. For those who missed it here's what happened - no I signed the papers of secrecy and am bound to keep them. To the new couple - WE ARE ALL HAPPY, PROUD AND WISH ONLY GREAT THINGS FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!

We are starting to like these Wednesday games as we skate to a 2-1 win on the north side. Exams made for a dressing room with lots of empty spots, that were mostly filled by game time. Well that and the extra bags of equipment that the Royalamaniacs showed up with. Cam Breckon and Matt Haluschak scored with assists to Pat Lennox (2), Adam Yurkowski and Cam Breckon. PP 2-7, PK 10-10 shots 38-34. A no show by the Pinto Royalamaniac made for an early night and with the roads being that bad it may have been for the best. It was good to hear the thirsty Royalamaniac if full force.

That was a much better effort and most importantly result 7-1. The scoring started with Adam Yurkowski, then Joe Sangha (2), Cam Breckon, Andrew Halford, Jeff Lesik and Rory Kirkpatrick. With assists going to Cam Breckon, Mike Tayler, Barry Jacobs, Kevin Mack, Jeff Lesik (2), Joe Sangha (2), Jordan Dezman (2) and Pat Lennox. PP 4-12, PK 3-4 shots 40-19. Did anybody notice where all those broken sticks come from? Nice start by the newest Royal and first finish by... then there were two. Some times an offside is bigger than just a whistle - but it can be kind of funny.

Losing sucks and we have to start hating it more and harder, 3-5 on a cold night in the Fort. Thanks to all those brave Royalamaniacs who made the drive and went home more disappointed than some of the players. Freshly back from that trip down south, to help the poor and suffering people of Cuba, Kevin Mack scored 2 goals with Cam Breckon getting the other. They were assisted by, also freshly back Andrew Halford, Dave Fedechko (sorry Daryl), Jeff Lesik (2) and Mitch Thompson. PP 3-17, PK 6-6 shots 35-26. It was good to see a full lineup, well almost. It was very good to see that we never quit. But it was bad to see our start to the game and the kind of mistakes that we made to give them their goals. It was also disappointing that the chirping that came across the glass didn't motivate us to play harder and win.

It was a sleepy bunch of Royals who took the ice and lost 0-5. We all need to give our heads a shake - is the Cuba thing over? Scoring for the Royal .... PP 0-6, PK 5-6 shots 27-32. A casino is just what the doctor ordered but it would have been better if our players were asked to work Tuesday night not Monday night when we have a practice. Oh well the money will be good when it comes in and the guys that make the skate will be that much better for it.

A tough hard hitting game without the result we played for 2-4 for the bad guys. We made a strong comeback but had to make sure that when we score we make sure all the important people are in the proper position to make the call and that tackling is not a way to get the goalie to drop the puck. Jeff Lesik and Pat Lennox scored from Daryl Bunnell, Joe Sangha, Matt Haluschak and Mike Tayler. PP 1-9, PK 6-7 shots 29-30. We showed up lots and footsteps were being heard all over the ice. Just another step forward but without the two points.

On a cold night we got hot and won 16-3. We had lots of highlights but lets just go with a couple - 2 penalty shot saves, 4 goal game, 5 assist game but all that matters is we got 2 points. PP 3-6, PK 5-5 shots 54-17. Nuf said.

Finally a 2-1 score in our favour. When you are coaching 3 games on Grey Cup Sunday they all run together so this update is pretty weak. Jeff Lesik and Pat Lennox scored from Kevin Mack, Adam Yurkowski and Matt Haluschak. PP 0-10, PK 5-5 shots (a guess because once again their time keeper didn't finish his job) 28-34. A strong close to the game ensured the win.

Looks like I figured something out and our site is up and running again. Two games two losses 1-2, to Spruce Grove then to Wetaskiwin. Brad Williamson scored from Kevin Mack and Pat Lennox on Friday. Then Mike Tayler from Mitch Thompson and Dave Fedechko on Sunday. We need to win and nothing we write on here will change that one important fact, just WIN.

The bloody coup almost took place but a steady hand helped steer the good ship Royal home with a 6-5 win. Craig Dodds started the scoring then Joe Sangha (2), Andrew Halford and Jeff Lesik (2) rounded it out. They were assisted by Glenn Patry, Mitch Thompson, Jordan Dezman, Dave Fedechko, Pat Lennox (2), Jeff Lesik (2), Mike Tayler, Daryl Bunnell and Matt Haluschak (2). PP 2-5, PK 5-9 shots 26-32. That's allot of goals to give away on the power play. Still we did improve in some areas and got the TWO points that we came for.

A trip out to Stony Plain ended with the good guys skating away with a 6-3 victory. As a side note there was no trip to the old bar, so the best post game story that ever happened, was not repeated. We got our goals from Jeff Lesik (2), Pat Lennox, Adam Yurkowski, Glenn Patry and Brandon Bruyer. They were assisted by Brandon Bruyer, Mike Tayler (2), Matt Haluschak, Cam Breckon, Andrew Halford, Barry Jacobs, Brad Williamson, Jeff Lesik and Glenn Patry. PP 2-8, PK 6-8 shots 43-30. We scored 2 faceoff goal for the first time this season and Glenn got his first as a Royal - both Adam and Pat have scored but there names never made it on the scoresheet so that was another first. No Cutman but he called in from the birthday party and said he was tired from celebrating the 40th birthday of 'you know who'. Do you think she will look any different on Sunday.

Showing up after every passed puck makes winning that much easier, 5-1 over the north side team. Goal scoring is fun and Mike Tayler, Craig Dodds, Jordan Dezman, Barry Jacobs and Kevin Mack had fun. Adam Yurkowski (2), Pat Lennox (2), Kevin Mack, Joe Sangha, Brandon Bruyer, Daryl Bunnell (2) and Brad Williamson set up all the fun. PP 3-12, PK 4-5 shots 33-21. Royalamaniacs from all over the world attended the game - some that are going and some that just came back - but it was great to see them all. Those old high school pictures always come back to prove how cool you really were - just not in one to not be named Royals case. Congrats to everyone who participated in the find the 50/50 ticket challenge we hope you have better luck next time. We really liked the result of the battle of the Sangha brothers especially the way #20 played.

We are learning but mistakes like the ones we made in the Park to lose 3-7 are hard to take. Jeff Lesik (2) and Kevin Mack scored with Brad Williamson, Craig Dodds, Mitch Thompson, Barry Jacobs and Daryl Bunnell getting the assists. PP 0-10, PK 5-8 shots 38-31. Looks like our PP wasn't very good for anything but shots - maybe we need to practice our 5 on 3.


Losing in overtime (and getting a point) is like kissing your sister and finding out it was really your brother - 5-6. Our goal scorers were Jordan Dezman, Jeff Lesik, Andrew Halford (2) and Mike Tayler. Our passers - Jordan Dezman, Daryl Bunnell, Cam Breckon, Jeff Lesik and Matt Haluschak. PP 1-6, PK 7-9 shots 23-42. We have to blow a team up when we chase their starting goalie.....

The fishing trip got called off (due to Outlaws) but the two points came home 6-1. Jeff Lesik scored 3 goals and Mike Tayler, Brandon Bruyer, Cam Breckon got the rest. They were all assisted by Daryl Bunnell (2), Mike Taylor, Jeff Lesik, Matt Haluschak, Adam Yurkowski and Jordan Dezman. PP 4-11, PK 4-4 shots 43-25. The faster we took the tempo of the game the more power plays we got and the more goals we scored. That's the way it should be. I don't know why refs don't like getting called names that shouldn't be said in front of little kids (I guess that's why Davy stayed at home). It's to bad for those Morinville atom players, that they must listen to that kind of language. To Bob and all those who made it to the fishing hole I hope you didn't get skunked. Just so all the out of town Royalamaniacs know, the score sheet was wrong - Pat Lennox did score the 1st goal in his Royal's career (with that new non wood stick) and Jeff didn't get a hattrick. There was so much late ammunition but it will go unsaid.

Over time is a great way to win but a tough way to lose. We did the tough way 2-3 in OT. When you shoot the puck with a smile on your face good things happen. Brandon Bruyer and Kevin Mack scored with assists going to Daryl Bunnell, Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik and Matt Haluschak. PP 2-10, PK 9-11 shots 21-29. The way the game went it was hard to believe the power plays were not even when the game ended - if you get my drift. We must soften up our hands with some big ones in mind and everything is going to be great.

Once again the Royal find a way to win a game, 3-1 over the Sabers. Playing every second hard pays off. Even when it doesn't add up on the scoreboard other than the 2 points that we came to get. Andrew Halford, Joe Sangha and Jeff Lesik scored and they were assisted by Mitch Thompson, Adam Yurkowski and Dave Fedechko. PP 1-7, PK 4-4 shots 47-25. Our Cutman and our 50/50 winners were all out, showing their support and we loved it. The post game pops were very tame and no stories.

We skate to a win over our friends from St. Albert 4-2, in the quickest game we have played in since George was refereeing our league. Dave Fedechko and Matt Haluschak each scored 2 goals that were assisted by Brad Williamson, Pat Lennox, Jordan Dezman, Barry Jacobs and Kevin Mack. PP 0-6, PK 6-6 shots 30-29. In other news our Cutman made it out of surgery with flying colours and the only thing that appears to slow him down is sewing up shoulder pads. Lets hope driving to Jasper isn't one of those tiring things. Oh ya, another Royalamaniac won the 50/50 at the Eskimos game. The endzone view of the game was great and those loud funny races that were going on in the tents kept a lot of people entertained (even more entertaining that the game). It's to bad that one of the players had an allergic reaction to some of the food he ate, they should be more careful what they serve at these games.

We came up with a late shorthanded goal to get the win 6-5 in a Cutman less night out in Wetaskiwin. The heart of our champ is on the mend and we showed some on the ice after letting the Icemen back in the game. Brad Williamson started our scoring and Mike Tayler (3), Dave Fedechko, Jordan Dezman finished it. The goals were assisted by Craig Dodds, Mitch Thompson, Pat Lennox (2), Jeff Lesik(2), Joe Sangha, Daryl Bunnell and Brandon Bruyer. PP 0-9, PK 9-10 shots 25-24. The Royals go see the Eskimos today and the end zone will never be the same. One day under the knife with his heart in some doctors hand and the next walking out the front door of the hospital ready to put on his boxing card. Lets be glad that he is on our side.

Dear Cutman - GET BETTER SOON - REAL SOON!!! U of A Hospital 5G room 20


Sorry about the late update and this time I've been good just busy. Royals win 6-3 in a glass breaking game at the short glassed Confederation Arena. Mike Tayler, Andrew Halford, Craig Dodds???, Jordan Dezman, Matt Haluschak and Cam Breckon (you know when they announce the wrong player scoring a goal you have to go let our timekeeper know) scored our goals sort of. The setup men were Jeff Lesik (2), Matt Haluschak, Adam Yurkowski, Cam Breckon, Kevin Mack (2), Brad Williamson, Dave Fedechko, Joe Sangha and Daryl Bunnell. PP 3-11, PK 12-13 shots 41-22. The games are getting more fun and we are getting harder to play against - these are good things.

We got faster and most importantly we got 2 points 4-2 out in Leduc. The game is speeding up on the ice and slowing down in our heads. That is a great combination to have and is the next step to getting to our goals. Our goal scorers were Jordan Dezman, Jeff Lesik, Matt Haluschak and Craig Dodds with assists going to Matt Haluschak, Joe Sangha, Brandon Bruyer, Pat Lennox, Mike Tayler, Brad Williamson and Dave Fedechko. PP 3-17, PK 9-11 shots 35-24. There were a lot of penalties called but we reacted the right way and didn't get any cheap ones. That's just another sign of a team coming together.

We gave a much better effort with everything we like to see but the win, we lose 4-5. Playing hard for every second comes to teams that strive for consistency. We are getting close and it's fun to see our growth. Matt Haluschak, Joe Sangha (2) and Jeff Lesik were our goal scorers. The set up men were Mike Tayler, Pat Lennox (2), Jordan Dezman, Dave Fedechko, Matt Haluschak (2) and Brandon Bruyer. PP 2-14, PK 10-13 shots 37-28. Hard to believe that we didn't shoot enough but we didn't. Royalamaniac Buzzy was in the stands but didn't win the 50/50.

Our season started out great with a PP goal 2 minutes into the first but ended very bad with a 2-6 loss out in Beaumont. We could not get rid of our nervous jitters soon enough to let our skill and tenacity come out. Mike Tayler and Kevin Mack scored our goals with assists to Daryl Bunnell, Brad Williamson and Craig Dodds. PP 2-10, PK 6-6 and shots 20-34. Tough break on those new jerseys. We will be more organized and comfortable come Sunday.

Sorry about the out dated looking site but things will improve shortly. Those Kentucky horse buying expeditions have cut into the available time to archive last seasons pages and I don't know how to do it. ('I don't know how to do it' is never an excuse Scotty!!!')

Our games that don't count for points came to an end in a 7-8 loss to Sherwood Park. We should win any game that we score 7, some guys looked good some guys didn't and some guys got nicked. Our Team picture got clearer and we should make a few more decisions this week. Some old guy was a couple under par and took home the coveted Orca shirt for the win in the golf. Then again some guys may have had way to much fun and had it effect their play last night. All in all it was a good weekend and we got better. The fun begins for real on Friday and we can't wait.

As Kali would say WINNING is good 1-0 for the good guys. The bus treated us very well and we skated to that hard working victory that we came for. The Killer Bees as they may be called came up big and potted the game winner late in the third period (lets hope they make the team). As we always say 'if they score 0 we win' and once again it was true. Next up golf 1:30 at Kinsmen later today.

Game 2 was close all the way and we came up short 3-4 on the scoreboard. Our game speed picked up for a while and we need to keep getting faster. If we didn't give the puck up every now and again to set them up for a breakaway things would be better. It was another good step towards our goals.

Sept. 17 Our 1st game of the season was only disappointing because we could only score 1 goal in 13 shooters. Final score 4-5 for the bad guys. Our pace of play got faster and we improved as the game went along. We had a nice comeback to tie the game up with 33 seconds to go. It was good to see some of the new guys going harder as well as our old guys leading on the ice and in the stands. We had extra blue Halls at the game but no Russ. I've been looking forward to tonight's game since I left the rink last night lets get faster.