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(The 2008-09 Game-by-Game Descriptions)



This Thursday is our last ice slot at Tipton, lets have a great game. If you need pucks or anything get ahold of me and I'll arrange something. The Rampage may be playing game 2 of the city championship. Team pictures/road hockey game will be after I get back.

Sorry for the very, very late update. The final score was 4-6 and we lost the series 3-4. Brad Williamson, Craig Dodds, Pat Lennox and Jeff Lesik scored our goals. With assists to Kevin Elkow (3), Craig Dodds, Mitch Thompson, Brad Williamson, Mike Tayler and Cam Breckon. PP 2-5, PK 2-3 shots 45-31. Our write in Royalamaniac was Tyler Budinski. The game didn't play out the way we had planned but we finally took a penalty and got our forechecking and speed game going. Why it took that to get us playing our game will always be a mystery. This was a great season that saw our team make some solid steps forward. We have an outstanding group of young men that Royalamaniacs world wide should be very proud of. We played hockey the way it should be, with speed and emotion as our bench marks. Maybe that is why the last game hit me so hard. We all expected to be playing hockey the Royal way deep into April. In saying that we always talk about getting better today so we will be better tomorrow. We accomplished that goal and should be proud of our accomplishments this season, which we are. Our leaders pulled every member of the team forward and they all found their own way to do it. Cam, Mike, Adam and Lenny inspired us with the way they played and acted around the new guys and will be missed. They made sure everyone was a Royal from the first time they skated on our ice and even got a couple of lazy guys on the Bear Walk Train. On a side note David Simpson was selected to the CJHL First All Star Team and Pat Lennox made the Second Team. I hope it wasn't a couple of Rampage wins, that have put us in the city finals tonight Wednesday 6:45 @ Millwoods Arena, that made the pain of falling short with the Royals go away. Because I'm way to mature to let something like the scoreboard force me to grow up. A special thanks to all the off ice Royalamaniacs who helped make this an outstanding season. If I listed everyone of you I know I would forget someone and you are all so important to our TEAM nobody should ever be forgotten. Thanks for the year and lets go golfing. You all have my number but don't call from the 4th to the 14th of April unless you are in Hawaii. We had a family talk and it was decided that if we couldn't go to Thunder Bay with the Royals then the Waikiki will have to do. Aloha.

It was not our best game and we lose 1-4. Adam Yurkowski scored from Dave Fedechko and Cam Breckon. PP 0-8, PK 5-5 shots 39-31. We play as we practice and we will practice great on Thursday. Our write in Royalamaniac was Barry Jacobs. (4).

The winning in overtime never gets old and the high is never higher, 2-1 was the final score in overtime. We still don't know how many bruises it takes to win a championship but we are still trying to find out. Matt Haluschak and Dave Fedechko (in overtime and the game winner) scored our goals with assists to Kevin Elkow, Adam Yurkowski and Sean (yes that was a 5 foot rule chip out) Ritchie. PP 1-10, PK 6-6 shots 45-26. The Royalamaniacs who keep showing up make our players strong, and as if they didn't know it, old Royalamaniacs are the only reason we are still a team. A team that only thinks TEAM first, the way it has always been and will always be. Keep on smiling and telling stories because that's what keeps it fun for all the new guys. 'Does anyone remember what CENTURY 21' MEANS. Our write in Royalamaniac (was at the game) and is Brandon Bruyer. (4).

Royals win and it was done the right way 6-1. We played hard and didn't let our emotions get in our way of our win. Our goals came from Kevin Elkow, Jeff Lesik (2), Cam Breckon, Sean Ritchie and Jordan Tyler. With assists to Sean Ritchie, Pat Lennox, Alex Boothe (2), Dave Fedechko, Adam Yurkowski, Matt Kemp, Jordan Tyler, Glen Patry and Mitch Thompson. PP 2-8, PK 4-4 shots 51-18. It looks like we played good and we did, but lets remember that it was only one win out of the 4 that we need. Your Royals played hard and smart. With the Royalamaniacs in the stands and lets just say the Loud Royalamaniacs we had home ice advantage. Our write in Royalamaniac was Cody Campbell - the 1st write in that ever needed a area code. (5).


Another one of those, so often thought but who do I ask, questions has been answered in The Cutman's corner.

It's always good to come home. We skated away with a 3-2 win in OT. The Royalamaniacs didn't give up and 'refuse to lose' was heard in very loud words, then we scored... Sean Ritchie got credit with the first one with Mike Tayler and Jeff Lesik with the winner. Assists to Matt Kemp, Jordan Tyler, Jeff Lesik, Josh Dufresne (2) and Mike Tayler. PP 0-3, PK 2-2 shots 36-38. The games keep getting faster and we keep adjusting and trying to push the tempo, when we work together, things are good. We need to keep paying attention to the details that we practice all season, because we are still trying to get better every day. Our write in Royalamaniac (was at the game) and is Clay Vanderham. (6).

Wow, it's way more fun to win that type of game. But lets make this clear, the Royalamaniacs behind the net said the puck was in as we lose 1-2 in overtime. Kevin Elkow scored our goal from Adam Yurkowski. PP 0-9, PK 6-6 shots 36-35. We need to continue to do all those little things and the big picture will work out. Most importantly we will concentrate each and every second we are on the ice and understand that the only thing we completely control is ourselves. Good luck trying to figure that one out. Our write in Royalamaniac was Joe Sangha. (7).

We lose 3-4 in what wasn't our best game of the season. We got a little smarter and we will play a little harder. Adam Yurkowski, Jordan Tyler and Jeff Lesik scored our goals with assists to Kevin Elkow, Glenn Patry, Nathan Clare and Matt Kemp. PP 1-4, PK 4-5 shots 33-16. Our write in Royalamaniac was Scott Reid. (7).

As a sports announcer from the city of cows has said 'ya baby you can put it in the win column' Royals win 5-2 (you know that was only there to make our southern Royalamaniacs feel good). Cam Breckon scored 2 goals (does anybody who sits beside him have that many) with Josh Dufresne, Sean Ritchie and Mike Tayler getting our others. Our hard cycling got the assists going with Adam Yurkowski, Dave Fedechko, Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik, Matt Kemp, Jordan Tyler, Matt Haluschak and Nathan Clare passing for our goals. PP 0-5, PK 6-6 shots (yes they were for all 3 periods) 47-28. It may not have been our best game as a group but we win or lose as a group and we got better because of the way we handled our issues tonight. Did anyone notice that we scored 5 goals and 3 came off the sticks of our 21 year olds. Our next series will start on Friday and when I know the information, you will. Our write in Royalamaniac was Matt Buskas. (7).

Tuesday practice 8:45 at Confederation, see you there and don't phone me from the rink tonight, because there is not a practice tonight.

WHY has this taken so long to be put up on the page??? Cutman and new family came home from the hospital yesterday. Word is that the brand new baby boy is already a right shot defenseman and he is going to have huge shoulders, if you know what I mean.

Sorry for the late update, nothing tasted good last night so I went to bed. A long night came to an end with a disappointing 4-5 loss in double OT. Kevin Elkow scored 2 goals with Adam Yurkowski and Cam Breckon getting the others. Assists to Glenn Patry, Matt Haluschak (2), Adam Yurkowski and Sean Ritchie. PP 2-6, PK 3-4 shots after 2 periods 35-16 (they stopped counting after they stopped getting penalties). We will shoot the puck into better spots on Wednesday. Our write in Royalamaniac was Sunday Kory Ebel. (8).

We fell short in a bunch of areas but the only one that mattered was the scoreboard 2-3 in OT. Cam Breckon and Josh Dufresne scored from David Simpson and Jeff Lesik. PP 1-9, PK 4-4 shots once again it wasn't recorded on the game sheet. We know how to compete for every puck and we know that we need to earn every puck so lets go and get every puck and win. Our write in Royalamaniac was D.T.G. None other that Dan (The Goalie) Pennock. (8).

We came through again, with a 4-1 victory. How many bruises does it take to win a championship? Our goal scorers were Jeff Lesik, Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne and Adam Yurkowski (in to an empty net). With assists going to Mike Tayler, Josh Dufresne, Matt Haluschak, Glenn Patry (2) and Dave Fedechko. PP 1-5, PK 6-6 shots 34-23. Our best player was once again our best player and that will always give you the edge you need to win. There was a big turn out for the game with lots of young Royalamaniacs trying to be as loud as they could (some times it was in the coaches room and that didn't go over that well). When hockey games are played at a very fast and speedy pace they are both fun to coach and watch. We can and will get faster, oh boy is that going to be fun. Our write in Royalamaniac was Jordan Dezman, it was like Kali taped everybody's stick and they suddenly scored. (8).

The excitement of winning in overtime never gets old and that's just what we did, win 2-1 in 5 minutes of extra time. The game winner came from Craig Dodds and Chase Mullen got us on the scoreboard in the second period. Jordan Tyler, Matt Kemp and Jeff Lesik made the passes to set up the goals. PP 0-5, PK 3-4 shots 38-23. The layoff made us more excited to get into playoff hockey and we made just enough plays to get our first win of the series. We made a lot of those little 'team first' plays that keep you playing. It was a loud crowd that really wanted us to score more goals, lets give them what they want Wednesday night. Our write in Royalamaniac was Pat McNary and we made some plays that would have made him proud and some hits that he would have delivered himself. (9).

The Air Hockey Championship was an epic event. With every competitions there needs to be winners and losers but that wasn't the case last night. We had one team crowned Champion "The Great Ones" and 12 other winners. Jeff Lesik and his partner Andrew Halford received the victory shirts and hats, with that the admiration of all those, Royals and Royalamaniacs who competed. It was quite apparent early on that some teams were more into the team bonding than making anybody feel bad for not scoring those 3 goals you need to win a game. The Strathcona Icemen and The Mustard Tigers "WHAT" know what it takes to make a team relax (as long as the shorts fit). Smiles were everywhere as the Royals left for the night. Then the texts started when we found out our 1st round opponent. See you on Sunday.


It was a very workman like effort and we were rewarded with a 4-0 win. 60-60-60-60, some of you Royalamaniacs will know what most of that means but Coach Russ added the last 60 for points. In his 1st regular season game Chase Mullen started our scoring, Dave Fedechko, Sean Ritchie and Cam Breckon got the others. Our assists went to Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik, Mitch Thompson, Dave Fedechko and Adam Yurkowski. PP 0-8, PK 5-5 shots 52-21. If it wasn't for the lack of finish on our PP chances (especially on wide open nets) the score might have been better. There was a chill in the air before the game as the rink temperature must have been -40 but we shook out the chills and played hard. Playoffs will start February 22 at Confederation 8:00 and we will find out who gets us after the Air Hockey Tournament.

THE NAMES FOR THE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 20th 'ROYALS AIR HOCKEY TOURNAMENT' HAVE STARTED TO COME IN: 1ST TEAM ENTERED - Strathcona Icemen, Dirty Burger, Pims Unlimited, Air Breakers, The Great Ones, Ground-Zero, Beer Hunters, The Mustard Tigers, TEAM RSO's, Team Stoich, Wily Veterans,

We got what we came for, the two points, in a 4-3 victory, that didn't need to be that close. Sean Ritchie started the scoring with Josh Dufresne, Kevin Elkow and Craig Dodds getting the others. Assists went to Alex Boothe, Pat Lennox (2), Cam Breckon (2), Sean Ritchie and Jeff Lesik. PP 2-11, PK 8-9 shots 44-35. We are playing like we are waiting for the playoffs to start so we can start playing hard again. We will try very hard to fix that in practice this week.

It was a very disappointing effort in our 3-6 loss to the Knights. We talk about having fun and playing hard, that's the way we win, but there were very few Royals having fun and playing hard. Way to many playing for themselves not their teammates. Kevin Elkow and Sean Ritchie (2) scored with help from Craig Dodds, Jeff Lesik, Josh Dufresne, Nathan Clare, Jordan Tyler and Kevin Elkow. PP 1-6, PK 5-6 shots 43-23. We have to be a hard, annoying, fast and organized team - that's who we have been all season, so it's frustrating when we don't play like that.


Royals win 7-3 and all is well in the land of Royalamaniacs. Scoring goals - Josh Dufresne, Sean Ritchie, Glenn Patry, Craig Dodds, Jordan Tyler, Brad Williamson and Mike Tayler. Making passes - Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik (3), Pat Lennox, Jordan Tyler, Matt Haluschak, Tyrone Hanna, Alex Boothe, Sean Ritchie, Matt Kemp, Kevin Elkow, Craig Dodds and Josh Dufresne. PP 4-8, PK 8-8 shots 57-21. We earned our two points and we got better as a team - those are our goals every game and we made them happen.

That good habit that our team has of winning came out again 5-4, in a shoot out. When your goalie doesn't let in any shoot out goals you will always win, then you just have to wait for Mike Tayler to get picked as a shooter and he scores. Our goals in regulation came from Jeff Lesik, Sean Ritchie, Cam Breckon (got credited for another 19 shooting the puck in his own net) and Josh Dufresne. Assists to Josh Dufresne, Mitch Thompson, Matt Kemp, Mike Tayler and Jeff Lesik. PP 3-10, PK 5-7 shots 35-30. It was a normal game out there - it you know what I mean - and we need to bury all our chances. Someone needs to teach Side Show how to win a shoot the puck into a hole competition - maybe tell him that the winner gets a 'rack of eggs'.

The second best thing about the game was the weather and the best 8-5. If you were there you will understand. With his first hattrick as a Royal, Sean Ritchie with more from Josh Dufresne (2), Matt Haluschak, Dave Fedechko and Kevin Elkow. The passers of the puck were Jeff Lesik (2), Matt Haluschak, Matt Kemp (2), Mike Tayler, Jordan Tyler, Brad Williamson and Craig Dodds. PP 2-7, PK 8-10 shots 46-33. It was ugly and those Royalamaniacs that didn't make the trip...... maybe you could have done something that the coaches couldn't - but at least the pizza after the game was good.

That was one fast hockey game that needed a better result, 2-3 in a shootout. Josh Dufresne and Jeff Lesik scored our only goals for the second game in a row. With assists to Mike Tayler, Nathan Clare, Kevin Elkow and Pat Lennox. PP 0-2, PK 3-3 shots 29-30. These teams need to play each other more often and I think we will. Angus Love made an appearance at the game to the tunes of bagpipes, some Royalamaniacs got to meet him for the first time - that must have been a treat.

It was a very cold drive home, both in and out of the car, as we lost 2-3. I guess it's important to play hard and not to talk to people on the other team like they are your friends. Jeff Lesik and Josh Dufresne scored our goals with assists from Kevin Elkow, Brad Williamson and Sean Ritchie. PP 0-5, PK 8-9 shots 25-22. We have to play hard from the drop of the puck instead of waiting for someone to slap us in the face 1st. It was a sad week as we lost a Royalamaniac and our thoughts go out to the families and a happy one in that another Royalamaniac was born.

There are a lot of good memories from our last games at this rink (from 2 different seasons playoff games) and we made some more with a 7-2 win. It was fun to watch and it was nice to win 2 games tonight (Rampage are on to MHW final). Starting the scoring was Craig Dodds with Kevin Elkow, Brad Williamson, Glenn Patry, Jeff Lesik, Matt Kemp and Sean Ritchie chipping in. The passes came from Jeff Lesik (3), Pat Lennox, Craig Dodds, Brad Williamson, Kevin Elkow, Nathan Clare (2), Matt Kemp (2), Sean Ritchie, Mike Tayler and Jordan Tyler. PP 2-7, PK 6-7 shots 48-32. There were no reported muggings at the game but when you travel into the hood you never know. Remember we have a rare Sunday off so have fun.

A trip to the north side is always so sweet when you put up a 7-3 victory on the score board. It looks like one line wants to start more games. Our goals came from the sticks of Dave Fedechko (2), Jeff Lesik, Craig Dodds (2), Brad Williamson and Sean Ritchie; with assists to Cam Breckon, Adam Yurkowski, Jordan Tyler, Matt Haluschak (2), Kevin Elkow (3), Glenn Patry (2) and Brad Williamson. PP 2-7, PK 5-5 shots 52-27. We never talk to refs, especially when we are already down a defenseman. The good news is that we almost got the full 60 minutes of playing hard in and that the energy was back in our room. Oh ya the Rampage won.

It's been 2 months since we put up a loss on our record 1-4, and to tell you the truth WE don't like it. Craig Dodds scored our only goal from Kevin Elkow and Brad Williamson. PP 1-8, PK 8-11 shots 32-35. Emotion is great and so is leading by example. That's all I can say and still stay positive.

We come home and start to play more like we should, 6-3 is nice but it's not 60-60-60 like Coach Russ wants. Once we started hitting we came alive and put the puck in the net - Jeff Lesik (2), Cam Breckon, Kevin Elkow, Jordan Tyler and Josh Dufresne scored with assists to Mike Tayler, Sean Ritchie, Adam Yurkowski, Dave Fedechko, Pat Lennox (2), Glenn Patry (2), Jeff Lesik, Matt Kemp and Brad Williamson. PP 0-4, PK 6-6 shots 39-30. We almost had a full lineup for the first time in I don't know how long and it helped. We need to just keep playing Royals Hockey and showing up every time and things are going to be good. Winning is good.

I know this isn't suppose to happen but my work is finally getting in the way of doing all my hockey stuff, I don't know the rest of the world can do this every day... It looks like we ate more turkey than we should have over the holidays because we were average and that got us a 5-6 shoot out loss. Mike Tayler started the scoring with Brad Williamson, Jeff Lesik, Kevin Elkow and Dave Fedechko also chipping in. Getting the assists; Jeff Lesik (2), Sean Ritchie (2), Kevin Elkow, Craig Dodds, Brad Williamson, Matt Haluschak (2) and Adam Yurkowski. PP 3-8, PK 7-9 shots 41-26. Those of you who missed the post game fishing trip will be forever sorry. The kinds of fish that were reeled in, in that short 40 minutes that I had before the Rampage game, were tasty beyond belief.


Congratulations to our Royals who have made this seasons All Star game January 10 in Fort Saskatchewan. Alex Boothe, Kevin Elkow and Josh Dufresne will play at 3:00 with the Royal coaches behind the bench. David Simpson, Pat Lennox and Jeff Lesik will play at 7:00.

Mele Kalikimaka and Aloha. Can you believe that Kali and his team of Royalamaniacs won the game again. This was team KALI: Kali, Thommer, Holly, Patty, D.T.G., Joe Sangha, Tony Rose (old guy on the team), J.C., Pringle and the ever present A Smith (goal scorer).

Royals win our last game of 2008, 3-2 over the Red Wings. The reports did not say much but Coach Russ must have had a smile a mile long.

Yes we win and almost play for 60 minutes 6-3. The reports were good about the game but what the heck happened at practice. I am very sure that we will address this at a January skate. Did all the Royalamaniacs know that we have earned 40 points already, and what that means to the team. We.......


I have had some very glowing reports about certain parts of the game but lets leave it at 2 points until I get the gamesheet.

The report after 2 periods was good and the text after the game said we won and not to ask any more 7-6 in a shootout. So that is all I can say till we get home.

On a cold cold night we overcame allot of things, that we never talk about, to skate to a 4-3 win in another shootout. Our Royalamaniacs were out in full force, trying to win money and yell loud. Jeff Lesik started our scoring (and finished with the shoot out winner - Simmer did not let in a goal, again) with Kevin Elkow and Tyrone Hanna adding the others, assisting on the goals Mike Tayler (2), Matt Haluschak and Jeff Lesik (2). It was a tough night to be consistent and focussed, with the way things were called, but we overcame all the adversity and that good habit of WINING took over. I had more to say but the computer would not let me update last night, so from Phoenix this is all you get.

Two points any way you earn them is one of the reasons we come to the rink, 5-4 in a shoot out. Matt Haluschak started the scoring with Jeff Lesik adding 2 and Tyrone Hanna getting his first in his first game. The assist went to Cam Breckon (2), Adam Yurkowski, Mike Tayler, Kevin Elkow (2) and Jason Beisel (also in his first game). PP 0-4, PK 6-7 shots 61-40. The short bench didn't stop us from shooting. But it is important to know where to stand on the bench because when you move to a new spot the pucks come at you in a different way (heads up Coach Dan).

We all have bad habits that need correcting from time to time, but in saying that I need to talk about our TEAM'S good habit, and that is WINNING. Tonight, it was 4-3 in a shootout. Our goal is to get better every day we get together and we accomplished that goal tonight, it just didn't seem like we were going to early on. That is why the game is 60 minutes or 65 and 3 shooters as it was tonight. Scoring for the Royal were Josh Dufresne, Matt Kemp and Pat Lennox (oh ya Lesik with the shootout winner - Simmer did stop all 3 of their shooters). Assists Pat Lennox, Jeff Lesik, Jordan Tyler, Sean Ritchie, Alex Boothe and Brad Williamson. PP 1-5, PK 7-9 shots 34-31. Anyone who got a chance to look in the stands could have seem Royalamaniacs form times gone by. They were the reasons that we are the team we are today. Thanks for coming and next time say hi, we always have some graft for you.

The late start didn't slow us down as we skated to a 5-0 win. We worked our way to a victory by not taking any short cuts and even with the short bench (both in skaters and in guys who can't skate) we found a way to play as a team. Our goals were scored by Matt Kemp, Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik (2) and Craig Dodds. The unselfish set up men (who made the scoresheet) Mitch Thompson (2), Alex Boothe, Josh Dufresne, Cam Breckon, Pat Lennox and Matt Kemp. PP 0-6, PK 2-2 shots 35-26. The late e-mail today said that our war hero Royalamaniac came home safely and we now have more southern scouts. Can anyone believe the work The Cutman put in tonight, he must have been 5 guys, as he was the only one to make the trip. The game was played for the points and we got them, now our defense can rest until Thursday's practice. Their is only 10 shopping days left until 'The Royals Christmas Party' - I can hardly wait for the new guys to taste the chili.

Sorry about the late, and poor, update. My fax machine wasn't the as clear as it could have been, so I will wait until I get the hard copy to be more complete. In saying that we got what we came for in our 6-2 win. It's a poor write up but here is the rest. Goals -Cam Breckon (2), Josh Dufresne, Alex Boothe, Sean Ritchie and Brad Williamson: Assists - Glenn Patry, Adam Yurkowski (2), Mark Claffey (2), Mike Tayler, Jeff Lesik, Sean Ritchie, Matt Kemp and Matt Haluschak. PP 2-9, PK 13-15 shots 45-28.

When your best player is your goalie we always have a chance to win. Well, he was and we scored 11-0, so all was good. Jordan Tyler (2) started our scoring and Mike Tayler, Josh Dufresne (2), Brad Williamson, Kevin Elkow (2), Craig Dodds (2) and Matt Kemp getting the rest. Our assists went to Kevin Elkow, Matt Kemp (3), Jeff Lesik (2), Josh Dufresne, Craig Dodds (2), Mitch Thompson (2), Pat Lennox (2), Matt Haluschak (2), Jordan Tyler, Glenn Patry (2), Brad Williamson and Alex Boothe. PP 5-12, PK 8-8 shots 48-24. Why we leave our goalie out on his own, like in practice is a mystery. But playing 60 minutes is always the goal and we accomplished our goal.

In a very workman like game we skated to a 3-1 victory. The cream keeps coming to the top. Our goals were scored by Craig Dodds, Matt Kemp and Jordan Tyler with assists to Matt Haluschak, Kevin Elkow, Jordan Tyler, Sean Ritchie (2) and Matt Kemp. PP 0-11, PK 7-8 shots 44-27. It was great to see the Royals team that plays hard and competes for every puck come to play, I don't know what might have happened at that dry land training that took place Friday night but it worked. My last hope is that those north side kids made it back before their passports expired because I had to go to bed early and would not be available to bail them out.

When you don't score you lose, and we did 0-4. PP 0-2, PK 6-8 shots 41-34. We must be prepared to play from the drop of the puck until the horn goes at the end of 60 minutes and that means in every game.

The score doesn't indicate the way the game was played 7-2, it was a very uninspired effort by the mighty Royal. It's a good thing we don't have many of these afternoon games with a day off the next day, if you know what I mean. For the first time this season we had a 4 goal game, Jeff Lesik accomplished it with Josh Dufresne, Adam Yurkowski and Matt Kemp getting the others. Our passers were Alex Booth, Pat Lennox (3), Craig Dodds, Kevin Elkow (2), Mike Tayler, Josh Dufresne, Matt Haluschak and Nathan Clare. PP 4-10, PK 6-8 shots (estimated cause they didn't fill it in for the 3rd period) 39-20. We can't play uninspired hockey, it must have been poor coaching.

Now when you win in overtime, 3-2, it feels like you just won that 50/50 you always try for at the Royals games, well that and a bit more. We skated for the better part of 61 minutes and were rewarded for playing hard with the 2 points, now if we would have shot the puck in the 2nd period on the power play.... Jordan Tyler, Dave Fedechko and Kevin Elkow (on the PP in OT) scored from Sean Ritchie, Matt Kemp, Mitch Thompson, Alex Booth (now the Unit can't talk to you like that) and Jeff Lesik assisting. PP 2-11, PK 7-7 shots 35-31. It was great to see our old lifters coach out at the game, thanks for the advice Cec, we were able to pass it along to our players. We are continuing to get faster but now we need to move the puck quicker to get to the next level.

If a tie is like kissing your sister then losing in a shoot out is nothing like that at all - 3-4, I lost count on how many guys it took to decide the winner. Cam Breckon scored our first goal (and it made the game sheet), with Matt Haluschak and Jeff Lesik getting the others. Our assists went to Adam Yurkowski, Dave Fedechko, Jordan Tyler, Craig Dodds, Mike Tayler and Josh Dufresne. PP 2-9, PK 4-5 shots 59-23. It was good to see our boys took off their Halloween costumes, they looked so good Friday night at the Eskimo win. The little details are getting taken care of more often than not and now we will continue to work on not shooting into gloves or pads that aren't moving on the ice. As a certain Royals coach put it WINNINGGGGG, that's the best thing about the Royal.

It was a good trip over the river, we got our 2 points with a 6-2 win and all the Northside Royalamaniacs got a closer look at this years team. Even without a score clock to organize things our players found a way to get better with every shift of the game. Our goal scorers were Kevin Elkow, Jeff Lesik (2), Adam Yurkowski, Nathan Clare (I don't know who got that one, it might have been the Unit, but in fact it was a great tipin by Cam Breckon off a delay skate by Dave Fedechko) and Sean Ritchie. They were assisted by Jordan Tyler, Cam Breckon, Adam Yurkowski, Glenn Patry, Matt Kemp and Pat Lennox. PP 1-6, PK 6-7 shots 49-29. The bench got a little short and some how that made us faster and the big ice smaller.

We swept our games on the weekend with a 10-3 win. It may have been the most shots on goal we have ever had in a 2 game stretch. Cam Breckon (2) started the scoring (lets just say that our man in stripes didn't care who's number he gave to the timekeeper) then Mike Tayler, Brad Williamson, Sean Ritchie (2), Jeff Lesik, Matt Kemp, Kevin Elkow and Josh Dufresne rounded it out. Our assists went to Matt Haluschak, Dave Fedechko (2), Jeff Lesik (2), Mitch Thompson, Kevin Elkow, Nathan Clare (2), Jordan Tyler (3), Glenn Patry, Adam Yurkowski, Pat Lennox, Brad Williamson, Craig Dodds and Mike Tayler. PP 4-7, PK 3-5 shots 65-14. It's tough to keep playing like a team when a game gets out of reach, but that is the only way to keep getting better. I wonder if we will have a new coach out at practice Monday night. Thanks for all the cards and well wishes for the Cutman but as you could see this weekend he was back in shoes and having a pop or two - a lesser man never would have been able to so quickly.

Once again we reached our goal of getting 2 points, only this time, we played as a team and skated to a 3-2 victory. A late power play goal by Kevin Elkow secured the game, our other scorers were Matt Haluschak and Adam Yurkowski. Pat Lennox (2), Jeff Lesik, Nathan Clare and Craig Dodds set the goals up. PP 1-5, PK 3-4 shots 50-23. Our room felt pretty good after the game and we like that feeling. As good as we played we know that it wasn't even close to being the best game we can play and that is a great thing to look forward to.

Thank goodness we only play for 2 points and we don't try to look like an organized hockey club (who wants to play their best game of the season in October anyways) 4-3 was the score. Out of the 42 minutes we were in the box only 2 of it was spent by forwards, now you can spin that anyway you want, but I'm going with the, it is not a good thing. Scoring his first hattrick as a Royal (even if it's not on the game sheet that way) - Josh Dufresne and Kevin Elkow got the other. Mike Tayler (2), Pat Lennox and Brad Williamson assisted the goals, sorry no write in assist changes. PP 1-8, PK 8-8 shots 27-31. Two Side Show sightings and two wins.... interesting. Thanks to all the Royalamaniacs who made the road trip to the game you made us feel like we were at home.

When our time keeper gets writers cramp because of the goals for those games are great - 12-2 win says it all. Lets start with our goal scorers Jordan Tyler, Kevin Elkow (3), Sean Ritchie, Dave Fedechko, Kevin Glegloff, Adam Yurkowski (2), Jeff Lesik (2) and Josh Dufresne. There were a lot of playmakers, Matt Kemp (2), Sean Ritchie (3), Craig Dodds (2), Pat Lennox (3), Jordan Tyler, Brad Williamson, Glenn Patry, Mitch Thompson, Mike Tayler (2), Nathan Clare (4), Matt Haluschak (2), Cam Breckon and Josh Dufresne. PP 5-11, PK 9-10 shots 52-28. We may have played better Friday but scoring goals is fun. A team game is great to watch from the bench and lets keep being that excited bunch who want to 'Play Hard, Play Smart and have fun for their teammates. Side Show was a no show but the Royal fridge went to a very excited Royalamaniac that suggested we have a Christmas one, we think that will happen.

Some times you only need a person to show up and change his nick name form No Show back to Side Show Bob and you play 2 periods and win 5-2. That's part of what happened, that and some skinny kid had enough and took the game over in the 2nd period. Our goals scorers were Jeff Lesik (2), Barry Jacobs, Matt Kemp and Matt Haluschak. It's hard to believe the shot clock at the end of the game and just as hard to believe the lack of assists on our goals (you know how St. Albert can be - at all levels and all sports) any ways Kevin Elkow, Craig Dodds, Adam Yurkowski (yes he is from Airdrie it doesn't matter what our web site said for a while, that is also why you need to correct me when you see a mistake) and Barry Jacobs passed the puck for our goals. PP 2-9, PK 12-14 shots 41-30. We really saw the energy that we knew we had tonight, we need it for 60 minutes every night. North side Royalamaniac Nas got his fridge last night and was so excited that he played name that tune until our game started tonight, with him cheering and our St. Albert Royalamaniacs getting to the game at the start of the 2nd period we all went home or Don Cherry's happy.

Too much anticipated turkey got wrecked by the flu and our web site also got pushed back, sorry. It's a good thing that we didn't get 60 shots on goal or we would have made a liar out of Coach Russ, 4-5 in overtime. Mark Claffey, Kevin Elkow, Adam Yurkowski and Sean Ritchie scored with assists going to Brad Williamson (2), Kevin Elkow, Mark Claffey, Cam Breckon (2), Sean Ritchie and Adam Yurkowski. PP 1-9, PK 6-9, shots 54-29. We will continue to learn how to play Royals hockey and win. It was great to see some old, as well as some young brand new Royalamaniacs in the stands. The coveted 1st Ever Royals Schedule Fridge was won by north side Royalamaniac Brent Nastiuk. Although it was missed at the game it will forever be in Royals history that Mark Claffey and Sean Ritchie scored their first ever Royal goals - shame on you bench.

Friday night's should be for winning not going home with a 2-5 loss. Matt Kemp scored both our goals from Kevin Glegloff, Barry Jacobs, Jeff Lesik and Jordan Tyler. PP 1-8, PK 7-7 shots 28-21. We need to play with a fire that burns in our gut for 60 minutes. Our coach's will find the tank of gas that will make this happen. Maybe we don't know how to play a 60 minute game that starts at 8:30 or it might be that we haven't had a Side Show Bob sighting this season (I think the 2nd is why). See all you Royalamaniacs out on Sunday and good luck to all that have a ticket on the Royals Schedule Fridge.

There are to many guys hurt sick or away so everybody come to the game expecting to play. If you can't go let me know.

A hard skating group of Royals took to the ice and played our way to a 8-4 win. Some of the things we have been working on paid off and our best players are playing the best. Josh Dufresne started the scoring and (although the score sheet is wrong about some of the rest) Kevin Elkow, Mike Tayler, Jordan Tyler (2), Glenn Patry, Craig Dodds (2) finished it off. Assisting the goals were Jeff Lesik (2), David Simpson, Pat Lennox (2), Kevin Glegloff, Matt Kemp (2), Barry Jacobs (2), Adam Yurkowski, Cam Breckon, Glenn Patry and Matt Haluschak. PP 3-9, PK 5-5 shots 45-34. The Cutman was working his magic again with everything but 'Ask The Cutman questions', yes there are still a couple that haven't been answered yet. The crowd was getting a little anxious thinking that the first ever draw for a Royals Schedule Fridge would happen last night but the draw will take place next Sunday. Ticket orders have been coming in world wide as the Royalamaniacs are finding out about the draw.

Our line up will be posted at the rink.

In what wasn't a pretty game we fell 3-5 to Beaumont. Our level of play in our our zone, with the consistency that is needed, was not there. Our goals came from Glenn Patry, Adam Yurkowski and Kevin Elkow with his first Royal goal. The set up men were Mitch Thompson (2), Glenn Patry and Brad Williamson. PP 2-10, PK 6-10 shots 25-44. Our best player was the same guy as in game one and our PK sucked just like game one. We played strong for the first and last half of the third but need to show up more out of the gate in the second. All in all we got better and improved like we have to do but we need to win and get better.

Tonight's lineup in Beaumont is: Dodds, Elkow, Williamson, Tayler, Lesik, Ritchie, Dufresne, Yurkowski, Fedechko, Jacobs, Breckon, Tyler, Clare, Haluschak, Lennox, Glegloff, Thompson, Patry, Simpson, Tayler.

Our season starts out strong with a 5-4 win over the Wild. It didn't have to be that close (and it wasn't until the end), but we got the two points that we came for. Scoring their first Royal goals were Josh Dufresne and Jordan Tyler, also scoring Mike Tayler, Dave Fedechko and Matt Haluschak. The goals were assisted by Brad Williamson, Sean Ritchie, Adam Yurkowski (2), Pat Lennox, Matt Kemp and Mark Claffey (2). PP 0-6, PK 8-11 and shots 36-41. It looks like the power play wasn't very good and it wasn't. All that practice hasn't paid off yet but it will. The Cutman was looking into starting to wear a helmet on the bench but upon further review, no he will not. The new guys played hard and the old guys need to play smarter.

Sorry for putting this up so late. Tonight's lineup for our 1st regular season game is: Dodds, Elkow, Breckon, Dufresne, Yurkowski, Fedechko, Jacobs, Kemp, Tyler, Ritchie, Williamson, Tayler, Lennox, Claffey, Clare, Haluschak, Thompson, Patry, Simpson, Tayler. NO I DID NOT MAKE ANY BIG DECISIONS!!

The ugly ended with a 1-4 loss. The reports from the golf tourney were a little sketchy, but some more pop showed up at 11 and Angus Love did not have on a kilt.

Tonight's lineup in Sherwood Park is: Dodds, Elkow, Jacobs, Ritchie, Yurkowski, Fedechko, Chang, Tyler, Breckon, Dezman, Dufresne, Tayler, Lennox, Haluschak, Patry, Thompson, Claffey, Glegloff, Simpson, Beisel.

We played a fast game last night with two teams skating, hitting and the bad guys went home happy 3-4. Our lineup got mixed up and everyone excelled.

Our lineup for tonight's game at Confederation is: Jacobs, Dodds, Williamson, Dezman, Elkow, Tayler, Breckon, Yurkowski, Thompson, Dufresne, Tyler, Lennox, Boothe, Haluschak, Clare, Claffey, Patry, Beisel, Tayler.

It took until the 3rd period for our bus legs, from Saturday, to come back to our bodies. But when they did arrive we scored the way we should. This resulted in a 6-1 hard skating victory. It's good to take care of the top line.

Here is our lineup for tonight's game at Confederation: Breckon, Yurkowski, Fedechko, Ritchie, Kemp, Tyler, Dufresne, Dodds, Williamson, Mullen, Elkow, Tayler, Lennox, Boothe, Haluschak, Clare, Thompson, Glegloff, Simpson, Tayler.

We played fast, battled hard but used stone hands to shoot. The result was a 1-1 tie. The Royalamaniacs were loud and fun.

Our lineup for Saturday's game in Stettler is: Dufresne, Dodds, Williamson, Mullen, Elkow, Tayler, Breckon, Yurkowski, Fedechko, Matsuoka, Chorneyko, Dezman, Lennox, Boothe, Haluschak, Clare, Glegloff, Patry, Tayler, Beisel. You are never wrong to bring your equipment, some strange things have happened on the way to the rink. Being on time for the bus would be a good thing.

We must play our best hockey every time we put our skates on to the ice. Winning is important and we did win 5-1, but improving our game and team play is also very important and we can't let chances to improve ourselves slip away as we did for most of the game last night. We have a great opportunity to do that tonight at practice.

Our lineup for Sunday's game against Stony Plain is: Dezman, Elkow, Helland, Ritchie, Kemp, Tyler, Breckon, Love, Fedechko, Dufresne, Dodds, Williamson, Lennox, Booth, Haluschak, Clare, Patry, Glegloff, Simpson, Baily. Remember to be at the rink at 6:30 and if you are not playing BEFORE 7:15. Remember about the spelling of your names I always need help.

Royals win 4-1 in a workman like game last night. We had great leadership from everybody and played a physical, speedy game. Just what the doctor ordered for the first game without points.

I hope I am spelling everyone's name correctly and if I didn't let me know. Our line up for Wednesday's game against Strathcona is: Lesik, Elkow, Tayler, Hanna, Yurkowski, Dufresne, Linderman, Kemp, Tyler, Toru, Chorneyko, Farkasdi, Haluschak, Lennox, Booth, Jacobs, Clare, Glegloff, Tayler, Beisel. Be at the rink for 6:30 and the rest of you come for 7:15.

The emails have been coming in and the Royalamaniacs are starting to gather. Everyone is pumped for the start of camp on Monday. Call me if anyone has any problems getting there and remember to do some push ups on the weekend.