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Pre Season Ice

Mon. Aug. 30th 9:15 @ Confed.
Tues. Aug. 31st 9:15 @ Confed.
Thurs. Sept. 2nd 9:15 @ Confed.
Sun. Sept. 6th 8:00 @ Stony Plain

Welcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


8 Days and counting. I hope you are doing some pushups.










Congratulations to David Simpson 1st Team League All Star and to Tyler Russell CJHL Rookie of the Year. I don't know how he won it because we all know that there are no rookies on the Royal.

I'll text everybody about team pictures. Some time in April after I get back from Hawaii.

First thing is I would like to thank all the players and the legion of Royalamaniacs for a great season. (It just ended to early) We did some great things as a group and we are proud of those accomplishments. Thanks to Jeff and Hally, a couple of beauties, they did their part and fought through injuries to help lead us. We matured as players and coaches (except Relic, he never changes). Learning, is the part of sport that is most rewarding, we all made steps, some big ones and some little. This was a great group of players, completely unique, with all the parts that a great team needs to have. Most days it was pure joy to handle the bench and when it wasn't it was still great, that is where some more learning needed to take place. THANK YOU!!

Congratulations to the Beverly Warriors and good luck in the finals and at the provincials. 0-3 in one stinker of a game, from a Royal perspective. Shots 25-26, PP 0-6 and PK 4-5. Our write in Royalamaniac was Jordan Tyler(5).

Sometimes the best words you say are the ones that don't leave your mouth. We lost 4-5 in overtime. Jeff Lesik, Tyler Russell, Dave Fedechko and Shane Labelle scored with assists to Shane Labelle, Josh Dufresne (2), Kevin Elkow, Matt Haluschak, Brett Hamilton and Tyler Russell. Shots 30-39, PP 2-6 and PK 3-6. 60 minutes of confident hockey will lead us to where we want to go. Speed Kills especially when used in confidence. Be smart and play smarter. Our write in Royalamaniac was Joe Sangha (5).

If you get to choose between winning a close game or winning by a big score WE will always chose WINNING, and tonight it was 8-1. Kevin Elkow got 2 interesting goals then Jeff Lesik, Sean (I may have been a screen for Glenn's shot) Ritchie, Dan Martin (2), Tyler Russell and Dakota Mercredi. Assists to Josh Dufresne (2), Cam Bush, Sean Ritchie, Glenn Patry (3), Dakota Mercredi, Dave Fedechko, Brett Hamilton (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Kevin Elkow and Matt Haluschak. Shots 39-30, PP 3-8 and PK 7-7. Scoring is better than not and we found a way to play ROYALS HOCKEY. The Royalamaniacs were loud tonight and we are very proud that we could send them home happy (some all the way back to St. Albert). The 'Win A Date With The Royal Of Your Choice' contest didn't get a winner tonight, so we will carry it over to our next home game. Our write in Royalamaniac was Scott Reid (5).

Ouch, 0-1 in overtime. The goaltending at both ends of the ice was outstanding, as well as the penalty killing. The game had hits, posts and the wrong team winning. Shots 36-37, PP 0-6 and PK 8-8. Our chances are there to put up a big number but the sticks are being held to tight, relax and score, just like dating. The games have been fun and frustrating at the same time. We need to remember how we play the game and trust our strengths as well as our teammates. One player can't win a game or championship but working together we can. Individuals play golf when it's still hockey season. Our write in Royalamaniac was Pat McNary (6).

It was not the way we planned on ending the game 2-3 in overtime. Dakota Mercredi and Kevin Elkow scored our goals from Kevin Elkow, Tyler Russell, Dan Skubleny and Troy Kneller. Shots 32-26, PP 1-7 and PK 4-4. We will keep getting better because we are always learning and it was a big lesson tonight. That especially means being focussed between periods and very supportive of our teammates when we are on the bench. Our write in Royalamaniac was Daryl Bunnell (6).

A trip to the north side is always better when you bring back the win 5-1 in game one of the series. The game started slow but we were able to send Sean Ritchie in alone for our first goal. That was a good way to turn the momentum around, then Dave Fedechko ended the period with a laser shot, Kevin Elkow on a rebound, Josh Dufresne and Craig Dodds ended the scoring. Assisting the goals were Jeff Lesik, Cam Bush, David Simpson, Brett Hamilton, Tyler Russell, Troy Kneller and Dan Skubleny. Shots 35-27, PP 2-7 and PK 6-7. The big ice was good to the Royal again. Taking care of Details and staying Focused are very important. Our write in Royalamaniac was Barry Jacobs (6).

NICE... 3-2 and we move on. The heart and effort that our short handed squad showed tonight is why we all volunteer and commit to this hockey club. Dan Skubleny, Kevin Elkow and Josh (game winner) Dufresne scored our goals. The assists went to Tyler Russell, Troy (I wasn't on the ice) Kneller, Dakota Mercredi, Matt Haluschak and Craig Dodds. Shots 26-27, PP 1-5 and PK 2-2. We found away to support each other and get to all the loose pucks first. Nobody would have put money on a three game sweep but our players played every shift and every second for each other and continued the tradition of Royals Hockey. Winning is good and we see no reason to stop. Our write in Royalamaniac was Tyler Thomlison (7).

It was a tough night for Team Canada but not the Royal as we skate to a 6-4 win in game 2. Kevin Elkow got us going with a sweet Skates faceoff goal then Jeff Lesik (3) scored the quietest hattrick you have ever seen, Dave Fedechko on the PP and Craig Dodds into the empty net. Matt Haluschak helped set up all 3 PP goals, Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie, Kevin Elkow (3), Josh Dufresne and Tyler Russell passed the others. Shots 47-29, PP 3-10 and PK 6-8. We wanted the puck all game, then went out and paid the price to get it and own it, that's what we call Royals Hockey. Our write in Royalamaniac was Pat Lennox or Lenny as he is known (8).

Royals hockey wins the first game 4-2. Craig Dodds (2), Shane Labelle and Dakota Mercredi scored our goals (maybe Shane had 2 and Craig 1) but this is what the game sheet said. Dan Skubleny, Craig Dodds, Troy Kneller and Tyler Russell set them up. Shots 39-20, PP 0-2 and PK 1-2. We played our style of game very well and gave ourselves another chance to get better on Sunday night. Not even the home fans at our bench could get us unfocused. Our write in Royalamaniac was Nathan Hollands (9).

The series is over, as we skated to a 3-2 win in the clinching game. Dan Martin got us going with the first goal and then forechecked a shorthanded assist on our second by Josh Dufresne. Craig Dodds got the winner on a great wide drive by Dan Skubleny. The rest of the assists went to Cam Bush, Shawn Roppelt and Jeff Lesik. Shots 42-20, PP 1-7 and PK 3-4. Winning is cool and playoff hockey is the best, we need to continue to play our game and get better every time we get together. Do your part and make us proud. Our write in Royalamaniac was Matt Buskas (10).

We win 2-1 over Leduc in our first game of the best of three. Matt Haluschak scored our first goal from Jeff Lesik and Josh Dufresne got the game winner (with 2:42) to go in the third from Dave Fedechko and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 40-21, PP 0-4 and PK 4-4. The Playoff game brought out lots of Royalamaniacs and those people from Leduc. The old guys are the coolest and when they were old captains, that made the post victory pops even better. Our write in Royalamaniac was Jordan Dezman (11).

Our last shot of the 2009/2010 regular season got us the win 5-4 in a shoot out (and he scored in his brothers money spot). 13 skaters make for a slow game and that helped to take us out of the normal energy that we play with. Our scoring came from Dakota Mercredi, Jeff Lesik (2), Kevin Elkow and the shoot out winner Jacob Kalinowski. Assisting the goals Kevin Elkow (2), Glenn Patry and Dakota Mercredi (2). Shots 50-38, PP 1-6 and PK 3-3. The game had everything, at times a boring slow pace, great individual efforts to score, a text book 5 on 3 goal, that brutal start to the third and the great comeback goals, kicking a puck in our own net to tie the game in the last minute and the first goal as a Royal by Jacob to get us the win in the shoot out, oh ya and Simmer stopping all 3 shots in the shoot out. Let the playoffs start and lets get the wins coming our way. (12).

Wow who saw that coming 6-7 for the bad guys and in a bad way. Kevin Elkow, Tyler Russell (2), Dan Martin and Sean Ritchie (2) got our goals. From Dakota Mercredi (3), Brett Hamilton (4), Jeff Lesik, Glenn Patry (2), Tyler Russell and Craig Dodds. Shots 39-34, PP 1-6 and PK 3-6. The stats sure don't tell the story. We crapped the bed for over half the game, turned it up for 3 minutes to end the 2nd period. Then played hard and had stone hands for the 3rd. It was like watching a bunch of new guys playing their first game as a Royal and skating in circles, not doing anything but watching. Playoffs start Feb. 14 @ Confederation, Feb. 16 @ Leduc, Feb. 17 @ Clareview A.

We played our game and didn't worry about the other stuff and won 5-1, just the way it's suppose to be. Kevin Elkow (2), Dakota Mercredi, Dan Skubleny and Matt Haluschak did the damage with their goals. The assists went to Dakota Mercredi (3), Jeff Lesik, Cam Bush (2), Kevin Elkow, Tyler Russell and Craig Dodds. Shots 40-28, PP 3-6 and PK 6-7. We made out better than the Golden Gophers (8-11), that sure made the drive home better. This is our 1st round opponent in the playoffs, we are not sure when they will start. But Game 1 will either be Feb. 12, 13 or 14, in the best of three.

Just what the doctor ordered, a workman like 4-2 win over the Park. Daniel Martin (2) and Jeff Lesik (2) did our goal scoring from, Josh Dufresne (2), Dave Fedechko, Brett Hamilton (2), Sean Ritchie (2) and Daniel Martin. Shots 40-29, PP 0-5 and PK 4-5. We took care of a lot of DETAILS and experimented with a line combination (that worked very well, maybe not on the PP) and played a hard nosed playoff style game. We took another step forward.

Winning is always a good feeling and we didn't get that feeling last night as we dropped the game 2-5. Tyler Russell and Craig Dodds scored our goals with assists to Sean Ritchie (2). Shots 23-27, PP 1-6 and PK 4-5. Even though we had strong team play for parts of the game we didn't get on that ship for 60 minutes. Playing with and for your teammates is the only way to succeed long term. Playing 'Royals Hockey' is a style that forces you to use your teammates and support them, even when they make mistakes. Get some rest and bring your speed, smarts and attention to DETAIL to the rink on Sunday.

Sunday is always a good night for a win (as are every other day that ends in a 'y') and we were able to skate out of Wetaskiwin with the two points in our 10-3 victory. Craig Dodds led the way with his first 4 goal game as a Royal, Dan Skubleny (2), Dakota Mercredi, Brett Hamilton, Josh Dufresne and Sean Ritchie scored the rest. We had lots of assists (we are a nice passing bunch), Troy Kneller (3), Craig Dodds, Dave Fedechko (4), Josh Dufresne (2), Shawn Roppelt (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Matt Haluschak (2), Dan Skubleny and Glenn Patry. Shots 59-30, PP 3-5 and PK 2-4. The game was a lot closer than the score, we opened up the gates in the 3rd with 7 goals. That's the kind of thing that happens when you keep skating and using your teammates. There was some great bonding in the coach's car on the way home. I hope the Cutman isn't the only one wearing his kilt today.

The Golden Gophers lost their Minor Hockey Week game 2-3, but the mighty Royal pull out a 4-3 win in overtime. I will update the site when I get the gamesheet. Our goals came from Jeff Lesik, Dave Fedechko, Dakota Mercredi and Tyler Russell (The OT winner). Assists to Dan Skubleny, Kevin Elkow, Josh Dufresne, Dan Martin and Dave Fedechko. Shots 35-38, PP 2-5 and PK 4-5. Lots of interesting calls, but we played mostly hard and together.

It was a very fast game played by two good teams that got decided in a shoot out with the wrong team winning 3-4. Craig Dodds and Dakota Mercredi (2) scored with assists to Sean Ritchie, Jeff Lesik, Matt Haluschak (2), David Simpson and Tyler Russell. Shots 37-38, PP 1-4 and PK 5-5. Lots of hits, great scoring chances, speed and grit, describe the game. It was fun to coach, fun to watch in the stands and fun to play in. Lets adjust the scoreboard and put on a big smile. I guess the saying on the program was to cryptic for everybody at the game to understand. The answer was David Henderson and did he ever have a big smile on his face.

With the blessing of our new father Dave we won 6-3, in Coach Dan's favorite rink. Our goals came from Sean Ritchie, Dave Fedechko, Dan Skubleny, Tyler Russell (2) and Jeff Lesik. Assisting the goals were Dakota Mercredi (2), Jeff Lesik (2), Troy Kneller (2), Craig Dodds and Kevin Elkow. Shots 42-31, PP 1-7 and PK 7-7. We played well in spurts but the over all consistency wasn't where we need it to be. It's very important to understand that some things are out of our control and we need to adjust to them (even when the calls are a total mystery). Intensity and Details are great cornerstones to playoff hockey.

We took care of the DETAILS and were rewarded on the scoreboard with a 14-0 win. Lets get started with goals, Dave Fedechko, Dan Martin (2), Matt Haluschak, Tyler Russell (2), Glenn Patry, Kevin Elkow (2), Josh Dufresne (3), Dakota Mercredi and Jeff Lesik. Assists, Shane Labelle, Craig Dodds, Glenn Patry, Mitch Thompson (3), Kevin Elkow (2), Dakota Mercredi (2), Jacob Kalinowski (3), Brett Hamilton (2), Matt Haluschak (2), Shawn Roppelt (3), Dan Martin, Tyler Russell, Cam Bush and Dan Skubleny. Shots 67-34, PP 1-7 and PK 3-3. It's amazing how some guys can play so well and not get any points in a high scoring game like this one. The only thing that was slowing us down was our own inability to convert power play chances into goals. It was a nice job in net with a shared shut out by Simmer and Ernie.

Sorry about the way to late up dates. We came back from Christmas and were not prepared to play a 60 minute hockey game and were rewarded with a 4-5 loss to the Flyers. Matt Haluschak scored 2 goals, Jeff Lesik and Josh Dufresne got the others. Assists to Dakota Mercredi, Dan Skubleny, Tyler Russell (2), Josh Dufresne, Brett Hamilton, Craig Dodds and Dave Fedechko. Shots 43-42, PP 2-5 and PK 5-8. The let downs are unacceptable and we need to take care of the DETAILS.

We ended 2009 with a 3-7 loss, over a short staffed group from Beaumont. Tyler Russell, Craig Dodds and Kevin Elkow scored from Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow, Matt Haluschak, Glenn Patry, Tyler Russell and Jacob Kalinowski. Shots 33-50, PP 0-6 and PK 7-11. As bad as we looked at times we did improve in a couple areas, and that was good. We will play harder, smart, faster and with more grit, in 2010. Merry Christmas and have a very Royal New Year!

Wow was that a cold rink, but our hearts stayed warm with a 5-2 victory. Dave Fedechko got our power play working with a goal and Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow, Cam Bush and Shane Labelle scored the others. Assists to Jessie Craig, Glenn Patry (3), Cam Bush, Dakota Mercredi (2), Tyler Russell, Brett Hamilton and Kevin Elkow. Shots 36-35, PP 4-10 and PK 9-9. Winning sure feels good. I hope you have all got your presents bought for the party on Friday.

We came to play and started that way, then forgot to play for 60 minutes - loss 3-5. I know we are learning things but we need to apply them and be consistent. Daniel Martin got us going with Josh Dufresne and Craig Dodds scoring as well. Shawn Roppelt, Dakota Mercredi, Troy Kneller, Brett Hamilton and Sean Ritchie got a all the assists. Shots 29-39, PP 0-9 and PK 4-7.

Hockey is a game that needs to be played with emotion, we lose 3-4 in overtime. We got back another big piece of our puzzle and Josh Dufresne scored 2 important goals with Troy Kneller getting the other. Assists to Dave Fedechko (2), Daniel Martin (2), Sean Ritchie and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 42-38, PP 0-7 and PK 5-7. We need to have a better dressing room and when we don't, we won't earn two points.

Tough luck to all you Rider Royalamaniacs but our 6-0 win should brighten your spirits. Scoring his first goal as a Royal was Jessie Craig with Andrew Hamilton (2), Kevin Elkow, Daniel Martin and Dave Fedechko getting the others. Shawn Roppelt (3) had a big night setting up goals these guys passed the puck just as well, Dave Fedechko, Daniel Martin, Glenn Patry (2), Tyler Russell, Troy Kneller, Sean Ritchie and Andrew Hamilton. Another first was Stephen Tayler with his first shutout as a Royal. Shots 46-18, PP 1-3 and PK 4-4. Our game was not quite as exciting as the Grey Cup but the right team won and our players like that winning feeling.

We really wanted the puck tonight and won by a 5-1 score. Daniel Martin (2), [his line was money tonight] Dave Fedechko, Sean Ritchie and Kevin Elkow scored our goals. When a team plays this hard the assists are bigger than the goals and they were earned by Andrew Hamilton, Sean Ritchie, Dave Fedechko, Daniel Martin, Brett Hamilton, Shane Labelle, Cam Bush and Glenn Patry. Shots 33-26, PP 1-5 and PK 6-7. These games are so much fun to be involved in. We had players stepping up and getting involved the way they should every time we skate together. Lets remember who we are and why we play hard. All the world wide Royalamaniacs are proud of us every night but they might have a bigger smile tonight if they saw the game.

Nice win for Scrappy Doo! as we skate to a 4-2 victory. Craig Dodds got us going and Tyler Russell (2) [9 seconds after they scored] and Daniel Martin with the others. Jessie Craig got his first point as a Royal with an assist, Troy Kneller, Kevin Elkow, Dakota Mercredi, Andrew Hamilton, Dave Fedechko, Sean Ritchie and Shawn Roppelt. Shots 49-32, PP 0-7 and PK 1-1. We were a hard team to play against tonight that had a sleepy middle part of the game. But when the hits and cycling were going look out. We need to keep pushing the pace of play up and our speed can do it, lets lead by example and effort.

A clear highway is always a good sign and bringing home two points puts a smile on everyone's face, we did that with a 7-2 win. If you had a single digit on your sweater you had a great chance to score a goal as; Jeff Lesik, Glenn Patry (2), Shane Labelle, Kevin Elkow (2) and Brett Hamilton (with his first). The goals were assisted by Troy Kneller, Brett Hamilton, Sean Ritchie (3), Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi, Shawn Roppelt, Glenn Patry, Matt Haluschak, Cam Bush and Daniel Martin. Shots 49-28, PP 2-7 and PK 6-7. It was a sleepy game that didn't have many moments, unless you got your first goal as a Royal. August 15 1994 was a very good day at the Henderson house and November 23rd is a sad one, it will be allot quieter around the house for anyone who visits.

Everyone is back from Saskatoon, rested but still sick. Let's start with Friday night 4-8 out in the Fort. It seems that when we travel we need to forget things, sometimes it's equipment, sometimes it's heart and effort and then there are those games when it's all of the above and lets put in being yappy. The text message updates started out bad and got worse so let's just park it and learn from it. Goals by Cam Bush, Sean Ritchie, Kevin Elkow and Jeff Lesik - assists to Kevin Elkow, Tyler Russell, Dan Skubleny (2) and Sean Ritchie. Shots 42-38, PP 2-7 and PK 5-9 (ya that's right we let them score 4). OK now on to a better effort 5-2 over the Park. I got there late and was impressed with the scoreboard and how we were skating, after all I had heard about Friday night (we will not be a yappy team and we will have a few drills this week to remind us about this very important point). Tyler Russell (2), Troy Kneller, Sean Ritchie and Dakota Mercredi scored from Dakota Mercredi, Matt Haluschak, Brett Hamilton, Cam Bush, Jeff Lesik (2), Craig Dodds and Tyler Russell. Shots 45-34, PP 1-10 and PK 7-7. Being focus to start a game and trying to play that way for 60 minutes is a great goal to have every night. Lets hope that on Sunday November 22 we all remember that the game is in Wetaskiwin and we remember to bring all our equipment and our mental focus, maybe we need a drill or two as a reminder.

We are continuing our march to our first goal (making the playoffs), with a 4-3 win last night. Our power play got us going with Tyler Russell scoring, the Jeff Lesik, Troy Kneller (his 1st) and Sean Ritchie. Assists went to Jeff Lesik, Jacob Kalinowski, Matt Haluschak, Cam Bush and Kevin Elkow. Shots 45-30, PP 2-5 and PK 4-5 (it took a couple of late calls to even up those marbles). Sorry for the late and little up date, that darn job.

The thrill of winning in OT or a SO is so good, that it also comes with a bad side, like when you lose 3-4 in a SO. We battled hard, with a short bench and a lot of heart (we really need to bring all of our equipment to games). Dave Fedechko, Kevin Elkow and Jeff Lesik all scored from Andrew Hamilton, Glenn Patry, Brett Hamilton, Jacob Kalinowski (2) and Kevin Elkow. Shots 27-25, PP 3-8 and PK 3-3. A trip to the north side is always better when you come home with 2 points and a smile, last night's 1 point and a chip on our shoulders will have to do. There is no quit in our team and we play every second hard but most importantly we are getting better every night (especially when the guys make practice).

History was made last night as Mitch Thompson scored his 1st goal as a Royal in our 7-2 win. Our bench, on ice players and coach's jumped and celebrated with Mitch just like a game 7 overtime winner. Our other goals came from Andrew Hamilton, Cam Bush (his 1st as a Royal), Daniel Martin (also his 1st as a Royal), Jeff Lesik (2) and Dave Fedechko. We passed the puck very well and some of the assists are accurate and some aren't but here they are. Cam Bush, Dave Fedechko (2), Jeff Lesik, Glenn Patry (3), Andrew Hamilton (2), Shawn Roppelt, Sean Ritchie (2), Shane Labelle and Brett Hamilton. Shots 48-20, PP 4-6 and PK 5-6. Nothing could top off the night better than seeing our veteran defenceman get that goal and I know that Royalamaniacs world wide have a smile on their faces today.

It was a ugly drive out into the county to get an ugly win 6-2. This will never get old - our scoring started with Jeff Lesik (2), then Kevin Elkow, Dakota Mercredi (2) and Dan Skubleny. The guys setting them up were Kevin Elkow, Glenn Patry, Tyler Russell (3), Mitch Thompson and Dakota Mercredi. Shots 42-17, PP 2-10 and PK 10-10. All the penalties really slowed the game down but it got us away from the woss award. We need to stand up to the challenge like we did last night, nobody will slash us and get away with it. At least the curling rink was helpful to some.

We got our first shutout of the year 6-0, against the short bench of the Riggers. Our scoring was started by Jeff Lesik (2) then Andrew Hamilton, Dave Fedechko, Dakota Mercredi and Craig Dodds finished it. Assisting the goals were Shane Labelle, Cam Bush, Dave Fedechko, Andrew Hamilton (2), Daniel Martin (2), Jacob Kalinowski, Jeff Lesik, Shawn Roppelt, Troy Kneller and Glenn Patry. Shots 61-20, PP 3-9 and PK 4-4. It was very nice to be back on the winning trail. Congratulations must go out to young Bradock Belair with his purchase of a ticket on the Schedule Fridge, now we must find out what he wants to fill it with. We may have to wait a couple months until he starts to talk.

Our uninspired play finally caught up with us and we came home with a 3-6 loss. Kevin Elkow, Dave Fedechko and Dakota Mercredi scored from Glenn Patry (2), Craig Dodds and Kevin Elkow. Shots 28-41, PP 0-5 and PK 4-5. The only difference between this game and some of our last few was that when we came back to make it 3-4 our next few great goal scoring chances missed the net. Lets hope we understand how important playing as a team and for all 60 minutes is.

Winning is good 7-4 last night. It may not have looked like it at times, but we did get better and we learned how to win a game by more than one goal. Jeff Lesik scored 4 goals with the rest to Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow and Tyler Russell. Passing the puck - Kevin Elkow (2), Cam Bush, Sean Ritchie (4), Dakota Mercredi (2), Tyler Russell, Craig Dodds and Glenn Patry (2). Shots 51-30, PP 4-11 and PK 3-5. If anyone knows a way Cutman can preregister in play school please do something to get him off that waiting list.

On a night that everything, but the kitchen sink, was forgotten, we remembered to score another late PP goal and take home the win 5-4. We aren't making anything easy on ourselves with the inconsistent play in our own end, but enough of the negative. We dug ourselves out of a scoreboard hole and scored enough goals to win. Scoring those goals were Tyler Russell (2), Dakota Mercredi, Kevin Elkow and Jeff Lesik. Assisting the goals Kevin Elkow, Jeff Lesik, Dakota Mercredi (2), Shane Labelle, Sean Ritchie and Cam Bush. Shots 48-30, PP 1-5 and PK 5-6. It's going to be an interesting week that has us playing 3 games and as of now no practices. We will have to continue our learning about Hockey the Royal Way in our dressing room.

It takes a little while for an excited heart to slow down after a close 4-3 win. A van full of Royalamaniacs and a long drive home makes it easy. We were strong for all 3 periods but just not that smart but we are getting smarter. Our goal scorers were Jeff Lesik (2), Dakota Mercredi and Tyler Russell. With assists to Cam Bush (2), Glenn Patry (2), Sean Ritchie, Andrew Hamilton, Dakota Mercredi and Kevin Elkow. Shots 43-27, PP 2-5 and PK 5-6. A hard forecheck over comes some mistakes in our own end and timely shot blocks and goalie saves help put the two points on our board. We took care of the top line again and took another step forward as a team. Winning is good.

Winning is always great, but coming from behind, with 3 goals in the final 4:27, (all power play goals) is chocolate sauce on the top. Jeff Lesik (2) and Kevin Elkow (2) scored from Shane Labelle, Matt Haluschak, Glenn Patry (2), Cam Bush (2) and Jeff Lesik (2). Shots 37-21, PP 3-8 and PK 4-5. We kept plugging away and finally frustrated the north side guys into a number of penalties and put them in the net. The GFE level was very high and great to see, you have to be excited and play hard. When that happens our hands get softer and the scoreboard lights up. Sales on the 2009-2010 Loaded Schedule Fridge were brisk and a ticket went north to a non Royalamaniac (we think he is a closet Royalamaniac).

It's a good thing one of our goals is to get two points, because that is about all we did in a 6-4 win last night. Playing defense first hockey is the only way to be successful and it has looked like we have know idea how to play without the puck. That will change. Playing in his first game as a Royal, Andrew Hamilton scored 2 goals, Sean Ritchie, Craig Dodds, Matt Haluschak and Tyler Russell got the others. The assists went to Sean Ritchie, Jeff Lesik (3), Andrew Hamilton, Dave Fedechko, Troy Kneller and Kevin Elkow. Shots 35-31, PP 1-7 and PK 2-2. The north side Royalamaniacs didn't make it out but most of the St. Albert ones did, we need to show better of ourselves. And we will. If there are any Royalamaniacs out there that have an extra practice slot they need to get rid of let me know. With all the ice shortages out there it has finally hit the Royal.

We got back on the winning trail with a 9-5 score. The game had a bunch of different kind of moments but the good news is that we rewarded ourselves with goals. Craig Dodds with a hattrick started the scoring, Jeff Lesik (2), Dakota Mercredi, Sean Ritchie and Tyler Russell (2) ended it. Our assists went to Daniel Martin (3), Shane Labelle (2), Mitch Thompson, Kevin Elkow (3), Dakota Mercredi, Tyler Russell (2), Blazye Bruyer (2), Jeff Lesik, Matt Haluschak, Sean Ritchie and Glenn Patry. Shots 52-28, PP 2-4 and PK 1-1. We were very strong and fast for long stretches of the game and then forgot about playing without the puck, and that hurt us. It was another epic Royals Golf Tourney that included many firsts. They Tayler boys showed strong by winning and hitting the last shot of the day. Some guys dressed for the weather and others were making a fashion statement. It was an odd occurrence that we came home with so many tee shirts and golf balls... Oh ya there was no one wearing a kilt this year.

Two teams who know each other very well played a playoff type game with the bad guys coming out on top 1-2. We need to shot our chances over the goal line and not into the goal post. Shawn Roppelt scored his 1st goal as a Royal assisted by Jeff Humphries. Shots 34-25, PP 0-9 and PK 6-8. When we play our game at top speed, with the confidence that it takes we will not be on this end of the scoreboard.

The walls came down hard after the first period in our 2-7 loss. Dakota Mercredi and Craig Dodds scored from Kevin Elkow, Tyler Russell, Dave Fedechko and Shane Labelle. Shots 34-34, PP 1-8, PK 3-4. It's never fun getting it handed to you, but we found a couple of ways that we improved. That and winning, is what we strive for every time we get together. Practices should be fun this week.

It was a very successful trip out to Leduc as we skated to a 5-1 victory. Daniel Skubleny got us on the scoreboard with Sean Ritchie (2), Shane Labelle (his first as a Royal) and Kevin Elkow scoring the others. Assisting the goals were Dave Fedechko, Jeff Lesik (2), Matt Haluschak, Sean Ritchie, Dakota Mercredi, Craig Dodds and Tyler Russell. Shots 39-19, PP 3-6, PK 3-4. We found a way to keep skating even though the others guys may have wanted to slow the pace down. By staying focused on the top line we played Royals Hockey and didn't worry about the other stuff.

We always talk about playing every second and last night every second counted, it's just not in a good way as we lose 3-4 to the Fort. The game had lots of everything, some good and some not as good. But we came through some penalty problems and got ourselves back in the game. Dakota Mercredi got his 1st goal as a Royal with Dave Fedechko and Sean Ritchie getting the others. The assists went to Craig Dodds (2), Sean Ritchie, Jeff Lesik (2) and Shane Labelle. Shots 36-37, PP 0-8, PK 9-11. The Royalamaniacs were out in full force and they were looking for the new Royals Schedule Beer Fridge. That raffle starts next week and will be drawn on October 11th after the 2nd period of our game.

Our season started great with a 5-3 win on the north side. The pace was fast and when we remembered that we needed to hit, the scoreboard took care of its self. Scoring a hattrick was new Royal Tyler Russell, Daniel Skubleny (also his first) and Glenn Patry rounded out the scoring. Assists to Jacob Kalinowski, Glenn Patry (2), Dakota Mercredi (2). Shots 27-35, PP 3-11, PK 11-13. It's always fun visiting our old friends the Red Wings and even more fun taking 2 points back to the south side. The positives far out weighed the negatives on our opening night and it was a good night for a win. See you on Sunday.

It starts tonight! Lets reach our goals.

Cutman Corner has been updated without being edited. So you really have to think about it for the answer to make any sense - most old guys will get it.

We played the quick skating, fast paced game that we want to and took care of the top line with a 6-1 victory. The guys played hard and when we get smarter our speed is going to be even more fun to watch. Our next step takes place tonight when we get another chance to improve.

We took one more step in becoming the team we want to be with our 1-1 tie last night. We were a little short on the bench which allowed the guys some extra ice time and we thought everyone used that to their advantage. Our scoring hands haven't made it from practice to a game yet but we are doing the right things to make that happen.

The game was very fast but we didn't score enough and lost 2-4. The new guys played hard and smart and our old guys good at times. We will work on our consistency and keeping our effort up to the level that we need. We thought the game was a very good first step and we will remind our Royals that getting better also means winning games.

Our line up for Monday's game in Stony Plain 7:30 warm-up 8:00 start. Elkow, Lesik, Mercredi, Hanna, Kemp, Kneller, Martin, Tyler, Russell, Humphries, Skubleny, Kalinowski, Thompson, Haluschak, Labelle, Patry, Boothe, Tayler, Spinks. Practice for those not dressed and all coaches under the age of 45 will go on as planned. Shinny will be the drill of the night. SORRY TO THOSE WHO'S NAME I SPELT WRONG, LET ME KNOW.

Day 3 was another improvement on the ice (if you want to call what we tried to skate on ice). The Royals are looking speedy even on the swimming pool last night. I will post our line up for Monday nights game on the weekend.

Day 2 starts tonight and we are skating in the right direction. A big group of speedy Royals took to the ice on Monday with old guys trying to keep up to new guys, except for the ones who had to leave the ice for a little bit (we don't think a drill was renamed). A very large group of coaches chased pucks and talked a lot, so everybody was learning.

The counting can stop, put your skates on and see you at practice tonight. You can still do some push ups cause they never hurt. This just in, there maybe a Coach Russ sighting on the ice.

Another Royal's road trip came and past without anyone getting hurt. It was the first time in Royal history that a 11 hour drive didn't have 15 stops, as it is a long way to Smithers. Cody Campbell got married and what started out as a full van of Royalamaniacs ready to go to a wedding, slowly but surely turned into 2. To bad for you cause you missed a great time and it got even better when chatty Kali showed up late Saturday night. He had been out checking out his trap line Friday night and really thought there were a few chickens on the line. But he was wrong, did you know they grow them tall in Smithers, maybe that's why Cody was always nervous around tall buildings. Whenever you need a guy for golf just call, I'm sure (unlike some other people) my boss will let me off work.


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