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Practices Tues. 9:15 Thurs. 8:00

@ Confederation Arena


Sun. Dec. 9th 8:00 @ Confed vs Wetaskiwin W 3-2
Wed. Dec. 12th 8:30 @ Strathcona W 8-2
ROYALS CHRISTMAS PARTY Fri. Dec. 14th 6:00 @ Scotty's
Sun. Dec. 16th 8:00 @ Confed vs Stony Plain
Wed. Dec. 19th 8:00 @ Londonderry vs Red Wings
Fri. Dec. 21st 8:30 @ Sherwood Park
Fri. Jan. 4th 7:30 @ Wetaskiwin
Sun. Jan. 6th 8:00 @ Confed vs Leduc

elcome to the official home of the Edmonton Royals Jr. B Hockey Club, of the Capital Junior Hockey League. Feel free to cruise around the site, if you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact us.


It was a successful trip out to the county 8-2 win vs the Bruins. Lots of goals in the 1st and 3rd coming from Matt Iverson-Houle, Ethan Land (2), Gavin Olito (2) {we gave him his hattrick puck but the gamesheet didn't}, Kayden DePaoli (2) and Colton Broomhall. Assisting the goals Nick Botros, Kody DePaoli, Ethan Land, Colton Broomhall (2), Nick Orsini (2), Gavin Olito and Timon Mueller. Shots 35-31, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. The Belt was awarded to Gavin Olito.

We continued to work and compete all game, this got us what we came for (the 2 points) with a 3-2 shoot-out win over the Icemen. Will Kulmatycki and Gavin Olito scored in regulation with assists to Mason Shukalak, Shawn Kempster, Nick Botros and Nick Orsini. Shots 45-61, PP 1-5 and PK 5-5. Mason, Nick B and Ethan scored with Brayden shutting the door in the shoot out. Being hard to play against is what we strive for. The Belt went to Brayden Evans.

Lots of things improved, as well as our record, 5-3 against the Riggers. Solid goals be Mason Shukalak, (2), Will Kulmatycki, Kayden DePaoli and Colton Broomhall. With assists to Gavin Olito, Braeden Nesbitt, Colton Broomhall, Will Kulmatycki, Ayden Justice-Riar and Nolan Conroy. Shots 44-36, PP 0-3 and PK 2-3. New Braden with the win (his 1st as a Royal) and we dug a little deeper in the 3rd to earn the 2 points. Braden Potter earned the Belt.

We gave up a goal in the 3rd to drop this one 1-2 to Fort Sask. Kayden DePaoli scored our only goal from Even Klutke and Nick Orsini. Shots 36-41, PP 1-5 and PK 8-9. We got tired because of the poor decisions we made to go to the box. Didn't have the legs when we needed them, to get a couple inches closer, so we could shoot the puck in the net.

Nope this was worse - 2-6 for the bad guys. Braeden Nesbitt and Nick Orsini scored from Will Kulmatycki, Nick Orsini, Braeden Nesbitt and Jaymon Mathew. Shots 32-42, PP 1-4 and PK 3-3. We didn't compete so we didn't deserve to win - but how do you not comment on the guys with whistles (Oops 2 guys 1 girl). Lets compete hard.

This might have been the most weird game called by the 3 guys with whistles we have ever seen - good news is we skated to a 5-2 win. Goals came from Will Kulmatycki, Lucas Conroy-Dutton (1st as a Royal), Shawn Kempster and (welcome back) Jaymon Mathew. With assists to Braeden Nesbitt (2), Colton Broomhall (2), Gavin Olito, Mason Shukalak, Nick Botros (2), Kayden DePaoli and Lucas Conroy-Dutton. Shots were 48-15, PP 0-5 and PK 7-7. We were more dangerous killing penalties than it seemed we were on the power play. The Belt was awarded to Lucas Conroy-Dutton.

Wow we played hard and very well but came up short 0-1 to the Knights. Shots 44-25, PP 0-7 and 4-5. This was one of the fun ones, for this season. Everything you would want, except the goals we expected and created. Good game, bad result.

It took a bit to get untracked, after the highway drive that was like a parking lot, then 11-2 in Spruce Grove. Our goals were scored by Nick Botros (2), Shawn Kempster (his 1st hattrick in 4 years), Braeden Nesbitt (2), Gavin Olito, Colton Broomhall (2) and Nolan Conroy (his 1st as a Royal). We passed the puck a lot better than the assists indicate but here they are, Evan Klutke, Will Kulmatycki (2), Colton Broomhall, Mason Shukalak (2), Gavin Olito, Shawn Kempster, Nick Orsini (2), Braeden Nesbitt, Timon Mueller, Blair Bush (2), Lucas Conroy-Dutton and Ben Bodnar. Shots 48-40, PP 2-2 and PK 5-6. Our goalie was better than theirs, all game, and that made it look easier than it was. The over full lineup helps. The Belt was awarded to Gavin Olito.

Our 1st OT and Shootout game ended badly as we fell 4-5 to the Mustangs. Kayden DePaoli, Nick Orsini, Gavin Olito and Will Kulmatycki scored with assists going to Will Kulmatycki (2), Shawn Kempster, Nick Orsini and Mason Shukalak. Shots 49-39, PP 0-8 and PK 5-8. It looks like it was all special teams and that is close to it. We are doing better staying focused but we have to close out games better.

Rats a bad 21 minutes 3-6 to Warriors. You may be able to tell we aren't very happy. Goals - Shawn Kempster, Jaymon Mathew and Will Kulmatycki - assists Jaymon Mathew, Gavin Olito, Nick Orsini and Shawn Kempster. Shots 29-28, PP 1-5 and PK 4-5

Happy times came to Confed as we skated to a 7-1 win against Leduc. A short handed goal (when we were down 0-1) by Ethan Land (his 1st official as a Royal) was the catalyst that kickstarted the goals - Braeden Nesbitt, Jaymon Mathew, Evan Klutke, Gavin Olito (2) and Nick Orsini scored the others. Setting things up Ben Bodnar, Evan Klutke, Ethan Land, Mason Shukalak (2), Gavin Olito, Timon Mueller, Braeden Nesbitt (2), Nick Orsini, Jaymon Mathew, Shawn Kempster, Kayden DePaoli and Nick Botros. Shots 45-27, PP 1-7 and PK 5-5. We got stronger as the game went on and made a couple mental mistakes that kept the score down. The Belt went to Ben Bodnar.

We did a lot of good things but fell short on the scoreboard 3-5 in Beaumont. Our goals came from Nick Botros, Gavin Olito and Colton Broomhall with assists to Shawn Kempster and Braeden Nesbitt. Shots 42-31, PP 0-6 and PK 6-6. We broke down a little on some transition rushes but defended pretty well. The chances we created didn't get the touch we needed. Keep checking hard.

The good guys got a little healthier and skated to a 7-2 win over Fort Sask. Evan Klutke (2) got us going with a huge goal with only 20 seconds to go in the 1st period, Will Kulmatycki (2), Braeden Nesbitt, Colton Broomhall and Mason Shukalak. Setting things up were Adam Koshy (2), Ethan Land, Jaymon Mathew, Nick Botros, Ben Bodnar, Colton Broomhall, Braeden Nesbitt (3), Mason Shukalak (3) and Nick Orsini. Shots 48-34, PP 0-2 and PK 1-1. We scored 3 goals in 39 seconds in the 2nd period, nobody remembers that happening before. On a side note we took only 1 minor penalty in the game. The Belt was awarded to Nick Orsini.

We won 10-4 out in the county against the Bruins. We should have been happy after the game..... Timon Mueller got his 1st goal of the season to start us off with Kayden DePaoli, Gavin Olito, Nick Orsini, Mason Shukalak, Jaymon Mathew (2), Will Kulmatycki, Nick Botros (1st as a Royal) and Ben Bodnar - lots of guys getting 1st's in the game. Assists to Nick Botros, Ethan Land (3), Colton Broomhall, Ben Bodnar, Lucas Pringle (3), Shawn Kempster (3), Timon Mueller, Nolan Conroy and Jaymon Mathew. Shots 47-37, PP 3-5 and PK 5-6. Like I said we should be happier, after a 7-0 lead in the 1st period we lost our respect for our opponent and got frustrated that they didn't quit playing. We didn't react very positively and paid a bad price for it. The belt didn't get awarded cause the coach guy was too choked after the game to .....

We played a very workman like game and were rewarded with a 3-2 win in St. Albert. Braeden Nesbitt (2) led the scoring, with Shawn Kempster getting the other. Assists to Mason Shukalak, Nick Orsini, Kayden DePaoli and Kody DePaoli. Shots 45-26, PP 1-6 and PK 3-3. We were a little shorthanded but everyone stepped up and filled a different role. We then rode that to success on the scoreboard. The belt went to Kayden DePaoli.

That was much better - 4-2 against the Jets. We started a little slow, but not much, goals by Braeden Nesbitt (2), Jaymon Mathew and Shawn Kempster make things fun. Setting them up were Nick Botros, Mason Shukalak, Gavin Olito (2), Shawn Kempster, Timon Mueller, Ethan Land and Brayden Evans. Shots 36-20, PP 0-6 and PK 6-6. We stayed away from all the chirping that slows us down and made things happen with our speed. The belt went to Shawn Kempster.

The drive out to Stony Plain was better than the drive home as we had to swallow the 2-3 loss. Our goals came from Shawn Kempster and Evan Klutke with assists to Ethan Land, Braeden Nesbitt and Lucas Conroy-Dutton. Shots were 29-25, PP 1-5 and PK 6-7. We have to find a way to stay focused and not so much wasted effort yapping at refs and other players. That and being healthy so our lineup can be more consistent would be nice.

It was a good weekend as we got some sick guys back and skated to a 6-2 win over the Regals. Hard work got us on the board first with Ben Bodnar (2), Shawn Kempster, Mason Shukalak (2) and Braeden Nesbitt scoring. Setting up the goals were Kayden DePaoli, Timon Mueller, Jaymon Mathew, Ethan Land, Nick Botros (3), Ayden Justice-Riar, Mason Shukalak, Braeden Nesbitt, Adam Koshy and Kody DePaoli. Shots 40-21, PP 3-6 and PK 3-4. We had a bigger bench with a bunch of sick looking faces, but the extra bodies helped with our 60 minute team speed. The belt went to Braeden Nesbitt.

The road has been good to us as we take home the 2 points, with a 4-1 victory out in the Fort. Braeden Nesbitt (2) started the scoring with Ben Bodnar and Kayden DePaoli getting the others. Assists went to Jaymon Mathew, Ben Bodnar, Nick Botros (2) and Lucas Pringle. Wow have we ever been getting the long in tooth refs, I remember when they were just short and had a big ego, now you can add old to their long list of memorable habits. Shots 36-38, PP 1-5 and PK 9-10. For all the time we spent in the box (AGAIN) we were able to control the play and keep them to the outside. We will keep learning and work on being focused - this will take us a long way and get us to where we want to be at the end of the season. The belt went to Brayden Evans.

The North came South and took home 2 points as we fell to the Red Wings 2-3. Lighting the lamp were Jaymon Mathew and Braeden Nesbitt with assists going to Braeden Nesbitt, Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Ben Bodnar and Ethan Land. Shots 26-30, PP 0-4 and PK 5-6. That's 2 3 on 5 PK goals we have given up this season, both in the last minute of a period - not good. We like the way the team is heading, skating hard and crisp passing is a good start. Lets get better on the scoreboard.

YA BABY!! We skate to a 9-3 win out in Leduc. All the oars were in the water and pulling hard. First, the 1st as a Royal goals by Ben Bodnar, Matt Iverson-Houle and Adam Koshy also Brayden Evans 1st win as a Royal. The other goals went to Braeden Nesbitt (2), Kayden DePaoli, Jaymon Mathew, Mason Shukalak and Evan Klutke. The assists are a little short but that is what the gamesheet says - Ethan Land (2), Timon Mueller, Nick Orsini, Mason Shukalak (2), Kayden DePaoli, Braeden Nesbitt, Jaymon Mathew, Evan Klutke and Nolan Conroy. Shots 47-34, PP 3-6 and PK 6-7. We just kept skating and things started going our way and the pressure paid off. Winning is fun. The belt went to Kayden DePaoli.

The Royalamainiacs are everywhere and up to all kinds of things. Jason Buzzell 'Provincial Champion 2000/2001' put together a #myjerseystory video that hits home to lots of us. Enjoy

Oops, that wasn't the weekend we planned for as the good guys lost 5-7 to Beaumont. Shawn Kempster scored our 1st shorthanded goal of the season with Braeden Nesbitt scoring his 1st goal as a Royal and his 1st hattrick Jaymon Mathew also scored his 1st as a Royal. Setting the goals up were Timon Mueller, Lucas Conroy-Dutton, Ethan Land (2), Kody DePaoli (2), Ben Bodnar, Evan Klutke, Brayden Evans and Nick Orsini. Shots 30-58, PP 1-6 and PK 6-9. The good - lots of points by our d-men, solid goalie play and a nice hatty. The bad - lack of 200 foot compete and poor penalties. Lets get ready for a good week of practice.

It was not the way we wanted to start the game or season as we fell 3-6 to the Knights. We gave up a goal in the 1st minute and were down 1-4 after the 1st, not good. But recovered very well and just fell a little short in the end and gave up an empty netter. Mason Shukalak scored our 1st goal of the season, with Kody DePaoli and Kayden DePaoli (credited to Kayden but probably Ethan's). Assists to Will Kulmatycki, Braeden Nesbitt, Shawn Kempster (2) and Jaymon Mathew (2). PP 2-3, PK 3-3 and shots 27-33. It took us 20 minutes to get up to the speed of the game and got it to 3-4 to start the 3rd but couldn't break through again.

Game 3 was a solid effort but we fell short 2-4 on the scoreboard. Some very good things happened in the game and then we became little kids at the end to spoil it. We took a good step forward in our growth.

Game 2 was a scramble and we lost 6-8. We had lots of fight in our game in the 3rd period but had made to many mistakes early in the game.

Camp has gone very well and our 1st game was a lot faster than our skates were. We scored a late shorthanded goal to end up in a 4-4 tie against the Knights. Everybody played better than they practiced and we got smarter.





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